Random Thoughts, 25 Jan 2010

So in the WSJ today a column that Barry, having been resoundingly told we DON’T LIKE HIS AGENDA, now will toughen his tone, not do a “reset” and keep on pushing his radical agenda.

Obama is your standard leftist adolescent. You don’t like what I just did? Watch while I do it ten times more! Nyah Nyah Nyah.

Never had to get a job. Pampered through years of schooling he probably didn’t qualify for (don’t argue, show me the transcripts and LSATs)

I can’t seriously believe we have to have 3 more years of this pre-adolescent irresponsible naif as president.

And we have Democrats, normally the ones insisting that the Court can’t be wrong and we all must bow down to this somehow-no-longer-equal branch of government…. EXCEPT when there’s a ruling they dislike. Well, they dislike the ruling removing corporate campaign limits, surprise, surprise!

So Obama will whine on the SOTU about it being a “victory for special interest and lobbyists,” etc., standard liberal whining in the face of adulthood, the Constitution, responsibility, etc.

Actually I’m OK with limits on corporate giving, as long as the exact same limits, disclosure requirements, CEO text, etc., are required of labor unions. If not – forget it.

Everyone with 3 working brain cells understands that unions are destroying America – and they can contribute to any cause their leaders want – regardless of the will of their dues-payers. At least shareholders can dump stocks of companies that support statists. The big question is this: Why on earth do ANY corporations EVER give ANY money to Democrats when it has been blindingly obvious for decades that the left HATES corporations – and everyone who works for them?

And The Messiah wants to outsource parts of NASA’s functions, outsourcing to private companies the carrying of astronauts into space.

Talk about a long-overdue idea. Yet many “conservatives” are whining about it, as are many in Congress and NASA.

Look, in 1961, having NO IDEA of the surface of the moon (there were those at NASA in 1969, who were concerned about many FEET of lunar dust when Apollo 11 touched-down 8 years later), JFK said we’ll put a man on the moon and return him to earth safely in a decade. We did that.

Last year The One asked NASA about going back – and they said – it’ll take 20 years. So we can, in complete ignorance, go from zero-moon in 8 years, but now, knowing what it takes, we say it’ll take 2-1/2 times as long? And you are DEFENDING NASA? Really? Wow.

Look – if NASA had been running sailing ships in the Age of Exploration, Queen Isabella still would be sending unmanned ships across the Atlantic to see what was there.

Lots of Conservatives here complain about the government always being worse than the private sector – and they are right. And here they are complaining about privatizing some of NASA. Let’s get the government out of the space program and do it faster, more productively, arguably safer, etc. Show me something the profit motive does NOT help.

Many folks are yammering about the “spinoffs” of the space program, wondering how we are going to get those with the private sector doing it…They somehow, against all rationality, don’t think that the private sector will develop more technology, more quickly… Zowie. And they don’t really think that those “spinoffs” were free, do they? We paid for that stuff via taxes – and it wasn’t a very efficient way to pay for it. Why not just pay for it if you want it?

The private sector will open space in ways the government never would be able to. Why not support that?

So NASA says it’s a bad idea. And? It’s THEIR cushy jobs that are at stake, of COURSE they are going to say that. And some in Congress? You bet – can’t control the purse strings (I hope)… It isn’t as though Congress has lately done ANYTHING of worth, is it? Of course not. (What’s the opposite of PROgress? CONgress.)

Robert Kagan writes in World Affairs, that we are a junction point in our history and that Obama’s policies herald a shift in our foreign policy, turning away from the grand strategy adopted after WW2, policies that have kept the peace between Great Powers for longer than any time since the Nation State was established in 1648 at Westphalia.

In Kagans’ view, American power has rested on three pillars: Preponderance of power, a network of military and political alliances, and an open trading system. In his view Obama is managing what Obama and the Left see as an “unavoidable decline” of America through purposefully ignoring two of these pillars: distancing America from alliances that have kept the peace for 65 years (and which overwhelmingly are democracies) and providing respect for governments and human rights policies (overwhelmingly those of autocracies) all American presidents have found atrocious, and which the Left once demanded an end to, and managing away from a preponderance of power. Interesting that he leaves out Obama’s rejection of free and open trade, the third leg of Kagan’s tripod, when Obama has refused to sign negotiated treaties and seemingly will do anything to prevent his unions friends from being subjected to the competition which will show them for the shallow Luddite dullards that they are. Obama’s America, in Kagan’s view “is increasingly one of neutrality.”

Perhaps Mr. Kagan in his desire to posit a new foreign policy misses the forest for the trees?

Obama and his staff are not about setting America as some independent power somehow the friend of all and enemy of none. Doing so would require even greater power – and a greater disparity of power – than exists or has existed in the past 20 years. No. What Obama and his fellow travelers  think and act upon is the destruction of democracies, and, indeed, the destruction of the West.
What is the West absent a Great Power America? It is a collection of small democracies unable to defend themselves or to project power. Who is building power and projection capabilities? Autocracies. To which types of governments has Obama bowed? Not democracies.

Like it or not, we approach the end of a phase in our history – that of the democracy or republic – and a movement toward the autocracy that has been the driving force of the il-liberal “Liberalism” championed (in ignorance) by the Left since 1968.

Obama’s goal is the end of democracy and the rise of totalitarianism. Interestingly, this coincides with the rise of a totalitarian EU, with no accountability amongst the decisions-makers to their subjects. Obama clearly prefers “subjects” to “citizens,” with the rise of Chavez as the leading autocrat of South America, with the nuclear rise of the Mullahs, with the resurgence of a totalitarian Russia. Obama’s world is one in which the economic and military power always used for good by the United States, will be sacrificed to the internationalist Left. Unless he is stopped, that’s what Americans, too, will be: subjects – NOT citizens.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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