The Coming Imperialism.. a Good Thing?

One wonders if the next step on the global stage is a return to Great Power imperialism.

No real doubt exists among intelligent and educated people that the post-war (WW1 & 2) spin-offs of so many “nations” from their Great Power colonial masters (on the false assumption that these “nations” and peoples were capable of self-government) has resulted only in worse situations for their peoples, economic and social regression, educational disasters, agrarian catastrophes, uncontrolled violence, and just generally far worse lives than under their colonial masters.

If the citizens of the Great Powers really want to help themselves and others, perhaps removing the freedom of the Third World to hack-to-death and suicide-bomb and stone one another and grossly pollute their environments is the way forward.

Perhaps a Russia with more people – drawn from the extinction of the -Stans and the policing and educating of their citizens into intelligent workers and managers – would be better-able to exploit its vast resources.

Perhaps a China with more women and more room and better access to inexpensive raw materials for its manufacturers – would be better-able to modernize and continue its interesting migration from ignorant rural to educated urban population and consumers.

Perhaps a South Asia under the Imperial thumb of either or both could be engaged more productively than blowing-up each other and demanding to be left in (and to export) the 7th Century.

Perhaps an Africa managed by Beijing in exploiting its natural resources, selling them to a nation in-need of them to continue its own economic advancement (by using those resources to manufacture goods to sell to any remaining EU nations and the US, as well as themselves) – and the money from China used (under China’s imperial management) to better the lives of the citizens of those geographies from whom it buys these resources (to buy its exports and to advance to more modern industry), rather than to buy more machetes to cut off more heads and arms – would be a geography with a future, after all?

Perhaps a United States no longer spending trillions for the defense of nations who so loudly dislike us (EU, South America, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.), could begin to retire debt, return to Constitutional government. (And, no, I am NOT responsible for sloth on the part of my fellow citizen, nor for the poverty said sloth ensures.) Perhaps by doing so we could return to economic growth and perhaps even mature by destroying John Dewey’s legacy of appalling schools mal-educating our youth into so in-aptly named “Progressives” destroying our future – and again be a Great Power leading the way rather than paying for those who refuse to do what we ALL know works: liberal capitalism.

Most of all, an America relieved of the burden of trying to be all things to all people, and instead allowing natural selection to work among nations (as we stopped it from working in 1917 to the world’s continuing detriment), again could lead the way in our post-industrial world of new ideas and information. New ideas could again mean new methods and procedures rather than locked-in traditional ways of manufacture, distribution, communications. New ways of doing old things and new things to do can and will be invented, with the arguably millions of new jobs an energized, intelligent, well-educated population could – and should – be doing.

If the citizens of the Great Powers really want economic and social advancement for themselves and at some future time for the rest of the world, perhaps managing – again – the affairs of the Third World, until they well and truly can operate nonviolently and under the Rule of Law on their own in a post-Enlightenment world (e.g. NOT under Shariah or any other ideologically totalitarian model) is the only rational way forward.

It’s pretty obvious that what we’ve been doing since WW2 no longer is working – if it ever really did, and that the Third World is the locus of our problems.  Let China and Russia carve-out spheres of influence they are willing to govern and protect, and whose resources then can be used to improve the lives of all within that sphere – as well as the lives of Chinese and Russians. Let those who want close alliance with the US  step-up and so state, and then act on that statement.

Those nations that seem unwilling or unable to control their madness, and who refuse to accept management by more intelligent people – the Great Powers: China, America, Russia – be quiet – or be fenced-off from civilization, with civilization benefitting from the quarantine of these nations just as we benefit from quarantining those with smallpox. The in-between nations can be free to catch-up rather than worrying about the destruction of the Third World continually visiting their shores: Britain, Japan, Australia, India(?) and the EU and other middling nations.

When we think one of these “nations” in our sphere of influence (if any, and there are good arguments  pro and con that America never should be a colonial power) is ready for self-government, rather than just spinning them off because of infantile projection that we all are the same if given the chance (which is what the Left demands), we can give that “nation” a trial run and, if they fail, return them to our fold. When they are ready to use our Constitution to govern themselves (history has shown no better document IF FOLLOWED in producing freedom and liberty, wealth and progress – all of which are required to NOT be a burden on the civilized world), and show they can do so successfully, then, and only then, should they be allowed to go it alone. When Russia and China feel their wards are capable – if ever – then Russia and China can make that decision; it isn’t ours to make.

Why should we decide? Because, frankly, we’re the ones paying the bills. We’re then ones inventing the future. We’re the ones with those who want to work hard and expect limitless futures based on our hard work and ability. This, of course, presupposes the destruction of “Progressives,” which, behind islam, is the most regressive force on the planet, and the force today denying us the bright future we are capable of achieving.

The world needs to advance; we’ve spent more than enough time in this brief period of history worrying more about the global moochers and murderers, from the EU social democracy welfare states to the destructiveness of islam.

It is time to worry about the future of the modern world – and to just settle for management of those who insist on a non-modern world and who demand to remain in the past.

About Alex Scipio

About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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  1. Arch says:

    One of your more “far out” columns. Do I think the world is a great, fair, and trouble free world under the influence of the UN (the seat of that world equality thing you deride here)? No. But do I think that returning to an imperialistic model across the world is better? No. Russia (USSR) tried it and demonstrated what we derided as a far too firm hand in doing so. And when they removed their fist and let those people be free, they freely butchered themselves. Their imprisonment didn’t advance them, at least not under Russia. I can’t predict if China would be any better, but I don’t see it as a benevolent country. It would be good if its people grew more wealth across the population and through better education and financial mobility put pressure on their government to advance. Looking back, all of the Imperial powers expended great treasure and manpower (armies) to maintain their grip. Great Britain fought many insurgent wars trying to maintain its grip. It bankrupted the USSR. It’s not clear that China could pull it off. And the savings you project to the USA would be spent enslaving our friends. I doubt any of our small friends with significant resources would be free for long in an Imperial world. Thus, we’d have to provide cover for them even still.

    Perhaps the better approach is to not give a rats if 3rd world people want to hack themselves up. We’ve demonstrated that we can’t really stop it. We should continue the Bush doctrine and toss totalitarian regimes, let the survivors fight for the system of their choice (as in Iraq) and colonize places with resources we need via our economic system? Let the 3rd world spend their time sweeping up rubble rather than trying to make it here.


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