When Obama said “One-term proposition” did he mean it?

A friend recently asked, “When Obama said that if he hadn’t fixed things in 3 years he would be a one termer…do you think he believed that what he was doing was going to fix things?”

I think it was just hype to play to the Center voters.

Look at his past. He is absolutely incapable of making a decision. Did you see the House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy on Greta this week? He said Obama’s main trait is to say that he’ll think about something or form some committee or get back to you on this – and then NOTHING ever happens with it. This is voting “present’ on a day-to-day basis, regardless of issue. (Here’s the video from Greta – my point starts at about 3:34.)

So let’s go deeper

“Present” was his standard in the IL Legislature. The guy can’t make a decision…. BUT, and this is a huge BUT…. you don’t get to the State level in IL or certainly not to the Presidency if you can’t make a decision. Someone is making decisions. And since Obama has never, in any role, evidenced the slightest capacity or eagerness to do so, it seems pretty clear that someone else is.

They guy is a marionette. The danger is behind him – who is pulling the strings? This guy can’t do anything on his own. Even his wife goes on vacation without him, and we never see him together with his daughters. There is no “there” “there” with Obama.

Some thoughts to consider:

He came from a broken home, poor by definition.  He got into Occidental – a fairly expensive private college in the Los Angeles suburb of Eagle Rock – we are talking a seriously-out-of-the-way campus (I’ve been there), great place to hide-away and do nothing to see if he can stay quiet and build enough of an academic background to move to an Ivy… and for his handlers to find-out if he can do what he’s told.

How’d he do? No one knows – uniquely among modern presidents, we have no idea, no transcripts, no college buddies. But he seems to have applied for and received financial aid. OK. How did he pay for Columbia? Never held a job. Mom too poor. Dad outta the picture. Where’d the money come from? Then Harvard – even more expensive. No job, no parental money. Where’d the money come from?

There were lots of rumors about some Saudi guy paying his way. Likely this person also pulled strings to get him in to Harvard Law and thence onto the Review. The only written work anyone’s ever seen would have gotten me a C in High School; there is no way this level of scholarship would have earned the grades necessary to get in to Occidental, Columbia or Harvard…. BUT… no paper trail would fit very nicely with staying quiet, not making waves and just voting “present” for his handlers.

So – he lacked the grades AND the money to get in to Harvard Law, and lacked the critical thinking and writing ability to get into Occidental, Columbia or Harvard, or on to the Law Review.

But he did.

Then he went onto a holding pattern for radical leftists – community agitator. Smart enough to stay out of jail, but never accomplishing anything at all. Not one program he “ran” came to fruition. He was just circling at the request of his handlers until he could move deeper into the system. An opportunity came-up for a black lib to run for the Legislature in a community with lots of Democrat minority voters, and he’d just spent some time playing-at “helping” them (though he never achieved diddly).

His machine destroyed his political opposition and he was in the Legislature.

Again – a holding pattern, doing nothing other than staying out of trouble, voting “present” and running his mouth for his constituency. Then the Senate opening materialized, his machine destroyed his opposition – and he was in the Senate.

Two years followed of rarely showing-up at work, never introducing any legislation, and showing himself  to be incapable of either follow-through or even senatorial comity. Remember the McCain dis? I think he did that on his own and got slapped-down pretty hard by whoever is “running” him, because he never did anything else in the Senate.

Then he hit the campaign trail pretty-much full-time. Did he have any organization, any money, any understanding of retail politics on a national level? No, of course not. He’d never done anything remotely like the ground game he used to beat the Clinton machine. Yet he won the nomination. It’s absurd to think he was capable of this on his own. Preposterously absurd. His handlers pointed him, prepped the media and off he went.

Then he campaigns to the Center, convincing even alot of really smart people that he would govern that way, and that a post-racial, post-partisan America was his goal. And he gave the guilty white liberals a hair shirt to wear, and they willingly, eagerly put it on.

Occasionally he lapsed, went off-script and we heard about “clinging” and to “spread the wealth around” and a “private civilian army,” but for the most part he just mouthed vacuous platitudes. And won the vote of an America who THOUGHT they were voting for what he campaigned on, greatly aided by the complete non-vetting by the MSM, who basically have destroyed over the past 8 years any credibility they once had.

Now he’s in the WH and, according to the Whip, basically voting “present” with everything he does or says on his own; “…He [Obama] never finishes in the process [of getting to a decision] … never comes to a conclusion.”

If it is not on the agenda of his handler (who can’t be in the room when Obama meets with McCarthy or Boehner or anyone else), nothing happens other than that issue being kicked down the road with an accompanying amount of Obama smoke being blown-up America’s ass.

But every program he runs down our throats, from Healthcare, to his union-payback slush fund $700B “jobs” program, to the new $450B “jobs” program increases the power of government by further destroying the economy. But there is NO evidence he could think of these programs on his own, and demonstrably he has no ability to write or cheer-lead the passage of any of this legislation – because he has done neither.

We already know he’s not particularly smart. Smart guys give answers and think critically about issues. He – demonstrably – can do neither. He can’t even string together two coherent sentences without his teleprompter.

(And, no, that is not a cheap shot at a president giving hard speeches. We’re talking teleprompters at STAFF meetings. Teleprompters at elementary schools.  Teleprompters at major international speeches, venues at which real communicators, like Reagan and Clinton, worked from notes.)

Obama is a placeholder, a Manchurian candidate. I see no logical alternative. He is being run by someone whose interests are inimical to the United States. Review the facts of his career – there is no other possible explanation.

To directly answer the question posed at the top, if he really BELIEVED the one-term statement he made, he wouldn’t be running for re-election. Even he stated we are not better off than we were four years ago.

Ipso facto, he did not believe it.

He is a danger, and enemy of freedom, liberty and individual responsibility. He is an enemy of the Rule of Law and the Constitution.

But his handler – whoever or whatever nation – is the real danger. (As are voters who would vote for him.)

Here’s another tidbit: What was one of the very first things his administration did? Began investigations of CIA employees. Threatening the careers and livelihoods and futures of those in our intelligence agencies. Can you think of a better way to force them to keep their heads down? And is not keeping their heads down the only way they would not find out who is “running” Obama?

Given his obvious relationship with Islam and Saudi Arabia, and the rumors of Saudi money and influence getting him into and through Harvard, and his sitting-back as Iran murdered their citizens in the street (also now in Syria), as the Muslim Brotherhood just took-over the entire Middle East and north Africa, how could the CIA not have discovered his background and ID’d his handlers… unless they were too busy keeping their heads down…?

I am FIRMLY of the opinion that he is purposefully cratering our economy in order to nationalize – socialize – more of the country – as much as he can. The poorer the Middle Class and lower classes are, the more clamor there will be for ever-bigger government. The higher the demand for more government, the less likely the GOP is to win, cementing Obama as a lame duck as which he will double or triple the speed of his destruction of the Constitution and Rule of Law.

Obama’s an enemy, the greatest America has ever had. And to the eternal shame of the military, they are not protecting the Constitution from “all enemies foreign and domestic;” they have decided to become a Palace Guard.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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