Logic, Laziness and Government

Let’s talk about logic and laziness, and its impact on government.

One of the conclusions I have recently reached is that the Baby Boomers are extraordinarily, historically, appallingly lazy. How did I arrive at that conclusion?


America once was a country in which hard work was valued. Dads worked hard at the office, the factory, the construction site, wherever. Moms worked hard at home and often also did the hard work of teaching and educating our kids – kids every family had. Teachers worked hard at their jobs. They stayed until their work was done or took it home. Multiple-choice (“multiple guess”) tests were frowned-on because little thinking was involved – and teachers understood their job was to teach kids to think, not just to memorize. Research papers were assigned at all grades from about 4th-grade through college. It was only 50 years ago that I entered First Grade, and this was the norm.

Kids who wanted something went out and worked for it. They did this extra work after completing their chores at home. In my family, my brother, sister and I swept, raked and watered our yard, drive and decks, and vacuumed, dusted and cleaned our bedrooms and baths, stripped and made our beds, and traded-off dishes and setting and clearing the table. In the summers we vacuumed and dusted the entire house weekly. We were not overly burdened. We also got good grades and all went to college.

For several summers beginning in about 5th grade, I went door-to-door in my neighborhood drumming-up yard work for vacation periods of those on my street, and kept busy summers keeping other’s yards watered, raked, swept and their animals fed until I graduated High School. I bought my first skis, boots and poles from earnings from summer yard work. My brother had a paper route delivering the local Daily to about 75 houses on our hill. Papers were delivered off a bicycle every weekday afternoon by 5:00, every Saturday and Sunday morning before 7:00. Half what we made – we kept; half went to college funds. My sister began volunteering at the local hospital at the age of 14 and today, almost 40 years later, still works there, now as an RN.

What about kids today? No paper routes – at least not in the LA area – papers are delivered by adults with cars – it’s easier. No summer jobs taking-care of neighbors’ yards – Mexicans do this and parents don’t push their kids to get out and work. Too hard. Anecdotal evidence from my kids and their friends indicates that few have chores, fewer still keep their rooms neat and clean. Too hard, evidently.

My kids’ teachers in Middle School and Elementary School administer multiple guess tests, almost never have essay exams (too hard to grade) – so their students are not being taught to think. The teachers rarely are at school much longer than the kids, and not once have any of our three kids (the eldest graduated High School in 2008) been assigned a research paper, been taught to use 3×5 note cards to make notes and create an outline.

In my son’s Middle School classes it is routine for him to have a 30-min academic session in a 50-min period, and then have 20 min to do his “homework.” Isn’t the teacher paid to work to create and deliver a 50-min lesson plan? Yep. Too lazy.

Last year one of his electives was Environmental Science. Sounds good, huh? It consisted of an entire semester of watching “Meerkat Manor” on TV. His elective choices this year were more TV watching or being an office aide. Not much academic challenge in being an office aide, but I sure as hell am not going to let him sit at school and watch TV under the guidance of an “adult” “teacher” who actually thinks this constitutes an “education.”

(And, oh-by-the-way… you know that saw about schools wanting “involved parents”? Nonsense. I have been to our school many times, been on parent-school committees, talked with teachers and Principals  – they DO NOT CARE.)

What are our kids learning? Not hard work – they never see it among any of their role models. Not reading, writing, math, history, logic. Not from these “teachers.” And Parents too lazy to push their kids to get their chores done or clean their rooms just let their kids veg in front of a PlayStation or an XBox.

Want to know why kids are fat? Guess. Their parents are lazy. Their teachers are lazy. There is no work for them to do in the neighborhood to get out and get done, to learn the value of work and the necessity of being on-time, living up to your word to perform as advertised, and getting the job done to the best of their ability – so they’ll  be re-hired next summer.

Kids are lazy because they are allowed to be lazy, and because they rarely see anything else. Mom at the office is fine – brings her knowledge, wisdom, expertise and capability to the economy and the country. This is all good. But when she brings home fast food and has a maid and Dad has a gardener, the kids sure aren’t seeing hard work nor its rewards, are they?

Want to know why else kids are fat? When the Womens’ Libbers began annoying the world in the 1960s, Jr High Schools dropped Home Economics – too sexist. They also dropped Shop for boys. Of course, they could have made both classes coed, but it was easier to just drop them.  And they were lazy. Now no kids are taught woodshop, drafting, metalworking or graphic arts, nor how to plan, shop for and make nutritious meals.

This isn’t rocket science – except for the truly lazy – those in government.

What is the core of women’s lib? Laziness. Too lazy to take care of hearth and home and kith and kin – truly hard work that is not often very rewarding, but that needs to be done nonetheless – they decided it’d be easier to go out and compete with men and measure their success with dollars rather than by successful families, and to hire maids & gardeners to do the normal household work, to bring home fast-food rather than cook and eat the fruits of their own labors – and set an example for their kids, to let their kids live in rooms and homes and yards that were cleaned by others – or were dumps.

