Don’t CA voters care about their future?

So a good friend read this post about why CA is so broke and asked a reasonable question – What is is with CA voters? “Do they not know where the money will go or do they not care?”

We are going to have several proposals to raise our taxes on the upcoming ballot. The government, of course (run by Dems) wants to raise our taxes. This of course will cause more upper-middle class voters, families, workers and job creators to leave CA, making our fiscal problems even worse than when Dems first began destroying the state.

Here’s my answer:

I don’t know that we won’t vote it down. Not even sure of the current poll standings. Actually we usually do vote-down tax increases.

Why are CA voters this dumb? Have you looked at our schools? Educated people (not overeducated or overtrained people) don’t vote for Dems. People being (i.e. not yet-) educated (students) and uneducated (poor, inner city, dropouts, welfare queens, etc.) are the Dem base. And fraudulent voters – Republicans always have to win by larger than the margin of cheat, because Dems ALWAYS cheat. Always. They cannot with without cheating. This is why they are against voter-ID laws. JFK cheated. Gore tried to cheat and didn’t cheat big enough. Franken cheated. It looks like Obama cheated – evidently IN and one other state would not have had him on the ballot save for a whole lotta invalid signatures that now are just coming to light.

Here’s the deal on CA voters. We have about 58 counties. The ones on the coast and surrounding the major metros are blue. That’s about 10-12. The counties inland – east – of LA and north of the Mexican border are blue. Sacrademento is blue for obvious reasons. The counties near Reno are blue because it’s great country and you have to be rich to live there – usually to the point where you don’t work anymore. The rest of the state is Red; about 40+ counties.

Coastal counties are blue for three reasons – they are the major metros and you need to be fairly rich (or on welfare and living in a minority ghetto)  to live there and most schools are there – and students are stupid. CA metros have large quantities of minority voters who are on welfare and vote for whoever gives them the biggest check, with zero thought of who provides them the opportunity to get educated and earn their own living. They vote Blue. The counties within a few days’ walk of Mexico are primarily desert, so sparsely populated, but large on Hispanic voters, so vote Blue. Rich folks in SF and the surrounding counties pretend that everyone is the same the world over if just given the chance (i.e. they are historically stupid) and so vote Blue. The counties who work hard for a living – all the serious ag counties, oil & mining (hard workers, self-reliant) – and who don’t rely on welfare – fewer minority voters, and have fewer PhDs (overtrained louts) vote Red.

But I think there’s another reason we are Blue. Our legal-age-white voting population is very largely Boomer. I think we all develop our ideas about politics (and the economy) when we are teenagers. (When you think of the increase in gas, do you automatically say – when I started driving gas was 35 cents? I do – and that was in 1971.) What was the primary motivator for teen voters in the late 1960s and early 1970s? Vietnam. So LOTS of Boomers became Dems because of Vietnam – and have never re-thought that choice. And the MSM played Vietnam as Nixon’s war starting in January 1969. Skip that it was JFK (D) who got us in there – against the advice of Ike (R), skip that it was LBJ (D) who escalated it and refused to win. When Nixon started bombing the crap outta Hanoi, and mining Haiphong Harbor (where ammo, guns & missiles were off-loaded from China), the kiddies got their panties in a wad and decided we needed to surrender. So we did. But ever since the GOP has been called the War Party by idiot Boomer lefties. This is ahistorical nonsense, but it was the way it was when they began voting – so they still vote that way.

The radio ads leading-up to the election will be full of teachers and PTA folks yammering that we have to have more taxes for better schools. This is pure unadulterated BS – Dems have run our schools since 1945 – if they wanted better schools, we’d have better schools. But educated people don’t vote for Dems, so they know they can’t really improve the schools without losing their voter base. What other reason is there for Dems to own all major metro schools in the US for 65 years and have them worse than when they took them over other than to keep them crappy – to keep themselves in power? You think it’s coincidence that all major metro school councils are Dem and all major metro schools are failures? It isn’t. Dems destroy everything they touch. Look @ Detroit.

When I was still at IBM I was in a sales branch selling to LAUSD and other school systems. I spent about 3 days debugging and fixing a Local Area Network problem at Crenshaw High School, in the classroom all day long. This is serious South Central Los Angeles. I listened to the teacher of a history class tell the kids they’d all get extra credit for listening to Louis Farrakhan speak that weekend. I never saw any serious studying or lecturing taking place. I listened to kids in the hall ask other kids why they were “acting white” by taking home textbooks to study to try to get good grades and get ahead – constant peer pressure to fail – or minimum not to get better. This is the message of that community and its “leaders” like sharpton and jackson and others: Don’t try to get ahead. Why do you think that is? Because if they educate themselves and develop personal responsibility to get better, they’ll show the rest of the community the only thing holding them back from success is themselves; they’ll become voters for personal responsibility – Conservatives. And we can’t have the Dem establishment supporting that – because they’ll no longer vote for dems.

And dems don’t think the purpose of schools is education anyway – the purpose is jobs for government union members.

If the tax increases don’t pass Brown will start shutting down parks and libraries and stuff people like in order to blackmail them to paying more taxes to pay union bennies for the public sector unions who are bankrupting the state ever since he legalized public sector unions via the Dills Act in 1977 last time he was governor. Then he’ll pay the union pension and healthcare bennies, they’ll vote for more Dems, who will do it again, etc., etc., until we are recognized as being bankrupt (we already ARE bankrupt, we just refuse to recognize it). And then we’ll look like Greece, with lazy-ass welfare voters rioting for more money, and the smart money and people fleeing the state (which already is happening), leading to a downward spiral and disaster for what was once the most prosperous and best place to live in the nation… all because of Progressive policies.

Never another Democrat. Never.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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2 Responses to Don’t CA voters care about their future?

  1. Alex Scipio says:

    If I weren’t here, who would report from the Front?

  2. Julia says:

    I can always count on being a little bit smarter once I’ve read your posts! Thanks for answering my question…I am a little bit depressed by the answer but will watch with a certain amount of glee as CA drops off the face of the earth, either by “The Big One” or by it’s own self-inflicted wounds. I have to ask another question…why are YOU still there?? 🙂

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