Obamacare, Education, Jobs and the Future of a Divided America

What Obamacare really means:

As the two largest state budget items are Education and Medicaid, and since the Pelosi/Obamacare bill will put huge new requirements on states for additional Medicaid funding, the only way to get those funds will be for the states to lower the amount of money spent on education (most states have constitutional requirements of balancing their budgets).

By expanding Medicaid in the health care bill, Congress will set off political tornadoes across the country that will leave governors and state legislators to clean up afterward.  The math is simple, says Heritage:

State revenues are still in a slump and will continue for a least a few more years.

The two largest state and local expenditures are education and Medicaid.

If you have to balance a budget, which nearly every state does, and you cannot touch the entitlement to Medicaid, where will you turn to fill the budget gap?

There will be little choice than to go after education.

According to The Fiscal Survey of States, published by the National Association of State Budget Officers:

Some 31 states cut higher education and 26 states cut K-12 education in 2009.

Even with additional federal funding for Medicaid, 25 states still made reductions in Medicaid by cutting reimbursement to providers.

Next year will be more of the same; some states are already reporting higher Medicaid costs due not only to increased enrollment because of higher unemployment but also because of packed emergency rooms due to the swine flu.

Governors of both parties are wondering whether Washington really knows what is going on around the country.

(California will be an exception, opting for complete bankruptcy as the voters there again return to office in 2010 the same idiots who now are destroying that once-Golden State. And as Californians are aware, the voters passed a proposition (Prop 98 in 1998) several years ago requiring a set percentage of the General Fund to go to Education. So… if that goes to Education, and if Pelosi/Obama care passes, requiring a huge increase in state outlays for Medicaid… then where will the state get billions more money than it can now find? Simple: It won’t. Remember – Pelosi is a Californian who has just passed legislation that will utterly destroy California… )

Intelligent people understand why lowering education funding is not a problem for the Democrats ramming unwanted healthcare down the throats of current citizens (soon-to-be-subjects): Democrats rely on ill-educated voters to remain in power.

Simply, intelligent, educated people don’t vote for Democrats or support Democrat programs. (We’re talking about education here, not degrees… At Harvard, for example, the average grade is a B+. Not much education goes on at a school where the average grade is a B+…)

Intelligent people understand that the reason the standard of in living in most European countries would rank below the U.S. average is because of the kinds of programs Democrats keep trying to pass.

Intelligent people understand the Obama’s economic policies, like FDR’s before him, are turning a recession into a Depression.

Intelligent people understand that the only reason the West remains free is that the Free-Market economy of the US creates enough wealth to pay for the defense of the West – and to allow all other Western countries – and Japan – to be able to spend their tax revenues on unsustainable social welfare programs rather than their own defense.

Intelligent people understand that, in a Constitutional republic, the Constitution matters – and those in government under the American Constitution, a government of limited powers, are not empowered to take over the private sector or grab the healthcare system

If teacher unions were outlawed and we again actually educated the voter franchise (as we did before Boomer parents allowed unions to mal-educate their children, resulting in every succeeding generation being less-educated than their parents, for the first time in American history), the Democrat party of today would disappear. Of course, so would the fringe of the GOP – both VERY GOOD THINGS.

So once again, Democrats have proved beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt that they are the party of totalitarians – that what We the People want, and what the Constitution does and doesn’t allow – are of no moment to the tyrants of the Totalitarian Left as they move ever-forward in destroying America, our future, and the future of our children and theirs.

In a Democrat paradise, we all look like Europe (and here and here and here).

  • Europe is the utterly failed demi-continent that has never ceased killing each other in tribal wars except when sandwiched between NATO and the Warsaw Pact from 1945 – 1989.
  • Europe is the utterly-failed demi-continent that has created virtually no jobs in over three decades.
  • Europe is the utterly-failed demi-continent, each country of which is in demographic decline – all are drastically losing population, some irretrievably so, such as Spain and Italy, who cannot recover from the lack of children in which these policies have resulted.
  • Europe is the utterly failed demi-continent that has invented nothing scientifically, medically or culturally in nearly a century.

