The Nuclear Deal – or – the Second Coming of PT Barnum

There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Iran deal comments

You can find the sucker deal Iran just made with Kerry & Obama here. It’s a .pdf file you can download and read when bored.

Right off the top, an observation:

Section Pages Devoted
Preface & Preamble 5
Nuclear Issues 50
Lifting of sanctioned materials and companies, cooperation: 104

Still think this is about containing or stopping nukes?

Some of the highlights I’ve found are:

It’s called the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.” It’s called a “Joint” plan because you have to be smoking a blunt to take any of this seriously.

And it was developed by “Iran and the E3/EU+3.” These clowns in DC just love giving themselves important-sounding titles. How about calling themselves something that fits what they are doing, like the “State Honored Inspectors of nuclear Transit, Health, Engineering Activity, and Delivery Systems”?

Preamble comments:

This will “ensure the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear programme.” They had to use “programme” because the British/European English is code for “people should take this as seriously as European ‘military capabilities’.”

Peace in Our Time

Iran promises “never” – ever – to “seek, develop or acquire” nukes. Meanwhile, “Iranian officials scoffed and said that the Obama administration is misleading the public in order to sell the deal.”

Iran reaffirms their commitment to the purposes and principles of the United Nations as set out in the UN Charter. Chapter 1 of said charter: “… (2) To develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace;…” like chanting ‘Death to Israel,’ I  guess…

But that’s OK, because Iran commits to implement this “in a constructive atmosphere based on mutual respect…” I guess like calling Obama a liar in order to get this turd passed… (If calling Obama a “liar” is a sign of respect, then I respect the hell out of the bastard.)

We are going to “cooperate … in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy…” What? Nuclear fracking under Jerusalem?


Once the preamble is over and you’ve stopped laughing, here’s the header of the “Nuclear” section dealing with “Enrichment, Enrichment R&D, Stockpiles,” “Arak, Heavy Water, Reprocessing,” and “Transparency and Confidence Building Measures:”

Iran and E3/EU+3 will take the following voluntary measures within the timeframe as detailed” in the document. (Emphasis in original.)

[V]oluntary” like “transparency” under Obama and Kerry – like when he refused to let us see this doc so someone had to leak it….

Section 6. Fordow will become “a physics & technology centre” Like a kiddie museum, I guess? So Kerry can understand what’s going on? No biggie, though, they’ll get to keep all their centrifuges and cascades, replacing ones that break.

Two centrifuge cascades “will spin without uranium.” So they won’t inhale?

Four cascades “will remain idle.” Got a bridge for sale? Kerry’s looking to buy one.

Section 7 (and Section 59) says Iran gets to sell uranium on the open market, and stockpile 300 kg – but the import of Russian uranium won’t be counted against that stockpile. How cool is that?

“See this 300kg pile? We made that. See this 30,000kg pile? We got it from Russia. What? You don’t BELIEVE ME? Bwa ha haha… “

The latter Section 59 says enriched uranium from outside Iran doesn’t count against this 300kg limit. Hmmm.. if they can get all the fuel they want.. what, exactly, is the purpose of them developing their own?

Hmmm… Let me consider that…

Section 8: “The [EU+3 modernized Arak heaver water] reactor will not produce weapons grade plutonium.” “If you like your doctor…”

Section 16: Iran won’t engage in activities that “contribute to the development” of a nuke.” Like.. these…?

I guess the transparency section is about the transparency of the lies they are willing to tell and we are willing to believe?

For these lies, Iran will have all sanctions lifted against them by the world. They tell us bedtime fairy tales, we give them $150B dollars and drop any and all sanctions against the largest global sponsor of terrorism. What a deal!

But that’s ok, because:

28: “[This nonsense] is committed to in good faith and in a constructive atmosphere, based on mutual respect.”

Kerry has GOT to be the DUMBEST guy on this planet or any other…

Here’s the first sentence in the section on “Dispute Resolution Mechanism:”

“If Iran believes…” … not “If the US, the UN, the EU+3 believed…” You think that’s an accident, that their needs are cared for first? Want to buy a bridge?

