McCain/Palin: Bracketing the Baby Boomers

The single biggest advantage of the McCain-Palin ticket is being ignored by the media. 

The ticket brackets the Baby Boomers. We need never go back to them.

In terms of battle, “Bracketing” is a method of dropping artillery exactly on target from a distance. One fires too far, adjusts closer, fires too close, adjust a bit farther and kills the target, having bracketed it until complete accuracy is achieved.

With McCain/Palin the GOP has bracketed the Boom and can be done with them.

Should this ticket prevail on November 4, the world may never have to be subjected to a Baby Boomer in office – ever again.

The Baby Boomers are those born from 1945 to 1964. A wide swath of very different voters sharing one common characteristic: They are the most selfish, spoiled, me-oriented people ever to disgrace the face of this planet.

Incapable of compromise all they do is whine or riot or sue when they don’t get their way – on both sides of the aisle. American politics will become more and more shrill until Boomers just drop off the stage.

Leftist politicians are becoming more ridiculous (Global Warming, everything is a “Holocaust”, have to be more European (i.e. failed) in our social structures) as they drift to the end of their lives not having transformed America into a socialist utopia they have been hoping, battling, suing and trying to achieve since Haight Ashbury and Woodstock. Rightist Boomers are willing to sacrifice solid education of our kids to their stridency on abortion and homosexuality.

The policies of both sides ensure that for the first time in history, succeeding generations are less well-educated than their parents.

There are those would would split the Boom in two, by the way: Those born before TV was a major cultural presence and those born after; those who were eligible to be drafted for service in Vietnam and those born after. The cutoff for this split, sometimes called the Jones Generation (after the movie character Bridget Jones), is 1954, the last year of draft lottery for VietNam.

Those born through 1954 were subject to the draft lottery, and grew up on Bonanza, Wyatt Earp, Rawhide, Garrison’s Guerrillas – shows with a common theme of American history and exceptionalism. Those born after were not subject to the lottery and grew up on the Brady Bunch, Eight is Enough and similar worthless pabulum.

McCain was born on August 29, 1936, before the Baby Boom. His father and grandfather were admirals in the US Navy. His was not a childhood made of being spoiled rotten. Palin was born at the very end of the Boom on Feb 11, 1964. Given her level of success and lack of whining it is evident she does not act like a Boomer and really arrived once the Boom was over.

Obama, of course, is the quintessential Baby Boomer: He demands to be taken seriously lacking any accomplishments whatsoever. He’s never held a real job – never even mowed a lawn for a buck or had a paper route. Yet he demands his programs are the only ones worthy of implementation or even discussion.

Born in 1961 he missed the Vietnam war, grew up witnessing the Boomer-created cultural divide, and his plans and “policies” echo nothing so much as the McGovern/McCarthy nonsense of 1968 – the height of damage wrought by the Boomers, damage still resonating across the world.

Electing Obama will put the worst of the Boom in charge of a domestic disaster his economic policies will create and foreign policy nightmares his naivete will precipitate. As Kissinger said of Obama’s ideological forebear, Jimmy Carter, Carter managed the extraordinary trifecta of of achieving at one and the same time, “The worst realtions with our allies, the worst relations with our adversaries, and the most serious upheavals in the developing world since the end of the Second World War.” 

Obama will return us to those not-so-famous days of yesteryear.

America has had two Boomer Presidents. May the world forgive us if we ever elect another.

The first Baby Boomer President, though he tried to govern from just left of Center, embarrassed the world by not being able to keep his pants zipped and by being disbarred for felony perjury while in office. It subsequently has come to light that he and New Gingrich were well on the way to fixing Social Security when the Lewinsky debacle surfaced, dooming any chance to fix the worst of entitlements – and that no Boomer politician now is willing to touch. GenX and GenY will have to fix that mess we created.

The second Baby Boomer President got America into a war we were not willing to fight or win. Now this president stands in the untenable position of having given a country back to its citizens and government only to refuse to leave when they want us to, which arguably is a primary definition of sovereignty. This second Boomer president also has spent money faster than the first, in contradiction to all his party says they stand for.

And both, of course, came into office with a Congress controolled by their party – and left with Congress in control of the opposition. Both were disasters as executives and party leaders.

So – McCain/Palin. With luck this ticket will win and Palin run on her own in 2012. And we will have escaped the curse of another Baby Boomer president.

She might run with Jindal in 2012, proving yet again for those who still need proof, that the real party of opportunity, the party giving opportunity based on merit regardless of color or gender, the party lacking a plantation on which to keep minorities and women is the GOP.

The first woman VP? GOP. The first woman President? GOP. The first person of color VP? GOP. And probably the first person of color as president, too, while the Democrats sit and whine about the country not voting for them.

In fact, half of the Democrat party voted against the African American and half of the Democrat party voted against the woman.

Had you relied on the media alone you may not have noticed that the Bradley Effect occurred only among the ‘Party of Inclusiveness’: Democrats. That behavior of telling pollsters one was going to vote for a minority candidate – and then not doing so was exhibited only by Democrats in Democrat primaries. You may have walked away thinking, as the media wanted you to, ‘hey, Americans won’t vote for an African American! That’s wrong!’ when, in fact, it was only Democrats who were refusing to vote for an African American.

Which is the party of “Inclusiveness?”

If we are smart enough to elect McCain/Palin, we may finally put the Boomers behind us.

And not a moment too soon.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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