Disgusting McDonalds

I have mailed this to  those addressed. I hope some of you will do so, as well. This should NEVER happen in America.

22 April 2011

Mr. James A Skinner, CEO

Mr. Andrew J McKenna, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Donald Thompson, COO

Mr. Peter Benson, CFO

Ms. Gloria Santona, General Counsel

Ms. Susan E Arnold, Director

Ms Sheila A Penrose, Director

Mr. Cary D Mcmillan, Director

Mr. Robert A Eckert, Director

Mr. Enrique Hernandez, Jr., Director

Ms. Jeanne P Jackson, Director

Mr. Richard H Lenny, Director

Mr. Roger W Stone, Director

Dr. Walter E Massey, Director

Mr. Miles D White, Director

Mr. John W Rogers, Jr, Director

McDonald’s Corporation

211 McDonald’s Drive

Oak Brook, IL 60523

Sirs and Madams:

I am absolutely appalled and truly disgusted that your employees stood-by while a young woman was assaulted over a period of several minutes at one of your restaurants.


I really don’t care what happened prior to the assault. No one deserves to be beaten as was that young woman. For your team members not to have intervened truly is despicable. That woman will carry psychological scars her entire life because of a beating your employees could have prevented. For all I know from the video, her convulsing in the corner was due to severe brain damage from being kicked in the head multiple times in YOUR ESTABLISHMENT as YOUR EMPLOYEES did NOTHING.

People argue, people even fight. I live in Los Angeles and get that. But no one, certainly no defenseless woman in America – EVER should be beaten as others fully-capable of stopping that beating stand idly by watching, as did YOUR EMPLOYEES.

I don’t care about the legality of intervening. I don’t care about any of your employees winding up on the wrong side of a punch in order to save a defenseless woman – and NEITHER SHOULD YOU. If this nation can send men and women into combat to defend the lives and freedoms of foreigners, certainly we can expect our young men and women, even when employed by your company, to defend the rights and body of a young woman at YOUR establishment. YOU are responsible for the safety of people in YOUR stores.

Because of the behavior of your employees I will NEVER AGAIN, nor will my family EVER eat at a McDonalds. I most certainly hope that I am not alone. Your company does not deserve to exist in a free nation given that this can happen at your establishment.

You disgust me. I wish I had stronger words to tell you how truly despicable was the conduct of your employees.

Truly Sincerely,

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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2 Responses to Disgusting McDonalds

  1. RickB_GA says:

    I do not recall seeing this on MSM. I bet it would have been all over the news had the perps been white and the victim black. I agree the individual warning the perps the police were on the way is as guilty as those to throwing all the punches.

  2. Robin says:

    Not only did those men (and I say that loosely) stand by as the beating happened, one told the attackers to leave before the police showed up – that guy should go to jail for obstructing justice.

    I don’t however believe that McDonalds is at fault as a company but they better fire everyone that was in the store or then it will be about them.

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