Brexit and a Red Blue Future

This is an interesting column on Brexit, Trump, and the similarity in voter cohort for each. But the columnist – and the pollsters – are missing the point. So focused are they on the trees, they fail to see the forest.

The campaign to remain won over two-thirds of non-whites, about three-fifths of college graduates, and big majorities among younger and urban voters…. All of this replicates American patterns. Democrats now rely on an urbanized coalition of Millennials, minorities, and socially liberal college-educated and single whites (especially women). Republicans thrive among older, non-college educated and religiously devout whites, especially outside of major cities.

“Demographic change” is the culprit for Brexit and Trump. But it is not the demographic change pundits and politicians on the Left are pursuing in their never-ending quest to label those of us who appreciate the rule of law (which has nothing to do with race) as “racist” or “sexist,” or any other antiquated “-ist” leftover from the Baby Boomer culture wars of the 1960s.

Both in Brexit and in Trump voters, the columnist and pollsters note that the cohort voting “Leave” and Trump, are the same: Older, whiter, less-urbanized, less-educated.

True. But that is not the fault line. That is only an artifact of the fault line.

Placing the fault line on race or education or location is blaming artifacts for the result. These artifacts are as noted: younger, more urban, single women, etc. But these only are a reflection of a shared worldview by these groups, and that worldview is far larger – and of far greater import – than these categories.

Nothing expresses one’s worldview more strongly than the desire to have children, to populate our future, to keep progress progressing, and to pass on cultural mores.

Below is a graph of the State-level Red v Blue results from the 2012 election, sorted by the TFR (Total Fertility Rate) of each state.

American TFR by State, 2012 Election

American TFR by State, 2012 Election

As you can see, fertility is weighted heavily toward Red states – those states with the cohort voting, in America for Trump, and in Britain for Brexit.

In TFR ranking, the top nine States are Red; the bottom 12 States are Blue. In the lowest 25 States in TFR, 5 are Red. In the highest 25 States in TFR, 6 are Blue.

Those who believe in the future enough to populate it, whose worldview includes propagating our cultural values of liberty and independence through the ages, are voting for liberty through Brexit and Trump.

These are people who want to ensure that our cultural values, gleaned from millennia of struggle against tyrants in many shapes and forms, persist into a future holding their offspring. They are voting for accountable, representative government rather than government by special interest, by remote ruling class, by unaccountable legislative bodies: the EU Parliament – or what has become a one-party Congress. They are voting against spending today the earnings of those who will populate that future tomorrow. They are voting for the Rule of Law. In America this cohort is voting Trump. In Britain it voted Brexit.

Those who refuse populating that future are voting for less liberty, for ever-more regulation, for a more-encroaching state, and for taking money to spend today from a future they refuse to populate, leaving their bill to the children of those who share none of their values.

This cohort of voters vote Democrat in America, and in Britain for “Remain.” These voters are voting for the Rule of Man, as evidenced by the support for far-reaching Executive Orders by Obama, by the never-ending campaign to remove the 2nd Amendment – without even bothering with the Constitutional solution of amending that document, with the constant overturning and rewriting of laws by executive fiat regardless of the will of the citizens whom that executive and government ostensibly represent.

These voters does not believe that the values of America, of Western Civilization, are worth propagating, are worth what they see as a sacrifice – and the Trump and Brexit voters see as a blessing – of having children to retain and ensure those values across the ages.

Yes, demographics explain the Red/Blue divide in America, and the Leave/Remain vote in Britain. But the issue is far more broad than race or gender or creed or color.

Liberals are correct: race and gender do not matter and must be ignored. Viewing voting statistics by singling out people by race and gender results in a false conclusion as to why the vote is split.

The split is demographic – but it is along fertility lines. The split is in the worldview of each cohort regarding the future.

The graph also is why I continually post that Red State secession is the best, most peaceful, most economically sound answer to the culture wars in America.

