Pre-PA Primary Thoughts

If Hillary gets the nom, Blacks will stay home and the GOP’ll win. The DNC will get trashed from the Left ideologically and from the Right opportunistically. Pass the popcorn.
If Barack gets the nom, two things will happen:
1. All those large states that went Hillary (non-latte states for the most part) will go GOP, because:
2. The older and security-minded voters will either swing to McCain or stay home. Good for the country either way.
If Barack gets the nom and somehow gets past McCain, as many have noted, race relations will be set back 50 years in America – by the Democrats’ nominating someone who would say, “a typical White person,” a more racist comment than has been uttered in decades on the President campaign trail, and who never was held to task for it.

Racism is in Obama’s genes – he doesn’t even realize how offensive he is. (Just like anti-Americanism is in Mrs. Obama’s genes.) Perhaps the press will start waking up, I don’t know.
Frankly the race seems McCain’s to lose right now with the Democrats tearing themselves apart. An awful lot could hinge on McCain’s VP choice. He can’t pander, but he has to find someone that gives the center-left an ability to vote GOP. Lieberman would be, I think, an excellent, perhaps the best choice.

(Lieberman got tossed by his own party; the Center voted him in – same folks McCain needs; I’m sure it’s hard on him to take their trashing everyday; he can do this and retire and not worry about anymore. It doesn’t leave the GOP with a succession but they really cannot afford that worry right now; the country at-large seems to want to get past partisanship and McCain and Lieberman hold the nation’s mindshare of bipartisan cooperation.)
The issue here is winning. It’s about GWOT and SCOTUS. Frankly all else everyone’s talking about is the purview of Congress anyway – Social Security, health care, the economy, etc.

Obama is ignorant of world political realities, having proved so on every possible occasion. His sense of entitlement vastly exceeds that for which people hammer Hillary – he actually seems to believe he not only is entitled to the Presidency, but entitled to be nominated without any questions concerning behavior, character, thoughts, associates, values, etc.

Obama is absolutely clueless on American values outside the SF and Boston coffeehouses. Sure – he does well among the young, but by definition these voters don’t yet know what they are talking about.

And having lived the life of luxury since the Reagan tax cuts and Clinton’s tack to the Center on trade, latte voters have no concept of (and certainly never have been taught by unionized teachers about) life in earlier, more dismal times – the Carter presidency, the LBJ presidency, the Depression, etc.

Perhaps the Press next time will spend more time up-front on the important aspects of a candidate rather than pushing one too soon based on those things we are supposed not to notice? Like race? Probably not.

(If you don’t think Ms. Ferraro was correct, you have not been paying any attention at all the past 20 years. It’s easy for the Left to brush this aside by saying – hey he is doing just fine and not getting these votes because of race. This, of course, does not answer the issue: No one would have heard of him to vote for, he never would have been nationally introduced, no one would have seen him or listened to him had he not been the black candidate in answer to the dreams of Liberals – or so they thought until they realized, wait, I thought a woman was the answer to our dreams.)

Above everything else proven this year is the complete irresponsibility of the Press with the singular exception of Stephanopoulos and Gibson – for which the Left trashed them.
I think McCain is doing a good job staying out of the way — as one pundit said in March, why risk getting shot by running into the middle of a circular firing squad? We just need to let them play-out their hand.
Remember how many Dems have said they’ll go GOP rather than support Obama. That’ll be the key in November.

The GOP must win this election, and I think it can. In doing so McCain can help move the party center-wards, where it needs to be to address the concerns of the majority of Americans.

It is past time for the GOP to throw the Hard Right under the bus. (I was @ a CA GOP conference in 2006 at which a petition was circulating to eject Falwell from the GOP. Imagine the Left ejecting Gore?)

It is also past time for the DNC to throw the Hard Left under the bus. Lacking any core philosophy, this will be harder for the gaggle of interest groups of the Left to do than it will be for the Right. (Throwing 20% of the party under the bus also is easier than throwing 90% of the party under the bus.)

BTW I am VERY disappointed in Sam Nunn’s support for Obama. I thought he had ‘waaaaay more sense than that.


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