You Need to Read this.. Open Letter to the IPCC Chair that he should be Stripped of Office

This letter is great stuff. It’s about 13 pages of text and diagrams and commentary hammering the Chair of the IPCC for financial fraud, scientific fraud, fake diagrams, published and lectured false statements.

Evidently the Chair also is the Chair of the Tata Energy Research Institute, which has just closed a steel plant in Britain (costing 1700 British jobs) to move it to India ( to roll EXACTLY the same amount of steel) so they will get billions in carbon credits, etc. He stands to make out HUGELY financially via any “Climate Change” decisions @ Copenhagen, where he is now.

Example paragraphs (all bolding is mine):

The defective diagram, like the now-discredited “hockey-stick” graph in which the IPCC’s 2001 Third Assessment Report falsely purported to abolish the medieval warm period and to suggest that 20th-century temperature change was exceptional, is reproduced several times in the Fourth Assessment Report.

Neither you nor the IPCC nor anyone else funded by taxpayers to assist in public policy-making should ever have resorted to a subterfuge of this kind, particularly in relation to the question – at the very heart of the IPCC’s argument – whether global temperature is rising at an ever-accelerating rate.


For instance, some 53% of reviewers’ comments on the crucial chapter of the 2007 report attributing most of the warming since 1950 to humankind were highly critical of the chapter, but the authors paid little attention and came to their conclusion anyway, no doubt partly on the “evidence” of the defective graph.

We note that throughout your chairmanship of the IPCC you have also been chairman of Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI), founded by the multi-billion-dollar Tata steel and energy conglomerate. …

The Tata group is now owner of Corus Steel, which, not long ago, closed down the steelworks in Redcar, UK, putting 1,700 workers out of their jobs. Corus stands to make billions by cashing in on now-surplus EU “carbon credits” given to the steelworks. It stands to make a great deal more, via the Clean Development Mechanism that is one spin-off from the IPCC process, by transferring steel production from the Redcar works to India.

Tata stands to gain from the Clean Development Mechanism by receiving credits for notional carbon “savings” obtained by investing in a new steel plant in the Indian province of Orissa, which will initially produce 3 million tons of hot rolled steel – exactly the capacity of the now-closed Redcar plant.

The Clean Development Mechanism, which was established to implement the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, is administered by the UN, of which you are a senior official. You are also an advocate for the carbon trading scheme represented by the Clean Development Mechanism.

Tata, therefore, which founded the institute (now employing 700) that you head and that has been paying you substantial benefits, has taken full and very profitable advantage of the various carbon trading schemes that you, as chairman of the IPCC, have been instrumental in establishing.

We note that you do not declare this manifest and serious conflict of interest to the extent of making explicit the connection between Tata and the institute that it had established. There is no explicit mention of the connection on the institute’s official website. There is no mention of it on your personal website. There is no mention of it on your curriculum vitae.

and concluding:

We should be grateful for your response within 48 hours, failing which we shall be entitled to presume that you, the IPCC and the EPA – to whose administrator we are copying this letter – intend to conspire, and are conspiring, to obtain a pecuniary advantage by deceiving the public as to the nature, degree, and significance of the global surface temperature trend. In that event, conspiracy to defraud taxpayers would be evident, and we should be compelled to place this letter in the hands of the relevant investigating and prosecuting authorities.

In any event, errors and exaggerations such as that which is evidenced in the IPCC’s defective graph do not inspire confidence in the reliability of the IPCC’s scientific case. Given this and other mistakes that an international body of this nature ought not to have made, and given your numerous and direct conflicts of interest that have, in our opinion, been insufficiently disclosed, we are also copying this letter to the delegations of the states parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change with a request that you be stripped of office forthwith.

Yours faithfully,


United Kingdom


Commonwealth of Australia

Hat tip: Climate Depot

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