The Size of Government and the Choice This Fall

Congressman Ryan and Arthur Brooks write in the Wall Street Journal today that the choice this November isn’t between parties or candidates – it’s between two stark choices of the future: Will America remain the wealthy free-market country and international beacon of freedom and liberty it has  for over 200 years, or will we devolve into the failed European social welfare model?

Unfortunately Ryan and Brooks understate the issues involved.

The choice is not between two models, each of which delivers some definition of “success” to varying sub-groups of society at varying costs to society at-large, costs particularly borne by those sub-groups not participating in the version of “success” promulgated by our ruling elites.

The choice is between a successful, sustainable, wealthy, environmentally conscious and free society under the Rule of Law and with a future – or the failed welfare model of the failed european states, increasingly represented by the Rule of Man here in America as the politicians continue illegally to reject the Constitution as our governing document and foundation of our government and all our laws.

The european social welfare model DOES NOT WORK. The Rule of Man DOES NOT WORK. Neither ever has worked, neither ever will work… in no nation at no time in history in no culture. Other than for the ruling elites…

This is being demonstrated in real-time both in the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain) and in California. Following the Democrats off this cliff will result in one thing: The failure of the West and the re-Imperialization, if you will, of the world by the remaining superpowers – China (which is busily buying resources all over the planet without sticking her nose into domestic issues in those nations, and building the blue-water navy necessary for colonization and sea-lane protection) and Russia, which remains a nuclear power with a blue-water navy and the ability to colonize much of the world. (Really, Russia doesn’t need to colonize remote lands – she just needs the human resources to exploit her own remote wildernesses; more on that below.)

Freedom and liberty will be lost if this recolonization moves forward WITHOUT America, which is what now  is happening with the full cooperation of America’s leaders.

It is past obvious that the vast majority of the third world / developing world is incapable of self-government that gives their citizens or subjects any hope of a future inclusive of personal safety, freedom, liberty, wealth, medical care, education, social equality, environmental health, women’s rights, children’s rights, etc., etc. All they do with money they earn or are given is to kill – themselves in Africa and Sri Lanka and South Asia and the Middle East … and us in the West.

Pakistan? Failed state. Mexico? Failed state. Syria / Lebanon/ Iraq / Egypt? Failed states. Venezuela? Failing state. Sub-Saharan Africa? Failed states with the possible exception of South Africa. Any nation ending in “-stan”? Failed state.

All of these areas are and will continue to fail in the modern world as it is obvious they are not equipped to succeed culturally, educationally, religiously or though Enlightenment-level understanding of the Rights of Man.

The world will be re-imperialized over the next century as modern and mature countries acquire the resources they must have to progress, and find it easier and cheaper to do so through imperialization than through sending money to the Islamic or African worlds only to have that money recycled into weapons to oppress and/or kill their own people, making those resources more difficult and costly to attain, and to get in the way of the progress of more mature nations by exporting violence globally – that easily can be crushed by a responsible nation.

Crushing Islamist terror is not hard. It requires only identifying the enemy (Radical Islam – particularly Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and Sudan), making the case for killing them quickly (they are killing people far more valuable then they), implementing rules of engagement (ROE) acknowledging that the behaviors of those nations funding this violence (and organizing, training and equipping these barbarians) are of only negative value in the world today (no sons or daughters of Radical Islam will grow-up to be Beethoven or Einstein or Picasso, or engineers capable of building the Twin Towers, for example; these people can only destroy), and then destroying those polities with nuclear weapons so as not to cost the lives of Western soldiers defending Enlightenment freedoms (soldiers who may have children in the West who actually do turn out to be engineers or an Einstein, a Mozart, Beethoven, Degas, Picasso; where among our enemies the most they can hope for is that Mom not strap a bomb on their back when they go out to play).

China has figured this out and is well on-the-way. Acknowledging that her enemies can start as a few and grow into a movement is why China reacted so harshly at Tiananmen Square. (NOT recognizing this is what cost the Czars and King George III their empires.)

Russia seems in the process of figuring it out and likely, through a young but driven Putin’s authoritarian power, will move quickly once it publicly (formally or informally) acknowledges what is going on.

