Obama’s Greenpeace Energy “Plan”

In the event you find yourself curious about Obama’s energy “plan”, he released it today.

Here is a Wall Street Journal video interview with a WSJ Economics writer who has read the “plan”.

Here is a WSJ editorial on Obama’s energy views.

Net here is that if you want to pay LOTS more taxes – and have the size and shape of the economy centrally-driven (worked so well for the USSR, right?), then you ought to be happy with his plan – which is right out of Greenpeace and the Sierra Club. Your basic socialist nonsense that has failed everywhere it’s been tried.

He intones on the campaign trail that his is a “comprehensive” energy plan. Of course it isn’t.

His are the same old liberal policies America has voted against since 1968.

Am 8th-grade science student would get an “F” for an energy “plan” that excluded all currently-affordable forms of energy. Why does Obama get off with this nonsense?

Luddites, Democrats think we can have all the comforts of the Industrial Revolution without the consumption of energy. Energy, of course, is the foundation of the Industrial Revolution; without energy you have the Middle Ages.

If you want a rational energy plan, you won’t find it here.

And if you think Congress will mellow him out, remember that Pelosi has closed the Democratic body of the House of Representatives to avoid a Democratic vote on energy. So much for Democrats being democratic.

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