  • Blue States want to live off the earnings and labor of others as taken and redistributed by an ever-larger government, rather than their own effort; Red States want the opposite.
  • Blue States want to take money from the future; Red States do not.
  • Blue States do not want people to be able to defend themselves from criminals. Red States want to defend themselves – and their families.
  • Blue States want an encroaching government as Nanny and Parent. Red States want what the Founders wanted – a small government, and to be left alone in liberty under law.

We no longer have the same worldview. We no longer have the same goals. Only inertia is holding us together. And that is not enough.

We can continue to wage cultural war, to succumb to the tyranny and lack of law of the Left. To spend the labor of future Red State citizens on Blue priorities that will always fail, as they have throughout history and are – right now – in Brazil and Venezuela, and argue. We can continue overturning the will of the Founders and the America we all grew up in…

Or we can leave. Which is the only sensible alternative.

We are not going to succumb to the totalitarian Left. They are not going to suddenly desire liberty.

It is time for Red States and Blue States, as with Britain and Europe, to go our separate ways.


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GOPe New Heights of Idiocy


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Finally Recognized: Postwar Stasis has Ended

Before the Wilsonians among us (the DNC/GOPe Bipartisan Fusion Party) can go out and make the world “safe for democracy” and spend trillions on weapons to enrich the Military Industrial Complex (you don’t think those weapons are to win wars, do you? We haven’t won a war since 1945 – heck, we haven’t even TRIED to win a war since 1945), the world first must be made safe.

And we can’t afford it, nor is it our business.

Let the Chinese make their sphere of influence safe and let the locals figure out how to play nicely with them. They know capitalism is the only way forward. They also are far more mature than the West – they execute islamists trying to overthrow their culture and government without worrying about skin color or religion – or anything but the danger poised to their country & culture.

If the ROK and Japan need to nuke-up to deter too much PRC aggression – fine. Had Ukraine stayed nuked-up, they would still exist as an independent nation. Would anyone really care if Vietnam came under PRC influence? Or if China, understanding it was their sphere and would go uncontested, finally overthrew the nutty Norks? (and if you think China will not go uncontested, are you really willing to nuke Beijing, and have them nuke SF & LA for Hanoi? Really? I don’t care about Hanoi – nor should you.)

The idea that only the current nuclear nations are responsible enough to have nukes is childish and absurd. If we were responsible enough to have nukes, and to defend the West with them, we’d have nuked Mecca on 9/12/2001. Ukraine is poster art for nuclear proliferation – give up your nukes, lose your freedom. Do you really think Iran didn’t learn this lesson?

A world based on the same principle on which America bases the 2nd Amendment would be far more mature, and far safer, than what we have today. Use a nuke – become a parking lot. Attack another nation – become a parking lot. Much more mature than wasting educated Western lives – for years – shooting Neanderthal muslims one-by-one; less recidivism, better end result. Faster-Better-Cheaper. This is the Information Age, after all.

If Iran nukes Riyadh, I want Riyadh to be able to respond in-kind, don’t you? If Iran nukes Jerusalem, you can bet your ass Israel will respond in-kind. And that will be a VERY GOOD THING.

If the Norks nuke the ROKs, do you really want to waste the lives of 17,000 Americans and a few trillion dollars trying to put the Norks back in the cage Clinton (D) & Bush (R) let them out of? Nope. Let Seoul nuke em. It isn’t as though the lives of the grass-and-bug-eating Norks would deteriorate below where they are  now, and it would help solve the entire problem China has with overthrowing the regime – the outflow of Koreans to find food in China.

Let the Russians make their sphere of influence safe and let the locals figure out how to play nicely with them. The islamists are on their southern border, after all (well, at least those not driven into Europe by Bush & Obama and those nor flown into America by Obama & Ryan). Russia has no trouble executing those trying to overthrow their culture and government, which is as it should be. What do you think leaders are for if not to defend those they lead? I know this is a newsflash to those 2nd Graders called “Progressives,” but there it is…

France and Britain have nukes. Russia is not at all likely to bother them. Germany has given up on the world – lowest fertility on the planet – if they don’t care about their future enough to populate it, why should anyone else care about it enough to defend it? That’s infantile.

