London Daily Telegraph on Obama

Remember Obama was going to repair our relationships with our allies?

For unknown reasons, voters actually BELIEVED that a liberal nutso-anti-American president with no understanding of anything outside the classroom other than what he’d read from Alinsky  could actually “repair” international relationships – or any other kind. I mean, heck, he’s already set-back American race relations 40 years, and he’s only been in office 16 months!

(One could make the case this is a result of liberal-union-mal-education of two generations of American voters, but I have made that case so many times I am tired of repeating myself. Do be aware, however, that unless teacher unions are outlawed, each succeeding generation of Americans will be less-well-educated than the preceding generation for the first time since the invention of printing. This certainly is true of Boomers – they are far less-educated than their parents, and of all generations subsequent to the Boomers – Gen X, Gen Y, etc. THIS is a heckuva legacy for “progressives” to leave as we become a third-world nation of babies electing empty suits and spending money that won’t be earned over the next century, if ever.)

Yes, adults with brain cells understood this to be folly all along – that’s why we didn’t vote for the man.

And now, a word from one of the leading opinion-makers in that international scene Obama was going to repair:

Let me be clear, I’m not normally in favour of boycotts, and I love the America people.  I holiday in their country regularly, and hate the tedious snobby sneers against the United States. But the American people chose to elect an idiot who seems hell bent on insulting their allies, and something must be done to stop Obama’s reckless foreign policy, before he does the dirty on his allies on every issue.”

–London Daily Telegraph editor — Alex Singleton, April 11.

About Alex Scipio

About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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36 Responses to London Daily Telegraph on Obama

  1. Ike Soans says:

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  2. gus sinadinos says:

    get it straight Bush set out country back in regard to international relations you idiot. he also went into Iraq who had nothing to do with 911, ruined their country. showed no eagerness to find osoma bin laden. was and is the worst president we ever had. (stupid yankees) look at the republicans who bashed oboma for job creations from the time he got elected but after they took over the house of reps. they have themselves created absolutely no jobs, they’re just very good at spreading crap………..thanks for listening, long live the Queen. I love the UK

  3. Max Tequila says:

    In response to Gene Tims, I’d say that G.W. was absolutely no better for the U.S.A. than nObama has been and deserves an invite to the royal wedding, now past, any more than would the current White House imposter. We, the U.S.A., have only had two people that have run for President in recent elections that would have taken us back to a Constitutional government as our Founding Fathers gave us. Those two received VERY little if any attention from the establishment press and consequently received very few votes. Not because they wouldn’t have done a good job, but only because people knew very little about them.

  4. Chuck Cressman says:

    It is with no small amount of shame that I must agree with every word of condemnation of our poor excuse for a “President”.

    I was born three weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the first president I have any direct recall of is Harry Truman. When we got through the Jimmy Carter years, I thought America had finally weathered the storm, and that the worst possible President was behind us. Needless to say, I’ve been proven wrong, and in spaces.

    Please, for God’s sake, say what you will, feel what you will, think what you will about this tragic excuse of a President, but do not think for a single moment that this traitor represents the sentiments of the American people towards the people of Great Britain, because THEY DO NOT!

    Be patient a little while yet; this too shall pass away

  5. Greg, Ontario says:

    My god the IQs have dropped rapidly in the last two years. Who cares about a weddding of two totally spoiled brats that have not and never will contribute a single thing of themselves to society. They drain millions from the public purse every year and give nothing in return but a wave and an occassional smile. If I could only turn back the hands of time and see what these posts would be saying if President Obama had said bollocks…let all the big companies (banking,auto and insurance)die, let the unemployment rate 50% instead of stopping it at 9%. Let the entire global economy crash like it did in 1929. You people wouldn’t care about your water bill if your house was on fire how can you hold all thats wrong in the world to Obamas feet? Think for crying out loud!!!!!

  6. Tom Hartley says:

    Linda Beimers> I could not have expressed my opinion any better than you stated. I am your age and know what Great Britian and the United States have meant to each other all of the years. We have always been there to cover each others backs. I really saw the trust and friendship between President Regan & Lady Thatcher.
    The real American people do love and respect the Brits but not the Obamaers. We will always be friends.

