Greece, Public Unions, Islam, The Future of The West

Public sector unions have tanked Greece, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain. The group has been given the ironic moniker: PIIGS. California, NY and other deep-blue states also are allowing themselves to be destroyed by Public Sector unions and Deep-Blue policies.

DC is doing it to the remainder of America. The Dems, against unprecedented opposition, are RULING, not GOVERNING America, and they are absolutely intent on turning America over to the Public Sector.

Many ideas are out there about how to fix the PIIGS, in America and Europe. People pretend that the policies are OK, we just need to figure out how to pay for them..

The symptom is increased Public Sector. The solutions being discussed are higher taxes, changing monetary units and interest rates, allowing or disallowing inflation, etc.

The problem is that these ‘solutions’ all are addressing the symptoms. Addressing the symptoms won’t solve the disease. Unless checked, the disease will be fatal to the West. The disease is anti-caplitalism.

Econ 101(A): Capitalism creates wealth. Socialism destroys wealth.

Capitalism requires two things: Trust, Capital.

America is the capital engine of the world, no other nation or group of nations comes close. We create the wealth, others spend it. Europe spends it on absurd social welfare policies for which they cannot pay, but that they get to choose because the American taxpayer foots the bill for their defense – the FIRST principle of government.

Europeans are parasites on the American taxpayer and the American market. They have chosen to be so since they last killed one another en-masse in WW2 (preceded by killing one another en masse in WW1, The Franco-Prussian wars, the Hundred Years’ War, etc., etc., back the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648; Europeans have NEVER stopped killing one another other than when sandwiched between the NATO – completely reliant on American force and inter-and intra-theater transport capability, and the Warsaw Pact (run by yet another European nation with a huge Asian population: the USSR). The next time Europeans want to kill each other they need to be allowed to do so. En Masse. En toto. Since The smart ones migrated to America, what, exactly, have Europeans given the world?

Nothing but war, disaster, death. Nothing.

Non-Europeans spend our wealth on butter or guns: Where do you think China gets the money being used to build its defenses? And of course, Australia and New Zealand spend it on beer, there being nothing of particular strategic importance in either location.

America once was the trust capital of the world, as well. We trusted our government, and the countries of various mutual defense pacts did, as well: NATO, CENTO, SEATO, etc. We no longer trust our government, and it has become painfully obvious that most of the world no longer trusts us, either. Ask the Czechs and the Poles, for starters, and then ask those trying to overturn a theocratic military dictatorship in Iran.

So – little capital, less trust is what America has become. “Little capital,” you may ask, “We have plenty. Our GDP is $14T. What’s the problem?”

The Dems have taken an enormous amount of capital out of the market. Trillions. Obama’s budget plan subtract another $9.4T over the next ten years. How do you get to a socialist economy without voting it into place? Take all the capital out of the market.

Farmers can’t borrow for seed because there’s no capital because Obama borrowed it all to give to inner-city dropouts and others who made what once were existentially poor choices. But the Dems want to help these poor misguided people. Great. Now the farmer can’t borrow money, because the interest rate is so high because no one trust America to pay-back the money so we have to pay increasing rates to get anyone to loan us money…. and so the farmer can’t get a crop in the ground. Then there’s no food.

Then the government has to take over the farms because those “greedy capitalists” aren’t doing their job: Feeding the people. The businessman can’t borrow against Accounts Receivable to pay Payroll or buy equipment. So the jobs he might have started – he can’t. All of those young people voting for Democrats?
They’re voting against the possibility of their being hired….EVER.

And bit by bit, industry by industry, the government takes over the economy – and the nation. Who votes for this? People too ignorant to understand the way the world works. Because it works just fine for them – for now – on their government payroll, or because they really are too ignorant to understand what’s happening – and are happy as long as they get their check.

For those supporting these “Progressive” policies (which are anything but progressive), ask yourselves these questions:

After the government takes over a sector of the economy, has the government – any government in any geography at any time in history – ever made that sector better? No. Ask Greece. Ask California.

