California to Apply Coup de grâce to Education

CA is about to pull the trigger on a budget deal that will remove yet more money from higher ed and K-12. Why? To pay pensions and benefits of those unable to get a real job in the private sector.

How dumb is that?

I went to work for IBM in 1977, right out of college. After three years there I decided (dumb decision) to become a headhunter in the IT industry. After about a year I returned to IT, where I have remained.

What’s the relevance? As a headhunter you are looking for job openings and looking for good employees to fill them.

And, guess what? NO ONE in the private sector EVER wants to hire someone from the public sector.


Because you can’t get fired in the public sector due to Civil Service laws and public sector unions. If you can’t get fired, you never work hard, you take long breaks, longer lunches, longer vacations, and work as little as humanly possible up to your early retirement date when you go on the dole for 30 more years of robbing blind the producing part of society that already has paid for your first 30 years of freeloading.

Why do you think nothing ever gets done in the public sector? Because they are smart and motivated workers? Get serious.

In the public sector one develops work habits based around the water cooler, long lunches, punching-in the last second you have to and punching-out the second your shift is up. And because intelligent, motivated people can’t stand working around people like that, intelligent, motivated people don’t work in the public sector. And if you’ve ever had the misfortune to work around public sector employees you know this to be true.

(As an IBM Application Development / Systems Integration Project Manager, for about a year I managed a multi-year application development project for LA Unified Schools ‘way back in the day. It took over a year for LAUSD Executives and Supervisors to decide on the Requirements for this Student Administration System… completely unable to make decisions…. It took them eight weeks to tell us how many students they had … eight weeks. Turns out they had 660,000 students and 85,000 full time faculty & staff, and a $4B budget (the same size as entire the State of Arkansas when Clinton first ran for President at about the same time as this project). Let’s see… 660K / 85K = a ratio of “professionals” to students below 8:1… but somehow the classrooms were filled to- and beyond-capacity with 35+ kids/teacher (no fat there). And the results of this huge, expensive, stellar public sector workforce? A 60% – SIXTY PERCENT – dropout rate, utterly failing over HALF of their students and the society into which those students one day moved as voting adults and / or welfare recipients …. We are talking EPIC FAIL here for LAUSD on an enormous taxpayer dime. Public sector employees and managers, pure and simple.)

And when the odd person actually makes the (extremely rare) jump from public sector employment to the private sector to work for a company that uses performance rather than the time clock to evaluate employees, they fail because they can’t or won’t understand that they A) have to work, work hard and produce results, no matter the hours, or they will B) be fired. So they return to the public sector, Civil Service, AFSCME, SEIU, huge bennies, early retirement, lazy work habits, sloppy work, no decisions, etc.

And these people are the ones for whom we are sacrificing K-12 education, libraries, parks, higher ed, etc.: The dumbest employed people in America: public sector employees. Why? Because they vote for Democrats.

And don’t go all “teachers are public employees and they are not dumb” on me. Seriously? Here’s the Dean of Education of the Boston College School of Education on his students in an oped in about 1985: “[students in the Schools of Education] are the dregs of the student population… the laughing-stock of academic majors…” I’d say it’s a reasonable conclusion that he knew just a tad bit more about Schools of Education (of which he said we had “twice as many” as needed based on the research they produced) than you or I.

Think about when you were in college. How many of your friends wanted to be teachers – especially if you were on an athletic team because they were all down there in the gym taking kinesiology or some other basket-weaving class ? Why did they want to become teachers? Because they could take summers off. Truly motivated people, right? Look at the experience of the various versions of Teach for America: The best and brightest quit ASAP because they can’t STAND working with public sector employees and rules.

People also need to understand what the fee increases are in public colleges in CA (and probably other states, too): Middle Class tax increases, pure and simple.

Because the pols in Sacrademento no longer can raise taxes or fees without a 2/3 supermajority, they just take money from UC and CSU budgets, money they want to spend to buy votes, spend the money to buy those votes, and then to pay for it they increase the tuition on Middle Class students trying to educate themselves so they don’t have to find employment in the public sector… tuition can be raised without a 2/3 vote, you see.

(And nearly all entitlement spending is vote-buying; just laundering money through welfare and public union mandatory dues and back to Dem campaigns – look at entitlement spending against precinct voting patterns.)

Make no mistake: Raising higher-ed tuition in CA is just laundering Dem campaign contributions through public sector benefits money via taking from the schools and laying it all off on the backs of the next generation.

And we let them get away with this.

And now CA is killing the next generation by raising the costs of what once was an excellent Higher-Ed system to price out of the market much of the Middle Class. So that they can launder the kids’ fees over to the public sector sloths. And so the kids will be non-competitive with kids from other states when they graduate – so the only employment they will be able to find will be in the public sector where the state will steal their non-optional AFSCME/SEIU/AFT/NEA dues to donate to Dem campaigns to further reduce our standard of living, liberty, freedom and future options. You know why so many of the OWS kiddies can’t find a job? Because public sector higher-ed EPICALLY let them down pretending that the “education” for which impressionable kids paid for 4-5 years actually would be useful.

And don’t get me started on education being “useful.’ I am an ENGLISH Major who went to work for IBM. I wanted to get educated in college, not trained, and then to get hired by a company that would train me. Worked for me. But that was before Progs took-over Liberal Arts (the only true education- why it’s in General Ed requirements) and destroyed it by turning it on its head as victimology and anti-Western propaganda. Too bad. The last thing we need are more engineers and business majors not understanding how our society progressed to where it is, and so voting for those who would destroy our liberties and freedoms by voting for Progs… and that’s what happens when you aren’t truly educated in Liberal Arts. And Liberal Arts today is NOT any kind of real education.

Democrats: Destroying everything they touch, now and forevermore.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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