The Democrats are Throwing Obama Under the Bus

It is getting more and more difficult to go a day without seeing a column by a Democrat pundit on the damage Obama is doing to the Democrat Party.

Maureen Dowd is “one-and-done” with him. Salon thinks Obama is “Ruining the Democrat Party.”

James Carville, the attack-alligator of the Left, when confronted with the possible choice between watching Obama read the same-ol’ same-ol’ from TOTUS, or the GOP debate this coming week, said he’d watch the GOP debate. “…and I’m not even a Republican or even close to being a Republican.” Even Carville accepts that Obama can’t possibly win – so he wants to evaluate the competition for his replacement.

“Kerosene” Maxine Waters (D, South Central) is begging the African American voter to allow her – and the CBC by extension – to “unleash” on Obama.

Obama’s upcoming ‘pivot-to-jobs’ speech (r. 4.0? 5.0?), being billed as the most important of his presidency and of his re-election campaign, already is being panned – and it hasn’t even been given yet. Even WaPo already is comparing it to Carter’s “Crisis of Confidence” speech. The WH is lowering expectations.

Everyone knows it’ll be more of the same: Class warfare, hyper-partisanship, blame Bush/Katrina/tsunami/Irene/the Simpsons …, “[non-] shovel-ready” projects, pro-union spending, green technology, “investments.” The same stuff on which he’s already spent $4T and destroyed jobs across the nation:  “zero net jobs created in August and unemployment holding steady at 9.1 percent. Black unemployment rose from 15.9 percent to 16.7 percent.” But – the real unemployment rate is 16.2%. That’s over 25 million people.

As has become the norm, Obama will tell everyone that the Republicans must “stop playing politics” so that they can just play OBAMA’s POLITICS. Seriously. (He really does think the voters are that stupid.)

After the speech the Right will hammer him for being a redistributionist anti-free-market socialist, and the Left will hammer him for not being enough of a redistributionist anti-free-market socialist: AOL/HuffPo: “Obama’s Weakness – He’s Typical, Not Radical.”

The difference is that the Right already hates his policies… But now the Left is beginning to, as well. Google “Obama weakness” and you get 14,400,000 results.

The swell of discontent from the Left will become a wave as Obama again offers tax reductions, what the Left sees as EPA-back-downs, and only lamely tries to advance same-ol’-same-ol’ redistributionism. Krugman, of course, will have his panties in a bunch again because Obama will NOT offer another “stimulus” program. And Kerosene Maxine will have another hissy fit because he won’t accept her idiocy of “A trillion dollar stimulus.”

And with his numbers tanking, and the Prog left knowing millions of their voters will just stay home, resulting in the loss of the Senate, more of the House and the WH, they’ll toss HRH Obama under the bus.

Democrats, for unknown but certainly non-reality-based reasons, remain enamored of the “Progressive Era” they still believe Obama ushered-in, and are unwilling to let-go of it. But as many have pointed-out, the Prog era is over, it has failed everywhere and every time it’s been tried, and now is failing before the eyes of the entire world: In the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain), in CA – where unemployment has reached an all-time record, and Illinois, in America generally and in Blue states in particular. The only problem remaining in dealing with Progressive policies is how to ensure the rest of the world is not taken-down with them. Ask Germany.

Progressivism now is seen by every adult paying attention as a mental disease in which those infected think money is free, that taking money from producers to give to moochers has no consequence, and that we never will run-out of other people’s money.

The problem the Left has is this:

Progressivism doesn’t work ... Capitalism does work if YOU do.

To re-state the old adage – you gotta play to get paid.

Capitalism, however, does NOT work if YOU DON’T.

The Left wants those who are demonstrably NOT “playing,” i.e. WORKING – to have the same standard of living for which the rest of us are busting our collective asses.

Capitalism is the largest driver of wealth, increased living standards, environmental cleanliness and education the world has ever known. But Progs – basically adolescents who want everything, want it right now, and then whine and scream and blame “Daddy” (the adults in the room, nearly all of whom, unfortunately, are in the Tea Party faction nowadays) when they don’t get it, must either grow-up – or disappear from the political landscape. (It is not a coincidence that this “Progressive” noise is coming to a head as the Baby Boomer Libs from 1968 are beginning to retire and/or die off, not having turned the USA in to the USSR in their lifetimes, their oft-stated goal.)

A friend thinks Obama’s ego is too big to let him quit. I think HRH Obama’s ego may be too big for him to allow himself to be in a position in which he surely will lose. I think he’ll quit.

But what Obama wants to do is probably already history – as evidenced by the above columns and by myriad others you easily can find: few in the Democrat leadership any longer care what Obama wants.

More important than his ideas and ego, it seems evident that the Democrats are trying to figure-out how to toss him under the bus without tearing-apart their party. Obama’s defeat will have very long coat-tails… He will take the entire party down with him in his defeat. The DNC has figured this out. It is what is driving the columns – not just on the rabidly adolescent DU or the severely deranged MoveOn, but in the NY Times.

One problem the Left has is this: Since 1/20/09, every single criticism of Obama’s policies from the Right has been labeled by the Left as “Racist.” OK. Now what? How does a Democrat opponent criticize Obama’s policies, let alone mount a primary attack, and NOT get called a “racist”? Talk about painting yourself into a corner…. But that’s a minor problem, one with which the MSM no doubt will help.

The real problem is this: The Left is trying to figure out how to get Obama out – and Hilary in (and here and here …) – without losing the African-American vote.

They’re going to get hysterical – and not in a good way. And you thought these racist flash mobs were a problem thus far? Plan accordingly.

But how many columns have you been reading in which the Left is disappointed or yammering that Hilary would’ve been better or talking about Michelle’s vacations or spending or drinking and now Barry’s vacations? (A week after his bus tour of the midwest, he’s off to Martha’s Vineyard to rest-up, and then a few days later he’s off to Camp David? Bali in November? Hawaii – again – in December? Does this guy work?)

But – the Democrats have not won a national election in generations without 85% of the African American vote. If Blacks stay home, the Left loses. If Kerosene Maxine, Al, Jesse and others go ballistic against the DEMS…? Could be a long hot summer…

The movers-n-shakers on the Left are getting ready to prep (probably already are prepping) their major donors and bundlers and their non-black base that Obama’s out. I bet they’re already telling Barry he’s out for 2012 and needs to do an LBJ / Sherman: “If nominated I will not run. If elected I will not serve.”

And the DNC, faced with the utter demolition of the grossly-mis-named “Progressive” era with him in office, are going to throw him under the bus.

The intra-party fight between the establishment Democrat Party and their African-American constituency (and the poor dumb college kids who support pro-left racism above all else), will make the GOP / Tea Party “civil war” look like an afternoon tea when Blacks figure out the DNC is done with Obama.

The upside to this, of course, would be for African Americans to actually pay attention and vote their interests – which would cause BOTH parties to pay more attention to their needs. Right now the Right ignores African Americans because to do otherwise is a waste of money, and the Left ignores African Americans because they can without consequence.

Obama is done. The Democrat Party has no idea how to deal with this. The African American base is not yet fully-aware they are about to be asked to go above and beyond for the DNC Plantation.

And the consequence may be single-party governance from the Right – probably just as-much to be feared as single-party governance from the Left. But when the Left cannot create an adult platform, what is to be expected? Who knows? Maybe Lieberman and others can return the Democrats to adulthood?

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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