If ISIS is Stupid Enough to come to America

It is important to remember, regardless of all the handwringing & hoopla by press & politicians, this:  Islam can’t win here.

If they blow up DC, they’ll do us a favor; an even bigger one if secession by Red States, and nuking of Mecca & Medina follow.

If they go into cities they’ll only kill Dem voters, many of whom immediately will become conservatives (def: a mugged liberal).

When they enter the suburbs & countryside, they’ll learn the truth of Adm Yamato’s, “…behind every blade of grass,” and we’ll end the PC pretense of moderation to hunt down any who […]

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Liberty and Information

I’ve written before of the accelerating Information Age and the changes it has and will continue to bring. Look across Western History to arguably the biggest philosophical change since the advent of Christianity: The Enlightenment; liberty from a Church opposed to it. What drove the Enlightenment? What drove the intellectual class, policy makers and finally governments from a dependence on Faith to a dependence on Reason?

Information: The printing press and mass literacy drove a demand for liberty that created the largest, fastest alteration in government and governing philosophy in history.

It’s doing so again.

As we find ourselves in […]

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Driverless Car Impacts

They’re coming sooner than most people think. What will they mean? What will be the unintended consequences? What about the societal impact? What about the role of government?

That last sounds odd; what does the government have to do with driverless cars?

Well, the sooner these things are the majority of – or only – cars on the road, the safer everyone is, the higher the rate of road utilization, the lower the congestion and the lower the national gas consumption. Driverless cars will reduce congestion by as much as 90%. This is due to the faster reaction time of […]

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Wars, Costs and Weapons

The generally accepted financial cost to the world of the Gulf War (Kuwait) was $80B, of which $61.1B was America’s cost.

The goal of the Kuwait action was to prove the sanctity of borders. This was – and is – a dumb idea.

Borders, like societies, change, and must be allowed to. Europe’s borders were altered many times in the 19th Century and at least three times in the 20th as States appeared and disappeared as the result of empire or war. In post-war Europe, the USSR gobbled up countries and borders changed. They changed again with the fall of […]

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Red v Blue: Why Secession Makes Sense

Why is California such a massive, ongoing fiscal disaster?

CA has 10% of the nation’s population and 33% of the nation’s welfare caseload. For whom do welfare voters vote? Those who give them what has been earned by others: Democrats.

The incredibly beautiful state of California, where I was born and raised and still live, cannot survive Democrats meeting all moocher demands in exchange for reliable votes. America cannot survive it.

Blue states are Blue because they contain huge Blue cities with millions of welfare voters. The Electoral Votes of these states will remain unobtainable by any politician recognizing […]

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Where the Buck Really Stops

President Harry Truman kept a sign on his desk in the Oval Office: “The Buck Stops Here.” It’s a fine saying, but it isn’t true. If the buck really stopped there, it would be both impossible and inconceivable to have an Obama as president.

The buck – the responsibility for governing and executing the laws – does not stop with the person Americans elect to fill that office.

The responsibility – the “Buck” – stops with the voters.


When – not “if” – it comes, the responsibility for all ISIS violence in America will not rest on Obama, Holder, […]

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Progressive Economics v. Reality; or Why Democrats Are Destroying the West

France has dissolved their government because of disagreement over fiscal policy. They’ll have a new one ready in a sec.

What was the problem? The adults wanted France to live within her means, and the Leftists – didn’t. What the French expected after electing a president demanding 75% income taxes is unknown. But actually thinking that would help their economic woes was childish.

In the rest of the Eurozone, the “countries” are pretty much stuck in economic doldrums, as is the USA.


Because of the nonsensical post-war Western welfare state. Because of the assumption that those who refuse to […]

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Non-Nuclear Absurdity

The refusal to discuss a nuclear response BY civilization to the enemies OF civilization is childish and absurd. The willingness to send off our educated, literate, modern, post-Enlightenment kids to do battle with these barbarians is an even greater absurdity.


Uninformed people lack an understanding of the damage nukes do – and do not – create. More on that below.


It is policy that drives decisions to deploy weapons: how many, how long, what type.


Weapons are deployed for one reason: to defeat enemies in mortal combat; the entire purpose of lethal weapons is to kill those […]

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The 2nd Amendment and America’s Enemies

The 2nd Amendment has two primary purposes. The first of course is to overthrow the government should it become tyrannical. The second is the natural right – not privilege, right – of self defense.

The 2nd has precisely NOTHING to do with hunting.

Borders define a nation. Protecting borders is an act of national self defense.

Democrats don’t believe in self-defense, national or individual.

Democrats disbelieve in borders as most people in the world would be ecstatic to live in America (yes, the same America Democrats deride), so these people will come and vote for whomever lets them in & […]

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The Reality of “Multiculturalism”

Multicultis have several pretty banal and standard complaints about the West in which they choose to live. These are non-serious, usually infantile, and always uneducated responses to a world on which they seem unable to get a grip, and have everything to do with the core belief of all Liberals that no one ever is responsible for their behavior.

(If you doubt that, look at the Democrat Party platform and see which planks are not based on a refusal to accept responsibility: None.)

Multicultis (“MCs”) tell us that the West is responsible for all harm to the world. But the […]

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