Yet More Mainstream Discussion re: the Hoax of Global Warming

For good or ill, the Huffington Post has become a watering hole for the thirsty on the Left. Since they post and believe what is there, the below is interesting – and quoted in the Wall Street Journal.

Not only is Huffington starting to publish opinion that the entire Al Gore-inspired (and enriching – he’s now worth over $100M thanks to this scare nonsense) Global Warming scare is the garbage that all serious scientists have always said it to be, both primary Weather Reporters on CNN (not a right wing bastion) have joined scientists such as the head of Meteorology at MIT in saying this is all garbage.

And, of course, there were over 115 new record low temps in the US alone in the last three months, the earth cooled at .7 degrees (C) in 2007 – the fastest cooling on record, and the global temperature has been declining since 1998.

So – use your brain and protest the inane and ignorant decisions of educators and politicians continuing this hoax any longer – and spending your tax money on it.


From the HP and WSJ:

Harold Ambler, the owner of, writing at

[T]he theory that carbon dioxide “drives” climate in any meaningful way is simply wrong. . . . Carbon dioxide cannot absorb an unlimited amount of infrared radiation. Why not? Because it only absorbs heat along limited bandwidths, and is already absorbing just about everything it can. That is why plotted on a graph, C02’s ability to capture heat follows a logarithmic curve. We are already very near the maximum absorption level. Further, the IPCC Fourth Assessment, like all the ones before it, is based on computer models that presume a positive feedback of atmospheric warming via increased water vapor. . . . This mechanism has never been shown to exist. Indeed, increased temperature leads to increased evaporation of the oceans, which leads to increased cloud cover (one cooling effect) and increased precipitation (a bigger cooling effect). Within certain bounds, in other words, the ocean-atmosphere system has a very effective self-regulating tendency. By the way, water vapor is far more prevalent, and relevant, in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide — a trace gas. Water vapor’s absorption spectrum also overlays that of carbon dioxide. They cannot both absorb the same energy! The relative might of water vapor and relative weakness of carbon dioxide is exemplified by the extraordinary cooling experienced each night in desert regions, where water in the atmosphere is nearly non-existent.

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