Those of you supporting Obama/Pelosi care need to understand that doing so means you also are supporting a lowering of the quality of your kids’ education – and of all other kids in the US. This, of course, will result in an increase in H1B visas as more and more businesses conclude they cannot find enough educated Americans to fill their jobs. Which will, of course, mean fewer jobs for your kids when they graduate from college.

With the general tax increases Obamacare will require, more and more of these companies, rather than trying to find foreigners willing to come here, uninterested in paying the ever-increasing taxes of the Obamians, unable to convince themselves that any financial plans will withstand another year or two of Congressional malfeasance in constantly changing the rules and the playing field, and unable to see how the trillions of dollars of deficits Obama is promising for the next ten years ever will be repaid, simply will move to other countries.

And of course taking even more jobs with them as they go.

So – as long as you have no kids (Blue states – Democrats) and don’t care that the continuation of these policies not only will bankrupt the states but drive all job creation offshore (as European job-creation went to America in the past few decades, along with all innovation), as long as you just don’t give a crap about the future of America, the environment, freedom, human rights… then you should continue to support those in the White House and Congress who want to be – and whom you are allowing to become – our Rulers.

You should be so proud.

States will of course, have alternatives: They can raise taxes – which has worked so well for CA, NY and MI that they are losing intelligent voters in droves – and their tax base with them, becoming even more broke  – as those intelligent voters move to Red states with sane economic, regulatory, tort reform and tax and spend policies.

Another, arguably better alternative is this: states with intelligent voters (Red States) should just secede.

If the Blue states want to continue to lower the standard of living of the intelligent people making good decisions, in order to raise the standard of living of illegal immigrants, gang-bangers, hip-hoppers who don’t go to school, and babies having babies, and everyone else making poor decisions and who thinks those decisions should not have real-world consequences,  fine.

But no reason exists for intelligent people to support these idiocies.

If Blue states want to raise taxes and kill jobs and continue unionized mal-education of their children (the few they have, all Blue states being in net population decline), no reason exists that Red staters should have to lower their standard of living, their wealth, their jobs, their futures (we DO have children) to support them.

If Blue-staters really think that their policies will result in a better future – let them try them out without the safety net of Red-state tax revenues redistributed to those Blue states as they fail.

Civil War? Naah… In your wildest dreams you can’t imagine Kos or Babs or Kerry or Gore or Pelosi supporting the spending of blood or treasure to keep Red staters in the union. Besides – the Red states have all the big National Guards, the gun owners, the agriculture, large seaports and airports, internal communications (railroads, roads, telephone circuits, etc.), and most of the gorgeous scenery. (We’ll need to get visas to visit Yosemite, but that’s about it). Blue states? They have the big 19th-Century cities, ancient smokestack industries, unions, bad schools, urban rioting, uneducated masses, little food, no innovation – and all the lawyers.

Blue staters? They’ll have to cross America (the real, Constitutional America) to get from coast-to-coast. They’ll have to buy food from us. They’ll have to get a visa to visit Yellowstone, ski in the Rockies, and see the Grand Canyon.

And think of the trade we can do with the Blue states, and the profit we can make from feeding them. Red states are self-supporting; Blue states other than CA? Nope. And CA soon will be bankrupt.

There will be a problem in regard to those counties that vote Red but live in Blue states. I’m sure a bit of boundary re-ordering would be fine with the Blues – they don’t like those in Red geographies anyway, so we’ll just take them along. Blue folks living in Boulder and Albuquerque? Sorry – but you probably will have to move to a state that, like you, wants to destroy their future. Bye!

And Blue America? CA, NY, MI and the rest of them? They can just go down the economic toilet they so demand they be given the chance to do.

But we don’t need to sacrifice OUR kids to their idiocy.

So…  let’s leave – the sooner the better.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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