Only the Center Can Save America

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. That’s because, frankly, I am so completely disgusted at our president and inside-the-beltway politicians, and less and less able to see a way out.

The two biggest issues of our time are education and childlessness. Not only are these tough problems to fix – the fixes take a long time.

Il-educated by unionized “educators,” we have now generations of ignorant voters. These ignorant voters vote into office the extremists on the Right and Left.

No, the parties have NOT been captured by “Special interests,” they have been captured by the extremes.

How do you get extremes? Lack of education. By definition those in the extreme are ignorant. (Remember, it was the Dean of the Boston College School of Education who, in an OpEd in the Wall Street Journal in 1985, wrote that the students in the Schools of Education were the “dregs” of the student populace, and the “laughingstock” of the university students in academic disciplines. And he was the DEAN….)

Whose fault? Unions, pure and simple. Education has declined quickly – and steadily – since the advent of unionized teachers. The largest national study of the impact of teacher unions, done by Dr Caroline Hoxby (Harvard), showed that the faster a teacher union took power in a district, and the more power it was allowed to take, the greater the decline in test scores and the faster the increase in dropout rates. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself why so many public school teachers send their own kids to private school….

Democrats don’t “care about the children;” get real.

No serious republic that cared about its future EVER would allow unionization of the most important job in a democratic society – the education of the voters, or the holding of that position by any other than the best among us. To comment that many, perhaps most, maybe all, of our teachers are NOT the best among us… seems … unnecessary.

But – re-read those words: “No serious republic that cared about its future…”

Which is, of course, the second major issue: Those demanding social welfare policies, and that contradiction in terms, the oxymoronic “Social Justice,” don’t have kids. These policies are a free lunch for them. Just like Europe, which is dying demographically even more quickly than Blue-state America: These social welfare folks HAVE NO KIDS. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE. They understand that – when the bills come due — THEY WON’T HAVE TO PAY THEM, NOR WILL THEIR NONEXISTENT CHILDREN.

TAKE from society NOW and DON’T return later – the “Progressive” way.

All these pundits clamoring about stealing the future from our children either don’t understand what is really happening – or are unwilling to lay the blame where it truly lies: On those entitlement voters who don’t have kids: Democrats.

If these columnists either understood what’s happening, or had the guts to print it, they’d be writing this:

“Childless Democrats demand all future Centrist and Conservative children pay for Democrat entitlements for the lazy today.”

Voters in the Center need to understand what is happening. The Right can’t fix this problem alone – and the Right is too stupid on too many issues to be trusted with the future of America, anyway – at least not without the restraining guidance of the Center.

It isn’t any longer about does someone want an entitlement. It’s about those without kids stealing the future from other people’s children.

It isn’t about Left or Right on the environment or war or abortion or politics… It’s about who will be here for the future (and to pay for that future), and will it look Bladerunner or a ‘Shining City on a Hill‘?

I think we know which party supports – and enacts legislation based on – which view, correct?

Take healthcare for example: The voters who demanded it are entitlement lackeys – Democrats, in other words. Look at Blue-State demographics: They ALL are in net population decline. But – who will PAY for healthcare? Or for the $1T + deficits Obama and the Democrats are running-up…annually for the next TEN YEARS!

Will Democrats pay for them? How about their children or grandchildren? Are we talking about equal distribution across society of the cost of these entitlements?

Not only NO, but Hell No. DEMOCRATS DON’T HAVE KIDS.

Sort the table in the link above – Red states have fertility levels above replacement of 2.1 (replacement); Blue states don’t. The exceptions? States like New Mexico and Colorado, both hugely red other than their largest city – where the Democrats live. Point? It isn’t the Democrats having kids.

The voters demanding entitlements know THEY are not going to pay the bills when they come due. And as they have no children it won’t be THEIR kids paying the bills… and with no children come no grandchildren…. Basically only those AGAINST this bill, AGAINST these entitlements, AGAINST the welfare state are going to be paying for that welfare state…. THAT THEY DO NOT WANT… And when they die it’ll be THEIR kids.. and then THEIR kids ad infinitum.

This is the reason for dissatisfaction by the fiscally-conservative with the welfare state demanded by the extremes in control of the Democrat Party: Fiscally conservative voters are being forced to lower the standard of living for their FAMILIES – FAMILIES Democrats DON’T HAVE –  to under-write entitlements for whining, lazy members of society –and of the species  – who don’t even procreate.

How stupid is THAT?

In what ecosystem, on what planet, in what dimension, do members of a species consume resources and not reproduce?

Fiscally conservative citizens are being forced to work hard to support civilizational and cultural parasites, to have stolen from their OWN CHILDREN the fruits of THEIR LABOR and have it GIVEN – not EARNED, given to lazy, literally-good-for-nothing, entitlement-demanding Democrat voters.

