What’s the old saying about familiarity breeding contempt?

Proximity to Obama? Priceless.
What’s the old saying about familiarity breeding contempt?

Wall Street Journal Editorial Page , October 25, 2008

Barack Obama may be swimming in campaign cash, but he still wants to charge reporters for the privilege of covering his Election Night activities at Grant Park in Chicago.

Crain’s Chicago Business reports that Mr. Obama’s campaign sent a memo saying the price for access to the media area, where electrical power will be available, will be between $715 and $1,815 depending on how many phone lines and power outlets are granted. Reporters who want to cover Obama campaign officials and interview them will have to gain access to a “Press File” tent for an additional $935 per person for admission.

Lynn Sweet, Washington bureau chief for the Chicago Sun-Times, called the price list “an outrageous pay-to-play plan that caters to national elite [media] outlets.” She noted that many reporters don’t have extensive phone and electrical needs and yet will be priced out of covering Mr. Obama on Election Night.

Mr. Obama will certainly be getting the lion’s share of votes from reporters who cover his campaign, but that doesn’t make his media operation popular. “There is an arrogance there that I hope doesn’t carry forward to any Obama White House,” one reporter who travels frequently with the candidate told me. “But all the signs of trouble are already there.”

The emphasis is mine… Gee — what a surprise, the MSM-created Messiah now is acting like one and treating the MSM like the worthless morons they have worked so diligently to prove themselves to be — and they are SURPRISED????

What did they THINK was going to happen once they had created a God? That he’d allow them access to Olympus?

(One also could comment that Obama seems to like capitalism and the free market as that’s what he’s using here…)

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