Is Representative Government Dead?

Is representative government dead? King George III refused to listen to our demand for the rights of British citizens. We threw out the British. Our president and Congress today reject our demand for the rights of American citizens under Constitutional; Rule of Law. is it time to throw out DC?

Today’s tyrants don’t care what their people think. Merkel. Obama. Hillary.  There are zero Western countries in which the majority of citizens want muslim immigrants. Why are these leaders importing muslims by the millions? To help advance the Police State that is the goal of the Left.

The West is sacrificing Constitutional liberty and the Rule of Law so that our increasingly totalitarian governments can protect us from the same violence they are doing their best to import & spread.

We are giving away Western Civilization to … save Civilization? Talk about destroying a village to save it…

Do Western governments represent their citizens any longer? No.

Since Western Civilization is defined by self-government, are we looking at the Fall of the West? Yes.

It may well be that Americans who value Law, human rights, progress and Civilization itself have reached the point from which the only course of action is the same as at our beginning: what is stated in our Declaration of Independence.

It is time for those who believe in the Rule of Law, in Self-Government, in Liberty to separate from governments destroying those traditions. Or it is time to rise up and revolt against those destroying our heritage … and our future.

If not us, who? If not now, when?


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Hillary & the Neocons want War w/ Russia

I already saw this movie. It was called “Vietnam.” Are we now awaiting another “Tonkin Gulf incident” – a lie from Obama(D) or Hillary(D) just like the lie from LBJ(D) that killed 58,000 Americans (and 2M Vietnamese)?

I could not care less if these idiots ALL kill each other. Syria is of zero strategic value to the US. OTOH, Russia’s ONLY permanent warm-water port is IN Syria, so they have a serious reason to get involved. It’s ALSO on their southern doorstep.

Darwin works – ALWAYS. If nation states cannot protect and defend themselves, then that needs to be allowed to play-out. Ukraine is a case-in-point. They voluntarily gave up their nukes – and got invaded. Oops. Syria obviously no longer can exist in the current conditions and some other Darwinian actor will subsume them. So what? Not my problem. Not my son’s problem. Not America’s problem.

(Had Prez Wilson (D-Idiot Progressive Academic) allowed WW1 to play out, the 20th Century would have not seen hundreds of millions dead by communism, fascism… LEFTISM.)

If the Neocons would grow up and smell the progress, they’d recognize that Russia is more advanced than these tribal bastards costing the PLANET irreplaceable lives, security and $T, and get on board with Putin (as we got on board with Stalin) to erase this ideology from the region.

An intelligent American response would be to get Israel and Russia on the phone and ask them to take care of this nonsense on their porch – permanently. (No – I don’t CARE if it’s costing Syrian lives; I don’t CARE if doing so costs a few hundred thousand muslim Stone Age lives – they caused it; tough crap).

Our sissified response to the existential threat that ISLAM… is … is essentially to allow it to burn down the West to save the West. Hillary & Obama are handing out the matches and Democrat voters striking them alight right now.

How about instead – we nuke the bastards and SAVE THE WEST?

But a shooting war with Russia? That’s what we’ll get with Hillary. Insanity.

These idiot Boomers came to the attention of the world PROTESTING AGAINST STUPID WARS… Now that THESE IDIOT BABY BOOMERS are in charge… they are CAUSING STUPID WARS.

Good God, is ANYONE capable of coherent, critical thinking anymore?

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Europe’s Existential Mistake … and America’s?

Following WW2, Europe’s leaders mistakenly decided Hitler & the Holocaust were the result of nationalism, so they erased their borders and made nationalism a thought crime. That Hitler was a one-off and the result of the Treaty of Versailles (another creation of the ever-failing leadership of the Continent) was not considered, though it was the actual provenance of Hitler and the Holocaust.

Because Europeans always had warred against one another and dominated all others (which is also why they and their American descendants invented the modern world), they figured if they destroyed the internal means and ideology of war, they’d live in peace forever.

