The “Peace Process”

The problem with the way in which peace has been sought in the Middle East since 1948 is that all attempts have been based on not losing, or on appeasement. One would think that Neville Chamberlain proved for all time that appeasement never works with a determined foe. One would be mistaken.

No attempts have been based on history, on winning, on doing what is right, or on what’s best not only for the people of the region, but the people of the world.

Let’s begin with the latter: What would be best for the people of the region and the world?

Easy answer: Peaceful coexistence. What does peaceful coexistence require? That all involved parties first of all WANT peace and that they WANT to get along. It requires that they PERCEIVE a peaceful future as better-allowing THEMSELVES to reach THEIR goals for family, community, nation, region.

What are the goals of the Israelis? To be left alone as a democratic state, with equal citizenship for Jews and Palestinians living in within their national borders.

What are the goals of the Palestinians, of Hamas, of Hezbollah, and of their Saudi and Iranian funders and enablers? The destruction of Israel and running all Jews off the planet. These are stated, codified goals of the above quasi-governmental bodies. It is a huge projection fallacy for Westerners, particularly the Left, to think that everyone on the planet subscribes to the Western conceit of “can’t we all get along.” This is mal-education and imperialism at its most costly. No, everyone does NOT want to get along, and all wars throughout history have proven this to anyone paying attention. Only a dyed-in-the-wool American Imperialist would actually believe that non-Western cultures believe in Western ideals when, in fact, the non-Western religious traditions that inform their societies, cultures, decisions are NOT Western, are NOT based on turning the other check, are NOT based on “the meek shall inherit the earth.”

Their traditions – and any true believer in real “multiculturalism” would understand this (there are none of these on the Left, by the way), and act accordingly – are to destroy those not holding the same belief system they do, and this is codified in their holy book.

To refer to these goals as “irreconcilable” would be to understate the issue.

What are the goals of the surrounding, larger powers, of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, etc.  Better – what are their TWO sets of goals, for they certainly have two sets, and only the second of these goals has anything at all to do with Israel?

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the FIRST goal of these surrounding Arab states is to contain the Palestinians – who are NOT Arabs. They have done this since 1948 when the Arab leaders convinced the Palestinians to leave – to recklessly abandon – land on which they had been living peacefully beside Jews for centuries, land from which the UN had just created Israel.

(Is it just me, or do others find the following truly ironic: The UN is the darling of the Left; The UN created Israel;  the Left hates Israel … Also – again, is it just me? The Left HATES religion, yet takes the side of religious fanatics against those who willingly allow those of other faiths, or no faith at all, to reside peacefully within their borders… Irony, anyone?)

Ever since convincing Palestinians to leave, Arabs have kept those same Palestinians – for generations – in refugee camps.  All of the Arab states, but particularly Saudi Arabia, certainly have the wealth and land to allow (or just force) Palestinians out of decades-old camps and into cities, schools, farms and factories, in short, into a useful role in society, a role in which families can bring new generations into a world filled with hope. Arab leaders have been preventing the Palestinian people this for generations. In fact, the only country in the region in which Palestinians live peacefully, and with what Westerners ignorantly call “universal” human rights, is Israel.

Arab leaders have prevented the inclusion into Arab society by Palestinians by refusing to make Palestinians the citizens or subjects of their several countries.

Arab leaders, by keeping Palestinians in camps rather than building cities and schools they easily could afford and moving Palestinian families into these cities and schools,  have precluded the education of Palestinian youth, leaving them only violence as a way out of their Arab-imposed ghettos.

Arab leaders have prevented the modernization of the Palestinian neighborhood – wherever it may be – by continually forcing the Palestinians into camps, or just by killing them outright when they grow into large and capable enough groups to challenge the ruling Arab leaders. Remember, it was Jordan’s (Arab) King Hussein who had the Jordanian Army massacre as many as 25,000 Palestinians in refugee camps in Jordan in the “Black September” of 1970.

To see the Palestinian problem as one caused solely, or even mostly, by Israeli intransigence, is to grossly misunderstand the history of the area for the past 60+ years.

