Billing the Winner

Hillary – what a babe!

She loses and then bills the guy who beat her for her costs to compete with him. How cool is that?

What a great idea! When Phil loses to Tiger – he bills him! When the Yankees lose to the Mets – they bill them! When the Dolphins lose to the Patriots – they bill them!

Why didn’t anyone else think of that?

Oh – and Hillary also wants a jet to run her around. And Phil wants to use Tiger’s jet….

This is the kind of leadership we need. Got to go to protect Kosovars? Bill ‘em! Got to throw Iraq outta Kuwait? Bill ‘em! (Oh, yeah – we did. Billed everyone under the sun and got billions from various countries. See? This is how to go to war! Make a profit! Capitalism at work!)

Well, she’ll need to find the money to retire her campaign debt somewhere, I guess.

Is NY a Community Property state?

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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