“What Has Happened to California?”

Victor Davis Hanson has an excellent column out today. It prompted a friend to ask, “What has happened to CA?”

Baby Boomer Progressives happened to CA.

Having somehow been raised to actually believe we all are equal – and not just equal before the law, which was the intent of the Founders’ statement – “Progressives” decided to rob the productive to give to the unproductive, to rob the educated to give to the uneducated, to achieve the equality of result they demand in the only way it can be achieved – at the lowest common denominator.

With neither realization nor acceptance that we are not equal in motivation, basic intelligence, work ethic, appreciation of education and Western liberal values any more than we are equal in athletic ability (I will NEVER be Michael Jordan),  “Liberals” (who are anything but classical liberals) have made those who achieve, those who work hard to better themselves, their families and their societies the enemy of those who lack work ethic, motivation, education or any desire to move forward.

Why do non-whites live in poverty in CA? Because they do not value education (ever read Centennial by Michener? This isn’t new), because that is their culture – look around S America, Africa, S Asia, Oceana; because trying to enforce what essentially are the standards of white, educated post-industrial European societies on what were, until Europeans showed up only a few centuries ago, Paleolithic non-whites is racist, demeaning and monocultural.

What will be the result of these Prog policies? Papers already are being published that, culturally, are akin to DP Moynihan’s paper of 1965, “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action” in which Moynihan made the case that welfare is resulting in the utter destruction of black families and predicted the resulting disarray and ongoing generational poverty of the underclass. History has shown him correct; liberals of the day vilified him for this truth.

These new papers are showing that the free love-no responsibility policies of Boomer Liberals are resulting in huge increases in out-of-wedlock births (again, not enforcing civilized, educated standards on anyone at all, let alone non-whites), said births creating a Third World-like division of wealth not too far down the road. When kids born in traditional families and raised by married parents achieve at levels hugely above their bastard peers, when legitimate kids who go on to educate themselves, THEN get a job, THEN marry and THEN have kids begin to outpace the earnings of bastards and the bastards they raise, by, literally, millions of dollars in a lifetime, within a couple of generations America will look like a Third World country, with 99% of the wealth owned by 1% of the people – but through having been earned, not stolen, and earned because of the traditional way in which the successful generations were raised.

Progressives say they want to reduce the disparity in division of wealth, yet their policies accelerate it. This is ignorance on a civilizational scale.

Asking, let alone ordering, Mexicans to pick up their trash (an example Hanson uses in his column), to act in a manner white, educated, civilized people of a wealthy post-industrial culture think is best, is rejected by the Boomer Left. It smacks of monoculturalism.

Yet the whole idea of “Multiculturalism” is false. The same people demanding it, demanding gender equality, are those absolutely rejecting Western Civilization, the civilization and culture that has given them the freedom, liberty and education to rise from Paleolithic hunter-gatherers to have the leisure time to complain about what gave them their education, freedom, liberty and leisure time.

‘Ignorance, thy name is “Progressive”.’

Yet these same people demand Western child labor laws for non-Western nations. They “must insist,” as did Hilary Clinton after the overthrow of the Taliban, that their new government “include women.”

Scratch a “multiculturalist” and an American Imperialist bleeds.

And those “Progressives” demanding gender equality are the same people demanding respect for – and often implementation of – Sharia, the most regressive force on the planet, and far worse than the apartheid their parents worked for decades to overthrow.

Where is the Progressive-supported UN in demanding an end to the apartheid against women that is Sharia? Where are the liberals blockading Muslim countries? Where are the disinvestment campaigns by Western universities against a barbaric ideology that treats women as subhumans to be mutilated, hidden, brutally beaten and stoned?

Rather than any of these, Western “Liberals” refuse to allow energy extraction and exploitation here – where we have plenty, resulting in the enriching of the rulers – not their populations – of societies in which the division of wealth nears 100% – 0%; enriching only the rulers of those nations that most brutally oppress women.

Those thinking the results of the Boomer Left, those who rejected utterly Western Civ in 1968, would be a civilized, thoughtful, educated, future of liberty and free speech and thought were mistaken then – and they are mistaken now. Instead, the Boomer Left is the worst generation in human history.

Unfortunately their parents – the “Greatest Generation,” having beaten the Depression, the NAZIs and Imperial Japan, and then created the modern world without complaint, were too lazy to raise their kids properly, with discipline, education, work ethic. Having seen the worst the world ever had displayed, they correlated discipline and standards with militarism and fascism – and rejected it. This is the result. Intelligent people foresaw this in 1968. The unintelligent captured the schools and media.

