US Military: Defender of the Republic – or Palace Guard?

It’s time for the American military forces to choose which they are: Defenders of the Republic, or Palace Guard; and to choose on whose side they are: Obama’s …. or America’s.

Right now they are acting as a Palace Guard for an out-of-control Executive. Are they going to continue to do so?

Obama, our chief law enforcement officer, is rejecting his duty, ignoring the rule of law, breaking the laws, and acting un- and anti-Constitutionally. These are the facts.

Obama’s conduct of the military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, through Rules of Engagement that do not place our soldiers at a higher value than the enemy and do not protect our fighting men and women, intentionally results in the avoidable deaths of American warriors.

We would have lost WW2 under these ROE.

Once Iran builds a nuke, Hugo Chavez will get a nuke. It will be difficult-to-impossible for the military THEN to defend the Constitution and America. We must be defended BEFORE that occurs.

Through his spend-then-tax programs Obama is removing capital from our free-market capitalist system, which unavoidably will result in socialism. No legislation is necessary to force America into socialism; all that has to happen is the removal of capital from the market. No capital = no credit = no hiring, no jobs, no purchases, no loans for seed or equipment or payroll…until the government MUST step in to feed the people and provide services.

Democrat taxes and the interest rates necessary to sustain over a trillion dollars of deficit spending annually for the next decade, on top of a $13 Trillion dollar debt right now, will remove ALL capital from the market, destroying it.

If the lame-duck Congress after 2 NOV 2010 passes a VAT, America will be forever bankrupt.

We simply cannot pay the trillions they and Obama has spent so far – more than all 43 of his predecessors combined – and we cannot survive as a free democratic republic with over half the nation not paying taxes, and the other half being taxed into destitution – so we will be forced to rely on the government.

That will be tyranny. It will NOT be America.

And it’s what Obama wants.

America is NOT a geography. It is an idea and an ideal.

It is increasingly obvious that the far Left does NOT believe in that idea, that ideal… in America.

Those of us having children – for the most part Centrists and Conservatives, as I have written and linked many times – are going to be paying for this unconstitutional former democratic republic for the rest of our – and our children’s – lives. Those demanding the statism the far-Left is ramming down our throats, for the most part, do not have children, so they simply are stealing from the productive to give to themselves, the selfish, unproductive… and they are ignorant enough to believe this is a sustainable path for an economy – or a country.

It is not.

Obama is setting private-sector salaries, taking-over private sector-companies, redistributing earned wealth to those who have not earned it (stealing), violating bankruptcy laws, and committing generational theft on a scale heretofore unknown and unimaginable. He has confiscated from a private-sector company $20B without due process of law, as required by the Constitution. This is called “theft.”

Nothing in the Constitution allows him to do any of this.

Obama has told Sen.  Kyl (R-AZ) that he will not enforce the border law. The Executive does not get to decide which laws to enforce. That’s called a “government of men,” or an “autocracy.” America is a “government of laws.”

Or it was until January 20, 2009.

If the president doesn’t like certain laws he may ask the Legislative branch, Congress, that those laws be changed. Ignoring the law, however, is NOT something he is allowed to do. He is a president, NOT a king. Ignoring the law is tantamount to overturning legislation, and that is not among the Constitutional duties of the president. It is, in fact, a violation of his oath of office, his duties and the job Americans placed into his trust.

But it is not just Obama.

Congress knows full-well that Obama’s “enhanced” regulatory environment is a usurpation of their Constitutional legislative role. Why are they not jealously guarding their prerogative? Because they are dominated by the far-Left. The same far-Left that has NEVER gotten its agenda through the ballot box. The agenda of the far-Left has been forced on freedom-loving, fair-play Americans though an activist, “progressive,” judiciary. With Obama in the White House, the far-Left in Congress knows that if they allow him to take-over their role, their agenda will get hammered down the throats of Americans… and they won’t have to worry about silly little things like the LAW.

It isn’t legal. It isn’t Constitutional. It’s a violation of Separation of Powers. It is anti-America and immoral… but that’s what’s going on.

The Congress MUST pass a budget resolution by May 15 of each year. Not only has Congress not done so – they have no intention of doing so. Again, this is a government of laws – and Congress does NOT get to disobey the law. The LAW states they pass a budget resolution. They may CHANGE laws they don’t like, but they MAY NOT disobey.

No budget resolution = no budget guidelines = Far-Left committee chairmen spending whatever amount they desire on their socialist programs. And once they are lame-duck after 2 NOV, they will spend huge amounts of money to run-up the baselines around which all future budgets are planned, so this overspending will become systemic – and we will NOT BE ABLE TO CONTROL IT.

So – what can be done? He must be displaced. In the 18 months he has been in-power he has taken to himself more authority than any other president ever dreamed of. He has usurped all the functions of our government: Regulations and czars trump the Legislative branch. Penalties on companies trump the judiciary branch. He is a dictator in all but name.

And he must be stopped.

With this aggregation of power and authority, with this abrogation of the rule of law in only 18 months, how will the Republic survive four years?

Because Obama is the Commander-in-Chief, many believe the military has no legal authority to displace him in the event he acts un-or anti-Constitutionally.

This is false.

The oath taken by every person in the military – now or in the past – is that he or she “will defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…” If the military is disallowed by the Constitution from protecting the Constitution when the domestic enemy is the president, then the oath is meaningless.

The oath IS NOT meaningless.

Obama IS a domestic enemy of America.

Obama IS breaking the law in refusing to enforce immigration laws.

Obama IS committing felonies in bribing candidates for office not to run.

Obama IS violating the trust placed in him by serving warriors being sent to their deaths by an officer corps and Commander in Chief who are putting those men into harm’s way with ROE under which our men are getting killed unnecessarily.

Obama IS acting unconstitutionally in his relations with the private sector – here and abroad.

Congress IS breaking the law and shows no sign of changing course.

Rasmussen is now running a polling question on the split-up of the United States of America, and 12% – one out of eight Americans – thinks a secession attempt is very likely within the next quarter-century.  And it isn’t the states supporting the Constitution whose citizens are discussing secession.

And don’t get your panties in a wad about a rerun of the Civil War. The Blue States would never spend dime one to keep the Red States in the union. And the Red States have all the national guards worth spit – and the vast majority of 2ndAmendment supporters..

Thomas Sowell has asked if we are on a slippery slope to tyranny. If you have been paying attention you know that the answer to this question is, “Yes.”

Among the required knowledge at the Air Force Academy in 1972 was this quote of Robert E Lee:

“Duty then is the sublimest word in the English language. You must do your duty in all things. You can never do more. You should never wish to do less.”

Our military needs to decide if it going to do its duty – or if it is a palace guard of an increasingly unconstitutional tyranny. If it is the army of a democratic republic of the people, by the people and for the people – or a militarized organization under the complete control of an enemy who achieved his position solely by lying to the America voter — just because he is the civilian CINC.

I, for one, and I am quite sure millions of others agree, have no interest in paying taxes to support the Palace Guard of a Dictator and his lap-dog legislature.

Obama must be removed.

Is the military going to do its duty?

Or not?

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