Are Individual Responsibility, Liberty and Freedom Dead in America as currently structured?

Do those who believe in traditional American traits of personal and individual responsibility, freedom, liberty and achievement just need to move? Are things better elsewhere?

The issue isn’t whether it’s better elsewhere, but rather the degree of change that is coming to America and the drastic changing of expectations.

A New Zealand, for example, already is fairly socialistic with regard to the US. BUT – people live on expectations, and expectations there are pretty set — here they are in enormous flux.

Absent changes in expectations people don’t get confused, angry, violent – they get what they get and they know what that is and will continue to be.

If Obama and Pelosi continue down the road they are on, the expectations (freedom, liberty, free-market wealth-creating capitalism) of tens of millions of Americans will not be met – and there will be no pre-announcement of this failure. That will be a problem – a big one.

America no longer will be a Great Power, we will be hugely taxed, the next generation won’t have jobs, America will be starting (has started?) into a repeat of the 1930s in which FDR’s policies made the Depression far, far worse and longer-lasting than it otherwise would have been.

Obama is ramming down our throats FDR’s same Keynesian policies on steroids… and I think the result will be far worse – unless, again, we find some adults to run the country and toss a large portion of Congress in Nov 2010. Unfortunately these are not reasonable assumptions given the utter failure of our union-run public schools to educate the voter franchise, and given the complete enemy to education, intelligent policy discussion and freedom that the media have become.

In a New Zealand, for example, or some other out-of-the-way democracy, the American problem of tens of trillions of dollars of debt and the logical hyperinflation that will follow, to say nothing of what happens when the Chinese cease funding that debt, not having any desire to be repaid in worthless currency, is not an issue.

Maybe intelligent Americans should move there?

It isn’t just the worthless currency issue with China, either. China and the US are in a global resource competition in the 21st Century, and China soon will see no reason to continue to fund the defense of its primary adversary; it is a dangerous fantasy to think that China will continue doing so, but evidently beyond the ability of Democrats – and those who vote for them – to consider.

Americans supporting the insane economic policies of Obama and Pelosi and their ilk either are oblivious to this or ignorantly discount the consequences.

More than anything else, those still believing in self-reliance, individual responsibility, individual liberty and freedom are becoming scarcer here – but they still number in the tens of millions. When Obama succeeds in destroying America – and when the world figures it out… do you REALLY want to be part of a former Great Power that declines to irrelevancy in less than a generation? Do you REALLY want to be around – or have your kids around – for the inevitable violence accompanying the anger that rises when those who believe in America finally fight back against the Democrats?

And I’m not talking about “fighting back” at the ballot box, either.

American hyperinflation may well cause a civil war. Russia, China and India will take advantage of that – natural selection works – and America will be selected OUT of the Great Power game, to the detriment of smaller states globally.

Red staters not only believe in America, they believe in the 2nd Amendment and will fight to protect and defend America and our Constitution – something the military gives an oath to do but from which for unknown reasons now is refraining. But if the Blue staters continue with their statist and economic insanity, the Red staters may just decide that seceding and cutting their losses means defending the futures of their families in a Constitutional America – just in a smaller geography.

America may well split – actually I am fine with that but would prefer it to happen peacefully – with the two Americas formed from the split at huge odds with one another, and totally inwardly-focused, to the detriment of the rest of the world, but to the vast appreciation of Russia and China.

As we collapse India will nuke Pakistan (good), or perhaps China will – and take it over at the same time. Remember – China has 20MM Muslims and almost no terrorism… they don’t put up with it (good).

Russia may nuke Iran (good), take their oil and annex them as the warm-water port Russia has ALWAYS wanted (since way before the USSR), there being no America to stop them, and no European power, well… actually… no European power – at all. This also will make Russia the leading global oil supplier… arguably causing China to grab Saudi Arabia as well as continue its global oil exploration – including off the American continental shelf near Florida, off of Brazil, and elsewhere – Vietnam comes to mind.

With Russia, China and India fighting for oil, do you really think anyone will care about an enfeebled America’s need for oil?

Israel will nuke Iran (good), if Russia doesn’t, but Putin’s announcement yesterday of a complete willingness for pre-emptive nuclear strikes basically puts Iran on notice: “We’ll help you with nuclear power for civilian purposes and we won’t mind if you slap America around a bit – but if you think you’re going to be allowed to develop nukes as you fund Islamist terrorist separatists in former USSR Republics, you’re freaking crazy and we’ll kill you in a Moscow minute. You may or may not believe the limp semi-threats emanating from the pantywaist West… but you had BETTER believe ME because I don’t screw around. Are we clear?”

Or Russia will just invade and take them over as above, and not have it to worry about at all.

This American split, actually, could be a good thing – especially if it is peaceful. I will move to a Red state in a heartbeat, Red states will stop funding the failed social policies of the Blue states, the Blue states will collapse once they no longer have tax revenue sent to them from the Red states.