Not only do words matter – the ORDER of words matter – especially in diplomacy. And surrender documents…

So if the US disputes Iran’s action under this “voluntary… good faith… mutual respect” plan, first is a 15-day “consideration” (“period [can be] extended by consensus”… like these negotiations being stretched out a couple of years…) by the same guys who wrote and accepted this fairy tale to write a “non-binding opinion,” after which, if not “resolved” in 30 days, they’d yak about it “for no more than 5 days to resolve the issue.”


(I blogged earlier that, if these yakfests were held in Bakersfield, CA, they’d take a LOT less time…)

Heavy Water research. Iran can’t use its current reactor, but must modernize it to “minimize the production of plutonium…” But that’s OK, because, “The E3/EU+3 and Iran share the understanding that the parameters [in designing the new reactor] are subject to possible and necessary adjustments…”

Are YOU Smarter than a Fifth Grader? Because Kerry isn’t…

WHO will design & build this new reactor? “Iran will take the leadership role as the owner and project manager.”

Whew – for a minute there I thought the construction would be by someone untrustworthy.

Who is going to give Iran all this nuclear technology they’ve been spending years fruitlessly trying to develop on their own? “The E3/EU+3 parties will…” sell it to them.

Centrifuge R&D:

  1. “Iran will continue to conduct enrichment R&D in a manner that does not include enriched uranium.”

Huh? They are going to research and develop enrichment techniques without, umm… trying them out to see if they work, which will necessitate enriching uranium, which is the entire freaking purpose of the R&D?!?

Nope – Kerry is NOT smarter than a 5th Grader.

But – no problem, we can go inspect what they are doing, right?


  1. Requests for access pursuant to this [agreement] will be made in good faith, with due observation of the sovereign rights of Iran.”


“We want to come look.”


“Oh, OK.”

But – they might cheat – which we can find with all kinds of neat-o-coolio electronic technology. So?

  1. If Iran’s explanations [of malfeasance from a good faith voluntary agreement negotiated in mutual respect] do not resolve the IAEA’s concerns, [then we can go look… after telling them exactly what we are looking for, exactly how we found it, and exactly why we know they’re cheating…] “The IAEA will provide Iran the reasons for access in writing and will make available relevant information.”

But – we can still go look, right?


  1. Iran may propose to the IAEA alternative means of resolving [the cheating our systems say they are doing] which should be given due and prompt consideration.”


  1. If we don’t like their alternative, and if we still think they’re cheating and can’t resolve it in 14 days, then we’ll take a vote of the 8 members of this “Joint Commission” not to exceed 7 days, and if – if they can’t convince four members to bail – if Iran loses, they have 3 MORE days to cover up their cheating – and, remember, we already told them where, how, why and what we are looking for…

It get’s funnier / worse

Iran is gonna be required to not build more centrifuges.. but they get to tell us how many they have to begin with. ‘We have 837,512 centrifuges today. Really.’

Iran is going to declare all equipment – they’ll be honest, I’m sure, after all, this is a “voluntary … good faith agreement entered into out of mutual respect,” right?

Are there any people on this planet dumber than American liberals?

To ask is to answer.

Oh – and the GOP Congress who will let Obama get away with this…


But wait, there’s more:

“Iran will not engage in the designing, developing, acquiring or using computer models to simulate nuclear explosive devices.”

‘We promise! What’s that? That’s a new computer game – want to play, Secretary Kerry?’


I’m sure it gets worse, but that’s all the time I have now.

The scariest part of this whole thing?

That American voters really are willing to put dangerous people like this in office.

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The Disdain of the American Government for American Citizens

I am continually – though less-so every day – amazed at the disdain with which We the People are treated by ALL of these don’t-even-bother-calling-them-‘Representatives’ in Washington – or who want to be hired by us to live there.

Disdainful enemies of our Liberty and the Rule of Law that is America?


It is amazing that people still think the establishment GOP will alter the course we are on. Not a chance in Hell.

The GOP is just a Progressive Fifth Column, and more dangerous than the Dems, who at least are honest about their desire to turn America totalitarian. The GOP has the same goal as the Democrats: a Progressive empire, but lies to their voters by campaigning on liberty every cycle – then goes and votes the Democrat platform once in office.

Supporting limited, Constitutional government and STILL voting GOP at this point, after 2010, 1012, and – especially – 2014, is an indication of insanity, or true support for the Progressive destruction of America.

