Unions v. Taxpayer – What the Center Must Understand

Voters – especially those in the Center who swing elections – need to understand what is really going on in the Dem/Public Sector union v. GOP/Taxpayer debate. Because this is not at all about the “working class” or “education” as Democrats and the MSM would have you believe.

This is ALL ABOUT the corruption through redistribution of the electoral process, about keeping in-power those who have most-failed America and Americans. ALL Americans, but most particularly those most vulnerable.

It is the corruption of the Democrat Party and the Free Lunch for their supporters eating off dollars earned by others.

The ironic thing is this: If we stopped the corruption by redistributionism that is the Public Sector unions (the largest, by far, contributors to this corrupt process), the Left would again have to become a party of ideas in order to compete.

All of America – all of the world – would benefit from two mature parties in America competing on ideas.

It wasn’t the Right who gave us clean air and water, national parks and mountain trails, seat belts and air bags. And it wasn’t the Left that gave us a free-market economy and 20MM new jobs in 25 years.

We NEED ideas from both sides of the aisle, but will never get them as long as the current Democrat corruption by public union is allowed to exist. The Left will continue to provide “Progressive” ideas that always and everywhere have destroyed lives, hopes, cities, nations and dreams (but DO result in votes for the Left by stealing from the nation’s future).

We’ll only get ideas from a Right increasingly heading into the deep end of Rightist Progressive policies telling you what you can and can’t do under their ideas, the anti-abortion and anti-gay cohort of that supposedly “limited government” wing, which is nearly as insane as the Far Left, under whose dominance the Democrat Party has fallen.

If we can end the corruption of the Left, if their new ideas then can force new ideas on the Right as the two parties compete, everyone wins.

We have spent $17T from 1964 to today on anti-poverty programs, none of which have worked. The poverty rate today is only a few tenths below what it was in 1964  – not even a half of a percentage point. We have wasted $17T in less than five decades, accomplishing nothing other than bankrupting our future. Our national debt is now over $14T. There’s a link there.

The Left demands the continuation of these failed policies, and they are in-power solely because of them.

And this is what the Center needs to understand.

The Left is not redistributing to help the working classes, the under-class, the poor, the young and the old.  They are not redistributing to ensure better education, a freer economy with more jobs and a more prosperous future. Their redistribution is not about life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If the Left were interested in those groups, they’d overturn teacher unions or make them less powerful. All education research – for decades – shows that these unions are the primary obstacle to better education, and we all know that improving one’s education is the only way forward. It is the Left preventing better education in America.

If the Left believed in helping the working class and in making more – and better-paying – jobs, they’d overturn union power, push right-to-work, and ensure minimal (not zero) regulation and taxation of productivity and earned money.

There’s a reason nearly all job creation in the past decade has been in Right-to-Work states, and there’s a reason people are voting with their feet to leave high-tax states and move to low-tax, low-regulatory, Right-to-Work states. There’s a reason people resent being forced to pay bribes to unions to get a job in closed-shop states, and leave when they can.

Only these ideas – better (non-union) education, low tax, low regulation, Right-to-Work – can improve the plight of those in poverty, only these can ensure the wealth creation necessary – by ALL OUR CITIZENS – to keep American growing.

OK – so WHY does the Left not follow these ideas? Why does the Left talk about making things better, but only actually make them worse?

Because they lost the war of ideas decades ago and remain stuck in the 1930s.

And it is THIS, and this ALONE that drives the redistribution policies of the Left. Why? Easy.

Without ideas that work, the Left has been incapable of funding – and competing in – national elections since 1960 on their own. The ONLY way the Left can stay competitive is through these redistribution programs that take from the productive and give to the unproductive – and create policies to keep them unproductive… but that gain their votes to keep the gravy coming.

Nothing the Left does provides the tools, regulation or knowledge necessary to actually HELP those currently unproductive; rather they just pay them to remain as they are: il-served, il-educated, unproductive. And increasingly left-behind in a society moving ahead. But overwhelmingly voting for Democrats.

This is what public unionism and Progressivism really is about.

If the Left HAD ideas that worked, we’d see their results. One cannot find an example in the US or anywhere else in any time or any geography in which the ideas of the Progressive Left have made things better; they only and always have made things worse.

There are no historical exceptions to this, no historical examples of Progressive policies doing anything other than destroying cities, nations, lives, families and hope. None.

If the Left had ideas that actually helped, they’d get campaign cash – and be able to compete – based on those ideas. But their campaign cash – their electoral competitiveness – comes solely from those eating out of the trough of Leftist redistribution.

