NYT is less accurate on Obamacare than on Nonexistent Global Warming

Here is an amazing set of stories – starting with the New York Times – on Obamacare, why the NYT Pulitzer-wining columnist Nicholas Kristof thinks we need it, etc.

Please read all three links, as that’s the only way to know what the true story is. You won’t get it in Kristof’s original column.

Original column.

Original dissection of the inaccuracies and badly-sourced “journalism” (read the comments from doctors, as well).

Follow-up dissection of lies and nonsense… Once any investigation is done into the origianl story, it just gets worse and worse and worse.

And then once other intelligent journalists (i.e. NOT the NYT) get ahold of it, the Kristof’s story just begins to rot from the inside out.

Hat tip: Powerline.

Tangential to this, but deriving in part from it, is the decline of newspaper circulation and of the traditional TV news networks. Conventional Wisdom is that this is due to the internet.  I address this in another post here.

But the statement directly to the above is that Waxman – the same post-operative brain donor who gave us Cap and Trade for nonexistent Anthropogenic Global Warming – now wants the government to control the media.

Stalin would be so proud!

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