The GOP passes the same policies, spends the same money, lies the same way. There ain’t a gnat’s ass worth of difference between the GOP and DNC when you get right down to it. Seriously – WHAT would be different today had the Democrats won in 2014?

Not a damned thing.

It ain’t gonna change until someone does more than talk. The REALLY surprising thing is that no one yet has. The internet is just the pressure-relief valve on the People, and the government knows it. We sit here and yammer at each other, releasing some steam, and the pressure doesn’t rise to the level required to effect real change.

The ONLY way to nonviolent change is to alter the voting franchise, which can happen in two ways: Amending the Constitution (never happen), and secession – here’s hoping. We are just too big to save.

And, no, Levin’s Liberty Amendments wouldn’t get it done. They aren’t drastic enough, they don’t fix the problem – voters not invested in liberty, and they rely on the government following the law. Why would they start doing that?

If they don’t follow the current Constitution and aren’t thrown in jail or hanged, what makes these people think they’ll follow the next one? And, OBTW, I don’t see any Jeffersons or Washingtons or Hamiltons out there in the body politic, do you?

Liberty requires accountability from those we choose to represent OUR desires in law. No republic with a ratio of citizens to representatives above about 30,000:1 has ever succeeded for any serious length of time, and we are at about 700,000:1. If they don’t know us, and if they have no time to meet with us, and if we cannot bribe them enough to help them get re-elected, how and why would they represent us?

Want to know why the rich run the government and crony capitalism runs amok? Because only the wealthy can get the ear of the non-representatives in Congress and the White House, and because a corrupted Congress has allowed SCOTUS to exceed their Constitutional boundaries, as well: Congress defines their jurisdiction.

Example: Do the Feds have ANY Constitutional say on marriage? No. Voter ID? No. So it really doesn’t matter what SCOTUS says on either. Adult governors need to just point to the enumerated powers and the 10th Amendment (for marriage), and the 14th Amendment (the ONLY federal penalties for franchise violations) – and ignore them.

If the GOP – really – were against abortion, for example, they’d have passed legislation when the GOP owned Congress and the presidency, and simply removed abortion from the jurisdiction of the federal courts. That they did not do so only proves that the GOP sees abortion as a campaign funding device – and that’s it. (Disclosure – I am not anti-abortion; I use it as an example to illustrate the stupidity of the GOP voters who still expect GOP politicians to follow their own platform.)


So let’s talk about altering the Constitution, before or after the adults secede, in a way that can actually do some good:

Voting is about the future – by definition. If one has no kids, one has no stake in that future and there is no reason to allow them to vote. A parent MIGHT vote selfishly; a non-parent WILL vote selfishly. I really don’t care if someone chooses not to have kids and still demands the vote. So what? Lots of 17-yo kids want the vote – we don’t give it to them, either. Arguably the biggest mistake since the 17th Amendment was the 26th Amendment – nothing good came of either one. As for gays & lesbians, they can adopt if they want to be parents, but the same logic applies.

ANYONE getting income from the government ought to be prohibited from voting at that level – municipal income (job) -> can’t vote at municipal level. Federal income – welfare or job -> can’t vote at that level. State – same thing. Social security, too – they royally screwed up this nation by raising the worst generation in the history of the known universe: Baby Boomers – then relaxed at 65, took their retirement, bought cabins & motor homes and left the rest of us to clean up the detritus of the mess of the selfish, infantile, demanding, totalitarian, me-me-me kids they left behind as they waved goodbye from the Lido Deck.

The WW2 & pre-Boomer generations are gonna die before the bill comes due, so letting them keep voting is insane after what they’ve already done to us and our future. (Yes, my dad fought in WW2.) I’d leave out Medicare, but that’s the only fed program that should not automatically take one off the voter rolls.

Government sector unions ought to be abolished. Period. Look at this list. Below is a subset – top 6 donors to campaigns 2002-14: Half-a-BILLION dollars from govt sector unions to the DNC – just laundering taxpayer money from GOP, Independent and Dem taxpayers straight to Democrat campaigns. PURE CORRUPTION.

govt sector union donations

A Flat Tax is the only serious way to take money out of politics. But the Right is too stupid to approach it in any context other than a tax cut for the rich, and the Left doesn’t believe we should keep ANY of what we earn.