    Mr. Singleton we agree with you more than you can know. Visit the suburban areas of metro Atlanta, be our guest.

  7. NetRanger says:

    I love Obama! He’s done more (unintentionally, I’m sure!) to wake up Americans of good character than anyone or anything in the past 30 years. He’s made more people see the left/right paradigm for what it is: a weapon used against us. He’s been the cause of many excellent state firearms legislation success stories. He’s done more (again, unintentionally) to expose the mad attempt by the United States Federal Corporation to wrestle (unlawfully, I might add!) power from the states. My hope is that the birth cirtificate issue will expose the entire Unites States Federal Corporation of the fraud they represent: They are not our “government” at all. It is, in actuality, a corporation that was essentially hired in 1871 to “pose” as our government. A corporation designed to look like our government and (sort of) act like it. But, since it is not, it can bend and break the rules and not be liable. Like GE or Wal-Mart, there is some law it has to follow but other law it can ignore. Most of the codes and statutes that it passes off as “law” are actually under “color of law” and are an insult to the supreme law of the land, The Constitution.

    The only way we can restore this Union to its former glory is to expose this fraud and punish the perpetrators. The problem is many of the perpetrators are ignorant of this fact, also.

    Pray and prep. Look for the “7Gs of Modern Survival”.

  8. GENE TIMS says:

    I have been hoping to see that the O’s were not invited to The Wedding and to really top it all off that George Bush was invited.

  9. Linda Beimers says:

    As a 72 yr. old American that did NOT vote for Obama or want any of the people he’s put in place to help him govern us, I want to apologize for his lack of showing proper respect to the leaders in England, who have always been our friends. It really made me hang my head in shame.
    As you well know by now he does not want to know what all the people think, only those who agree with him. And we get to live with this person to lead our country, and live with what he’s doing to our nation — it’s very sad indeed to see what our children and grandchildren will have to live with because of him. I pray to God, my Father that there will be some way to stop this man who is trying his best to kill our great nation.

  10. Sandra Wilkinson says:

    Sadly, I have to agree with embarassment that Obama is an Obamination to America. We pray he will not be re-elected. My husband and I love England and visit as often as possible. We lived in Europe for 7years and hate the way Obamaners act. Please do not blame all Americans for this president and his rudeness. Most of America is sick of him and his croanies.

  11. Sandra Wilkinson says:

    Sadly, I have to agree with embarassment that Obama is an Obamination to America. We pray he will not be re-elected. My husband and I love England and visit as often as possible. We lived in Europe for 7years and hate the way Obamaners act. Pleade do not blame all Americans for this president and his rudeness. Most of America is sick of him and his croanies.

  12. Becky Banta says:

    I can not agree more with the article penned by Alex Singleton which appeared in your publication. Please believe that so MANY of we Americans are embarrassed and angry that the history of our country has come to this moment in which our current President is in this most respected office….up until now. His blantant disrepect of our country & the peoples of our world, most certainly Great Britian, is appauling. So many reasons why he obtained this office, but please let the British people know that he was not/is not the choice of those of us who hold dear the moral & true relationships & concerns that Mr. Singleton so clearly mentioned. As stated by another, we have to sadly wait until our next election to get him out of there. Thank you!

  13. Albert J. Evans says:

    I have been reading about what Obama has been doing to the great relations that we have had with the Brits over the years. I think he is a disgrace to our country and I can”t wait til the 2012 election so we can dump him. He has been a disaster not only for the U.S. but for the whole world. ” 2012 the end of an error “

  14. CG in Minnesota says:

    The blog by DM on 14 Oct supposedly quotes a further article by Alex Singleton rebutting the article we’re all responding to. It’s unfortunate that DM didn’t do his homework and check the articles listed ~ on this page! ~ for June, 2010 which Mr. Singleton wrote. There is NO June 30, 2010 article.

    We here in the U.S.A. are now only a few days from an election which will hopefully remove many of Obama’s allies, so that some repair of the damage his policies have caused our country can begin. Our relationships with our long-term international friends need some serious stroking in order to regain our credibility with them. Until we can vote this unimaginable doofus out of office, please hang in there with us. Most of us in this country know who our friends are, and are appalled by the actions of our current White House resident.