Their mistake was in thinking the world external to Europe would feel the same. It didn’t and doesn’t.

That outside world now is inside Europe – and Europeans have neither the means nor the will nor the manpower to defend themselves.

So Europe is dying.

With fertility below the entire planet outside Japan, the only young people in Europe who can enter the workforce are foreigners. But because these foreigners are illiterate muslims, they can’t enter the workforce of any industrial or post-industrial country. They are and always will be unemployable and so parasites on domestic workers.

European immigrants rely on welfare taken from the workers. Without workers, there is no welfare. Without welfare, there is no sustenance. Without sustenance, there will be war.

Europe CAUSED this. Europe VOTED for this. Europe REJECTED fertility and their own workers. Which is why they’ve allowed in so many foreigners – it’s far easier to import a Paki to serve you a latte in the café by the canal than to raise and educate your own kids. (Leftists voters agree globally- there are zero political units in the West with even replacement fertility – no nations, no American States that vote Blue.)

As Europe enters its death throes it will become more and more violent, more jobs will disappear, more kids will not be born.

Europe is in a death spiral.

(We do hundreds of billions of dollars in trade with Europe, supporting millions of American jobs. If you think the disappearance of European workers will not be catastrophic for our economy, you’re just wrong.)

On Europe’s eastern borders is a nation with a leader who does not want his country killed. To think he will not enter Europe with the intent to crush those destroying Europe (and his markets and food sources) is absurd. Farther to the east of Europe is China, a nation modernizing itself on the purchases of Europeans and Americans. To think China will not address those collapsing its markets – and its jobs – also is absurd. (Laying out the case for China doing so is the plot of my geopolitical novel, China Rising. Is it fiction… still…?)

Given the idiocy and anti-civilization demands of at least half of American voters – and most of its stupidentsia – America likely will resist Russia’s and China’s efforts to save Europe (and their markets and food sources) from these foreign, illiterate, tribal savage invaders.

Rather than ally ourselves with a Russia and a China intent on defeating totalitarianism and preserving liberty and freedom in the West, just as we allied with Stalin and Chou to defeat Hitler & Imperial Japan, we will make war on Russia and China, destroying tens of thousands of Western lives, and trillions of Western dollars.

And maybe the planet.

This is how stupid American and European leadership has become… and the voters who support them.

(Sequel: American Democrats also believe nationalism and borders to be thought crimes. On the borders of Blue States are Red States who will fight to defend Liberty, markets, jobs for their kids – that also are lacking in Blue States. The situation is identical to what is described above re: Europe’s death throes. As long as Red State workers willingly provide tax dollars to be spent on Blue State parasites on our workers, and our kids’ futures (remember – no Blue State is raising future workers; only Red States believe in the future enough to populate it), we will continue to circle the drain continually enlarged by Blue State voters and the ignorant in the center who have no idea what is going on. Guess what happens next?)


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The Western Accomplices of Terror

Today’s Western leaders will do anything, sacrifice any number of our lives in their quest for power. If they can get islam to do the dirty work of killing all the citizens who demand liberty for themselves and their posterity, or just killing their demand FOR liberty, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

At some point terrorists will accomplish an attack of mass destruction on the West. It may be the Iranian nuclear weapons that Western leaders have enabled. It may be a dirty bomb (which Iran already has the capacity to make) in the streets of NY or Chicago or Miami.

How will the West respond? With bullets? Iron bombs? Artillery rounds? An embargo?

If Western leaders can drop a few iron bombs on a few sand dunes and convince us, through a complicit media, that we are “fighting ISIS,” they can keep the support of the uninformed, of the intentionally ignorant.

In totalitarian societies there is no Middle Class. There are a powerful, rich elite – and an underclass. Why would the elite care if the underclass spoke English or German or French… or Arabic or Farsi?

People continue to ask “Why” the GOP-Democrat establishment continues to import terrorists, refuses to close our borders, rejects victory in our wars?