The establishment GOP will yammer about a flat tax – but doesn’t really believe in it: Did they pass it when they owned Congress & the presidency? Nope. With a flat tax their 1% donors couldn’t manipulate the system any more. Same with Dems. Both need the current tax code to continue their corruption of our country.

And, SERIOUSLY, cut the Hell out of the military. We don’t NEED to defend the entire Western world; most of the West is wealthy enough to defend themselves. And if we decide we must defend some other nation, well Ike had that figured out in 1954, and it brought peace to the world and smaller defense budgets to the US.

It infantilizes other nations and their subjects (one hates to call them ‘citizens’ when they can’t own guns and their national currency is abolished without their permission) for us to keep making their defense choices for them. They are run by adults, let them make their choices of guns v butter, and live or die with the consequences.

Ukraine made a choice giving up their nukes. Oops. Iran is making a choice to build nukes. Fine. Saudi Arabia will make the choice to nuke Iran – great; it’s what Americans seem to want by returning the shia-enabler to the White House. Iran, Saudi Arabia and Democrat voters (and a corrupt GOP unwilling to remove a lawless president) will have to live by the consequences of that decision – as millions die from them in the Middle East, and, frankly, good riddance.

(I would be willing to bet that the discussions in Riyadh & Jerusalem right now are between Israel and Saudi Arabia as to who will have to – or get to – nuke Iran. Israel just wants to be left alone – and Iran won’t let them, and the Saudi Sunni have been fighting the Persian Shia for millennia. The idea that the Sunnis will let the Shia get the bomb is historically ignorant. Muslims are illiterate and ignorant about an awful lot of things, but their own history isn’t one of them. Sunnis have had the bomb since Pakistan detonated several in 1998 – and haven’t used it. No one who understands Iran thinks that they won’t use one immediately after building it. Yes, Obama understands Iran – he wants them to have the bomb; if you still think otherwise, it is past time for your nap.)


People still think there is a return to liberty in our future that will be accomplished by electing another member of the Ruling Class, whether Democrat or Republican.

These people are insane.

If anyone other than Rand, Cruz or, perhaps, Carly, is elected, we the voters will be doing the same thing and expecting different results. Even then, non-invested voters and size will be detrimental to our liberty.

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The Politics of a post-9/11 Internet World

We are witnessing a sea change in our politics, and outside of a few – Rand, Cruz, Trump, Bernie – no one is noticing…

Cruz is calling out the liars in his own party. McCain is berating GOP senators supporting the Constitution. McConnell is lying to his team in order to pass anti-limited government legislation.

Rand is saying – ya know what? The 10th Amendment really does exist, and, no, we don’t need to police the world.

Bernie is cleaning Hillary’s clock with her own base.

The GOP base can’t stand Jeb Bush.

Walker is asking for an amendment to “take back” something never given to the feds to begin with: Marriage is NOT among the enumerated powers, and whatever the Feds say regarding it is irrelevant.

The Federalist is asking of the GOP, ‘What’s the point of your party, again?’

The GOP base hates the GOP establishment and the Democrat base hates the Democrat establishment.

Good. Both need to go.


When the Boomers took over the government (having foolishly been given the vote at 18, something the WW1, WW2 and Korean warriors managed not to whine about) our Debt stood at $400B. For that we had bought and conquered a continent, invented the modern world of medicine, communications, computing, transportation, manufacturing, distribution, freed the largest cohort of slave in history, won all the wars we tried to win and landed on the moon. Oh – and foolishly intervened (Wilson, D-Idiot) in Europe’s wars, setting the stage for the rise of the USSR, NAZI Germany, the Cold War and Red China and the state-sanctioned murder of over 150M people.

Regardless of party, since the Boomers stepped onto the stage of government, we have invented – nothing; conquered – nothing; won no wars (at best, Gulf-I was a punitive action); and can’t even get our sorry butts into low earth orbit.

The Boomers grew up in the most conflict-free time in history – and learned that the world always is at peace, that borders never change, that everyone wants to get along, governments should make sure everyone else has enough to eat regardless of cost, the State should build and maintain an ever-more-elaborate safety net, and that all wars are bad. Each and all of these notions are historically laughable – but that’s how we were raised, and how many of my generation still see the world.