  15. DM says:

    “Nutty hoax email has Right-wing Americans on my case”

    For all you self-righteous folks, take a moment to read what Alex Singleton actually wrote:

    JUNE 30TH, 2010 14:04
    Nutty hoax email has Right-wing Americans on my case
    Suddenly I’ve become a poster boy for the Republican Right. It started when Fox News linked to a blog I’d written suggesting, not terribly seriously, that Brits ought to boycott America in retaliation against Barack Obama’s refusal to support us in the Falklands.
    Now thousands of emails are being forwarded around the US – particularly in southern states such as Texas – quoting me. The Telegraph’s reader-relations department is being innundated with queries asking if I really called for a boycott of America. And Google tells me that quotes from the post now appear in hundreds of websites.
    This would all be fine, except that after the first paragraph in the email, it transforms into a rant about “Barack Hussein Obama”, using bizarre language that certainly isn’t mine. No doubt this email appeals to the nuttier supporters of the Republican Party, for whom politics has ceased to be about principles and is now all about smearing opponents with false accusations about their nationalities and their patriotism. It also contains the delusional claim that Reagan supported Thatcher over the Falklands (he didn’t) and denounces Obama for failing to suck up to Gordon Brown (as if that was a bad thing).
    My new fans won’t like me saying this, but while Barack Obama is clearly one of the most hopeless Western leaders at the moment, I haven’t forgiven the Republicans for their disgraceful record under George W. Bush. These supposed conservatives stood by as Bush threw away the wonderful Reagan legacy by signing off on ruinous spending commitments and imposing economically illiterate steel tariffs, as he destroyed ancient civil liberties, and as he sank their country into an ill-conceived and disasterously managed war in Iraq. Britain’s Conservatives, even under Ted Health, have never been that destructive.

  16. Charles Mc says:

    Please be assured Mr. Singleton that your comments have been and are being heard. Most fellow Americans that I know share your beliefs and are doing everything possible to rectify the situation. Unforntunately we have a large population of uninformed, stupid and moronic individuals who have never read one book on economics, international relations, history (esp. as it relates to our most trusted ally – Great Britan), or a host of other basic social studies. Hopefully in the very near future we the majority now will see to the necessary changes.
    Thank you for your commentary and please continue to support us in spite of the current administration.
    I have had the opportunity to visit your country on business over fourty times in the past few years and certainly recognize the importance of Great Britan to our country.
    Thank you and Kindest regards,
    Charles Mc

  17. John W. says:

    I am and always have been a loyal American, who respects and cherishes our own heritage and our long-time history with one of the best allys any country could ever have, Great Britain. So, I say what I am about to say with love for my country and the numerous people I personally know and those I don’t from across the pond.

    Our present President is an abismal moron! The people he has surrounded himself with are with few exceptions also morons! They, for the most part, have never run a company or anyrthing else that requires a balanced budget or the leadership respect needed to run a cohesive and profitable organization. The only thing any of them is capable of running are their collective mouths; and even that, they do poorly, albeit frequently, and with reckless abandon. For the first time in my life, I am embarrassed for my country and ashamed of its so-called leadership.

    So, Mr. Singleton, I agree with your article with the exception of your conclusion that we have not “noticed his dismal performance and lack of respect in the world community.” I would say that most of us here have. We also realize that our great grand children will still be cleaning up the political and financial mess this petty, self-centered, and disreputable excuse for a world leader has caused. I personally will NOT be voting for ANY incumbent in the next election regardless of their party standing, and that most definitely includes Mr. Obama.

    As for Sir Winston Churchill’s bust, I would hope the next President would request its return. After all, I do believe that this great statesman was, in fact, made an honorary citizen of the United States of America, and that’s closer to being a real American citizen than the Present President has yet to prove beyond a shadow of my doubt.

  18. Brandy says:

    What can we say??
    He will NOT get into another term. Thank you ENGLAND and know we do not respect or follow 90% of his agendas and some who do follow him in his “court” hopefully will be voted out in Nov 2010.
    We need to take over our country

  19. Thanks a good deal! I truly enjoyed reading this.Looking through these posts and the information you’ve provided I can appreciate that I still have a lot of things to learn. I will keep reading and keep re-visiting.

