New EU President: ‘Copenhagen First Year of Global Governance”

I know many of you scoff at the idea that the Left wants to run the world, that the Left really has global government on their agenda. It’s just a bogey-man dreamt up by the Right, isn’t it?


The new President of the EU is an unaccountable bureaucrat from the teeny-weenie country of Belgium – the crossing of which by the Germans began WW1, which begat the USSR and WW2, which begat the Cold War which begat Korea, which begat Vietnam, which begat the idiocy of the American and European Left in 1968 and the Sixties generally, which begat Carter, who (all by himself) begat global Islamofascist terror, which begat 9/11, which begat the ignorant anti-American now in the White House.

What does this self-important Belgian say in his speech accepting his election as President of the EU?  His “election”, of course, was not by the people – this is Europe, after all, the failed demi-continent of “subjects” not “citizens”. No, he was “elected” by other unaccountable, un-elected European bureaucrats– the same kind of folks who gave the world WW1 and WW2.


“… 2009 is also the first year of global governance with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of the financial crisis. The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step toward the global management of our planet.”

“Global management of our planet”? Did YOU vote to be “managed” by some other country or political organization?

I sure as hell didn’t.

Belgium? Is there a less-important developed country than Belgium?

Which one?

The fact that the European bureaucrats just elected as President of the EU a guy from a “country” of only 10M people – smaller than Los Angeles County, smaller than all but seven of our states , as President of the EU, says these guys just don’t understand how the world works. Talk about putting a sheep in charge in a world of wolves! China and Russia must be in hysterics! If we were as mature and educated as we were just 40 years ago, we’d be LMAO, as well.

Historians will be laughing their asses off! ‘What? These guys put in-charge of their future some rube from a ‘country’ about the size of a real city? WTF? What on earth would he know about how the world works? HIS world has been paid for, fed and protected for 60 years by the USA… What were these idiots thinking? Have they already forgotten the world wars caused over Belgium? Forgotten the Marshall Plan? The Berlin Airlift? The Pershing missiles that held off the Soviets? The ending of the Cold War by a REAL COUNTRY?’

(This would be like electing the governor of Arkansas, with a population of 2.3M, budget of $4B (smaller than the LA Unified School District budget that year), as President of the US… or a guy who has never held a real job but “worked” as a “Community Organizer” in a single NEIGHBORHOOD, for God’s sake, as President of the US…. Oh.. wait…

(See a trend here? Lefties keep putting in-charge people who have never been in the real world! It would expose their idiocies as what they are and cause them to re-think their policies:

(“Any 20 year-old who isn’t a liberal doesn’t have a heart, and any 40 year-old who isn’t a conservative doesn’t have a brain.”  – Winston Churchill, the most important statesman of the 20th Century.)

This shows thinking people just how unimportant the EU is.

They put a guy from some silly little country that has caused more damage than it’s ever been worth – in CHARGE of their “union,” that “union” predicted to dissolve under the weight of its unsustainable welfare policies within 15 years… (Full report .pdf  here.)   .. and the first thing he does – even before taking office – is to do what ALL Europeans always have done – begin telling everyone that things must be run by the State….

Did these guys learn NOTHING from the 20th Century? Have they learned NOTHING from the outflow of talent to America? Have they learned NOTHING from getting their asses kicked economically by ex-Europeans now living in a free non-statist country which allows them the freedom and liberty to create, invent, innovate and SUCCEED? Have they learned NOTHING from the declining standard of living their statist policies have brought them?


And now they want the rest of the world to reduce our standard of living and creep BACKWARDS toward statist control? To emulate THEM and their disastrous policies?


Europeans are LOSERS. Period. End-of-memo.

If you need any convincing at all ask why so many of them now live here? Or why all the ones who still live there are trying their best to slow-down our economic advance… because they JUST CAN’T KEEP UP!!

Let’s get back to that report…

Who wrote the report? “Mapping the Global Future” is the “Report of the National Intelligence Council’s 2020 Project Based on Consultations With Nongovernmental Experts around the World.”

How did it change from their 2015 report?

“GLOBAL TRENDS 2015, an ambitious and ground-breaking effort, identified seven key drivers of global change: demographics, natural resources and the environment, science and technology, the global economy and globalization, national and international governance, future conflict, and the role of the United States.. Produced in December 2000, it was based upon discussions between the National Intelligence Council and a broad array of nongovernmental specialists in the United States. GT2015 received international attention and prompted a lively debate about the forces that will shape our world.”

The 2020 report, cited here, “differs in three principal respects:”

We have consulted experts from around the world in a series of regional conferences to offer a truly global perspective. We organized conferences on five continents to solicit the views of foreign experts on the prospects for their regions over the next 15 years.

We have relied more on scenarios to try to capture how key trends might play out. Our earlier efforts focused on key trends that would impact regions and key countries of interest. The trends we highlight in this paper provide a point of departure for developing imaginative global scenarios that represent several plausible alternative futures.

We have developed an interactive Web site to facilitate on ongoing, global dialogue. The Web site also contains links to a wealth of data of interest to scholars and the general public.

NET: This is a GLOBALLY-PRODUCED report that concludes that the EU will fail… yet they want to “manage” the “globe”!?!

Haven’t the Europeans damaged the planet enough since 1914? Do we still need to listen to these idiots?

