Is Obama Really Only “snakebit” and if so, So What?

Peggy Noonan, an excellent wordsmith whom, unfortunately for her, the times have passed by (we no longer truly care about what these inside-the-beltway elites think, and Peggy personifies inside-the-beltway mentality) and who for unknown and unfathomable reasons supported obama and continues not to see that he is not the unfortunate recipient of problems large and small, but the cause of those problems, has a silly column in the WSJ today. It is silly, but it is worth reading, if only to understand the depths the elite will plumb to not blame America’s #1 enemy for his complete and total failure to be an American, a leader, a CINC, and our president. In her column Ms Noonan asks if obama is “snakebit.”

“Snakebit” implies “unlucky,” so we can take the financial mess out of the discussion of “luck”. Obama spent $750 million and begged to be able to have this job – in the midst of that mess, so his participation in that mess itself has nothing to do with “luck.” His participation, in fact, has made it much, much worse.

Noonan is just too enamored of the man to be able to apply ANY objectivity to his performance, and that is unfortunate. SHE is part of the problem due to her cheerleading of the grossly inexperienced anti-American candidate, now president, which was evident from the very very beginning of his run.

Is he “snakebit” because of the Deepwater Horizon? Hey – what about the 3am wakeup call? He told us he was ready for emergencies. This, too, is not bad-luck. Stuff happens and a leader deals with it.

Obama is not merely dealing with the problem incorrectly, which one could expect based on his inexperience… he is NOT dealing with it at all, and that can only be through a desire NOT to fix the problem – there is NO alternate explanation, period.

Obama’s continued insistence to vote “present” rather than to make decisions and then execute them in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Deepwater, jobs, is either complete incompetence, which I doubt, or an agenda to destroy America, which is more and more in-evidence daily. Even the Washington Post is asking what on earth is Obama doing? The WaPo!

Anyone doubting that Obama is trying his best to destroy America as quickly as he possibly can (he has already acknowledged he will be a one-termer), is blinded to the facts by his or her ideology and will only recognize the loss of the freedoms and liberties traditionally cherished by the Left ( ACLU, where are you?) once those freedoms and liberties are gone, to the detriment of us all – and of hundreds of millions around the world who have relied on American protection from anti-freedom zealots for decades – the kind of anti-freedom zealot we have now put into the White House.

Obama is a complete and total catastrophe for the US. I’d say he is just over his head, but that is far, far too charitable for the economic, political, environmental and medical catastrophes he has visited on us in a short 17 months.

This level of destruction can only be accomplished purposefully.

What does this enemy of America have planned to further our destruction over the next 31 months? And WHY is the military unwilling to do ITS job, and why is the FBI not doing THEIRS? (An FBI friend of a friend has acknowledged that the FBI has been directed to NOT investigate ANYTHING having to do with Obama. This is a complete breach of their oath and role – one they seem too timid to challenge.)

The media are generally too enamored of Lefty policies to complain – and very much invested in a socialist world-view, so expecting the reporters to report honestly on this enemy in the WH is absurd. Editorialists are beginning to awaken, and in addition to the WaPo editorial linked above, here is an excellent OpEd in the Wash Times this morning that is truly on-target.

Children (under 21) and young adults (25-30) are just too inexperienced to understand the damage they are doing to America (because of the enormous failure of unionized “teachers” to teach American history and exceptionalism (which, regardless of anyone’s opinion is a FACT easily discernible by the level of immigration TO America from every corner of the earth for over 200 years)), and too immature to understand the damage they are doing to their own futures, particularly those who plan to have families.

Americans are patient – often too patient. We wait and wait and then finally suck-it-up and take the challenge.

Well, we may well be waiting too long right now, the outcome of which may well be the destruction of America and, with it, the West.

We seem now to be the frog in the warming pot of water. Are we going to jump out and fix the problem, something he is counting on our NOT having the guts to do, or are we going to swim in the heating pot, continuing to expect somehow that he really, really DOES have our best interests at-heart and will learn from what only WE see as his failures – and what HE sees as his successes: The destruction of America.

This man must be removed – and removed NOW.

November is arguably too late. And when we see the probable level of voter intimidation (un-prosecuted, of course), and the level of vote fraud, we may find it definitely too late.

There comes a time when Americans must stand-up and protect and defend the republic and the Constitution. Obviously neither the military nor the FBI are or will be any time soon investigating this man and doing their jobs.

If saving the republic means removing the mistake – and the enemy – we put into the White House, then that is what a responsible citizenry must do. Obama MUST be REMOVED.


And, no, the social upheaval involved, if it indeed occurs, will NOT be as bad as leaving him in-place.

Military, FBI: DO YOUR JOBS!

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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