Because a scared population will vote to reduce their own liberty and increase the totalitarianism of the State if they believe the State will make them more secure. It’s a two-fer: Statists gain power that citizens voluntarily surrender.

This is exactly the foundation of The Patriot Act. It is exactly why the left demands terminating the Second Amendment.

We are voluntarily giving up our birthright of Liberty to ask the State to defend us from the insecurity created by that same State.

We are the most powerful civilization and nation in history. Yet we insist on being on the defensive against a Stone Age culture of tribal brutality. No war – EVER – was won on defense.

Just BEING on defense proves our leaders believe that defeating our enemy is against their interests.

We are allowing our enemy to kill our sons in combat we refuse to take seriously. We are allowing them to beat and rape and murder any civilization’s most precious resource: Its women and girls.


It is – past – time to take the war, real war, to our enemy.

We have the capacity to end this once and for all in a few microseconds. To destroy the centers of ideology and funding that are killing our kids and defeating us – and, yes, they ARE defeating us.


It is – past – time to nuke Mecca, Medina, ZamZam, Islamabad, Qom, Fordo. To target every single ISIS encampment with a tactical nuclear device on the order of 5Kt. It is past time to use our most productive weapons against our  most dangerous enemy (outside of a president enabling that enemy).

It is time to recognize that islam is an existential assault on our civilization and to make the deadly-serious political statement  (“war” is political; “combat” is not) that only a nuclear weapon can make: we no longer are kidding; Stop or we WILL annihilate you.

“But people will die!”

They are dying now.

“But civilians will be killed!”

Our civilians are being killed now. And our drones are killing more of their civilians than of their individual head-hackers we are assassinating.

If enemy civilians do not recognize their lives are at stake they will continue supporting the regimes killing our civilians and destroying our liberty.

Why do you think they are killing our civilians? To get us to change leaders and policy. Theirs is exactly this calculus.

Our civilians believe in the Rights of women, children, gays, individuals. Our civilians are educated, have classically Liberal values, respect others and their differences.

Their civilians are illiterate, uneducated, and kill everyone outside their own tribes – and rape and murder their own sons and daughters… and yours.

Our civilians are infinitely more important and valuable than theirs. It is time to accept this fact.

“But we cannot become like our enemy; we are better than that.”

They are sending their kids out to win. We are sending our kids out to lose.

Who, really, is “better” in supporting their beliefs, their culture, their families, their nations, their future?


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Europe & America. Trump and our Future

This is a must-read. It is an email to John Podesta, the Chairman of Hillary’s campaign, from, obviously, someone Podesta knows well enough that the writer is comfortable emailing this kind of information and opinion.  To imagine it is not unvarnished truth to a major lefty about the result of leftist immigration policy in Europe is fantasy. Because it is from Wikileaks, you will never see it in the mainstream media. If you read only the LA Times, and watch only ABCNBCCBSCNN and, increasingly, Fox, you are ignorant that this is what is happening in the world.

So far America is, as in the old days, protected by our oceans. But the same classes this email describes as they destroy Germany want no southern borders here, and are flying-in – on your tax dollars – tens of thousands of these people every year, a number Hillary wants to increase by 550%. This only can bring the same to our cities, elderly, young, women, to our education and economy. To America’s future.

Europe is dead. The cost of no tourism is staggering and only can get worse. As I noted in this post in 2015:

Much of Europe’s trade is tourism. Take just France.   Much of their economy is based on alcohol consumption and export. Much of it is alluring clothing. The principal French exports to the US are aircraft and engines, beverages, electrical equipment, chemicals, cosmeticsluxury products and perfume. As the muslim population continues to grow, expect those items in italics to shrink quickly to zero, perhaps to be followed by the others. France is the ninth-largest trading partner of the US.  With at least 82 million foreign tourists per year, France is the most visited country in the world and maintains the third largest income in the world from tourismIn 2012, travel & tourism contributed 77.7B euros, 9.7% of France’s overall GDP. Much of France’s GDP is based on things anathema to the people the French have allowed to immigrate. 80% of its economy is services, services include travel, tourism, and serving booze in bars and restaurants, and selling designer clothes….