And let us worry about the Americas. A lot more problems exist to our south than Mexico. Venezuela, for a start. If you think the self-induced catastrophe there won’t wind up crossing the Rio Grande, you’re not paying attention. And Brazil? Both are nations of enormous potential drowning in the sewage of leftism that half of America wants to import here. We can figure out how to work with S America a lot more easily than fixing ISIS thousands of miles and a millennium away from us. To begin with S. Americans are basically Westerners.

So let’s let Russia worry about S Asia & the Middle East. Israel already is working with Putin. Those are two adult countries uninfected by the Baby Boomer leftism destroying America.

Let’s let China, another adult nation, worry about the western Pacific (they want their ships safe, too, and there’s no reason we can’t hand over shipping security at the Dateline), and Africa – China is creating jobs in Africa. We are still destroying their nascent textile industry (the beginning of industrialization) by shipping them old, worn-out clothes.

The Cold War is over, folks. Let the three major powers police the security in their own near-abroad. Faster way to a safer world than pretending we can still do this all on our own.

What is your interest? Safety or death?

.. or, if we wait a bit longer, France may well re-imagine her colonial strength in the ME/N Africa, and start it with a bang. They’re getting pretty tired of the Neanderthals attacking their nationals. And when France gets serious… well, let’s just say they may still understand the concept, unlike the rest of the West. Ask the sailors on the Rainbow Warrior. When the Nikki Parsons character in the Bourne Identity was told to “clean up” the dead guy in the street after the apartment fight, she wasn’t kidding when she said, “I can’t do that! This is Paris!” And the screenwriter knew France. France wants to re-assert a colonial strength they never really had. What better way than starting the beginning of the end for Islamism in their own former colonies?

The post-war stasis is over. It ended with the fall of the Wall. The West has been treading water since pretending this ahistorical 70-year period of lack of conflict between Great Powers is normal… when it has NEVER before happened. Islam has been violently prepping a violent breakout as we have been in the pool with a beer.

Something will change, the stasis will end. The Status no longer will Quo.

Brexit shows people want independence and national sovereignty. The eight other EU nations demanding a referendum show it is not just Britain. The Trump v Ruling Party divide in America shows the same. ISIS will get too bold with the wrong party and we’ll be parking cars there.

The world is moving again – the stasis is over, and only three alternatives seem evident: Either liberty will be regained/granted peacefully to those who want it, it will be taken from the Left via armed revolt – at least across the West, or that revolt will be crushed and liberty will die for centuries, if not forever.

Liberty is the anomaly – not the norm. And the UN, EU, IMF, WTO, and the bipartisan fusion party here in America… ALL are against it.

On which side will you be? The recognition that stasis is over is accelerating. History is about to re-start.


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Brexit and its Enemies. The “Western Spring”: One-Off or Historic Moment?

It is not enough that more than a half-dozen other nations want out of the EU as long as the ruling class globalists ignore the will of their voters and demand they stay in.

Make no mistake – the EU is going to try as hard as it can to ignore the BREXIT (non-binding) referendum. Germany now is saying the EU will be “ungovernable [by the EU]” if countries leave (which is the entire point of Brexit).

Germany is proving a far greater threat to Western liberty today than is Russia. So is Obama.

The Germany that caused the paroxysm of liberty-annihilating violence that was WW1 and WW2, killing over a seventy million human beings, was the driving force to create NATO. “At [NATO’s] origin, the organization’s goal, as famously stated by Lord Ismay, the first NATO Secretary General, was ‘to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.‘”

Well, NATO: Germany is rising. Rather than head to the North Atlantic failed nation of Afghanistan looking for a war to fight to justify your “defense” spending, perhaps it’s past time to review the entire NATO mission & scope? No rationale remains for NATO to continue to oppose Russia on the basis of protecting Western liberties. The Western Ruling Class, led in Europe by Germany’s Merkel and in America by the bipartisan fusion party of Obama, Ryan, and Hillary, is just as opposed to liberty as was the USSR, just as enamored of citizens ratting out one another to the State as were Merkel’s STASI and the KGB, just as desirous of taking your guns as were Stalin and Hitler.