As that sector gets progressively worse, who is left to bail it out? No one. Half the country is awaiting their check, and the number of producers has just dropped by whatever portion was in the sector just taken-over by the government… and all of THOSE have just added to the side awaiting their check.

Who creates the wealth for the rest of the world? No one. Once Americans stop creating wealth, no one else can pick-up the slack. Look around.

Obama and the Democrats are KILLING Western Civilization. Now you may be so ignorant that you think this is a good thing. It is not.

What has Western Civilization created? The market, wealth, medicine, the scientific principle. All technological progress since the wheel. The Industrial Revolution. The Computer. The Internal and the External combustion engine. electronic communications. Education, printing, books, machines, labor-saving systems and processes that have extended man’s life and knowledge orders of magnitude further than any civilization before.

What has Western Civilization ended? Slavery. Killing, imprisoning, exiling, enslaving based on race, creed, religion, ethnicity, gender. Child labor.

What has Western Civ protected? The meek, the injured, those who cannot do for themselves (which is different from those who WILL not do for themselves)

What else has Western Civ created? Freedom. Individual liberty. Self-government. Exploration – of the planet and, for a time, the stars. (You may have noticed that the Dems are destroying the manned space program. Why dream of the future when we can spend all our time and money putting band-aids on the past?)

For those supporting Democrats, you need to understand that you are supporting the destruction of the greatest civilization in the history of the known universe. You are destroying jobs for those who come after us. You are destroying freedom, liberty , the rule of law. But of course you don’t HAVE children. You have no “Hostages to the future,” so you just don’t care – as long as you get your check, and as long as the young man or woman who dropped out of school has an equal outcome with those of us who busted our hump.

And the result of your policies will be the same as the last time this happened: A thousand years of the Dark Ages. When a civilization collapses – another will take its place. What do you think is happening in Europe and Canada? Islam – a pre-Reformation, pre-Enlightenment, Inquisition-level quasi-religion that in reality is a totalitarian ideology has over-run Europe.

Every European country is in a demographic death-spiral from which no nation – EVER – has recovered. And in every European country Islam is the driving cultural force. And the driving demographic force.

Women living in bags. Girls being killed for meeting a boy. Girls refused an education. Boys being raised to treat women as doormats. Women being raised to believe that strapping-on a suicide belt to their child is a wonderful thing.

This is not a game. You “Progressives” are destroying everything you pretend to hold dear. There are NO civil rights in Islam. No separation of church and state. No individual liberty. No self-governance. The destruction you wreak will last for centuries.

And all it takes to stop this is to stop taking money out of the market, to tell Wash DC that, no, it’s OUR money and NOT yours. To understand that we can allocate money and resources better than any government ever has proven itself capable of.

If America continues to let Democrats feed the union beast, give welfare to dropouts (an intelligent society helps those who help themselves; getting a HS diploma – at the least, preferably a Comm Coll AA – ought to be the MINIMUM requirement for welfare; at least TRY to better yourself before taking money from MY kids’ futures) and squander the labor of hard-working men and women across the most successful economy in world history – this country will die. And, with it, the West.

And then no one will protect the world from the tyrants. And we will revert to the rule of the strongest, rather than the rule of the fairest, which has been a historical anomaly since WW2.

If you like your fellow-man and wish him well, you CANNOT vote for policies that destroy capitalism. For no other system raises us above the brutes.

It is as simple as that, like it or not. Vote Democrat and destroy the future.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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  1. Alex Scipio says:

    The assumption that having an approval step is “censoring” is invalid. I get spam posts occasionally – this morning got a long one that was nothing but links to porn sites – about 50 of them. Believe it or not, one can dislike something without being “scared” of it. Take Liberals, for instance, and some of their stupendously stupid ideas – like Healthcare. Am I afraid of it? No. Do I hate it? Yes. Yet people will tell me I’m just “afraid” of some new idea. Nope.

    Don’t assume the worst. I leave both approving and disapproving comments here.

  2. thesauros says:

    Click on the video at the following link and watch Mohommad’s followers of “peaceful” islam carrying out his instructions – direct from the Quran.

    If you censor comments to your posts, what is it exactly that you’re afraid of?

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