What’s Wrong with Class Warfare?

This may seem a crazy question to ask, but I’m asking it anyway.

Seems to me there are two ways to view the public policy problem of two distinct classes of citizenry. (Those believing we don’t even HAVE distinct classes are too ignorant, or too blinded by their mythology, to deal with, so should be ignored by adults.)

How to define these two classes?

Simple: Those working in the Private Sector creating value and wealth and paying income taxes – and those not; those creating jobs – and those not looking for work; those working in the Private Sector creating value for the economy, the nation and the future – and those not. In simple terms, those working for a living in the Private Sector and having their earnings taxed-away to pay entitlements and Public Sector salaries — and those too lazy or too stupid to be productive in our economy, who are taking those entitlements and demanding more, more, more.

For the purposes of discussion, let’s use Ayn Rand’s labels of these distinct classes: The “Producers” and the “Moochers.”

There’s a subset of the Moochers, as well: the Tyrants. These are the people kept in-power by the Moochers so that they can continue to mooch.  These people refer to themselves as “Progressives,” and insist on an anti-American, anti-self-government, anti-liberty and anti-freedom platform that puts a self-selected “elite” in power over the Constitution and the Rule of Law, and simply steal from the Producers to give to the Moochers so as to bribe their voters to remain in power – and to keep on stealing.

It must be recognized that this is what economic redistributionism is all about: Bribes for votes. It’s why Obama on the campaign trail told Charlie Gibson that higher tax rates were critical, though they would reduce federal revenues needed to balance the budget and pay for all his programs.

Tyrants, of which Obama is the leader currently, demand higher rates for “Fairness,” i.e. to give Moochers an unearned slice of the economic pie by stealing it from the Producers.

Higher tax rates are not about federal revenues for the Tyrants, they are about staying in power- and gaining more power every day.

Nothing in the Constitution gives the government the authority to tax Producers for one person’s idea of what’s “fair.” The ONLY thing that is “Fair” is to let each person earn his or her own way and NOT to be penalized by government to provide for those NOT earning their way. This requires of the government the one idea that, more than any other, informs the Constitution: Staying OUT OF THE WAY OF THE CITIZEN.

The Tyrants constantly play class warfare, setting the Moochers against the Producers, and then scold the Producers for complaining about it. Somehow these Tyrants never are hard-up for money themselves, whether they are a Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton extorting it from Producer companies, or John Kerry simply marrying the widow of a successful Producer.

Though Producers give far more than the Tyrants to charity to provide a “leg-up” to those in-need, those who need to get past a bad spot before they get back on their feet and again earn their own way as they desire to do, the Tyrants insist on stealing ever-more from the Producers to give to the Moochers, regardless of the ability or desire on the part of the Moochers to earn their own way.

The Producers prove themselves empathetic with those in-need through their charitable giving of which they do much more than the Moochers and Tyrants. The Tyrants prove their lack of empathy with those in-need by NOT donating to charity, by deciding NOT to help those who want help by teaching them what they need in order to make their own way. This is because as long as the Moochers are dependent on the Tyrants, the Tyrants can continue to stay in power and to steal from the Producers. Keeping the Moochers uneducated, unmotivated and poor is in the best interests of the Tyrants.

Why do you think schools are so bad in the inner city where the Tyrants get most of their votes? Why do you think unionized teachers refuse to fire the worst among them and, when layoffs occur, rid themselves first of the best young bright minds teaching through the Industrial Age concept of “seniority” that makes no sense in the Information Age? It’s the only way to stay in power.

If the needy want help to get on their feet and again make their own way, their friend is the Producer who wants him or her to succeed. There is no class warfare here other than the Tyrants demanding a paternalistic government keeping these people down.

The Moochers, on the other hand, insist on NOT helping themselves, on being GIVEN cash for a lifestyle they have not earned, do not want to earn, and are doing everything they can to refuse to earn. That cash can come only from the Producers, and can be taken only by the Tyrants.

Back to my question, “What’s wrong with Class Warfare?”

If the poor want help, they’ll only get it from the Producers. The poor who do not want help, who only want to continue to mooch from the Producers, are the enemy of America, of self-government, of personal responsibility, freedom and liberty.

The Tyrants demand to reduce the EARNED standard of living of the Producers in order to raise the UNEARNED standard of living of the Moochers – to gain their votes.

And this is worth fighting. It’s worth fighting far more than for the freedom of people in far-away lands living in cultures anathema to personal freedom and liberty.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to work every day to earn money to give to a Moocher to buy fancy shoes or flat-panel TVs or fast cars.

I don’t go to work every day to earn money to give to soldiers to fight and die to build a government who will kill its own citizens for their religious beliefs, as we did in Kuwait and Afghanistan, arguably are doing in Iraq, certainly are aiding in Libya and most likely enabled in Egypt.

I go to work to provide MY children with the best education and future that I can.

Producers help those who want help to get back on their feet. But to continue to be forced to limit OUR CHILDREN’S future in order to raise the unearned standard of living of those too stupid or too lazy to earn their own way, but who insist on having the same lifestyle as those who bust their ass for their kids, is insane.

And it certainly IS worth fighting against.

Frankly, fighting AGAINST the overreach of a government intent on stealing our liberty, on reducing our ability to pursue happiness, is why and how this great nation was founded. It’s also why we fought our successful wars (which do NOT include any “war” since 1945) – to give to others self-government so that they can create their own better future.

If the Founders knew tyranny had to be fought against – and defeated – in order for liberty and happiness and freedom to succeed, why don’t WE understand that today?

There’s nothing wrong with class warfare if that is what it takes to remain free.

It’s time to acknowledge this, to re-set the terms of the debate.

Can the Right DO THIS?

The future of America, frankly, depends on it.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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