The Second goal of the Arab states is to get rid of Israel.  Why? Intelligent Arab leaders see in Israel an achievement they are absolutely unwilling to allow their peoples:  Freedom, self-government, individual liberty, wealth, commerce, democracy, “universal” human rights, a post-Enlightenment world, etc., etc., and so want the local example of their own failure as countries and culture gone from their midst.  The Arab / Muslim clerics, on the other hand, see in Israelis non-Muslims, and that’s good enough for them and the millions of their ignorant followers – who inhabit these countries, and so about whom the Arab leaders have a level of concern.

Net? No one there other than Israel wants to get along (and I haven’t even mentioned the millennium-old intra-Muslim war between Shia and Sunni, which has resulted in more killing of Muslims by Muslims than by others of all faiths combined).

So what is Israel doing about it? Not enough. What strategy should they pursue? Natural selection.

Natural selection works. The less-efficient and capable are ‘selected-out’ of the breeding pool and those more able to efficiently utilize resources wind-up in charge of the environment, the community, the country or the culture.

Natural selection is not just for plants and animals. One can see this now in Europe. Europeans no longer are efficiently utilizing their human capital, they consume but don’t reproduce and they hinder progress through (always-failed) socialist governments. What is the result? Muslims, not hindered by lack of reproduction, not hindered by lack of energy, not hindered by many of the regulations that silly Europeans have nonsensically decided not to apply to immigrants, are quickly becoming the dominant social & political force in Europe. The most popular boys’ name in Europe in 2008 was “Mohammed.”

When one culture (or species or country) gives-up, a new culture will become dominant. Natural selection.

There is no argument that the infinitely valuable resource of human capital is more efficiently used by the Israelis than by the Arabs; by Western Civilization than by any other.  Natural selection, therefore, would ensure a far better use of the human (and other) resources of the Middle East, than we see today.

Who wastes countless human lives annually in this region? Palestinians and their Arab enablers. Who displays patience beyond any other state in history as these lives are being taken? Israelis.

(Substitution test: If San Diego absorbed thousands of rocket attacks from Tijuana every year, killing thousands of Americans, would the US leadership accept those deaths because some other nation wanted us to? Or would we attack, destroy those killing our people, and preclude its ever happening again? I think you know the answer to this; why do we impose a different answer on another country?)

How does natural selection work? Through competition between those who seek the desired resources.  How is a competition won? By competing. Who wins? The more efficient, more adaptable competitor. How is competition forestalled? By outside elements refusing to allow the competition to take place.

But for natural selection to work, it must be used, it must be allowed to occur. It is fantasy to pretend that the more efficient competitor will always win, just because he is more efficient and better able to use resources – even though he is completely unwilling to use the strength derived through that resource utilization. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan (British, Soviet and American incursions), and of course the “peace process” all prove this point mercilessly in the lives of young men lost.

For the stronger player to win, the strength must be used. Because of or due to or American desire – it really can only be understood when thusly stated:  American desire to have Israelis be killed piecemeal for generations rather than have Israel remove the problem,  Israel has been unwilling to bring to-bear its larger power.

And the only way out of this problem is for Israel to bring its power to-bear, to allow Natural Selection to work. Israeli society is vastly superior in every measure of economic and personal freedom, wealth, education, liberty, than is ANY Arab society. Because of this – and for no other reason – Israel also is militarily superior to any local adversary – or all of them combined.

Israel must, at a minimum, act to defend herself and her citizens. Israel must stop listening to other countries not interested in Israel’s future and act on Israel’s own best interests.

If one supports liberty and freedom, one must support Israel acting in its own defense; Israel must destroy those destroying the hopes and lives not only of Israelis, but of Palestinians, as well. Counter intuitively, the best future for Palestinians is under Israeli government; the Palestinians living in Israel now have far more freedoms and far better futures than Palestinians living under any other regime in the Middle East. If you care about the Palestinians, you should encourage Israel to reduce her enemies.