Internally, the West is ordered to take liberty FROM its citizens:

  • To subrogate national will, customs, laws and culture to unaccountable leftist bureaucrats at the UN and EU.
  • To open Western borders to illiterate, non-western immigrants, while sending the jobs of their own Middle Class – the foundation of Western Civilization – to a 3rd world being overtaken by political islam.
  • To increase immigration by those from countries with socialist, big-gov governments, to vote-in the same here that they left there, with the goal of overturning liberty via the ballot box. (If you think only Erdogan believes, “Democracy is like a streetcar, you ride it until you arrive at your destination and then you step off,” you have not been paying attention to the internationalist and Baby Boomer Left since 1968.)
  • To mal-educate future voters (when the entire nation no longer understands history, the desire for liberty is extinguished and any need to defend it evaporates).

Externally, the West is configured for the last major re-ordering of nations: the end of WW2. Our major military units are configured now to be prepared to fight each other: the USA, Europe, the (extinct) USSR, and China, in a Cold War that no longer exists. Modern militaries and nations are facing off against one another rather than against a pre-modern and civilizationally confident enemy rapidly undoing millennia of individual human rights and liberty.

We need to stop facing each other and start facing south, for that is where the danger is growing, a danger un-addressed by Western Ruling Classes.

SOMEONE is going to have to step-up and turn the West, Russia & China toward what is an existential enemy for all of the 3rd world, and is becoming one for europe, Russia and China: Islam.

Islam WILL have to be annihilated… it WILL consume more and more of Western Civilization and modernity until it is…


These same Western, european powers configured to fight non-enemies, are configuring themselves to terminate liberty within their own borders. What do you think Obama & Hillary are all about? Merkel? Cameron? Ryan?

The Left’s threat to liberty is just as existential as is islam’s. “Synergy” is an over-used word, but…

Perhaps the Ruling Class is not addressing the threat of islam because islam can do the dirty work of destroying liberty under the Ruling Class’ guise to defend it? Seen your 4th Amendment lately? Then the ruling class can destroy islam once they are done with us. Or use it, as are the Gulf States monarchies, to subjugate … us.

If the West, which can destroy any nation in a few minutes, which beat the most modern militaries of their day, Germany and Japan, simultaneously, across the entire planet, in four years for under $4T (present day dollars) has not beaten-back a pre-modern islam with only small arms, in 15 years

… do you think that’s due to lack of capability?

What defines Western Civilization? A Middle Class. Who is doing the best to destroy that Middle Class? Obama, Merkel, Hillary, Ryan, Reid, Schumer, Pelosi, Soros. Globalists.

Citizens of Western nations with a (rapidly fading) history of liberty will have to take their countries back, re-order their nations and alliances away from a ruling class interested only in power.

We are seeing the beginnings of that global re-ordering with Brexit – and with Trump. Brexit is required on a global scale to save liberty from the Left. It will have to gather steam and continue… and that, as is the case with all of Western Civilization, is reliant on America.

If the West doesn’t overthrow the ruling class, and stop the muslim invasion Bush started, Obama accelerated, and Hillary will put on steroids, Western Civilization, Western Human Rights, Western liberty… will be gone.

If America elects Hillary, if the ruling class elites of the GOP – and their #NeverTrump fellow travelers – refuse Trump, the “Western Spring” is over.

In America liberty likely will win, but only because of armed citizens – not because of our military; our military leadership has gone over to the other side. How else to explain the lack of military rancor, retired or not, over Benghazi? Over the summary firing of 4-star General Ham for trying to rescue Benghazi? Over the thousands of senior military officers dismissed by Obama? Or the total rejection by flag officers of their oath to defend the Constitution against the clear domestic enemy in the White House?

In nations with an unarmed citizenry… maybe their citizens need to fix that. Armed citizens may well be the only thing standing between the West and the annihilation of liberty by islam and the totalitarian One-Worlders.

In America, Obama’s dictatorial reign has resulted in the purchase of 52,000 guns per day. What are they for? The 2nd Amendment, the entire purpose of which is to overthrow a tyrannical government.

In europe, they had better get started…


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