Our kids and grandkids grew up in a 9/11 world.

The difference is at a deep psychological level. They KNOW we were wrong to believe what we learned. They KNOW we have existential enemies that Boomers refuse to take seriously. They KNOW that the generation that won WW2 didn’t get to be who they were by being given an unearned Middle Class lifestyle, but hit the road or rode the rails to find a job – any job – to feed themselves and their families. They are learning that personal responsibility is what built success – not Baby Boomer policies that are antithetical to that responsibility.

We have spent over $13T on programs that have done no good (Welfare has not lowered the poverty rate even 1/10 of 1%) and paid for the defense of the entire West, nations far less in-debt than we, allowing them to ridicule us for making choices we have infantilized them into not even recognizing.

Here’s a generational view on our Debt – which is not party, but generational:

Boomer Debt

Spending, big gov, huge debts are not a party issue – both parties love spending money they are stealing from the future. Look at the votes they buy with it.

Governing under the Rule of Law is not a party issue – no one is impeaching an utterly lawless Obama for the simple reason that the GOP wants the same imperial powers when they hold the presidency.

Can you think of even a single major policy difference between Hillary & Jeb? None exist. One wears pants, the other pantsuits; that’s it.

Last week at a large (several hundred) intergenerational (5-6 generations represented) family gathering in TN of members from all over the continent, the teenagers and 20-somethings were comparing the taxes taken from their new paychecks with disbelief. One of them just got an internship at CATO.

We are witnessing only the birth of the impact on politics that the internet will have. The intersection of the internet and politics is not about fundraising and GOTV, though that is all either sclerotic party leadership can think of today.

The internet is bringing real information to the voters for the first time. And those growing up without the corruption and bias of the MSM – who have never heard of CBS or Walter Cronkite or Dan Rather or Peter Jennings – are not liking what they see as they surf.

They see that they are paying huge sums of what they earned – to go to those who aren’t even trying to earn their way.

They are seeing their jobs vanish, while Congress and various governors admit – in complete violation of the law – millions of illegals who are taking the jobs these kids want and need.

They see corruption at the top of both parties, and neither party any longer even pretending to care about Americans.

They see a unionized teacher cohort ensuring a substandard education, wasting their minds, harming their future – and who is suing the teacher unions and tenure in CA for a poor education? The Baby Boomer parents? Nope – their HS-age kids.

One of the major plot lines in literature is the second-generation wastrel pissing away a fortune created by their father, only to have the next generation rebuild what was lost.

We – the Boomers – are the wastrels. We are wasting liberty, freedom, law, education and wealth; we are allowing a few corrupt pols to buy votes with – literally – trillions of our hard-earned dollars, millions of our jobs, and thousands of the lives of our children and grandchildren – those looking in disbelief at the taxes withheld from their earnings to pay others not to work.


Our kids now are stuck with the results of our policies. We were given the freest nation in history. We are bequeathing a nation that doesn’t even pretend to follow its own laws, can’t manage a balanced budget on trillions of dollars of income, insists on buying friends we don’t need with money we don’t have – and which, under our “leadership,” is broke, uneducated, unemployed, historically illiterate, innumerate, and with declining influence.

I will never again vote for a Baby Boomer.

I will encourage every 20-something I know to compare the opportunity I had (b. 1954) to the opportunity they have, and never vote for my generation ever again, but instead, to vote for those who will undo what we have done – a libertarian or Constitutional conservative who respects – and again will implement what made America great: The Rule of Law.


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Guns, Dems & the Rule of Law

The grabbers demand “common sense” gun restrictions. According to whom? “Common sense” says that I get to defend my family, that my kids are more important than the life of any attacker. That NO bad guy is more important than my family.

Anyone thinking Democrats care enough about families & children to want them protected hasn’t been paying attention to the destruction of families & futures by Democrat policy on education (unions destroying minds) moms murdering their own kids (‘not her fault’), welfare destroying families, Obama destroying jobs, and the Planned Parenthood ‘Parts is Parts’ campaign.

The grabbers say Americans support controlling guns – but refuse to test their theory with a constitutional amendment they know would never be ratified by the required 3/4 of the States.

The grabbers say we need more laws – but reject enforcing the ones we have because liberals reject the idea that actions have consequences.