The Left has NO ideas about improving education – if they did we’d have the best teachers in the inner city where they are most needed, as the Left pretends that they care about the inner city residents. After all, all major city school districts since 1945 have been run by Democrats. We’d have new programs that work in all our schools. We’d overturn the barrier to entry that Schools of Education have been allowed to become by the teacher unions that control them.

The Left has NO ideas about jobs and a good economy. Leftist ideas are on display in Detroit, where they have utterly ravaged and destroyed what in the 1950s was the wealthiest per-capita metropolitan are in the nation, and is now a third-world city: Strong public-sector unions, “living wage” legislation, high minimum wage – but 3rd-world poverty among the most vulnerable – those the Left PRETENDS its ideas and policies are helping.

The policies of the Left are now on-display destroying San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and all other large metro areas, and CA, NY, NJ and other redistributionist States – populated by Leftist voters dining in the trough. (Along with Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Spain.)
The Left is DESTROYING those it pretends to help.


Because in so doing, in passing “living wage,” minimum wage, failing anti-poverty programs, and public sector unionization, they are bribing a cohort of Americans to fund the campaigns of politicians of the Left, and to vote for those filling their trough.

And THIS is what Leftist programs are about: Staying in-power. Period.

Their programs destroy. Their policies rob the future. Their taxes and redistribution hurt those most in-need. Their ideas FAIL.

BUT – their redistribution puts cash in the hands of those who can’t or won’t earn it based on their intellect or work ethic… and that DOES get those people to vote Democrat, to keep in-power those doing the most harm to this nation that any party ever has done – and to themselves by keeping them unproductive.

Yes, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” so why are Democrats so insistent on wasting so many inner-city minds? Solely to stay in-power. NOTHING is more immoral than this.

Pelosi/Obama/Reid spent on redistribution over $5 trillion we did not have in only two years. WW2 only cost $4.1T in 2009 dollars….

The Left demands a continuation of ruinous policies because that is the ONLY way they get the votes to stay in-power, and the Right wants to improve all of our lives by ending this corruption and forcing competition on ideas.

THAT is what is at-play in this discussion.

So – Center voters: You can vote GOP and help undo the corruption of the electorate by the Left, and cause the Left to generate ideas newer than 1910 Progressivism and 1930’s redistributionism, helping all of America… or you can continue voting for Democrats in the utterly false assumption that they are trying to help anyone other than themselves and for any reason other than their continuance in power.

It’s your choice.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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5 Responses to Unions v. Taxpayer – What the Center Must Understand

  1. Hajar says:

    The civil unions thing seems like an ovboius compromise to me. I don’t know why people should feel insulted that their relationship is not recognized by the government as a marriage if they have all of the rights and responsibilities of marriage. Of course, the distinction is silly, but why let it stand in the way of progress for gay couples? On a related issue: The seperate but equal black schools were not really equal, but the court instead spouted the nonsense that seperate is inherently unequal in Brown (Jon’s point about seperate but equal restrooms is well taken), and actually supported racism when it claimed that black kids needed to sit next to white kids to learn better. (I’m not saying that forced racial segregation was not racist and unconstitutional, but the court’s reasoning left much to be desired.)

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  3. Alex Scipio says:


    So, basically, you don’t understand the post.

    And, no, you are NOT “far from a liberal,” regardless of what you may think. You are demanding the continuation of policies that are the antithesis of classical liberalism, policies that destroy all the lives they touch. To judge by your replies, you are as liberal as they come.

    Note, too, that part-way through my post I point out the idiocy of the Far Right. Look around the blog; this is not unusual for me. You can start with my posts on abortion – I view the Far Right as the reason America has undergone such deleterious change in the past several decades; the Far Left is just a symptom, the Far Right is the disease.

  4. JP says:

    comparing unionization to entitlement programs is insane. Manual labor deserves to be paid well, without unions work becomes $7 an hour… Unions are vital, decline in unionization created the mess we have now, not unions. Get it into your head, and I’m far from a liberal, far far from it

  5. JP says:

    The hatred of unions will forever empower the democrats, attack the entitlement programs, affirmative action and all the other garbage the Dems have pushed, but the Anti-union stance will always be read by Americans as Anti-worker. Grow out of it now, or continue to deal with Democrats. Only reason most people vote Dem is because Republicans despise good wages and want everyone to work for $7 an hour. Unions are the equalized for the working class, and a so called independent (such as yourself) should support unions, I’m disgusted by the rights hated of unions. I would fight to the death for my union. To the death

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