A cohort believing that 3″ fish are more important than jobs and families (another example from Hanson’s column) is a cohort with no families (look at the demographics of blue states), and therefore un-needful of jobs. A cohort believing that Paleolithic cultures are more to be praised than modernized (look at “ecotourism” and the visiting of New Guinea tribes, rejecting any attempt to “contaminate” (e.g. “civilize”) these peoples, as though those mothers are happy to live in filth and high infant mortality), is a cohort that has had life so easy, has been taught life IS so easy, that any effort to advance, any effort at progress, is anti-human. A cohort not taught that the rise of civilization and the foundation of all of their liberties and freedoms is due to their Judeo-Christian heritage, is a cohort that hates the religion of their parents because it requires personal responsibility, and turns instead to the religio-cult worship of Gaea and Global Warming.

These are the reasons you read my blog entries that secession of the productive from the unproductive may be the only answer.

With half this country rejecting responsibility and modernization, demanding to be Luddites and Malthusians (yet so ignorant they know neither Malthus nor Ludd), refusing to acknowledge the enormity and breadth of scope of the modernity of Western Civilization, ignorant that the freedom and liberty that Western Civ ALONE has created…  has created the environment for unheard-of cultural, scientific, artistic, engineering, environmental and medical advances – and that the totality of the impact of these advances on their lives and societies has created more education, more freedom, more liberty,  more individual accomplishment and societal advancement than ever in any time or place of history, these people cannot comprehend that they are demanding the destruction of same.

Coupled with the ownership by this stupendously ignorant and arrogant cohort of the media and the academy, the entire idea of a brighter future for all of us – the working and the non-working, the motivated and the unmotivated – becomes more difficult to credit with each passing year.

In 1965 the American poverty rate was 17.3%, and had been declining rapidly – until slowed by Progressive’s “Great Society.” In 2009 it was 14.3% – and rising. That is the result of 50 years of anti-poverty programs costing $15 trillion. We have stolen from the marketplace – and the future – $15T for anti-poverty programs, none of which – obviously – have done anything other than perpetuate poverty, when the trillions spent – and borrowed – could have been used productively by the motivated, the educated, those wishing for a better future and willing to work toward it, and ALL of us would have benefited, including those in poverty, and the poverty rate would have dropped, as it always does when societies progress.

And now our National Debt is – not coincidentally – $14T, and the servicing of that debt annually draws yet more hundreds of billions out of the marketplace, depriving current and future generations of yet greater advances – and more freedom — across the society.

And yet – and yet – what “Progressives” already have stolen from our future … is not enough for them.

They demand programs and policies that only can be paid-for through intergenerational spending, yet have no children to populate those downstream generations. They rely, instead, on the children of the productive, civilized, educated, motivated people to populate a future from which they ALREADY have stolen the money.

It’s a free lunch for the childless liberal and the irresponsible parent burdening society with illegitimate children with no desire for education. They steal the money from future generations of other people’s children, impoverishing them so that the unproductive today can live high-on-the-hog on money they have not earned, in freedom they do not – cannot – appreciate.

If this “borrowing” from generations yet unborn is not “taxation without representation,” the phrase has no meaning.

The immorality of “Progressivism,” the civilizational destruction by Baby Boomer “Liberals,” is impossible to overstate.

Will we, can we, survive the Boomer generation? Yes, but it will be difficult, and will become more difficult with each passing year. The most important “race” on the planet is the one between the death of the Boomer Left and the death of Western Civilization. Let’s hope the Boomers die before they kill the civilization they are doing their damndest to annihilate.

Will either current political party return America to freedom? I am not sure. Certainly it won’t be the Left – they are the enemy of all that is free. The jury’s still out on the GOP being able to listen to We the People, but there’s hope. This is why the Tea party is so critically important, more important, I think, than most adults (e.g. not “Progressives”) understand.

Already our freedoms and liberties have regressed decades. When I was a kid, this was a free country. When my parents were kids, it was freer still. Not for all, and the progress we have made in racial and gender equality has been enormous, and greater than in any other culture.

But becoming a third-world nation under the rule of men is not the way forward. And make no mistake; the Rule of Men is what “Progressives” are all about. By DEFINITION “Progressives” believe that the few should rule the many, that most people are not intelligent enough to cope, that self-government is not possible of, by and for free people. “Progressivism” is a fundamentally anti-democratic and anti-American ideology that MUST be overthrown if we are to achieve a free future.

It may take secession, and it may take violence. But once before American pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor to freedom and liberty. And won.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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  1. Steve Leonard says:

    You refer a couple times to secession. I think this country is already starting to break apart. Red states vs. blue states. I am a 3rd generation Californian, Northern California, Placer county, probably the most conservative county in the state. We have little in common with the blue populous coastal areas. The same is true of the central valley agricultural areas. Realistically California should be split into 2 or 3 states. In short I don’t see how we can continue to co-exist with the progressives.

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