The grabbers say restricting guns will reduce crime – when the facts prove the opposite in every time, culture and country.

Why do Dems support an increase in violent crime? Why do women vote for the More-Crime Party that’ll get more of their kids killed?

The grabbers say the 2nd was written when all guns were single-shot muzzle loaders so that’s all it applies to. In history, the Second ensured civilians had access to the same weapon technology (all that existed, as Dems note) as the army; are Democrats supporting civilian access to today’s crew-served weapons? Even the NRA isn’t asking that. Technological advances inform both sides of that argument – but Dems are unable to grasp this simple fact. (Full disclosure: I’m a Life Member and a competition shooter.)

The grabbers insist 2A is about hunting, when all contemporaneous literature shows 2A was to restrain our own government if necessary. (Libs say they are smarter but evidently can’t read.)

The grabbers demand that the first ten amendments are the Bill of Permissions, but say they support the Constitution, though by their actions prove they reject the Rule of Law.

The grabbers say the cops can be relied on to protect us – when SCOTUS twice has held cops have no duty to do so.

The grabbers (& Christie) reject hollow point bullets, evidently hoping the bullet killing the violent criminal will over-penetrate & kill the kid in the next room or the mom down the street… insisting more dangerous bullets are less dangerous. (Which Party is anti-science?)

Gun control has never been about guns. It’s always been about control.

In America, WE control the government – not the other way ’round.

… and the Left can’t STAND that

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Now the Left is Saying Scott Walker is “Dangerous”

WaPo is whining about Walker, calling him “dangerous.” What they mean is he’s dangerous to Democrat campaign cash, but they clothe their argument with the nonsense that he’s dangerous to workers (like the tens of thousands of WI government workers who think government sector unions are so helpful and necessary that they immediately quit those unions when WI government sector union membership became pro-choice).

Remember – Walker didn’t outlaw unions. He made membership voluntary.

The Left can’t stand We the People being able to make our own choices; not about food, not about guns, not about schools, not about how we spend our money: “We could give it all back to you and hope you spend it right,” replied Bill Clinton to a question as to why he didn’t support a tax cut if a treasury surplus occurred as a result of a GOP balanced budget.

How dangerous to Democrat cash would it be to make government sector unionism voluntary? Given that membership rolls in government unions after Walker & WI voters made them voluntary “plummeted,” this dangerous:

govt sector union donations


The Left can’t win on facts, so they’re going to scare the low-info crowd to continue stealing taxpayer money to fund Democrat campaigns. They even make analogies to Joe McCarthy, saying being against government sector unionism is akin to McCarthyism, if you can believe that.

Citizens United? What on earth would the Left do if government sector unions were prohibited from laundering donating taxpayer money to Democrat political campaigns? All Citizens did was to lift the cap on corporations AND unions and level the playing field…

The patron saint of the modern extra-constitutional welfare state, FDR, was even against government sector unionism.

If the Left punditocracy is against McCarthy AND against FDR, you’d think their heads would explode. But no one can be a Progressive without being able to keep contradictory ideas in their heads – and believing both. This is why logic is anathema to them.

And the guy who spent less of your earnings than any other 20th- Century president, Calvin Coolidge, felt pretty strongly about unions, too, when as mayor of Boston, he fired all the Boston police who decided to strike: “There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, any time.”  (Link in Summary reference, below.)

The Left is hemorrhaging the non-minority working class voters – those most apt to be forced into a union. Why?

  • Because the Left also is importing tens of millions of low-skill workers to compete with low-skill (often unionized) American workers, sending millions of hardworking Americans to the poor house, and impoverishing their kids just so that the Left can win more elections and retain and gain more power.
  • Because the Left taxes the hell out of American workers – and wants to tax them even more.
  • Because the economic policies of the Left have cratered working class employment.
  • Because the Left hates guns – often used by American workers for hunting and recreational shooting.
  • Because the Left seems to have given up completely on the white working class voters.

So how does the Left fight back against the results of their own policies?

By scaring the workers, calling someone who actually wants them to have a choice in how they spend their earnings (earnings limited by the policies of the Left), rather than be forced to spend it on union dues… to have that choice.

The Left also is ginning-up to what will be a constant, high-decibel scream on the campaign trail, the fiction that the GOP supports income inequality, and will say that Walker’s decision, backed by the majority of WI voters, will increase the income gap.

