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From the Telegraph (UK), via a blog posting, this commentary:


Global Norming Concensus Proves Climate Strange Is Real
December 2nd, 2009 by admin
Using a highly reliable measuring system know as the five senses, human beings in their billions have come to the conclusion, that the only certainty about the weather on planet earth, is that it keeps on changing in very strange ways. Some times hot, sometimes cold, sometimes wet, sometimes dry. This mind blowing discovery that affects all our lives has been dubbed Global Norming. Otherwise know as Climate Strange. What effects this will have on future generations nobody knows, but one thing everyone agrees on is that the effects of Global Norming will be devastating.

To help alleviate the terrifying effects of Climate Strange a panel of experts has been formed to collate scientific research from around the world into a series of reports to the United Nations, detailing exactly how strange Global Norming might be. As a result it has been found without doubt, through a data modelling process called normalisation, that the normality of strange climatic behaviour will continue for ever.

Everyone with a brain and even those without, now agree that this will result in the complete annihilation of mankind at an unknown point in the future. To ensure that this does not occur a system of global governance or Globatorship has been formed to organise the pre-annihilation of all peoples likely to be affected by the devastating effects of Climate Strange – which politicians agree will occur in direct relation to the amount pigmentation in their skin and/or money in their bank account or pocket.

This is to be financed by a Hardon tax that will help facilitate the study of the constantly rising and falling temparature and moisture levels at the very center of the Global Norming phenomena. But opposition is mounting as humans and animals alike, complain that Hardon is essential to all life on earth. But the absense of Hardon in the creation of plant life and in the upper atmosphere has left the pro-human lobby without a voice at the negotiating table.

Agreement on action to combat Climate Strange, is being sought at the highest levels at a summit in Copenhagen, where world leaders are meeting to discuss how far they are willing to go to save the planet. Through a show of normal behaviour that includes blocking out all information to the five senses, while demonstrating their own Hardon emission limits, they hope to convince each other and the world that Climate Strange can be controlled by the members of a coming Globatorship.

However concerns are growing that Global Norming theory is a sham after scientists were caught acting extreme abnormally themselves, by falsifying results and corrupting the review process to get more funding. The climatology community has rallied round, stating that this is in fact perfectly normal behaviour for scientists and therefore confirms the Global Norming hypothesis, even as their credibility continues to melt.

Despite this, world leaders are attempting to reassure the public that should Hardon emmissions exceed mandated levels, the merging of the EU and the UN into an EUgeNic Globatorship will guarantee pre-annihilation for all, after the capture and trading of emissions, before Global Norming gets out of control and things become even more strange.

Please forward this message via links and emails to all the presidents, prime-ministers, senators, commissars, member of parliament, ambassadors, rabbis, priests, imans, gurus and real people that you know, to help them understand the absurdity of the United Nations climate change agenda and open their senses to the strange climatological normality that is the weather.

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