“Peace Process”

I’ve blogged before about the silliness of the Middle- East “Peace Process,” why it’ll never work and why Israel just needs to take-off the shackles and have at it.

Another WSJ column, “Peace Processes Never Work,” prompts this:

Peace happens when the policies of Side A become malign enough to the continued success and peace of Side B that Side B chooses to spend the money and lives to erase Side A.

Non-erasure of Side A always results in higher cost and future wars than had Side B erased Side A to begin with. This is why WW1 resulted in WW2, and WW2 did not result in WW3. In WW1 Side A (Germany) was not erased by Side B (Allies) – the result was WW2. In WW2, Side A (Germany and Japan) were erased by Side B (Allies). (We’re talking polity here, not geography.)

Subsequent to Side B’s erasure of Side A in WW2, new pluralistic, non-aggressive polities replaced the erased, malign Side A, and Germany and Japan have been peaceful military and economic allies ever since.

(Had Side B – Britain – decided in the 1930s to erase the leader of Side A (Hitler), tens of millions of lives would not have been lost in that war. But Chamberlain and others insisted on a “Peace Process.” Oops.)

(This also is why “Hearts and Minds” never works.)

For peace to exist in the Middle East, Israel (Side B) must convince itself that Arabs & Palestinians (Side A), are not going to change their malign policies through which they are killing Israeli civilians, and decide that the loss of lives and treasure on Side B has reached a tipping point, and so must erase Side A.

Once Side A (Arabs and Palestinian polities) is erased, Side B (Israel), whose proven ability to bring-forth an efficient and productive polity in the region under Western human rights, likely will act much as all other Western countries following decisive victories over their Side As, and work with Arabs and Palestinians who will then be behaving themselves (i.e. living a peaceful pluralist lifestyle) to become far more productive in land and lives and resources than they now are.

And that ‘s history 101(A).

Short-form: Let Natural Selection work. Amazing the lack of faith “Liberals” have in Darwin sometimes, isn’t it?

For more detail on how wars are fought when one side actually wants to win, here and here, among other posts.

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