Why ACORN Matters; Marxist Income Redistribution

The lead editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal informs its reader of why it is that ACORN matters – and matters right now. It is very relevant reading to anyone interested in keeping our democracy well, democratic.

In sum it describes just a few of the thousands (millions?) of illegal voters ACORN has registered. (Did you know that the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys lives and votes in Las Vegas? No? Surprise, surprise!)

And it is likely that those caught are only the tip of the iceberg, of course. And the links to Obama? Besides giving them over $800,000 to register “voters,” Obama used to work for them (they wrote his paycheck when he was a “Community Organizer”), instruct them in registering “voters,” and as an attorney represent them in their near-annual fraud complaints from the FEC. Obama and ACORN go together like morning and orange juice.

Voter fraud-and-Democrats; hand-in-glove.

Just a bit of what Liberal Democrats will grace us with once they have succeeded in (fraudulently?) placing this fraud Obama in the White House. For more of what they will give us, read this.

Oh – but I mis-state.. they won’t GIVE us Obama — people actually will VOTE for this man.

And if you haven’t seen this video, please watch it. It is Obama responding in a rope line to a plumber asking about his tax plan. Obama’s answer is pure Marxist redistributionism. This is the correct, technical, academic name for this program. It has failed – and brought poverty, lower productivity, and the loss of wealth everywhere it has been tried. Everywhere.

So – we want to try it here because….?

Subverting the vote. Income redistribution.

America stands for more than this.

At least it once did.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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  1. Sandy says:

    Wait a minute. What’s this with voting in Las Vegas?
    Is “offensive line” the operative phrase?

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