You may comment that lots of inner-city Democrat voters have kids. Sure – but no one can make the argument that inner-city kids become responsible adults raising responsible families in any quantity large enough to be statistically significant. Why? Democrat “leaders” ensure they see themselves as victims rather than participants in society, stay poor and stay on the plantation.

Democrat voters, rather than risk not getting the Democrat Black vote (without which the Democrats would not have won a national election since before 1960, BTW), give these entitlements to them – by stealing them from voters in the Center and on the Right – voters who HAVE CHILDREN. Voters who CARE about the future.

And when Blacks vote or talk about GOP themes such as fiscal sanity – they are tossed under the racial bus driven by the Left in complete contravention of Dr King’s words: “The content of their character.”

And inner-city Hispanics? If the GOP had fourteen working brains cells in DC or in the RNC, we would have gained both Black and Hispanic voters already: Both are culturally conservative groups, both want a better education than that being rammed down their throats by leftist unions, both want the higher wages a closing of the border would bring them. And Blacks, since they enter the workforce sooner and die younger, basically spend their entire working lives having Social Security drained from their paychecks to pay for the retirement of old white folks – NOT developing wealth that can stay in their community. But does the GOP even BRING THIS UP?

If the GOP leadership were conscious, they’d bring this up every day. They would recognize that CLOSING the border – and legalizing all illegals now here (there is no practicable, sane, humanitarian alternative), could, if properly campaigned, give the GOP the Black and Hispanic vote forever.

Fact: Including the economic multiplier, Mexico gets about 15% of its GDP from money sent home to it from Mexicans in America. Mexico would be a totally failed state – and a far worse disaster for America – if we tossed-out all the illegals. But if we managed the situation properly, built a hell-of-a-strong wall and legalized everyone here, we could begin to fix this problem. And if the GOP had a pair it’d force the discussion in this direction and become the party standing-up for a conservative, hardworking immigrant group that the Democrats just want to keep in the economic gutter.

Sure it’d take a while. But we’ve sat on our asses collectively NOT enforcing our own immigration law since 1976, through Administrations and Congresses of BOTH parties. How can one justify punishing those working hard and seeking a better life because WE refused to enforce OUR laws?

Dr John Searle: “The Right is too stupid to discuss; but the Left is evil.”

And if you doubt the hardworking nature of illegal immigrants, here’s an experiment for you: If you live in a large city and have beggars at all the freeway offramps, and day laborers at Home Depot, start looking at these folks and ask yourself: “what race are they?”

White and Blacks are standing there with signs for a handout. Hispanics are selling flowers, peanuts, oranges, whatever. And it’s Hispanics populating the day-labor slots at Home Depot. Who is knocking on your door to shovel your snow? Mow your lawn? The neighborhood white kid? A Black kid from the inner city trying to get ahead? Nope: a Hispanic, probably a Mexican working for a better life rather than begging for a day’s handout.

This column by Steyn is an excellent comment on the world today. But he dances around the fact that those voting for fiscal insanity are the same voters who refuse to have children to help pay for that insanity.

Someone in a position of power needs to begin standing up and telling anyone and everyone who will listen the following two points of fact:

1.       It is the extremes – gained through lack of education brought to us by Leftist unions  – that are controlling both parties and driving us off a cliff.

2.       Those demanding entitlements aren’t populating the culture to pay for them – only those demanding fiscal sanity are populating the culture – and are having the future stolen from their children and grandchildren by those who demand all but return none – not even children to pay for their profligacy.

This has got to stop.

Democrat state voters have got to be outvoted by the Center… or America is done.

Conservatives and Centrist voters…. have children, e.g a belief in the future. Democrats… don’t… and don’t.

Being intelligent voters, non-Democrats also are smart enough to understand that Democrat voters, by putting an absolute enemy of America and of Western Civilization in the White House, are robbing Conservative and Centrist children and grandchildren  — AMERICA’S children, given that Dems DON’T HAVE CHILDREN – of any future other than that of Greece.

Newsflash for the political Center:  Democrat voters DON’T CARE about the future – they aren’t going to be here and they know it. And, parasitic babies that they are, they are perfectly willing to steal from you and your offspring for generations to pay for their insane, childish demands of today. THEY DON’T CARE.

Do you know what the national debt was in 1972, just before the Baby Boomer liberals of 1968 began holding office? $400B. And for that we had invented the modern world of vaccines, road, rail, auto, air and space travel, computers, communications and won all the wars we tried to win.

Now, 40 years later, the debt is $12TRILLION… and we have invented NOTHING (even the internet began life in the mid-1960s as ARPANet in the Dept of Defense; Boomer’s parents, not Boomers, invented it). All we have for $12T of Debt…. is $12T of failed social welfare programs. And statist, il-educated, anti-American voters demanding more welfare, more entitlements, more failure….. MORE, always MORE….from YOUR children’s future.

It is time – past time – for the Center to wake-up and recognize that the Left is killing America’s future – and robbing America’s children to do so.

It is time to stop this. Only the Center can do it.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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