The Domestic Impact of Terrorism

How much longer do free citizens in the USA need to spend time in internal counter-terror measures? How much longer do we patiently take off our shoes and belts while waiting in absurdly long and counter-productive lines to move about the country and the world on the business of creating freedom and wealth for our fellow human beings?

How much more do we need to spend in addition to the billions wasted on TSA, on wasted hours standing in security lines, on the wasted thousands of domestic and international investigations of terrorists?

How much longer do we raise our kids in a state unwilling to protect itself – but willing to cow before symptoms of a problem we all know exists, a problem created by a, ahem,  — civilization — left behind, and returning to the barbarity of, a millennium ago?

How much longer do we let the disease fester while giving aspirin to those affected?

Is it not time we took back Western Civilization? Is it not time we killed the disease rather than continuing to spend time and money on the symptoms?

We all know that nothing of note has ever been produced outside of European civilization – no vaccines, no transportation, no surgical procedures, no advances in manufacturing, in technology, in communications, in farming; NOTHING that has created liberty, freedom, wealth, education, prosperity.

That this does not comport with modern –multiculturalists- does not make it any less a fact. It only demonstrates, yet again, as if it needed demonstration, yet again, of the utter and complete idiocy of the – multiculturalists — who are, in truth, American Imperialists.

(Don’t believe me? When was the last time you heard a multiculti bloviate about female genital mutilation being OK because it was culturally correct in another culture? About women having zero rights because they do not across ALL of the non-Western globe – and not consistently within the West? About protection for Intellectual Property (e.g. piracy of movies, books, ideas)? About free speech and free association – which the multicultis will do everything in their power to preclude if that speech does not comport with their current talking points?

These people are idiots – uneducated, ill-informed, ignorant idiots.

And they are destroying our civilization, our freedoms, our rights, our future.

And we are letting them.

How much longer do we pretend that these Islamic terrorists and the cultures and cities and clerics and civilians who sponsor them have something worth sacrificing the rights and liberties hard-won through thousands of years of Western Civilization – and how much longer will we give up these liberties to pretend to fight those who wish to take them all from us?

Europeans have given up and are disappearing. There are NO European countries with a fertility rate at replacement level; they have elected to remove themselves from the gene pool. Bye!

No reason exists that the rest of the West needs to follow them down that end.

Yet we have a bunch of complete idiots here in America who want to be more like Europe. Right. Sure they do. They complain about unemployment and want to be like Europe where unemployment has been double-digit for decades. They complain about our laws and want to be like Europe in which no countries have a Constitutional protection against search and seizure by the government.

These people are just plain stupid.

Do those of you supporting the continued advance of Islam into Europe have any idea of the economic impact of a Sharia Europe? No alcohol (21% of France’s GDP, by the way), no education, no tourism, no trading partner? You think that will have no impact on the Americas? No impact on a Russia just beginning to move into the 20th century and free exchange of ideas?

You thought the Depression was bad? What do you think will happen when Europe is out of work? You think that will foster an increase in rights, liberties, wealth and ideas? Or peace?

Hell, no.

We know where Jihad is preached. We know who the major preachers are. Why are they and their families more important that we and ours? Why is wasting our productive time more important than killing those who have no thought, idea or feeling of productivity – and whose only product is death?

We kill rabid dogs. Why is a rabid civilization any different?

Islamists contribute nothing positive to the world and would not be at all missed if they were gone – but their barbarity and terrorism would be missed — positively.

It is within our power to remove them.

And it is past time to do so.

All we do now is put Band-Aids on gaping wounds. We are smarter than that and our kids deserve a better future than we can give them by kicking this can down the road as did Neville Chamberlain and the British elites in the 1930s. As Obama wants to do now.

War sooner is ALWAYS less costly than war later. Pretending that war will not happen is just ignorant. Just like pretending we are in a true warfighting mode now in Iraq or against terror anywhere.

Sacrificing a single additional American warfighter to the idiocy of not taking it to the bad guys is just an utter waste – a deep, personal and irreplaceable waste.

Either we are a civilization confident that we are the best — which is inarguable, frankly: if you doubt it, try to come up with anything of note ever invented by another — a civilization willing to ensure our rights and liberties to ourselves and our posterity – even if it means killing millions who threaten us – or we are not.

There is no in-between here.

Take a look at the Islamic Brotherhood document on taking over the West through jihad and Sharia. It has been followed for decades. It is succeeding.

If that does not scare you, you are not paying attention. Probably reading the mainstream media and believing the idiots on the tube.

It is time to kill the killers.

I do not want my daughter to be forced to walk around in a tent, or to be unable to leave the house without a male around. I do not want my son to die fighting 7th-century barbarians in another decade because our current non-leaders prefer to wait until it is nearly too late to fix a problem; prefer to believe that these people and their thousand-year memories of fantasy and death will become rational in a Western sense (not a very multicultural thought, by the way), and prefer to believe that their development of weapons will not result in their use by end-days fanatics such as those in power throughout Islamic lands.

And, no, deserting the country when called just ensures others die for you. Had the baby boomers stood up for what they SAID they believed and all had been willing to go to jail instead of to Vietnam, as did Cassius Clay, that war would have been stopped sooner and more lives would have been saved. You think the government would have locked up 100,000 of its privileged youth? No. By running away those youths just ensured more death, more destruction, and the loss of the life of another because their candy-ass, lily-livered selves were judged by themselves — too important. How selfish is that?

Hitler killed millions because the rest of the civilized world thought he was rational and could be dissuaded. He wanted war — everything you can find in any historical document – including his own words – was that he desired war. He finally got it at huge cost.

We know the Islamists want war. Ahmedinajad is a believer in end-days chaos before Nirvana – anyone who thinks he is not pursuing an end-days chaos strategy has their head in the sand. Deeply.

Why wait until they are stronger? They want war? Give it to them — and not on the ground with bullets and tanks. And not the conventional crap on which we need to continue to spend and spend dollars and lives.

Nuke the bastards. Just like in Japan, nuked civilians who allowed their country and government to bring it on their heads will be sacrificed. Oh, well. Maybe it will be a while until another people allows their culture, country or civilization to be so misused by their leaders.

People who are proud to kill their own children, who dance in the streets celebrating the death of others, simply do not deserve to live. Nor does the civilization producing them.

Any ideas that these people are –just like us– need to be saved for the fantasy world of the Upper East Side, San Francisco, Hyde Park and Santa Monica. These ideas are dangerous in the real world.

These people are NOT like us. They never WILL BE like us. They need to be killed BEFORE THEY KILL US.

To believe that these people are rational in the Western sense is Western Imperialism – it is NOT a belief that cultures differ. You bet cultures differ. And this one wants to kill ours. It cannot be any plainer than now.

The absolutely Western notion of not killing civilians (always intriguing when espoused by a –multiculturalist), is simply insane. ANY government is a product of its society and civilians. Innocent civilians? Where?

To think that the people in pick-an-Islamist-country cannot overthrow their leaders is ahistorical tripe. Of course they can. Why do you think these governments are repressive? To keep down the cost of tomatoes?

Islamic terror is what Muslims want. Those not carrying it out celebrate it or do not attempt to stop it. And, no, a gunfight or two every month in Saudi Arabia is not the Saudis trying to stop terror; it is trying to keep it elsewhere – and not trying very seriously at that.

We are in a civilizational war here. You understand it or you are an idiot – and one who assists the enemy with your idiocy. Please go and sit with Sean Penn and his ilk on the front lines in the way of the incoming nukes so we can rid the earth of you as we do the Islamists.


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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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