We have made War so un-Horrible.. that we have grown to like it too much

“It is good that war is so horrible, or we might grow to like it.” — Robert E Lee

We have made war so much LESS horrible, so antiseptic, so clean, that we can take-down the largest regional army (Iraq) in days with fewer casualties than a weekend in Chicago. Really.

Hence, we have grown to like it too much.

Consequently – we go to war too often, as it no longer is so horrible that we avoid it. And more people are dying – on both sides – than would be dying if America had the sense to KEEP […]

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Ameican Foreign Policy: Ideology vs. Critical Thought.

America’s establishment foreign policy figures on both sides of the aisle need to take a step back from their ideology and… THINK

In the below Condi supports Russian youth wanting more liberty & opportunity. Good.

Now… THINK about my next statement before just reacting. She – and America’s, and the West’s foreign policy gurus – concurrently demand that all national borders remain “sacrosanct.”

These are at odds.

From current reporting it looks like the ethnic & linguistic Russians in Crimea never really got behind the Ukraine protests and near-street war. Ukraine & Crimea have always been culturally and linguistically separate. […]

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The solution to the healthcare mess Obamacare created:

“What’s the solution to this mess? … getting rid of mandates, allowing people to choose their own insurance benefits and offering universal tax credits to everyone is a start, as well as making health savings accounts more accessible. All of the provisions in ObamaCare that encourage employers not to hire people or to reduce their workers’ hours should go, as should the provisions that prevent employers from providing their employees with insurance that would travel with them from job to job.”


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Want to pursue your own happiness?

“All nine of the states with no income tax or that tax only interest and dividend income saw net inflows. The states that received the most? Florida ($95.6 billion), Arizona ($28.3 billion), North Carolina ($25.2 billion) and Texas ($24.9 billion).”


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An Integrated Worldview – First in an Intermittent Series: More European war.

I have noted often the inability of most people to think two-three steps ahead when commenting on issues. People demand Social Security be fixed…but vote for Democrats. People demand liberty – but vote for Social Conservatives. People demand better schools, then join the union rubber-stamp we call the PTA. Logic, history, consequences and forethought seem to play no part in their behavior.

In a recent discussion, another noted that he had identified the same problem; he termed it lack of an “integrated world view.”

My purpose in this post is to integrate a few – only a few – issues […]

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Obama and American Military Capability

If you were intent on destroying America’s military capability, what would be better than HUGE force cuts and ending two of the most successful conventional strike capabilities? And who knows what’s gonna happen with the F35…

We are seeing the logical follow-on to a world apology tour: Ensuring America never again can defend itself or its allies.

What will be the result? Several allies nuking-up (Japan, S Korea, Saudi Arabia…) and Putin & likely China both becoming more aggressive.

Anyone who thinks this will not make – or that Obama is not intent on making – America a far […]

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America, Israel & Hamas

A mature American president and administration would make two points, one to Abbas, and one to Netanyahu, and make them very public:

1. Abbas: When you’re serious, give us a call. Until then you’re on your own and we don’t care WHAT Israel does to get you to pay attention – or to go away. But until you’re serious, we’re seriously gone and you’re seriously on your own. Until then we’re washing our hands of the entire mess.

2. Netanyahu: You know all those murderers he demands you set free? THIS is why capital punishment exists. Do you really think […]

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Will Vlad stop at Ukraine? The – DANGEROUS – World Baby Boomers Have Made….

Yes, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Moldova are in trouble. Really.

And, yes, all our allies – and opponents – are watching to see what Barry will do should Vlad pull yet another Sudentenland.

But – are any of those countries worth the life of YOUR son or daughter? Because THAT is the only question that matters.

Those who think we can put divisions into europe to deter or defeat the bear are unfamiliar with post-war demographics: 1. we won’t; 2, we can’t… pull another D-Day. Which leaves nukes. Will America trade New York for Latvia? Nope. Does Vlad know this? […]

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American Naivete and World Leadership

Obama is about to show Russia who is the BOSS… by killing Syrians thousands of miles from Ukraine and Crimea. (“US freezes diplomatic, consular relations with Syria; orders [non-governmental] US personnel to leave country.” — Grasswire – 18 March 2014)

THIS is the issue America – and our allies – must deal with: An American voter willing to put a person with such a naive worldview into the presidency. And since it looks like the next eight years will be a person with an even MORE naive worldview – Hillary – the Great Powers will just turn-away and ignore us. […]

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Neville Obama

“@grasswire: Ukraine’s prime minister: “We will never surrender” to Russia, stands ready for talks with Moscow.”


Yeah, well, Czechoslovakia didn’t surrender, either. Chamberlain did that for them. Neville Obama is his successor.

& no, I don’t support military action against the Russians. I DO support an America judged by friends & foes as strong enough never to let the situation occur – or recur.

What, exactly, do you think is being discussed in the halls of government in Japan right now as China muscles-up and japan looks at Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, … ?

And does anyone seriously think Iran […]

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