Our International Embarrassment: Obama

So much for the guy who was going to “repair” our foreign relationship. What an infantile embarrassment we have put in our White House.

From Powerline:

Earlier this week, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu visited the White House. The details of the meeting have been slow to come out, but we are now learning what transpired. The Telegraph reports that Obama opened the meeting by presenting a list of 13 demands to Netanyahu. One was a complete freeze on Jewish building in eastern Jerusalem.

When Netanyahu did not immediately agree to the demands, Obama went to eat dinner. In one account he told Netanyahu to consider “the error of his ways.” In another he said, “I’m still around. Let me know if there is anything new.”

Obama reportedly returned after an hour to repeat his demands. Because Netanyahu still did not agree, there was no joint statement or normal press coverage.

I guess this is how a badly-raise child treats foreign heads-of-state. But it certainly is NOT how a well-raised adult treats ANYONE, let alone how America’s head of state (he works for US, you know), treats the head of another sovereign country.

At the same time, Israel, which receives under 2.5% of its GDP from America’s aid, is responsible for its own safety. If the relationship with America has run its course, Israel needs to do what it feels necessary to ensure the safety and survival of its citizens. If that means nuking them, fine by me. Nuking Riyadh likely would create quite a reconstruction program and the Arabs could hire tens of thousands of Palestinians to work on those projects…. except of course that Arabs hate Palestinians even more than do Israelis; Arabs hate them for what they are – just as they hate Jews – rather than for any intelligent, mature reason.

Historical fact is that if Arabs actually gave a rat’s ass about Palestinians, those Palestinians would not still be living in camps decades after the Arabs insisted they flee the newly-created Israel. If Arabs actually cared about Palestinians, they would have used a bit of that oil money to build cities, schools, jobs, a free market, etc.

But Arabs would rather build gold toilets.

… but it is past obvious that if Israel does NOT now consider America an enemy of the state of Israel, they are not paying attention.

It is fine to wax philosophic that AMERICA is Israel’s friend but the current administration is not – but given that the administration pulls the trigger on both guns and butter to Israel from America, that currently is a distinction without a difference.

The bottom line here is this:

Europe – who is leading the anti-Israel campaign – is, once again, moving the world toward war.

Europeans simply cannot deal with the world any way other than through totalitarianism. And when they run into a wall they cause a war. 1870, 1914, 1939.

They stopped fighting and killing one another from 1945-1989, the only 45-year period of peace in their history since Westphalia in 1648. Then as soon as the Warsaw Pact disintegrated, and NATO basically stood-down from a war footing, Europeans – again – began killing one another. Until America – again, and again foolishly – put a stop to it.

Now that Europe is entirely too weak to cause a war on their own, they are pushing those who can toward doing so: Iran/Israel or Iran/USA.

Meanwhile Europe itself is surrendering to the anti-civilizational Islam without a fight, barely a whimper.

And now Europe has decided that Israel must die because Europeans never have – and never will – like Jews.  This is a basic adolescent illiberal hatred of one irrational belief system by another. (Religion is, after all, irrational – it cannot be proved – doesn’t mean it is wrong – just that it is not rational under the strict definition of the word.) The same strife that has animated so many of the world’s wars over the millennia.

And because Europeans have never liked Jews (it isn’t as though any country other than Britain (well, maybe Sweden) actually stood-up to Hitler, right?), and because the enemy of one’s enemy is one’s friend (and because the voting bloc of Muslims in Europe is reaching the tipping point at which every European country soon will be – or will be surrounded by – Muslims), Europe now has begun militating against Israel, and against Jews.

Europe will not stop this nonsense until someone gets smart and lets Europe destroy itself.  Sooner is far preferable than later.

But Israel ought not pay any attention to them. Israel needs to worry about itself. Time is running short.

Having one’s elected head of state treated this way by Obama ought to be all Israel needs to understand that they are on their own as perhaps the only mature Western country left.

America, of course, once governed by the type of men and women who left Europe for a better life, now is ruled by those who believe that Europe is a model for the future. This is the case, however, only if one’s future is a lower standard of living, unsustainable entitlements, no ability to defend oneself, no inventions or new ideas, and no children.

This now is becoming the future of America, which is unfortunate, to put it mildly. But we are doing it to ourselves.

Illiberals (Democrats) actually believe they will retain their high standard of living and high esteem around the world by mimicking the failed demi-continent of Europe. This is what happens when unions run a nation’s education system for 2 generations: The destruction of rational thought and historical knowledge.

Republicans – those who actually believe in the future – are trying to decide where to go now that there is no America left.

Back to Israel.

Israel needs to decide whether it will follow Euro-American demands and allow itself to be extinguished, or man-up, defend itself, and tell civilizationally-death-fixated Euro-Americans where to get off.

It really is that simple.

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