Europe – the model the Democrats demand we follow here – has utterly failed and the only future they have is to add workers to Russian resources – likely Poland and Germany as the other European states seem to have forgotten how to work – giving this new Russian/German/Polish workforce an actual capability of useful recovery and use of the resources that Russia has – but lacks the people to exploit on their own.

Between these three European states with enormously declining populations and birthrates, there may – just – be enough workers for one nation’s – Russia’s – resource exploitation. Does this argue for an exit from the EU by Germany and Poland and an economic and social alliance between these three nations? Probably.

(If China doesn’t grasp for those resources first. Russia, after all, cannot defend Siberia from an interested and acquisitive China other than through nuclear war – which Russia is very unlikely to begin with her far-larger – and growing – foe.)

America seems unable even to grasp the idea that millennial change already is underway.

That we, uniquely, have the choice of leading this new world, ensuring the freedoms that we alone have ensured for the past 65 years, and accessing the resources we will need to continue to lead the progress of the civilized world —  or of being left behind, pretending that anyone still pays us any attention at all as we devolve into various ethnic enclaves along the lines of Yugoslavia as uncontrolled immigration, a near-total lack of public ducation, and total bankruptcy that the career pols – on both sides – have left us and that only the Tea Party seems at all interested in fixing.

Because I attended USAFA and am familiar with air combat terminology – and because I can find no adequate alternate analog, here’s an air-combat analogy for you: When air-to-air combat becomes very one-sided, it is defined as “Air Superiority.” In these conditions, fighter pilots go up expecting to dogfight and expecting to win, and they do; the enemy engages and gets shot down just about every single time. When the superiority is overwhelming to the extent that the enemy rarely or never comes up, and, when they do come up to fight, they turn tail and run away at the first sign of combat, it is called “air supremacy.”

Three years ago a very good family friend who lives in Toronto, insisted that she “wouldn’t mind at all if a Muslim family came to live next door” to her family. This is an example of a worldview conditioned that the “air supremacy” analogy is relevant that we in the West – our culture, our ideas of freedom and liberty and human rights – are totally and completely in-charge and no other worldview really exists.

This summer she was astonished by a well-publicized “honor killing” in Toronto. (What did she THINK was going to happen? ) Her “air supremacy” worldview simply, is wrong. Her liberal view is that all of us really just want to get along and will do so when given the opportunity. This also is called “projection” by psychologists, the projection of her mores and standards onto non-Western, stone-aged brains and cultures. To say this is innaccurate is an understatement.

The West is pretending that our relations with non-Western nations are in the “air supremacy” mode – that we need not really even worry about our opponents, they really do believe as we do and just need to be given the chance to coexist peacefully. (The international Left already has totally internalized this projection – which is what makes the left so dangerous to free peoples.)

For those under the fantasy of this “air supremacy” worldview,  we must not only not fight our Radical Islamist enemy – we must recognize that Islamists are of no moment to us, that they cannot even hurt us at all. We must accept them as they are, in fact, we must welcome them into our midst. This is the defining worldview of everyone who believes that Islam is just like us given the chance, has every right to enforce their (abominably barbaric) “culture” on the rest of the world, and ought to be able to build the Ground Zero Mosque.

In fact, however, the West is not at the “air supremacy” stage any longer – the enemy is engaging and it is WE who are running away. One can argue that we are not even in the “air superiority” stage of inter-civilizational encounters. The complete blocking of Manhattan roads by the barbarians at one of their many prayer hours would convince thinking people that it is Islam – not our laws and culture and courtesies – that is in-charge in the streets of Manhattan, Paris, Amsterdam.

The Democrats MUST be stopped and the adults put-back in-charge to ensure a future of ever-higher-living and educational standards, and of freedom and liberty.

The Democrats MUST be stopped to that we can join the fight that already is occurring everywhere but in the ignorant minds of the pampered and historically ignorant Left – – and WIN IT.

We MUST recognize that we are in a fight for existence – and that the demographics of the enemy argue for THEIR victory in this fight – and the loss of all freedoms and liberties on which the West was founded – unless we take it to them quickly, brutally, harshly, completely with unconditional surrender the only possible goal…

…or America, the West, and ALL OF OUR CHILDREN….. WILL LOSE.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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