Is Obama sacking General Ham & Admiral Gaouette for positioning assets to aid Benghazi SEALs?

This seems to be the high-level summary of events @ Benghazi 11 Sep 2012 as Americans and sovereign American territory came under attack:


1. Real-time A/V feed to Africa Command, CIA, Pentagon, WH SitRoom, and I assume carrier task force (Stennis) in Med

2. Help request received by WH , CIA, Pentagon, AfriCom, etc.

3. Help request denied (likely only could have been denied by WH)

4. Help request repeated

5. Help request again denied

6. SEALs reinforce battle anyway

7. American under fire leaves heavy machine gun (MG) to lase mortar pit. No one lases a target if there are no air assets overhead; and NO ONE, certainly not a combat-experienced SEAL, would leave his MG in a firefight to lase a target under an empty sky

8. No reinforcement allowed to engage

9. Americans are killed

10. Gen Ham sacked — did he, against orders, authorize SEAL movement to compound, or perhaps an AC-130 overhead (that was then not allowed to engage)?

11. Adm of Stennis Group sacked – were F-18s launched, against orders, & overhead, locked-on to laser designator (and ordered not to engage)?

12. Marine Gen’l may have been sacked – were those USMC F/A-18s overhead, against orders, awaiting authorization to engage that never came?


Do Obama & Panetta REALLY think this can be kept quiet? As I noted, NO ONE leaves his MG when heavily outnumbered in a firefight to put a laser designator on a target under an empty sky. Those pilots are gonna talk one day. Fellow warriors got killed because these pilots were not allowed to engage in order to protect the re-election campaign of a man all our warriors hate.




.. And if Petreaus is right – that CIA did not reject request for reinforcements, then he knows who did. If he is the professional we have been led to believe, he MUST resign from this dirty, corrupt administration now killing Americans in battle.



UPDATE 1; 28 OCT 2012:





UPDATE 2, 29 OCT 2012:


SecDef Panetta now is saying that the “rule” is you do not commit forces to combat if you don’t know the dangers. I have never heard such absurdity. You don’t reinforce a battle until it’s over? Can you imagine ANY combat general thinking this crap? MacArthur? Patton? Clark? Ridgeway? Sherman? Grant? Pershing….? Of COURSE not.


Maybe now that the President of the United States is actively CHOOSING to let our warriors die in battle rather than reinforce them, and flag officers are disobeying orders in order to save the lives of those Americans – AT THE COST OF THEIR CAREERS, the US Military FINALLY will stop being a Palace Guard and start doing its ONLY Constitutional job: Protect and Defend the Constitution against domestic enemies…. like the president?


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  2. ordman says:

    When all this comes to light, all this being the truth about Benghazi, Gen Ham, and I believe that Rear Adm. Gaouette bring relieved as the commander of the USS John C. Stennis strike group is as the result of his order to launch F-18’s to provide support on 9/11/12 in Benghazi. And if Obama retains the presidency is that the main stream media will blame any investigation into Benghazi and related action to or situations’ resulting from has nothing more than a witch hunt based on racial prejudice because the republicans are mad over losing the White House.

  3. ordman says:

    Spot On!!!

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