Baby Boomers, VA Tech and Responsibility

It is truly amazing how much pure nonsense is in the statements below by “adults” who ought to know better. I have inserted comments where appropriate. The article was on AP this morning.

Report: Va. Tech Could Have Saved Lives
By KRISTEN GELINEAU (Associated Press Writer)
From Associated Press
August 30, 2007 9:50 AM EDT

RICHMOND, Va. – Virginia Tech officials could have saved lives if they had quickly warned the campus that two students had been shot to death and their killer was on the loose, a panel that investigated the attacks said.

Instead, it took administrators more than two hours to get out an e-mail warning students and staff to be cautious. The shooter had time to leave the dormitory where the first two victims were killed, mail a letter, and then enter a classroom building, chain the doors shut and kill 31 more people, including himself.

Even before the killings, the university had failed to properly care for the mentally troubled student gunman, Seung-Hui Cho, the panel found.

One victim’s mother on Thursday urged Gov. Timothy M. Kaine to “show some leadership” and fire the university’s president and campus police chief for their lack of action during the April 16 attack. Others demanded accountability for errors that were made.

Kaine, however, told The Associated Press on Thursday that the school’s officials had suffered enough without losing their jobs. Suffered enough? 32 kids were killed and this clown of a governor thinks that a few sleepless nights after not protecting the children in his care is suffering enough? Yet somehow he is not held accountable? How about fire the incompetent  jerk, show the parents and the public that he believes in accountability – and if this president won’t take care of their kids, he’ll find someone who will?! Why is that so hard? And I don’t give a crap if the guy who failed all those children can’t make his mortgage payment. Those children were more important than is mortgage, PERIOD.

“This is not something where the university officials, faculty, administrators have just been very blithe,” Kaine said. “There has been deep grieving about this and it’s torn the campus up.” Who gives a rat’s butt about grieving? Grieving happens when the kids are dead, accomplishes nothing concrete – and certainly doesn’t show anyone that choices have been made to ensure it doesn’t happen again – as in holding accountable the President and Security chief who utterly failed to protect these kids – and those kids who never will have children, depriving society and themselves of who knows how much valuable talent, capability, passion, talent, etc. If it’s really, “Torn the campus up,” then fire the guys who let it happen, show some maturity and accept that consequences follow mistakes, make the changes and fix the problem. What is it with this entire Baby Boomer generation of “grown-ups” that they are just too stupid to understand cause-and-effect, and too dumb to realize that actions have consequences and that the ONLY difference between an adult and an adolescent is acceptance of responsibility, and we have almost an entire generation of 40+-yr-old adolescents who absolutely refuse to accept responsibility, thinking that words like “grieving” or “closure” help ANYONE, including society at large in getting over tragedies like this. Here’s a clue: Parents don’t GET OVER burying their children – and no mature person cares AT ALL how the person who COULD HAVE PREVENTED IT feels about it.

“I want to fix this problem so I can reduce the chance of anything like this ever happening again,” he said. “If I thought firings would be the way to do that, then that would be what I would focus on.” How this idiot thinks NOT holding people accountable will fix anything is a complete unknown – no culture anywhere at any time in history has prospered by NOT taking accountability for their actions.

An eight-member panel appointed by Kaine spent four months investigating the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history and issued its report late Wednesday.

“Warning the students, faculty and staff might have made a difference,” the panel. “So the earlier and clearer the warning, the more chance an individual had of surviving.” Might have made a difference? MIGHT?!?!?!?

The first victims were shot shortly after 7 a.m. It wasn’t until 9:26 a.m. that the school sent an e-mail to students and faculty warning: “Shooting on campus. The university community is urged to be cautious and are asked to contact Virginia Tech Police if you observe anything suspicious or with information on the case.” Cho opened fire inside Norris Hall about 20 minutes later.

Derek O’Dell, who was shot in the arm at Norris Hall, said he probably wouldn’t have gone to class that morning if he knew there was a killer on the loose.

“I don’t think anybody would have,” he said. Oh, really? Of COURSE they wouldn’t have gone. So: Every dead kid after the first two is the responsibility of the President and Security chief. Why SHOULDN’T they be held responsible?

“The alert should have been issued and classes should have been closed,” the panel’s chairman, Gerald Massengill, told the AP Thursday.
But the panel also concluded that a lockdown of the 131 buildings on campus would not have been feasible. And while the first message sent by the university could have gone out at least an hour earlier and been more specific, Cho likely still would have found more people to kill, it said. So – we’re going to EXCUSE the lack of performance on the part of these individuals resulting in the deaths of 32 kids because SOMEONE ELSE MIGHT HAVE BEEN KILLED? Would YOU accept this had it been YOUR kids? Hell, NO! Besides, as student O’Dell points out, had the kids known they wouldn’t have GONE TO CLASS. Leave to Boomers to think that kids can’t make intelligent decisions and that the only way to have kept the kids out of the classes would have been a lock-down. Screw the lockdown. Give the kids the information and they’ll make the right choices. It’s not like they are Baby Boomers. If the “adult” Boomers weren’t going to do the right thing, at least they could have provided the information to those smarter than they – that’d be the kids – and they would have done the right thing. Boomers are sooo stupid it is appalling.