Nope: Here is the house organ of the Democrat Party, the NY Times on this nonsense: “INCOME inequality in the United States has been growing for decades, but the trend appears to have accelerated during the Obama administration.”

If you’re voting for Democrats and whining about income inequality, you may want to pay more attention… unless, that is, you’re whining because you want more inequality.

Who is suffering most from the income gap exacerbated by Obama, by Hillary’s hedge-funders, by Democrat economic policy? The working class.

One can make the case that unions in the private sector did – and may still do – some good. (No, unions did not create the 40 hour week or decent pay; those were from Henry Ford.)

But there is something to be said about a bargaining table and ensuring workers are paid what both sides ultimately deem to be a “fair” share of the profits those workers participated in earning, in a company funded by management and executive decisions and risk-taking.

There is, however,  no “opposite side” to a bargaining table with unions – pols trade guaranteed pensions from taxpayers for re-election cash from the union bosses, regardless of the wishes of the union members or the taxpayers – or of the economic damage to the state or municipality. (Is YOUR pension guaranteed? So why are those of your public servants’ guaranteed, regardless of the state of the economy?)

Government-sector unions serve no public interest. They exist only to funnel taxpayer money paid to government workers as salary into campaign coffers of the DNC – regardless of the party affiliation of the taxpayer. A worker who votes GOP, Independent, Libertarian, or anything else, is forced by government sector unionism to fund those she or he votes against.

Workers have to spend even more of their earnings just to break-even with the contributions they have been forced by Democrats to make to Democrats.

That’s liberty of choice?

If government sector unions weren’t so critical to Democrat mismanagement of our economy and our future by ensuring their re-election (via cash, GOTV, etc.), Dems wouldn’t be here supporting them; let’s not pretend that Democrats care about working men & women: the worst schools, crime, family structures, jobs, unemployment – all are in Democrat precincts.

Newsflash: Workers no longer support unions in the private OR public sector – only Dem pols support them – and only for cash. it’s just part of the atmosphere of corruption in American politics: Public unions, Ex-Im, Hillary Clinton trading foundation bribes for State policy, Mitch McConnell trading CROmnibus funding for illegal immigration and Obamacare for $2B for his state, etc.

That government sector union members don’t want them was evidenced by the immediate crash in membership as soon as they became voluntary in WI.

Now some lefty columnist says the members need them – when the members don’t even want them.

Whether it’s where and how you work, what you do for fun, where you want to send your kids (not theirs) to school, the Democrat elites know better than you what’s good for you…

One might think that if Walker were ‘dangerous” to those represented by unions and, hence, to the American body politic, the workers would agree – and join or remain in unions when they are voluntary. If that were the case, all union membership would be voluntary – and almost none of it is.

When it comes to unions, Democrats are definitely not “pro-choice.”

Here are some comments from teachers in WI who, thanks to Walker, can now be pro-choice:

“As soon as I was given the choice, I left,” Amy Rosno, a teacher with the virtual class program at the Waukesha school system, told “I never really understood the union anyway.”

“I realized that it was all political and not about teaching.”

“It’s important to have a choice, because we are all professionals,” Michelle Uetz, a special education teacher at Prescott High School told the education news site. “We shouldn’t be pigeon-holed into contributing to politics we don’t believe in.”

“If the union is so beneficial and good, people will want to join on the principle and the merits and not be forced to join.”

“I think it’s interesting the union hasn’t chosen to change its business model, even though teachers are leaving in droves,” Kristi LaCroix regional membership director for AAE said. “It’s just business as usual with them, so I see more and more professionals leaving.”

Public sector unions were illegal until JFK figured out the cash cow they’d be to the Democrats. (Here is a good summary on the history of government-sector unions and how and why they got so powerful.)

Public sector unions have bankrupted more than one major city and, if States could declare bankruptcy, more than one major State.

Joe McCarthy? Wow. Just – wow. Now the Left is going to compare resistance to forced unionism that even workers reject – with McCarthyism? I guess that’s all the Left has left. Maybe next we’ll hear analogies to Hitler?

When columnists make analogies to McCarthy, you know they have nothing substantive to support their “argument,” so revert to scare tactics. I expect more from WaPo, frankly.

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