Look – the smart, energetic, self-reliant Europeans all left and now live in America. All that are left are the tyrants pushing statism on a global level… and those too poor to be able to leave (because of the policies implemented by the politicians they elected – not my problem… THEIRS).

Why are they pushing statism? Because it’s ever succeeded?


Because Europeans are TYRANTS. Fascism, Socialism, Marxism, Communism, NAZI-ism all started in Europe for a reason….

Because Europeans can’t make it on their own and they can’t stand that America is orders of magnitude more successful than they. And a helluvalot freer, too… think there’s a link there? Then you’re smarter than Leftists and Europeans….

Europeans, of course, have two major  options:

1) Keep the unsustainable policies of socialism, open borders, unchecked immigration, extraordinary high taxation – and remain reliant on America for defense as they inexorably decline (no European country can deploy or transport a military force large enough to defend their own country or population), or,

2) Adopt American policies of free-market capitalism. The latter, of course, is the largest creator of wealth in the history of mankind. We’re paying for their defense, which allows them to pay for their bad healthcare that these same morons say we now have to emulate, destroying our ability to pay for their defense… see how stupid are these people?

Does capitalism result in inequalities? Yep. So what?

You want more? Work HARDER! GET SMARTER! Try some personal responsibility end effort!

The world is an unequal place. Nature is an unequal environment.

Democrats want us to be more “natural,” right? Fine – natural selection is as natural as you can get.

How about we begin selecting-out – not through overt action but by lack of action – those countries and cultures that are inefficient in the use of the primary resource on the planet – human intellect, human ingenuity, and human adaptability. Begin selecting OUT those who think for some unknown reason that they are better suited than their citizens (in the European world, subjects), to make decisions for others.

Let them rot under their own decisions. If Europeans want statism – fine. If they want a standard-of-living about 2/3 of American’s – fine.  If they want no kids and no future – fine.

(The parallel in the US would be for the “Red States” to secede. No reason they should continue to be taxed and have their families’ standard of living lowered to support European-style socialist policies that have bankrupted CA, MI and NY, when free-market capitalist parties have ensured budget surpluses for states like TX which also, BTW, created more jobs than the other 49 states combined in 2008… there’s a reason for that…)

But there is no reason we ought to pay for troops to be stationed in Europe, go to war to defend them, or defer to Europeans, for God’s sake – the most warlike and fastest-failed people on the PLANET, for ideas on how to efficiently manage or govern anything. There is no reason to emulate failed policies, lowering our standard of living.

Look at the immigration stats of the past 200 years… all the intelligent, driven adults who want success for themselves and their kids… all of them emigrated to the US. Why? They can be free here, they have liberty here, they have the ability to succeed on our own here, they don’t want to be held-down by centuries-old restrictions… they want to BE part of the future, not just WATCH IT GO BY.

Well, they’d HAVE that ability except for the idiots in the  US who think emulation of European policies is the smart thing to do – when it’s the DUMBEST POSSIBLE CHOICE.


Europe once was the height of culture, trade, freedom, wealth, liberty… But they killed all of that.

We need to kill our future to be like THEM?


Face it – outside of gunpowder and paper, what of importance has been invented by non-Europeans, or by people living in non-European cultures?


But they gave up after the Somme. America became the vibrant culture. So why on earth are WE choosing to emulate LOSERS? Because Democrats gave up after Vietnam, intelligent Americans need to give up, too?

Why on earth are we choosing to emulate the economic disaster that Europe as CHOSEN to become?

Why on earth are we willing to implement the statism that has destroyed their ingenuity, freedom and standard of living, and overthrow the free-market capitalism through which we have EARNED and CREATED the most wealth, freedom and economic and military power in the history of the known universe?

I mean, how STUPID do you need to be to think that the European way is the way forward at this juncture of history?

Pretty stupid.

Why should not those who try hard gain more rewards than those who don’t try hard at all, or than those who site around whining that some are more successful than others?

Why should the successful lower the standard of living for themselves or their families so that what they EARNED can be redistributed to others, people too stupid or too uneducated or too reliant on others or who made bad choices?

Why should I work to support people who did NOT finish High School, who did NOT finish college, who did NOT get married before having children, or who have left kids all over  the place with who knows how many mothers?

And now the FCC wants to control the internet and charge me a fee to support broadband access for folks in South Central?

News flash: I don’t go to work to support other peoples’ choices or lifestyles or internet access any more than they go to work to support mine. If I wanted to live in a communist country – I’d go find one… ooops – sorry – – they all failed… surprise, surprise. If I wanted to live in a socialist country I’d move to Europe and lower my standard of living, buy a teeny apartment, have no kids, and waste away on the government dole.

Why should my children pay for that? Why should my children not have the things I have worked to provide for them? Why should those things go to others’ whose parents DIDN’T EARN THEM?

Why am I going to be taxed, lowering my ability to provide what I EARN to my kids – to support healthcare for some slug in East LA or East Palo Alto or East St Louis or Washington DC or Bed-Sty – so that they can have their health insurance paid for?

Let them earn their own way. I did. My dad didn’t go to college. He made his way. My siblings and I did go to college and have made our way – successfully.

Others can do the same. Saying they can’t is just paternalistic and insulting.

If these illiberal “Liberals” and regressive “Progressives”  had been educated by competent adults instead of unionized teachers, we wouldn’t even be in this mess.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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