The Red states also have all the guns and the big national guards, the ICBMs, enough seaports to get by comfortably, internal lines of communication and transportation, the largest hi-tech R&D center (Austin, TX), and the Blue states can go suck hind tit.

Why Red staters still agree to lower the standard of living for which they work, to raise the standards of living of the idiots who vote for Blue-state policies is completely beyond me.

Perhaps because it has not been explained to them that this is EXACTLY what they are doing: Depriving their own families to raise the standard of living of kids having kids, of high-school dropouts getting married with no job prospects, of midnight basketball for gangbangers, etc. But doing so is just dumb.

Once the Red states secede the Blue-state voters will learn the costs of their policies and internal (Blue-state) violence will follow when the moochers learn there is nothing left to mooch. A Red state goal will be to keep that Blue-on-Blue violence within Blue geographies. This ought not to be too hard; Red states actually believe in border control.

Will we have a re-run of the Civil War?

Can you even in your wildest dreams imagine Blue-staters paying treasure or blood to keep Red-staters in the union? Not a chance.

Individual liberty will be on the rise in the Red states and the Constitutionally-based Red-state America will survive, albeit smaller. The non-Constitutionally-based Blue-state America (for there is no difference between a constantly-reinterpreted “living” Constitution and no Constitution at all – as in Britain, for example) may or may not survive, but Red staters won’t have to fund its idiocies or demise.

This will be historically analogous to America splitting from Europe. RS-America (Red state) splitting from BS-America (Blue state) will enhance personal liberty, progress, and the entire future of those who value liberty – just as did the American Revolution when those believing in personal liberty split from Europe.

And those who desire statism and the nanny state can stay behind.

Democrats like Europe; non-Democrats don’t, other than as a tourist destination (and even then people are remembering a decades-old Europe, not the failing social-welfare states with no children and no future, barely scraping by today with entire areas of large cities being no-go zones even for armed police).

Red staters KNOW it’s a worthless demi-continent full of people who have NEVER stopped exporting disaster, who have NEVER stopped killing one another since 1648 and the Treaty of Westphalia establishing the nation-state (and before).

Remember – the ONLY 45-year period in all of European history in which Europeans were not killing other Europeans was between 1945-1989, while clamped between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. As soon as the Pact disintegrated, Europeans AGAIN began killing each other until America AGAIN wasted time and treasure separating them from themselves.

(Tangent: BY FAR the dumbest thing America EVER did was to get involved in Europe’s wars. (Thank you, Woodrow Wilson (D) ) By orders of magnitude we have never done anything even close to this stupid.)

Epiphany: There is little if any difference other than of degree between the Palestinians on the one hand and Europeans on the other – this is why Europe is pro-Palestinian. Both groups are tribal peoples intent on everyone acting THEIR way or being destroyed. Look at the EU Constitution… a tyrannical document if ever there was one. Even the “Constitution” of the USSR provided more liberty; it wasn’t followed by their ruling party – as ours no longer is by our rulers (no longer our government, but our ‘rulers’ – just observe their rhetoric and actions), but it was more democratic than what the EU elites are stuffing down the throats of their subjects. (Armed residents of a country are “citizens,” unarmed residents are “subjects.” Guess which Democrats want Americans to be?)

With Obama and Pelosi in ascension, the folks who once came to America to get away from the stifling authoritarian European governments… will have to move to another free democracy, such as New Zealand,  unless we secede. Should we do so free people will come to RS-America, which will thrive as a free-market America always has done…. and BS-America will terminally decline and collapse from their self-induced lethargy and nanny-state policies with none to pay their bills.

Who will collapse? If you look at any Red-state/Blue-state map by county, of course, there are millions of Red-state voters trapped in Blue states. California, for example, has 58 counties, of which 25 voted Red and 33 voted Blue. California is not unique. Perhaps the citizens of those states need to adjust their borders, as well, splitting these states into more cohesive political entities, joining the appropriate RS- or BS-America. And if the residents of Boulder and Albuquerque want to move to CA – have at it.

The authors of this article published in June, 2009 in Esquire, make the point that with the added mobility of Americans (due to our wealth, which is due entirely to free-market capitalism), Americans may be moving based on political ideology. If so, this will solidify the Red-Blue antagonism, secure the seats of the more radical representatives of both parties, bode poorly for present-day America, but bode well for a peaceful secession once we agree that we will NEVER get along, that those who believe in personal responsibility and individual liberty (traditionally American traits) will have to split from the larger electoral college states that, rather than personal liberty and individualism, believe in statism, groupthink, class warfare, socialism, racism, and equality of outcome regardless of cost (traditional European traits).

Worse things could happen… like the takeover of the entire US by the Nanny statism class of ignorant socialists represented by Obama and Pelosi.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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