The Problem with Rush

Don’t get me wrong – I am not a Rush basher.

To the contrary, Rush has done some very good things for the country. The only ones who lack this understanding are those trying to turn America into something it is not and never has been (and one hopes never will be), and those believing (unwilling to listen or to think for themselves) the stereotype fashioned by a media unable to compete with Rush in historical knowledge, popularity, ratings, ideas and the ability to articulate them to America.

So – what’s the “problem”?

He can do so much more – right from the Golden EIB mic. I’m not asking that he run for office – heaven forbid!

Rush has tremendous energy and ability. But if there is an overall strategy other than anecdotally pushing-back on the media and Liberals daily, I don’t see or hear it.

He has a great time doing what he does, and he accomplishes quite a bit with his tactics. Many feel he was in large part responsible for the 1994 GOP takeover of Congress – and he’d only been national for a few years then. He is alot of fun to listen to, even when one disagrees with him, simply because he has such a great time going to work every day and doing what he does.

But I don’t hear or see an overarching strategy to take-down the anti-American Left in such a way that it is not just momentarily defeated, but pushed into history’s dustbin where it truly belongs.

For this can be done. The anti-American Left can be made to disappear from the American political landscape in any form more important than the Lyndon Larouchers. But it will require sustained attack. It will require a strategy of years. It will require programming designed to accomplish the goal of ridding America of the idiocy of the these people.

One can rant and rave and joke and play soundbites and laugh all day at the idiocies of the “Progressives” (not!). In fact, for those with critical thinking skills and an understanding of history, it is increasingly difficult not to do so.

But these people still vote. These people continue to return true idiots to office year-after-year.

Barney Frank comes to mind. He almost singlehandedly destroyed the global financial system, causing trillions of dollars to evaporate, and now wants to loosen credit requirements again for those who can’t pay for the loans they are given (the cause of the financial melt-down to begin with) – and he now wants to do it AGAIN….  –  yet he doubtless will be re-elected.

Obama comes to mind. Here is a man with no experience at, well, at anything…  who has never held a job – any job, not even a lemonade stand – who demonstrably has no concept of Western history or culture, the Enlightenment, the Reformation, the Rights of Man, of economics, foreign policy, defense policy, cannot think on his feet or articulate ideas absent a teleprompter and a speech written by another, who is as close to a  psychotic zealot as anyone ever in public office in America at any level (one cannot answer, as he did during the campaign, if he “ever” has doubts about his ideas and policy, with an immediate “No,” unless one is a zealot, has a God complex, or both).

BUT WE VOTED THIS GUY INTO OFFICE!! The most powerful position in the history of the known universe!!!!

Educated people wouldn’t vote for an Obama or a Frank. Or a Pelosi, Boxer, Reid, Schumer, Rangel, Stevens, Cunningham. (It isn’t as though this lack of education is a partisan issue – there are idiots on both sides).

Ours is a big, complex, dangerous world requiring adults to deal with it. Why do Americans continue to vote for these unintelligent people?


Because for two generations in most of our major cities and states, a rent-seeking union has mal-educated the children who now are voters. Not il-educated. Not non-educated. Mal-educated.

It is not a coincidence that American political parties were captured by the extremes on both sides as soon as the first union-educated cohort made it to the voting booth.

True… but what has this to do with Rush?

If Rush acknowledged the damage done to America and, given our place in the world, to the world, by unionized teachers, if he spent an hour a day presenting anecdotes, studies, interviewing people such as Dr Carolyn Hoxby (African-American, Harvard PhD in Economics who studies public education), if he spent … an hour a day…  hammering the teacher unions – he could rid America of uneducated voters over time – simultaneously ridding America of the current iteration of “Liberal” (which is anything but), “Progressives” (ditto), and move forward all of America.

Yes, that’s one-third of his show. An hour a day; five hours a week.

Yes, it will be a generational change as intelligent teachers take the place of the ill-educated majority now in the classroom. But it’s a process that must start – or America is done.

It is a strategy with a true long-term payoff. Nothing Rush is doing now can come close to accomplishing the same. He has an enormous audience. They are the grassroots of America. They can move forward the change only Rush can foment at this point in history.

Am I pushing a one-party rule by the GOP? No.

If you read my posts you will find that I oppose many GOP policies and persons and that I hold the Right culpable in much of what has gone wrong in America over the past 50 years. Why? Go read the posts, and start here, here, here, and here. There are more.

An educated populace, an educated voter franchise would not necessarily all agree with one another – and that is not what I am pushing. Prior to the political rise of the Baby Boomers and the extremes capturing both parties, our two-party system was alive and well. JFK disagreed with Nixon – but both were strongly pro-America, pro-defense. Truman viscerally hated the GOP – but no one doubts he would defend America – he dropped two nukes on Japan, after all…

That America comes first no longer can be said honestly of any of the Left with the possible exception of Sen. Lieberman.

Prior to the advent of the teachers unions and their mal-educated students, no serious politician wanted to turn America socialistic. Once our adults understood that socialism ALWAYS brought poverty to everyone but the privileged – VERY – few. Now an entire Party wants socialism in America. Educated people would NEVER accept this ahistorical, poverty-inducing claptrap. And, no, education is not measured in degrees on the wall… it is measured in historical knowledge, cultural knowledge, critical thinking and the ability to communicate clearly.

In the mid-1980s the Dean of the Boston College School of Education penned an OpEd for the Wall Street Journal noting that those in American ‘Schools of Education’ were laughed at by the real students on campus, that these were the “dregs” of the campus academically, that based on the research output of these Schools, only about half of these Schools even should exist.

Nothing has changed. At least not for the better.

Look at Dr Hoxby’s research – the speed and degree of unionization of a school district relate DIRECTLY to the increase in dropout rates.

Yet every election season we get to hear the various NEA-affiliated teacher unions advertise requesting more money for schools, about how much education matters, about how the teacher unions are doing their best and just need a bit more money. And every year they get higher salaries to turn out less-educated people – future voters.

Yes, education matters. It matters more than anything else. And our unionized teachers are NOT educating our future voters. They are, in fact, the reason our society is yelling and flailing around rather than dealing with a hard world in an educated, adult way.

Reality check: Americans were far – FAR – better-educated before teachers were unionized. And our government was NOT in-thrall to the extremes of both parties.

Do you realize that for the first time in human history, we are turning out generations of people less well-educated than their parents?

Think about that. The first time in human history…

It isn’t as though the world is becoming less complex. It isn’t as though our challenges are less than those of our grandparents…

But America’s voters – and those we elect – are far less educated than voters of a less complex age. I’m only in my 50s, but I look at the reasoning, writing and speaking skills of those who have worked for me over the past 20+ years and am appalled. I look at what my kids are asked to do in 8th Grade in 2009 and see what my generation was tasked with in 4th Grade in 1964!

That not only is absurd – it is dangerous.

If Rush is serious about saving America from the anti-American Left, and I think he is, he needs to attack the core of the idiocy that winds up in the voting booth. And that is the hold of a rent-seeking union over the education of our future voters.

It isn’t as though there is any lack of material. It isn’t as though he can’t afford the researchers to go and get it and program it.

It isn’t as though it doesn’t matter… at the end of the day in a democracy, nothing matters more than the education of the voters.

The teacher unions have abnegated their duty. The media – populated mostly by those who couldn’t get a real job because they just weren’t smart enough – have done the same with their duty to the continuing education of adults.

Rush can – and should – must if he really cares about our future – use his Golden EIB mic to take down the unionized teachers.

Or America will not be what most of us still want it to be… within his lifetime.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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