Obama Unilateralism on Defense

Remember when the Left hammered Bush43 for unilateralism?

For those who don’t recall, it was before and after they were hammering him for NOT being unilateral on North Korea…

Really, though, is there anything even remotely multilateral in the missile defense blunder our Presitwerp just made in Poland and Czech Republic? Even British newspapers are commenting on what a bad and unilateral decision it was.

Perhaps, like dissent, criticism of any type against a president only is acceptable if it’s a Republican president.

How childish is THAT?

And I guess if your guy acts unilaterally you just ignore the screams of fury you made when the other guy acted unilaterally.

And if it’s your dissent against the other guy you insist is “the highest form of patriotism,” then it’s just the way it is when you scream and yell at anyone with the temerity to dissent against your guy – AT ALL – and for them to pile-on by replaying your words to you about dissent and patriotism.

There’s a word for people like this: Stupid.

Many are blogging about how Obama’s unilateral missile defense abandonment in Europe has ZIP ZILCH NADA ZERO to do with the MidEast or any other hot spot.

How hard is it to understand that once the US abandons allies we have promised to defend, as we have just done in Central Europe, the entire world becomes more dangerous, and NO ONE can count on promises of US security any longer? Thinking this applies only to Central Europe is stupefyingly ignorant.

Why is it so difficult for the Left to understand how the world works, and that in times of Great Power re-orientation, the little guy always is nervous, the aggressive mid-sized states become belligerent, often just gobbling-up little guys, and that some large powers use the confusion of the Great Power re-orientation as a cover to wipe-out little states? If you can’t grasp this, call a newspaper in Georgia (the FORMER country, not the Peanut Farmer’s state).

For 60+ years, the American defense umbrella has kept the peace between Great Powers, and kept aggression by mid-sized countries at-bay. But now Obama has decided – unilaterally, all on his won, not through legislation or act of Congress or a vote by the people, or even discussion with NATO allies – to surrender American interests and those of our allies as he UNILATERALLY re-orients the Great Power world – to the quite obvious detriment of the little guy.

I had thought the Left HATED unilateral actions, no?

The Left has come to think that peace and coexistence are the normal states of the world specifically because of the success of American defense commitments and the heretofore obvious will to make-good on those commitments. Commitments based on a defense capability the Left hates, by the way.

The childishness of this concept is – well, I struggle to find the right adjective, but among those that come to mind are: appalling, stupefying, idiotic, infantile….

Peace is NOT normal between states. It never has been.

The ONLY period of peace in Europe’s history since Westphalia in 1648, for example, that lasted as long as 45 years – barely two generations – was when Europeans were sandwiched between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. As soon as the Pact disintegrated, Europeans again began killing each other, and the US, again, had to go save them from themselves.

And yet these Europeans – and the ignorant American Left – constantly berate adult Americans on how to be peaceful. Riiiight.

(See: Roman Republic v. Syracuse for our logical next step. Basically, Rome got tired of saving the Greeks from themselves only to be trashed by the Greeks they had saved (exactly like anti-Americanism in Europe), so finally Rome went over, moved the people and art treasures out of Syracuse, razed Syracuse and went home. )

Now that Obama has responded to a DPRK nuke test with the inane comment that we should unilaterally disarm, and has just unilaterally thrown Central Europe under the bus, it is only logical to expect that the world will become far more dangerous very, very quickly.

Not anticipating – and expecting – regional nuclear arms races is childish in the extreme.

It really is too bad we allowed the unionization of our teachers – and the last 40 years of mal-education of our voters, for the historical, appalling ignorance of the Left on matters of history, defense, inter-war power plays and Great Power machinations is about to cause millions or tens of millions of preventable deaths, and the denial of freedom and liberty to tens of millions more.

All because “Liberals” and “Progressives” (childish, ignorant totalitarians, both) refuse to learn from history and pay attention to the workings of the world in their infantile supposition that the world always has been as it has the past 65 years as a freedom-loving, wealth-creating America was the Big Dog.

Nope. It hasn’t

I just hope that when nukes again are unleashed, they land on Liberal states and cities. DC during an Obama address to a joint Congress would be just fine, especially now that 39% of Americans Strongly Disapprove of Obama, and only 32% Strongly Approve – a Presidential Approval Index of -7. , and that 57% of voters have an unfavorable opinion of Pelosi’s Congress , and 42% of voters think a random selection of 435 people from the phone book would do a better job governing America.

But to think that the defenestration of Poland and the Czechs will not result in mushroom clouds elsewhere is absurdly ignorant.

Just like the Left and our new Presitwerp.

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