(The same applies to the Germany described in the linked email to Podesta. Since I wrote that post, the increase in muslims, the violence of their presence, the increasing inability of these people to work in advanced industries, will affect – existentially – the production, and so export (and so billions of dollars of trade and jobs lost from) aircraft, aircraft engines, electrical equipment, as well.)

As noted, a large part of France’s economy is based on alcohol, tourism and fashion. None of that can exist in a muslim Europe. Muslim arabs are the most illiterate cohort on the planet, per the UN. They are unemployable in First World nations.

Yet another, and another existential, issue that is ignored due to the discomfort of talking about it nonetheless exists and can only grow as these immigrants overrun Europe. And this is documented here. Read it and you may begin to grasp the future the left has brought to Europe – and that they demand to bring to America.

In a world of illiterates, no first-world manufacturing can occur. BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Citroen, Jaguar. No German sink and bath fixtures. No German medical devices. No Bayer. No German chemistry, steel, aircraft. Nothing.

None of these can survive a workforce that cannot read and will not learn. No churches, no statues, no art can survive these barbarians. No Louvre. No National British Museum. If you can’t imagine a Europe without art, without music, without culture – it is time to start.

Because demographics are not susceptible to PC, Europe now is a muslim world – the only people fighting for their place, their culture, their kids, their future – are illiterate, literally Stone Age, in act, education, outlook and deed: muslims. The huge increases in their numbers, and the relentless demographics of Europe will ensure that soon no one will be left working to pay the welfare on which these illiterate, unemployed, violent barbarians exist.

Then, what?

Absent money with which to buy food, absent an ability to work in the modern world, european jobs will disappear. Europe ONLY can digress to, at best, a Dark Ages living standard – and mob rule.

The only alternative is to destroy them. The only one who can is Russia. If you think a Putin will stand by as his neighbors, his food sources, and his markets decline to zero, as this existential threat to modernity and to his population grows on his border, you are just not thinking.

And there is the fact that the destruction of German and european markets will cause not a ripple, but a wave of destruction of jobs in China, where they make much of what Europe uses. The recognition of this coming wave is what caused me to write China Rising.

Do you really think China will peacefully accept the destruction of tens of millions of the jobs it needs to modernize its nation? As Obama has made America increasingly irrelevant on the world stage, as Europe invites catastrophe, the probability of my fictional events becoming real increases exponentially.

Once the muslim population – anywhere – becomes large enough – 3-5 %, they begin altering local culture, laws, tradition. Because they are illiterate and have zero educational aspiration, they never will or can become productive members of Western society. But we are allowing them to come, to increase, to push-out laws, policing, citizens, culture. The only possible result is societal degradation – there can be no other outcome when illiteracy increases generation-by generation across a nation. As they increase here, as our demographics continue to decline, that is exactly what will occur in America.

Then… what?


Not voting to stop those wanting more immigration IS suicide. For our kids our elderly, our laws. For our nation.

If you do not vote Trump, you are SUPPORTING the behaviors so graphically described and shown in the linked email.

The only quibble I have with the linked email is this:

History will render a devastating verdict on the FAZ journalist and all other flat earthers, lampooning the PC Era as a period of moral and mind meltdown of the sort Europe has seen so often in recent times.

History is written by the victors. Unless things change across the West immediately (not over the duration of a normal societal pendulum swing), history will not be written (if it is written at all) BY the West, but OF a West that no longer exists, that killed itself by voters not opening their eyes to reality, instead electing enemies of freedom and liberty.

If you do not vote Trump, you are SUPPORTING the behaviors so graphically described and shown in the Podesta email.

If you vote Hillary, and she wins, you are enabling the destruction of freedom, of Liberty, of America – and of Western Civilization.

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