Stick with me for a sec

Yes, this is a post about Obama’s eligibility to serve.

I’ve never been a conspiracy theorist. Oswald acted alone, there are no UFOs in Roswell.

There are lots of arguments and lots of nuts on both sides of this issue. But for me, these questions become louder every day.

Think about the following – just this, and this alone:

Obama is at historic lows in the polls right now (Rasmussen has him at -15% strongly approve v. strongly disapprove); he couldn’t even get his own agenda through his own Congress; he is being hammered by all of the Right and a huge portion of the Center. He needs a campaign issue to fight back for the upcoming mid-terms.

If he really had nothing to hide, it would be a HUGE assist (probably difficult to overstate how huge) for him simply to release his transcripts of Occi, Columbia, Harvard and his original long-from birth certificate. He would IMMEDIATELY crush the Right, give ammo to the Left, regain many Center voters, provide a much-needed boost in credibility to the media, destroy Fox News, and get the votes to pass healthcare, Cap-n-trade, card-check – just by using the immediate gain in political capital he would receive by proving the conspiracy folks totally looney…

By hammering – successfully – and showing that they really ARE conspiracy nuts, Obama could get his agenda through in a heartbeat… the Right would be demoralized, the Left on top of the mountain and the Center would shift away from the Right very, very quickly.

So — why doesn’t  he DO this? It’s very doubtful he lacks the intelligence, nor do his handlers, that his release of that information would ensure the passage of his agenda… so why doesn’t he release it?

And this is the only salient question at this point.

RedState and others now are labeling as “insane” anyone who disbelieves the mainstream media narrative on the Obama birth certificate issue. This seems odd. These people bash the MSM daily, but on this one they decide, for no good reason I can tell, that Obama has nothing to hide.

They refer to a GOP governor in HI saying Obama’s OK; he’s seen the birth certificate…. Is the GOP supposed to believe something just because a GOP guy said it? Really? Like we all believe everything McCain says? Or Specter when he was a GOPer? Or Steele? Give me a break!

No official vetting procedure exists in the nation for candidate for the presidency. Traditionally it has been the job of the media. I think you’ll agree that it was the media, above and beyond all else that gave us the Obama presidency; it was and remains NOT in their interest to vet Obama. They wanted a liberal and a believer in “social justice,” a man of color and an anti-Bush. That’s what we got. Those educated few who understand and understood his agenda were loud – but could not overcome the MSM in their mal-education of the American electorate, and McCain certainly never fought for the presidency. Perhaps, like Goldwater in 1964, he knew there was NO WAY a Republican could get elected, and that was the reason he coasted through the campaign, which he clearly did.

Everyone with an open mind knows that had a GOP nominee accepted a scholarship from Occidental College for which only foreign citizens could apply or receive aid, the media would’ve begun looking very hard into the candidate’s background. Obama did take such scholarship – Occi published the paper after a judicial request – and the media… ignored it.

No one remembers him at Columbia. Think of an instance in which a famous guy – our first black president, for Pete’s sake – would’ve attended a school and NO ONE claims they knew him there. In our celebrity culture this alone is huge. No one even has made-it-up that they were buds.

Harvard – how did he get in there? How did he afford it? He was basically living as an orphan with his poor maternal grandmother. Again, it’s been published that there’s a Saudi zillionaire who paid Obama’s way into Harvard, and his tuition and allowance while there. Why? He seems to have lacked the grades to be admitted… and arguably never attended or graduated from Columbia – so how did he get into Harvard and how did he afford it and who paid for it?

Again, use the substitution test… had this been a GOP candidate, we would know all of this because the press would’ve treated him adversarially (their role in educating America on those who want to govern us). But since Obama is all the Left could ever hope for – the media chose not to vet him or his education.

If Obama DID attend Columbia and if he WAS qualified to attend Harvard, all he has to do is show us his transcripts. Gore did. Bush did. Kerry did. Where are Obama’s academic records and what logical reason exists for not putting them out for the public to see?

The whole birth certificate thing seems way out there, and you may well consider it as such. I am of two minds on it myself. But it could be solved in a heartbeat by releasing the original long-from birth certificate. Obama has spent upward of, as I understand it, $2M NOT to release it. Why?

When he went to Indonesia it was as the adopted son of a foreign national. There seems to be no record of his ever applying for US citizenship after becoming a foreign national when adopted as a minor by Sortero. Why hasn’t the media looked-in to this?

Is Obama just a guy with a student visa who overstayed? Like that’s unheard of? Who would ever check the nationality and immigration status of a Community Organizer? No one, that’s who….

For me there are more and more clues everyday suggested (screaming?) that he has something to hide. Why? What is it?

It’s plainly evident that, if Obama were a Republican, all of the above questions would have driven him from the campaign trail long before he got anywhere near the White House.

One need not be a nut to wonder why he refuses to release records nearly all recent candidates and presidents have released.

If he has nothing to hide… he shouldn’t be hiding it…..

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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3 Responses to Stick with me for a sec

  1. Hey, nice site! Thanks for posting. I’ll come back again.

  2. Julia says:

    I agree with everything you said with one exception…I don’t think the release of Barry’s “documents” would be as helpful to the left as you think it would. There’s a whole lot more to the left’s problems than Barry’s birth certificate and college transcripts. On their own they are at their lowest polls ever! The lefts very own corruption and secrecy have been their undoing. Releasing transcripts should be a “so what, big deal” moment! (SHOULD BE)
    He didn’t go to Columbia, he’s not a natural citizen and his birth certificate (wherever it originated from) most likely says “caucasion”…the kiss of death.

  3. Arch says:

    No UFO’s in Rosewell? You’ve gone too far this time buddy.

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