“There does not seem to be a plausible scenario of a university response to the double homicide that could have prevented the tragedy of considerable magnitude on April 16,” the report said. “Cho had started on a mission of fulfilling a fantasy of revenge.” BS, pure BS. Once the first two kids were dead it had nothing to do with Cho. It had to do with dissemination of information – and the University officials CHOSE NOT TO DO THAT – and kids DIED because of that immature, irresponsible choice.

The report detailed a breakdown in communication about the gunman, who had shown signs of mental health problems for years.

His middle school teachers had found signs of suicidal and homicidal thoughts in his writings after the Columbine High School shootings in 1999. He received psychiatric counseling and was on medication for a short time. In 2006, he wrote a paper for his Virginia Tech creative writing class about a young man who hates students at his school and plans to kill them and himself, the report said.

The university’s counseling center failed to give Cho the support he needed despite the warnings, including his referral to the center in 2005 because of bizarre behavior and concerns he was suicidal, the panel said. It blamed a lack of resources, misinterpretation of privacy laws and passivity. Here’s more Boomer BS. Why do we care what HE “needed? Society needed to be protected from HIM. If he’s sick – put him away, don’t just spend months troubling yourself with doing the humane thing with this guy – PUT HIM AWAY and worry about the greater good. Boomers are incapable of this. They refuse to see the forest, focusing on the trees. This is the same in education – they focus on the “educators” (remember when they were called “teachers,” and did?) and how the “educators” feel about themselves rather than on the greater good: How well they are educating the next generation? We have lost two generations of children to idiotic, unionized “educators” by catering to unionized “educators”  who refuse to be held accountable, refuse to teach the kids what they need to know, yammer all the time about “they know best” when the results absolutely belie that belief.

Individuals and departments at Virginia Tech were aware of incidents that suggested his mental instability, but “did not intervene effectively. No one knew all the information and no one connected all the dots,” the report said.

The report said the response by university and Blacksburg police to the dormitory shootings was well coordinated, and said the police response at Norris Hall was “prompt and effective,” as was triage and evacuation of the wounded. But it also noted university police may have erred in prematurely concluding that the first two shootings were the result of a domestic dispute. Had the response been “prompt and effective,” 32 kids wouldn’t be DEAD. This is just another exercise in not holding people accountable, going at least a step toward not precluding this occurring again.

“As you read the report, it’s clear that so many of the mistakes that were made result from a failure of leadership at the very top levels of the university,” said Cathy Read, stepmother of slain freshman Mary Karen Read. Absolutely right. And someone needs to be held accountable. Why, when Abu Ghraib went down, did the liberal and media establishments want someone held accountable (correctly so) and no one even died? Here we have 32 CHILDREN cut-down, and the same establishments want NO ONE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. WHY!!!!????

Celeste Peterson, whose freshman daughter Erin was killed, said the governor should act forcefully and fire university President Charles Steger and campus police Chief Wendell Flinchum.

“This is his opportunity to step up and do the right thing,” she said Thursday. In Virginia, university presidents serve at the pleasure of the Board of Visitors, which is appointed by the governor. Campus police chiefs are accountable to the university president.

William O’Neil, father of slain graduate student Daniel O’Neil, called it outrageous that no one had been held accountable. “With the exception, of course, of Cho, no one from the university is held accountable,” he said. He is completely correct.

Diane Strollo, whose daughter Hilary was shot and survived, said she was thankful the panel recognized that an earlier warning could have derailed Cho’s plans for Norris Hall.

“Had some or all of the student body been notified that 2 students were gunned down that morning, they may have had heightened sensitivity to the sound of gunshots and other suspicious activity,” Strollo wrote in an e-mail to the AP. “One or two minutes of notice may have been critical in saving more lives in Norris Hall.”

At the end of the day, we have a horrible shooting; kids who never will grow up and have their own families, who knows how many of their children who may have been extraordinary contributors to society. AND NOT ONE PERSON HAS BEEN HELD ACCOUNTABLE, not ONE person has lost their job, not one person has even been demoted. Everyone just continues doing what they’ve always done – which Cho just proved beyond a shadow of a doubt is NOT ENOUGH. You can BET that had the President and Security chief been flat-out fired, other Presidents and Security chiefs would put in-place procedures to preclude that – knowing they’d be risking their livelihoods if they weren’t successful. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO FIX THINGS THAN HOLDING PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE, yet we have an entire GENERATION who doesn’t believe in accountability. We’re more friggin’ concerned about the grief the NON-PARENTS at VT are going through than in making sure it doesn’t happen again. And PRIVACY LAWS? Give me a break. Would you sacrifice YOUR child for the PRIVACY rights of some idiot like Cho? REALLY? WHY? I just can’t imagine any PARENT agreeing with that. Or, like the man said, they have no right to be parents – whether Boomers like it or not.


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