  20. Proud American says:

    I’m confused about this outrage because David Cameron is the current Prime Minister of the UK and he is welcomed. It is obvious that Obama didn’t like Brown who resigned as PM in May. Unless I’m missing a snub of David Cameron too?

  21. Kathleen Patriot says:

    Obama is an obamanation to our Country. Many of us in the states, the ones that did NOT vote for him, and those that are regretting they did are literally “up in arms” with what he is doing to England and Israel. He is an embarrassment to us.

    So what do you say you release his British Passport and everyone will be happy! We can try him for treason, impersonation, and we have a list of over 30 charges against him. He has sealed all of his recorders here in the states….hopefully he did not buy England off as well.

    The world would be a better place….release his British Passports after the November Elections…;PLEASE!!!

  22. Very interesting and informative article. This has been very helpful understanding a lot of things. I’m sure a lot of other people will agree with me.
    Bing obama to get this article.
    Be back!

  23. Bill in Tennessee says:

    Let me echo what has already been said here, that most Americans regard President Moonbeam as a freak, an aberration in our history. Most of us are true Anglophiles, we love our British cousins and our shared history, and many of us (me included) can trace our heritage back to Britain, in my case Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. I regard America’s relationship with Britain much more important than the whims and agenda of our current moron-in-chief. I envy your Parliamentary system, where a simple vote of no confidence is enough to send such a person packing…here, we have to endure such idiots FOR FOUR YEARS!! Still, I think we, the rational and thoughtful people of America, will prevail, and will hold this piece of scat in the Oval Office up as an example and a warning to future generations to NEVER allow this to happen again. I hope our British cousins will bear with us during this difficult time and that when Moonbeam is gone we can once again be friends and allies.

  24. I have read Mr. Singleton’s article, as well as comments following it. It is sad and quite disturbing to learn that Mr. Obama’s conduct has been disrespectful and disloyal to our allies and friends. Nevertheless, please be assured that there is a deep ground swell of awareness in America that we have a monster in a position of profound power and responsibility. Our power to vote will remove this cancer that has infused itself into our lives. All the best to our friends in Britain, Canada,Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. We are bonded together, and we shall prevail. Draper.

  25. Kay says:

    How sad that right wingers are so blinded by all the lies they hear and believe. Some of these e-mails sound as if truly uneducated people wrote them. I am so glad I am not in the path of your Karma. I would be worried if I had spread such lies and false statements. Negativity never makes anyone a better person. Learn the fine art of becoming “better” not “bitter.” What a difference it makes in one’s life to look at the positives of life.

  26. Larry says:

    Who can I get, or, who will answer the call with me??? Get this incompetent Muslim Kenyan out of office!!! It’s WAY PAST time to impeach the terrorist! We now have a copy of his true original birth certificate; a video of his grandmother testifying he was born in Kenya; a letter from the Kenyan U.S. ambassador (Litau) stating Obama was born in Kenya, also stating “everybody in my village knows he was born here”. We cannot bitch about him if we won’t take the necessary steps to have him removed from office before we no longer have ANY allies or an America left. Someone with a worldwide website, such as yourself, has the means and ability to assist in this crucial issue…American presidents cannot be foreign-born.

    The Washington state case also alleges, “Wayne Madsen, Journalist with Online Journal as a contributing writer and published an article on June 9, 2008, stating that a research team went to Mombasa, Kenya, and located a Certificate Registering the birth of Barack Obama, Jr. at Coast General Maternity Hospital, to his father, a Kenyan citizen and his mother, a U.S. citizen.

    Obama has fooled the entire USA which gives him the only award he deserves, ‘The Imposter of the USA Century’. Foreign born are not allowed to be US President:

    Kenyans know Obama was born in Kenya:

    Kenyans and Sarah Obama testify Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya:

    Kenyan U.S. ambassador is very proud Obama was born in Kenya:

    Video of Grandmother stating she was present at Obama’s birth in Mombasa, Kenya.

    A video showing how an Obama staffer forged above green certificate of live birth.

    Letter from Kitau in Mombasa, Kenya .

