The Future of the Euro, the EU and Europe.. and social welfare

The Euro is the next dodo. Dead through over-use by those unwilling to use it responsibly.

The EU, built to forestall wars among Europeans who historically never stop fighting unless made to (like when sandwiched between the Warsaw Pact and NATO, but of course they began fighting immediately after the Pact dissolved), will follow. Turkey and the various non-European islamist states, having never educated their masses of ignorant peoples who still believe in the superstition of religion and have never had an Enlightenment or Reformation, now are running as hard as they can toward war in the Med. And of course the Greeks and Italians will participate, if for no reason other than the masses of muslims stuck in the 7th Century they foolishly, probably existentially so, have allowed into their countries.

If (when) the European Project (an elite fantasy from the beginning) fails, and the Northern-Southern work-ethic divide in Europe results in a 1st-world northern Europe and a third-world southern Europe, which is the only foreseeable outcome when only one half of the demi-continent actually works, then the near future is quite clear: Europe – AGAIN – will go to war.

Fine. Great. Knock yourselves out and the loser must KEEP France.

But America needs to stay out. No troops. No planes. No bullets. No bombs. No dead Americans.

The bloody history of the 20th Century is one of a powerful America not allowing natural selection to take place.

Put into the terms of the current economic debate in America, the 20th Century’s bloody history is a history of American governments picking winners and losers in the geopolitical “market” – rather than allowing the Darwin-esque marketplace of ideas, and their progeny of State governments, to succeed or fail based on their ability to adapt and survive.

Had America not entered WW1, Germany would have taken France. So what? A Continent of hard workers, a strong Germany – that likely would have precluded the rise of the USSR. No ETO in WW2. A different and perhaps better dissolution of the dying Ottoman Empire. No Korea, No Vietnam. No USSR to foment Angola, Cuba, Afghanistan 1979-89. No USSR-v-West Cold War competition in the Middle East to the detriment of all there. No need for Israel. No pretend nations like Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Arabia, etc.

America just needs to leave well-enough alone and let natural selection take its course.

If a nation chooses to be so weak as not to be able to stand against its opponents, that’s THEIR choice, and not one for which MY son should have to die. There is NO European nation that can field or transport or feed or fight a force large enough to ensure the survival of that nation. So WHAT?!? That is THEIR CHOICE!

I’m all about freedom of choice, aren’t you?

Libs argue for natural selection against intelligent design. Fine. LET IT HAPPEN.

Cons argue for Constitutional government, yet deploy our forces absent a Congressional Declaration. BS. Sure, the CINC is the President, but a military force must be DEPLOYED in order to be COMMANDED, and ONLY the Congress can DEPLOY them.

Do we have a Constitutional military … or a Palace Guard?

If we are to have a future, we need to let the rest of the world figure-out their own futures without our picking winners and losers. And LET IT HAPPEN.

What is the difference, Conservatives, between a government picking winners and losers in the marketplace, and geopolitically?

There is none.

We’ve had troops on the European continent since 1944. Time to bring them home.

Time to understand that our loss of future Mozarts, Einsteins, Hemingways and Warhols by having their never-to-be-parents killed by 7th Century barbarians is a historical ABSURDITY.

Why are we willingly allowing our future to be killed… to save our future…?

Is there anything DUMBER THAN THAT?

Time to use technology rather than bullets – not fundamentally different from throwing rocks – to destroy our opponents. Why are we fighting a Stone Age enemy with Stone Age weapons when we have Industrial Age and Information Age weapons?

If we are attacked, nuke the attackers. If they attack again, nuke them again. Nuke-Rinse-Repeat.. There is NO REASON to sacrifice a SINGLE AMERICAN to destroy sharia! WHICH MUST BE DESTROYED.

And those people stuck a milennia ago, but who insist on running the planet according to their non-religion (“religion” is a Western word, and it means, among other things, “not-State”, a concept unknown and irrelevant in islam), and in killing all who disagree with their absolutely crazy, barbaric mythology… can just die like the poisonous bacteria they are in the body politic.

And while we’re on the subject of winners and losers, let’s put this entire tax-spend-bailout-national bankruptcy issue into perspective, OK?

The West is committing suicide in order to raise the unearned standard of living of sloths, period. We are not going to the moon anymore… so we can feed those who refuse to work. We cannot lift a man into space anymore… so we can clothe those who refuse to work. We are not inventing the future anymore… so we can jail those who refuse to work or educate themselves.

I work hard to achieve, to buy a house, clothe my kids, put food on the table, go to dinner & a movie, or on vacation, etc. I worked my way here.

If there are those who refuse to work, that is NOT MY PROBLEM. If there are those who insist on 30-days’ paid vacation every year since college – that’s unrealistic and NOT MY PROBLEM. If they aren’t going to put food on their table for their own kids.. NEITHER AM I. They are THEIR KIDS. And THEIR kids are NOT MY PROBLEM.

If government workers – 10% of Greece’s employed people, BTW – demand wages higher than the marketplace, and crazy benefits and retirement at 50… yet have no kids to PAY for all that, then what gives them the right to impoverish OTHERS for their demands? What gives them the right to lower MY kids’ standard of living through the government force of taxation, in order to raise THEIR standard of living through ANYTHING other than merit and hard work? WHAT?

And the EU “leaders” continue in the fantasy that giving German money to Greeks will turn the Greeks in to hard-working Germans! Talk about folly!

There seems NOTHING more immoral than these public “workers” demanding more and more and more yet working less and less and less. They can kiss my ass.

If their kids are starving – hey – maybe they shouldn’t have had them! Ya THINK?! Maybe they ought to work another job! Maybe they need to go get some more education! Maybe they ought to lower their expectations to be commensurate with their abilities and effort!

If you are stupid and lazy and so working for the government instead of a real job, you can earn what you’re worth – not much (or you’d be in the private sector; we all know that) and if that isn’t enough to reach my standard of living, too bad.

You want what I have? Go EARN IT.

But to continue to take my kids’ futures to raise the standard of living of the lazy, arrogant, worthless scum of the West? Screw that!

If they are hungry, maybe they can drop their cell phone subscription, sell their TV, get rid of SIRIUS, stop buying Starbucks, sell their car and RIDE THE FREAKING BUS. They can work their asses off just like those they demand be taxed to pay for their selfishness.

And if necessary, they can starve to-death, because they have NO MORAL HOLD ON MY KIDS’ FUTURES.

This is as true in America as it is in Europe. Let the slothful starve. Let natural selection work. Quit picking winners & losers. If a loser can’t feed his kids, too bad.

And when the euro craters and American pols send billions of YOUR KIDS FUTURE EARNINGS TO Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain (get it? The PIIGS) because they are our trading partners, ask yourselves this: If all our money is over there paying their folks not to work, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO USE TO TRADE?????

Europe has CHOSEN, through FREE and FAIR elections, to become a dead-continent-walking. They have CHOSEN not to have children. They have CHOSEN to build unsustainable safety nets. They have CHOSEN to destroy their future. THAT IS THEIR CHOICE.

Well, their future now is HERE, and I am CHOOSING NOT to give them one red cent of my kids’ future.

Will Europe starve?

Like I care?


And SOMEONE had better NUKE the muslims or the West is over and done. Soon.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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