In short – everyone is lazy.

But I said I was going to talk about logic, not laziness.

Logically, a society too lazy to care for its own homes, and the education and work ethic of its children is way too lazy to govern itself, and that is what we are seeing today.

Democrats – half the country – want to be told what to do. Look at the election results. Democrats vote for a guy who will do everything for them, ensure their safety against any kind of malady – real or imagined, ensure that no matter how bad are the choices made by the individual, nothing bad will come of it. This is an amazing degree of laziness by half our electorate. Half this country doesn’t want to be bothered to do the hard work of raising kids – they don’t have kids. Blue state demographics = Liberals don’t have children.

The same half of this country wants to have a ruler ensuring the same outcome for everyone… the lazy and the hard-working, and when the results of hard work provide a better standard of living than the lazy are willing to provide for themselves, this same half of the country decides to take from the workers and redistribute to the lazy.

In the eyes of half the country, laziness is the new primary virtue.

Look at the level of legislative work Congress is allowing the executive to usurp. Congress is too lazy even to defend its own turf; it’s easier to be ruled than to govern.

Unions – organized laziness – are bankrupting the states and cities and school districts. Some states – recently Illinois and Oregon – are talking of shortening the school week to four days to pay public employee unions to be lazy. This is historically unprecedented: A species robbing its future to reward the laziest portion of its members. Why? Because this same half of the electorate doesn’t have kids and so could not care less about their education.

The only reason unions aren’t bankrupting the nation is because the national government can print money. Doesn’t mean it’s worth anything, just that they can print it. And, really, it doesn’t mean we aren’t bankrupt, either…

Hard work is now rewarded by the government stealing from your children what you work for, and giving it to… the lazy. And what they don’t steal – they borrow – stealing it from your children and your children’s children.

And half the country thinks this is right – and it’s the same half of the country that doesn’t have kids and so will not be worrying about paying for this profligate laziness. It’s a free lunch for them – they don’t pay now – and they have no kids to pay later.

What is the impact of this laziness on government?

Self-government is hard work. Too hard, evidently, for Baby Boomers “Liberals”.

Half the country doesn’t vote for hard work. They vote for a nanny to take care of them. It’s easier. Just let the government do everything for you – education, medical care, welfare, setting salaries, taking-over companies and telling them how much to pay and what to do, managing your retirement. What could be easier?

What has this left us? Autocracy.

Autocracy is easy. A republic is hard.

Autocracy is the easy way out, especially for those who don’t care about the future.  And anyone who tells you they care about the future but who has no kids is just plain lying to you. They may also be lying to themselves (not having been taught to think-through their decisions), but they certainly are lying to you.

When the executive is both the head legislator creating the law, and the head implementer of that law, he no longer governs, he rules. America, with a ruler holding both legislative and executive power (and publicly attacking the judiciary to the delight of the same half of the voters), no longer is a democratic republic. It is an autocracy

Autocracy is the logical outcome of being lazy – and of accepting laziness.

An autocracy, of course, is a “government in which one person possesses unlimited power.”

In the event you are not paying attention that is basically what we have today. Obama, a true autocrat, tells Congress what to pass, he trashes the judiciary, he takes-over the private sector, and now has taken-over medical care for everyone. Tangentially, autocracies also are the only types of government to which our president bows – he ignores or trashes democracies, but bows to autocrats.

Autocracy is what he believes to be the correct way to run a country – any country. If you  haven’t grasped that you aren’t paying attention. And the media and half the country seem to agree.

It may be easy – but it is NOT America. America is about hard work, merit, and the opportunity to pursue happiness… not to have it handed to you at the expense of others.

So, what’s the solution?

Stop being lazy. For those who care about self-government, who care about the future, stop being lazy.

Have kids. Give your kids chores. Turn off the XBox. Mow your own lawn, and have your kids do it when they are old enough. Teach your kids how to vacuum the house, clean the bathrooms, do the dishes – and then expect them to do it and discipline them when they don’t. Work with your neighbors to get them to hire your kids to take care of their yards and pets while they are on vacation. Hire theirs when you are on vacation.

And pay attention when you vote.  Don’t listen to the promises of plenty through redistribution. It may sound great, but it is the death-knell of a free society.

We are as close as we have ever been to tyranny. It will require hard work and paying attention to bring us back from the edge – remember: we are working against the executive, against Congress, against the media and against half the country.

One wonders why the lazy bother to vote. If it’s too hard for them to govern themselves, they could just stay home and live with the results of our vote – those of us who understand the link between hard work and freedom. It’s a direct link. But then they, too, would have to work – or be poor. They’d much rather vote for people who steal from us and our kids… than work for themselves and have their own kids.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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  2. David says:

    I was going to respond…but that would require thinking…using my own wit….I guess I’m just too lazy.

    But you are wrong, wrong, wrong…I just know it.

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