    I happen to be Kenyan. I was born 1 month before Obama at Mombasa medical center. I am a teacher here at the MM Shaw Primary School in Kenya. I compared my birth certificate to the one that has been put on by Taitz and mine is exactly the same.
    I even have the same registrar and format. The type is identical.
    I am by nature a skeptical person. I teach science here and challenge most things that cannot be proven.
    So I went to an official registrar today and pulled up the picture on the web. They magnified it and determined it to be authentic. There is even a plaque with Registrar Lavenders name on it as he was a Brit and was in charge of the Registrar office from 1959 until January of 1964.
    The reason the date on the certificate says republic of Kenya is that we were a republic when the “copy” of the original was ordered. I stress the word “copy”. My copy also has republic of Kenya.
    So what you say is true about Kenya not being a republic at the time of Obama’s birth, however it was a republic when the copy was ordered.
    The birth certificate is genuine. I assure you it will be authenticated by a forensic auditor. We are very proud Obama was born here.
    We have a shrine for him and there are many people who remember his birth here as he had a white mother. They are being interviewed now by one of your media outlets.
    Fortunately they even have pictures of his parents with him immediately after his birth at the Mombasa hospital with the hospital in the back ground.
    It will be a proud day for us when it is proven that he was born here and a Kenyan became the most powerful man in the world.
    I encourage anyone to come here and visit. I will be happy to take you and show you the pictures at the hospital myself as well as my document and many others that are identical to what Taitz posted.

    God Bless.

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  28. John Duke says:

    It is difficult to face shame…it is easier to stay in denial. Looks like we have an up-hill road ahead of us. True Americans will muster the courage and will revolt. It will not be easy…there are nefarious forces at work. It is the old cliche You can not talk politics or religion. They won’t see and accept truth. ( X-Pat in London, England )

  29. Without Britain, America would not be free. Without America, Britain would not be free. Without Churchill, there would have been no post WWII free world. That is about as special as a relationship can get to this old soldier ( did that too). It may get a lot worse, up to and including WWIII or revolutions, but, this too shall pass and the free world will muddle through. Rule Britania and America ( hopefully with a lot of help from other former colonies like India taking the lead as we are weary). We will survive the current unpleasantness together. Peter

  30. Jim Pinac says:

    I am a US citizen and I completely agree. He is an abomination and a disgrace to this country. He needs to move to a middle east muslim nation that practices socialism. As far as I am concerned he is an idiot like all those that voted for him. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    On second thought let him move to Venezuela or Brazil.

  31. Helen Smith says:

    There is no need sending this to anyone who voted for him. If they didn”t believe it before they won’t believe it now because they refuse to think for themselves. Anyone with half a brain could tell from the beinning he was spending money we didn’t have nor couldn’t replace.

  32. What do you expect from his background. The first 10 years of his life, he and his mother were exploring various Muslim countries. He never sang God Bless America in grade school where we learned how wonderful are country is. He grew up hateing America and what it stands for. As I think it connot get any worse, it does. He cater’s to everything bad for our country. Did you hear he had a jail built for the illegals resembling a spa. They even get their choice of food and have games and art classes. Obama is destroying our relationship with the world. So much for a president with tunnel vision.

  33. Alex Scipio says:

    Simon: You write that Obama’s admin needs to consider the sources of their revenue. If you haven’t yet read this post, it covers exactly that. FYI.

    Thanks for reading!

  34. Simon Dodge says:

    And another current issue to consider is the treatment of BP. I am just as disappointed in the handling of this environmental disaster as everyone else, but dont discount the fact that BP applied for and received approvals from US government depts for exceptions to safety standards etc. If anyone needs to shoulder some blame, those govt depts that are too happy to receive tax revenue and turn a blind eye to safety controls need a sharp reminder of what they approved and why it might not have been such a good idea. Is it fair to solely blame BP ? Perhaps the Obomo administration needs to consider where their revenue is coming from.

  35. So, what else is new? Thanks so much for confirming what we already know and have to live with. It comforts us however that it is now generally recognized throughout the world that this pretender is an empty suit. When he moves his lips, he’s lying. His unabashed partnership with our nations unions is distroying us and certainly dumbing down our kids. Bankruptcy is near.

    We just have to wait him out, He may be a blessing in disguise,sending a strong message ” never again ” will we be caught off guard. This is likely to make us stronger. We’ll see……

    Again, thanks for supporting us in our time of need. It is the worlds turn to help us…. before it’s too late and we all lose big time.

    Phil Dollison

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