Welfare Recipients are NOT My Problem

The Wall Street Journal had another column yesterday, “Why Democrats Can’t Win on Taxes.” It prompts the below. Net? When someone makes the choice not to take advantage of the education and opportunities America freely offers – and for which I absolutely am willing to pay – it is NOT my problem, and certainly not a problem requiring my kids to have less of what I earn FOR THEM.

As I’ve posted before, in 1972 when the 1968 “liberal” Boomers first got started destroying the country by holding elective office, the debt was $400B, for which we had invented the modern world, bought half our landmass, won all the wars we tried to win and paid the defense bill for the entire non-Communist world, basically (which, for unknown reasons, we still do).

Then the “Liberal” Boomers got started and began deciding that every Tom, Dick and Harry somehow DESERVED taxpayer money – a hold on OUR earnings – no matter how little they worked or produced.

So at this point the Debt is about $13T, almost 100% of our entire GDP. We Boomers have invented nothing, won no major wars, bought no continental-sized land masses (Louisiana, Alaska), created no modern compute, transportation, communications or medical infrastructure or systems, but have only made small-to-medium advances on what our parents and grandparents invented and discovered.

So – what has the nation gotten for the additional $12.5 Trillion taxpayer (now and future) dollars?

$12.5T of failed social welfare programs. PERIOD.

I know it’s news to some, but I work for MY family; I pay taxes for local schools and services and national defense. I don’t go to work every day to pay for those who dropped-out of school, making themselves a burden on society and dropping their own kids all over town. I don’t go to work every day to support illegal immigrant families who come here to gain welfare benefits to which they are neither entitled nor helped to fund. I don’t go to work, basically, to take food and lifestyle away from my own children in order to give them to the children of others.

If you can’t pay for the lifestyle you desire for your children – don’t have them.

And I SURE don’t go to work to send $2B of foreign aid to Egypt or Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, or any amount to other nations whose government media hammers the US daily.

Every dollar I send to government is a dollar subtracted from my children’s future.

I willingly pay for schools, roads and (non-union) education, police and fire protection. But only the threat of government force makes me pay for the lazy and the slothful, to fork over money I earned to those who are net negatives on society both by holding MY children back and by dropping THEIR kids all over and then not ensuring that those kids take advantage of what I freely offer – education and opportunity.

Sending welfare checks to gangbangers is intelligent!?! But we do… and all they do is kill, maim and destroy. So the interest of society in feeding and clothing them is…?

Two reasons exist explaining liberal Democrats’ insistence on giving money to the slothful, and these are: 1) pure, raw power by buying these votes to stay in power, even though liberal policies have been proven time and again in culture after culture to be far worse for their constituency than CONSERVATIVE policy, and 2) Liberal Democrats don’t have children, so don’t worry about the future. Check blue-state demographics, check European demographics, the nations the Libs here DEMAND we emulate in their appalling ignorance. Their fertility rates ALL are below replacement. If Democrats don’t believe in the future, why should I fund their continued use of resources?

Intelligent adults can talk until they are blue-in-the-face about the cost of these failed social programs to our progeny, and pretend the discussion will have an impact on Liberals. This is a COMPLETE AND UTTER WASTE OF TIME.

Liberals DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE. The recipients of all these failed social welfare programs could not CARE LESS about the future of their own kids. If they DID care about the future of their children, they would NOT have more kids than they can afford, would INSIST that those kids stay in school through free High School and nearly-free Community College. That these welfare recipients do NOT stay in school is past obvious and common knowledge. So I am paying their way, BECAUSE….??????

STOP the WELFARE. STOP the entitlements.

Spending $12TRILLION of my kids’ future to support those supported by welfare has just GOT TO STOP.

If you CHOOSE not to avail yourself of education, if you CHOOSE to drop kids all over town, if you CHOOSE not to get a good job and THEN get married and THEN have kids, if you CHOOSE to break our laws to come here and destroy what WE made WITH and UNDER those laws, then there is ZERO REASON for you to have access to the money or lifestyle which I earn to support MY FAMILY, COMMUNITY AND SOCIETY.


All we need to do is to stop the entitlements – INCLUDING public sector unionization – and let people make it on their own – by giving them the freedom to fail or succeed, and we will be past this adolescent liberal Boomer nonsense – and will FIX our massive overspending.

PEOPLE WILL FAIL. If they cannot fail, nor can they succeed.

If we pay for one who fails (or doesn’t try), why not ten? If ten, why not a thousand? If a thousand, why not a million? If a million, why not ten million? Who gets to draw the line? Where? Why them? How much will THAT cost? About $12T.. and there is no end in sight.

If you neither try nor succeed…NOT my problem, nor my kids’. I’ll help those who help themselves. But – if you don’t, you are on your own.

… And rightly so.

About Alex Scipio

About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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