Why do we STILL have “Progressives”?

Why do people keep voting for “Liberals” (that are the antithesis of Classical Liberals), and “Progressives”?

(OBTW – I note that some commenters don’t capitalize “Progressives”. That’d be fine if Progs were, you know,progressive. But as they are the second-most regressive force on the planet, behind (arguably) Islam, when we are talking about the political philosophy, let’s ensure we call it by it’s proper-noun form: “Progressive.” Or just “Prog,” on which I am beginning to standardize. Using the adjective “progressive, ” or writing “progressive” in lower-case denoting Progressivism as an adjective, is just factually incorrect. Thanks.)

One must realize that the goals of the Progs are childish and uneducated, and then try to understand and vote accordingly on the people and policies designed to reach their goals, i.e. against them every single time.

Progs are fundamentally pre-adolescents with pre-adolescent goals. They pretend, like children, that things can be perfect and that taking from one to give to another somehow is “fair.” It goes along with that extraordinarily silly book on which many of these voters grew-up: Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.

Umm? In a word? ‘No.’

The only thing FAIR in life is letting one keep what he earns, and establishing a rule of law to allow him both to do so – and to earn it in the first place. Our Constitution was designed to allow just that.

Progs hate that some succeed and others fail. One of the failures of the Founding Fathers was in not crafting the sentence thusly: “All Men are Created Equal before the Law“), and Progs have been using this in overturning the Constitution bit-by-bit for a century: TR-Wilson-FDR-LBJ-Carter-Obama…..

Progs pretend – and no one ever calls them on it – that some dumb kid with druggies for parents and no books in his home is going to be Einstein, or that some gangbanger in South Central is going to be Mozart, or that some skinny white kid in suburbia will be the next Edwin Moses. Nope.

No, we are NOT equal, never will BE equal and I’m not sure that the world would be a better place if we were – try to get Mozart or Einstein to fix the plumbing under the sink or the light at the top of the stairs…

But Progs don’t get it and Conservatives don’t explain it, and Progs own the Classroom, which IS the future…

One of the most fascinating questions for the 2012 presidential cycle is this: What are Blacks going to do now? They have well and truly screwed themselves with this Obama guy. He’s incompetent, increasingly viewed — by the Left AND the Right AND the international community — as having an elevator that doesn’t reach the top, and as a pouty child who has a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way, as he did in his presser on the tax deal.

He has destroyed jobs in the African American community faster than anyone, ever. And now a bunch of old white guys are going to fight him in the Dem primary in 2012. (I think  Hilary is toast after Wikileaks, and the DNC can’t NOT put-up an experienced challenger if they want to remain a viable governing party.)

Where does that leave Blacks? On the outside – again.  Only this time they put themselves there by their voting en-bloc for Dems since 1928. Decisions have consequences. Maybe African Americans need to open their eyes and start voting their interests rather than their victim status.

But as long as America keeps fooling itself that we can be great again – or ever get out of debt, or lead the world, or again create wealth and jobs and freedom, or regain the personal liberty enshrined in our Constitution but stolen by Democrats in the names of redistribution and Political Correctness – without getting Dewey (Progressivism) out of the Schools of Education, without outlawing Teacher unions, without demanding merit for all hire/fire/promotion  decisions in K-12 – and then paying teachers (real teachers, not what we have now) the 6-figure salaries they deserve as arguably the most important job in our society – we will not be able to get better.

(Have you noted the nearly once-a-generation cycle of American electing Progs? As though every generation must try Progressivism, refusing to learn from history what a total and complete disaster it is? TR + 15 yrs = Wilson + 15 yrs = FDR + 20 yrs = LBJ + 10 yrs = Carter + 28 yrs = Obama? Talk about a cycle that needs breaking…. )

We – and the Rule of Law – rely absolutely on an educated franchise – and we haven’t got it, nor can we get it with our education system the way Progs have made it. Only the un-educated want Progressivism. It is a philosophy that has failed everywhere it has been implemented, to the detriment of anyone who has touched it – and the deaths of tens of millions. Educated people – by definition – want a better future; thus are NOT Progs, and vice-versa. This – the desire of the uneducated for Progressivism – is why we try it again every generation. If we just educated our kids, it would have passed in to history decades ago and America would be a far freer, wealthier, better-educated nation.

And Obama? Even Obama doesn’t support Obamanomics anymore, witness his press conference in which he noted that he has to lower taxes to provide growth… kinda the OPPOSITE of what he (and the entire Dem Party) have been saying for generations.

The only reasonable answer to Obama is the 25th Amendment. He needs to be retired before he can do much more damage. The Left hates him. The Right hates him. The Center hates him. Time to go!

(The Dems KNOW they can roll Biden; he’s a complete idiot and everyone outside his immediate family knows it.)

And 2012 will come and – we hope – the adults will be back in-charge. NOT the beltway GOP who even now hasn’t heard what the People said on 2 NOV, but real adults from the real world.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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