Detritus of the ’60’s — Baby Boomers

You can safely assume I am not an avid reader of (gazer at?) Playboy magazine.

With that as a given, a recent interview (July 2008) was brought to my attention by a friend. The interviewee is Dr. Drew Pinsky. What he has to say is important.

Pinksy concentrates on the pathologies of the 1960s brought to us by the Baby Boomers, the worst generation, and on what they have wrought. He doesn’t go forward to the kinds of politics these ridiculously narcissistic, nihilistic, un-educated and moronic people have cultivated in our once-civil society.

You can watch Congress on C-SPAN for that, Congress now being dominated by Boomers.

That also is the job of columnists like Mark Steyn and others who speak globally about the Baby Boomer idiocy.

(Playboy requires a subscription for the digital version, thus the lack of a hyperlink)

Among his nuggets, which a regular reader of will note sounds familiar, is the following:

“I [Dr Pinsky] don’t like dealing with movie stars, because they often have no education, so they don’t know what they don’t know. They read a little bit and think they’re experts. Nobody holds them accountable or tells them no. There’s no role for a teacher because you can’t teach people who know everything. And so there’s no wisdom.” (page 46)

(Here, again, is the link to an article published by the American Psychological Association discussing why smart people know they are smart but stupid people don’t know they are stupid.)

And yet as a society we spend billions of dollars buying magazines and watching television shows telling and showing us about these clowns, people actually listen to idiots like Sean Penn talk about geopolitics as though he knows anything at all about it. (Hint: Sean Penn spent only several months in Santa Monica Community College – studying Auto Mechanics. It is unlikely he was the valedictorian at his high school.)

We even had recent Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson take Bono (no college) with him to visit Africa and discuss economics.

(Perhaps there is a better way to convince African countries that America doesn’t care about them, but I don’t know what that would be.)

These celebrities can be fun to watch and listen to on the screen. But to think they have any intelligence or wisdom, or that anyone ought to listen to them about anything important simply is absurd.

Taking voting advice from these Boomer celebrities, their kids and their cultural allies is nonsensical

Example: Angelina Jolie is always running off at the mouth – as are most actors – about guns in society, about supporting gun control, etc. Have you ever even seen Jolie in a movie without a gun in her hand? These clowns set the cultural tone making movies about the 3Bs (Bombs, Boobs and Bullets – all Hollywood seems capable of making since the Baby Boomers arrived), always with a cigarette in their mouths, and then yammer about gun control and the evils of smoking, yadda yadda. (I don’t smoke and I don’t own a gun.)

And when one of them says they’ll move out of the country if so-and-so is elected – the only appropriate response is, “Bye!”

More to the point – since thinking people don’t care what these morons say anyway, are the many and quite salient points made by Dr. Pinksy in the interview regarding the disaster of the Baby Boomers.

Who is going to clean-up after the Baby Boomers? Can they just go away? Soon?

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