The sooner Israel acts, the smaller will be the loss of life. Educated people could assume that this lesson had been learned in the 1940s. That our leaders have not learned it is testament to the unserious education of American voters. A bullet in 1933, or a small incursion in 1935 would have saved tens of millions of lives in the ETO of WW2. Similarly, Israel removing the largest threat to peace and human rights in the region – Iran – would be far less costly today than once Iran has the bomb.

One can choose to believe that American leaders are too dumb to understand history, or one can choose to believe that the current Administration wants the Muslims to win, as Obama wrote in his book, and that he hates the West – as he has shown at every conceivable and manufactured occasion.

But no reason exists for Israel to sacrifice its citizens or even itself because of mal-educated Americans and Europeans.

In summary, there is no “peace process.” The whole idea is historical nonsense. Never in history has a country capable of defending its citizens chosen not to do so – a choice Israel has been making for decades.

Israel is in-charge of Israel’s future.  Arab hearts-and-minds are not going to be won. Arabs can’t stop killing themselves over their own religion; the idea that they will stop killing what their clerics tell their illiterate masses is their “common enemy” is laughably ignorant.

Israel must remove their enemies, and do it sooner than later: Now – when only one side has nuclear weapons. As Truman understood, killing hundreds of thousands in conventional combat when an alternative exists that kills only the enemy, and far fewer of them than otherwise would be the case, is a huge waste of lives. Truman understood this. Does Netanyahu?

For unless Israel acts on its own behalf, Iran will act with nuclear weapons. The result will be far worse than if Israel acted now.

The Middle East “Peace Process,” is ahistorical, has set terms that can only be met via the always-failed strategy of appeasement, and has left the only country wisely harvesting its human capital under a cloud of death and destruction from those to whom humans are nothing but slaves to an malignant autocracy or  “religion” or both. Changing the players, the incremental goals, even the borders of a nation will not change this.

Only allowing Israel to act as all nations have throughout all time – to conquer their attackers and survive – will bring an end to this. One way or another, it will get far worse before it gets better.

We should be interested in the “getting better” part happening as quickly as possible. This means Israel must act very soon.

We also should be interested – as human beings – in the side that wins being the side most efficiently providing freedom, wealth, education and liberty to its citizens . If we cheer for the other side, what does that say about our true commitment to freedom and liberty?

Of course, there are un-stated up-sides in my argument. If Israel topples the Iranian government through some targeted nuclear strikes on its weapons plants (it being far too late for conventional attacks to achieve any real destruction of the sites the West has allowed Iran to harden for over a decade), it is quite evident that the Iranians themselves will begin moving very quickly back to the Western-oriented freedoms, wealth and markets they enjoyed prior to Carter letting-loose Khomeini and putting in-motion Islamist terror worldwide.  This has been very evident on the Iranian streets since the last stolen election. The return of Iran, and the concomitant overthrow of the “Islamic Republic of Iran,” would stop the killing of Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq by Iranian-trained, -equipped, and -funded terrorists. A free Iran would likely not put-up with Syria feeding terrorists into other countries in the region, nor would it be funding the overthrow of Lebanon, or sending hundreds of millions of dollars – or medium-range ballistic missiles – to Palestinian terrorists. A free Iran might convince, through example and travel, Saudi Arabia to begin moving from malignant autocracy to at least benign rule, beginning to free women from their wahhabi-imposed ignorance as a start. Perhaps these changes could result in Arabs integrating Palestinians into their cities, schools, economy and cultures, thereby ending the Arab-caused Palestinian plight of the last 50+ years.

Or not.

But certainly the status quo is good for no one – not Jews, Palestinians, Arabs, Iranians or Americans. And the only people who can change the status quo – for now – are the Israelis. And if they don’t, the Iranians will change it for them as soon as they are able.

An exception to this exists, of course. It would take a leader of exceptional intelligence, wisdom, historical awareness and belief in the West. Obama of course does not fit any of these criteria. If one assumes the world can await the next American president in January of 2013, however, and that this person has the intelligence to understand this exception and implement it, perhaps Iran’s nuclear facilities don’t have to be turned in to green glass….

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