Shutdown Congress to Avoid a Vote?

Below are links to a conservative petition. (I am not posting this for you to sign it; that’s your call.)

Watch the second video of the two on the page.

The first is so much rah-rah from the GOP Congressmen staying in Friday when Pelosi shut down Congress to go on vacation in the midst of a Republican speech from the floor. She ordered the lights turned out, CSPAN’s cameras turned off and the sound system shut down. A Congressman re-started the sound system for a bit until she heard and shut it down again.

Why did she shut down Congress? As reported by both the Wall Street Journal and the NY Times, because she knew a vote by the People’s Representatives would support more drilling.

And Democrats can’t handle democracy – it offends them. If they lose a democratic vote, they find a judge to overturn it. Everyone knows this.

What is it that the Democrats, the Free Speech party, don’t understand about Free Speech? And that it applies to ALL sides in a political debate? (Tangentially, take a look at these bumper stickers and realize why you won’t see many of them on cars: remember the Democrats doing GOTV tire slashing in 2004 and the many reports of cars with conservative bumper stickers being vandalized.)

Democrats hate free speech as much as they hate voters having the gall to disagree with them.

The second video is interesting in that the Democrat Senator objects to the initiation of emergency measures not only at $4.00 and $4.50 a gallon, but at $7.50 and at $10.00 a gallon.

The Democrats tell you they are on the side of the working American (and the Media AND the GOP let them get away with the idea that those working in a white collar job are NOT working Americans), yet $4.00, $5.00 and $10.00 gasoline will hurt the Democrat base far, far more than the Republican base – it will hammer the “working” class.

This poll published at, shows 70% of Americans favor drilling:

This Investors Business Daily poll shows 73% in support:

What is it about the opinions of “Mainstream America” that the DNC doesn’t understand? Especially having run their most recent presidency almost exclusively by polls?

What were the Republicans trying to do? Have Congress vote on domestic oil production. This is not only their job – voting on legislation; it is currently demanded by large majorities of the American public. (Including those wondering why China is drilling our outer continental shelf (off of Florida) but we’re not allowed to. So are France and Canada  – not exactly ignorant tools of the GOP; they are farther left than the DNC – and certainly than America.

But America can’t drill for oil off of America’s continental shelf.

Why? It sure isn’t worries about the environment – American companies are the most environmentally-safe drillers on the planet. More than the Europeans, certainly more than the Russians or the Arabs – where Democrats insist we continue to get our oil.

(Thought: Is this due to political linkage? Are Democrats refusing to drill other than in Arabia and Persia and Russia for the same reasons Clinton closed off domestic low-sulfur coal so that it only is extracted in the home country of a large (foreign, illegal) Democrat political donor? Something to think about…)

One of the DNC responses is that, “We can’t drill our way out of this problem.” Their point is that it takes years for new oil sources to come online.

This is, of course, an uneducated response to the problem – a tactic used by both the Boomer Right and the Boomer Left. (Because of unionized teachers uneducated arguments work as Americans no longer are taught to think and CERTAINLY are not well-educated.)

A) If we started drilling now the price of oil would drop because the market would understand the reality that we were going to tap our own reserves. – and that WOULD help now.  Markets work even though Democrats don’t understand them – kinda like gravity: doesn’t matter if you like it, it’s still there.
B) Had we drilled five years ago we wouldn’t be in this bind now; if we drill now we won’t be in this bind five years hence.

(Of course, as I have pointed out here, Democrats don’t care about the future – they don’t have kids, so why should they? Expecting future-oriented policies from a political party that has no children is absurd. But since the GOP never points this out, we keep hearing Democrats lie about doing things “For the children.” As if.

The fundamental issue is: The Democrats want expensive oil to drive alternatives and conservation.

This is a good goal – whether or not Conservatives agree with Democrats. Adults know that moderation in all things will help more people more of the time.

Legislate reasonable conservation, legislate reasonable assistance to develop alternatives. Free-up the nuclear power industry – after all , Democrats want so to be like Europeans – OK. France gets 80% of its power from nuclear reactors, so…

Democrats fervently believe we can use less energy and remain in the forefront of technology. All this demonstrates is their total lack of understanding that energy usage drives civilization and progress.

At the same time, the GOP needs to understand and take into account this: Absent the environmental movement, from the 1960s on, we woud not have the clean skies and clean water we have now; we would not have lighter-weight cars and fuel-efficient engines; we would not be exploring battery technology and realistic and reasonable alternative energy sources.

Both side of the Baby Boom political split have hurt America in  the energy debate. The unwillingness of the Left to understand how energy production is THE foundation of civilization is ignorant. The unwillingness of the Right to acknowledge that every single environmental request or demand is not rooted in lunacy, and that all of the environmental good done in the US has been forced by the Democrats against unreasonable Republican objections, is also childish.

America needs some adult leadership in the energy situation – and in foreign policy and just about anything you can name. We aren’t getting it from the Boomer Left, particularly, and the Boomer Right isn’t making me do handstands in their support.


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