Biden v. Lieberman Provides Needed Levity

Sen. Joe Biden has finally provided some of the levity that has been lacking in this campaign with his hilarious response to Sen. Lieberman’s WSJ op-ed supporting a strong foreign policy.

Though Lieberman pointed out that the Democrats had lurched far from the historic roots of the Democrat Party, Sen Biden blames the GOP for moving the Democrats from their historic positions: “In fact, it is the policies that President George Bush… that are divorced from that great [Democratic] tradition.”

How’s that again? Aren’t GOP policies by definition divorced from DNC policies? I mean if all the voters believed in the DNC, we wouldn’t have had, what, two (2) Democrats as President since 1968, four (4) since 1952?

When the UNSC, that once-august body totally supported by the Democrats, passed 17 resolutions against Saddam, even warning that unless he complied, the cease-fire of Gulf One would be lifted and the war would resume, it’s the Republicans fault that someone needs to enforce the rules? Heck the UN was created by Democrats, for crying out loud. (That war was never ended technically or legally; rather a cease-fire with specific conditions was put in place. Once Saddam violated those conditions, the cease-fire no longer applied and the US and UN-sanctioned war did resume – as it legally should have.)

But the Democrats, for all their support of, in fact demand that, the UN be the supreme governing body, cannot stomach actually enforcing their Resolutions. So when Bush 43 resumed the war, they couldn’t stand it and, rather than blame Saddam for non-compliance with Resolutions of their sacred UN, Democrats insisted that Bush went to war with neither cause nor reason.

(Let’s not forget that the Democrats also demanded a unilateral approach to this war. The Intelligence agencies of every Western country, and of China and Russia all thought Saddam had nukes. The multilateral approach was to act on that global intelligence. The unilateral approach would have been to scorn the multilateral intelligence reports and go our own way. Democrats seem unable to understand this.)

Think about this statement of Good Ol’ Joe: “… the emergence of China, India, Russia and Europe…”

Emergence of Russia and Europe?

I don’t know the number of the phone booth in which Sen Biden’s been living, but Russia is collapsing, not emerging. Their population will be down 30M by mid-Century. Their armies and air forces effectively ceased to exist following their Afghanistan incursion. Russia is history. But Biden sees them as, “emerging”?

OK, fine, maybe it’s easy to misunderstand Russia. The Left has been doing so since about 1930. But Europe?

News flash: Europe “emerged” about 800 years ago. High Middle Ages? Renaissance? Reformation? CapitalismAge of Exploration? Has Biden not heard of any of these? (Public school?)

Europe, like Russia, is disappearing before our eyes. Every single country is in net population decline. Nearly every country is Islamifying rapidly, with results that Democrats blind themselves to, both now and in the future.

Europe is dead, period. Yet Sen Biden claims they are “emerging?” In which dimension is Joe living?

Can you imagine this level of ignorance in the White House? Thank goodness that even Democrats in their primaries understand what an ignorant buffoon this man is.

But Biden gets better: Bush has, “turned a small number of radical groups that hate America into a 10-foot tall existential monster that dictates every move we make.”


This would be the same 10-foot tall monster than the Iraqi security forces have hammered in Sadr City this week and last? The same 10-foot tall monster that has been unable to launch a single strike on American soil in over 6 years? The same 10-foot tall monster that we have been destroying on every battlefield on which we have met it?

And exactly what moves are being dictate by these 7-th Century racist, sexist, religiously-bigoted tribesmen?

“Terrorism is a means, not an end.” Thank you, Sen Biden.

See what I mean when I talk about how liberals all think people smarter than they are stupid and must be talked down to? And yet it is the liberals who lack working brain cells?

Somehow Sen Biden has concluded that, although American forces are attacking (and killing) terrorists in a number of ways in a number of countries, it is the President who is killing them who doesn’t understand that we’re at war with all of these folks, all of whom just need killing.

How’s that again?

But wait – it gets better.

Biden blames Bush for Iran being, “much closer to the bomb.”


Biden is one of the Democrats who insisted on turning Iranian nuclear negotiations over to Europe, that demi-continent that never has had 50 years uninterrupted by war since 1648 when the Treaty of Westphalia created the nation-state, as though they know anything about peace at all. What has been the result of these European superheroes of talk? Iran is closer to the bomb.

Blaming Bush for the total and complete (and totally and completely foreseeable) lack of results from Europeans, gone to at the behest of the Democrats is just silly.

But wait – there’s more.

“Radical recruitment is on the rise.” This is a problem? If it’s on the rise, more radicals will go to Iraq to be killed. That’s a problem? In what dimension?

“Hamas controls Gaza and launches rockets at Israel every day.” Yep. Why? Because the Democrats and Europeans scream bloody murder when Israel responds forcefully. If the Left realized that bad guys just need to be killed, Israel likely would have wiped out these guys long ago. 

Peace happens through successful conquest, period. Not recognizing this is one of the historical failures of the current Left. The party to which Sen Lieberman referred – an intelligent Democrat party – understood this.

News flash: America hasn’t won a war since we stopped going for unconditional surrender and we haven’t won a war since we started worrying about “hearts and minds.” (Of course we also haven’t won a war since we renamed the Department of War to the Department of Defense. Think about that for a moment.)

Blaming a lack of results of your policy on those you force to follow your policy is absurd – but normal stuff for Democrats.

But there’s another problem with Sen Biden’s response to Sen Lieberman, and that’s this: When perhaps the only remaining senior statesman in the party of the Democrats writes a thoughtful, historically accurate piece on the leftward lurch of the party, isn’t it the place of the standard-bearer of that party to respond?

Where’s Sen Obama? Are his foreign policy and domestic credentials so thin as to require another to respond to Sen Lieberman? Obviously.

Is he too busy not sitting in his Senate seat doing the business he is paid to do, instead running for president and missing work every day, work for which we taxpayers pay him a pretty handsome salary, to defend the party he putatively leads – and wants to formally lead — in an election year against a democrat far senior to him, with levels of experience Obama never will gain? You bet.


Suggestion to Sen Biden: Next time someone smarter than you accurately describes the movement of his party and you want to respond, respond to the discussion: the movement of the party. Don’t run off at the mouth blaming the opposition for your own party’s movement.

That’s just adolescent and absurd. Take some responsibility, dude.

And then take a look at history as it actually occurred.

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