America, islam & Doing the Right Thing

“The Americans will always do the right thing… after they have exhausted all the alternatives.” – Winston Churchill

“The future belongs to the future, not to the past.” – Alexander Scipio

We’ll eradicate Muslims from America pretty soon. Couple terror attacks & they’ll be done, & it won’t take the 800 YEARS it took Europeans to throw them off the continent.

1492 was not just the year Columbus discovered the New World. It also was the year Christians saved the Old World from the illiterate savage anti-progress pedophiles of islam by kicking their Stone Age asses out of Western Christendom (Western Europe for those educated after the 1960s, when primary school textbooks still referred to the West thusly).

It may only be Red Staters who remove them as only Red State voters care about the future enough to populate it and so have kids we want to protect, but muslims soon no longer will be put up with.

Italy has removed islam from religions receiving government money. Japan just about prohibits them. Russia is sick n tired of them & acting on it. China is executing radical Islamist imams and activists. France is closing radical mosques and borders. Sweden has reversed their automatic asylum policy, No minarets can be built in Switzerland. Anti-immigrant political parties are rising across Europe and anti-illegal-alien Trumo has led the Americam presidential campaign for months

The civilized world is tiring of them.

In America, of course, Democrats – as always – have waited for a policy (borders open to terrorists) to fail everywhere it has been tried before demanding it here, just as with Marxism (“Progressivism”). This is because Democrats are totalitarian unread enemies of liberty just as are their muslim co-despots

The people of the world want the progress that islam – violently – rejects.

Nothing is going to stop progress.

Certainly not a bunch of illiterates who bone goats, execute daughters, strap bombs on sons, stone women, and machine-gun toddlers for “apostasy.”

They’ll go too far, murder a few thousand too many, and be done here – even though Democrats will continue to support these pre-modern tribal savages.

But actual Americans – NOT Democrats – will have had their fill.

We’ll drive them out.

Once we do, once we become adult enough to police our borders and protect our future, encouraging the lawful immigration of educated contributors and terminating the illegal immigration of the unproductive, uneducated and illiterate, America (which hopefully will be smaller, once again the representative republic it has ceased to be, & not include welfare voters)… will OWN the future. As we would now except for the Baby Boomer loons of the Left and Far Right.

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Low-Skill Immigration and America’s Future

When push comes to shove for the decreasing numbers of low-skill jobs in which increasing numbers of low-skill workers predominantly are employed (illegal Hispanic immigrants, African Americans and, increasingly, muslims), these three groups are going to go to war with each other over those jobs as those jobs disappear with the advance of the Information Age and robotics.

If African Americans understood that it is Democrat politics driving down their wages and prosperity by increasing the supply of low-skill workers through immigration, they – logically – would begin to vote GOP. That they don’t shows how captive they are to ideology, and how much they reject facts to their own detriment.

And that proves how badly our Democrat-run education system serves minorities.

If you look at the most recent serious inter-race riots, the LA Riots, in which unemployed African Americans attacked entrepreneurial but low-skill Koreans, and in which Koreans fought back with guns to protect their stores and livelihoods, you will grasp that this will happen again as low-skill workers fight one another along ethnic – tribal – lines for their place in the economy. Also note that these riots, which lasted days and killed 52 people, never moved out of the low-skill neighborhoods and into the neighborhoods of those who worked in the skilled economy.

By importing millions more low-skill workers – and especially of pre-modern and tribal muslims (the global cohort with the lowest levels of literacy outside sub-Saharan Africa, and so who will be unemployable for generations) – as America and the world accelerate into the Information Age in which these people will be even less-able to compete, Obama and Democrat voters are ensuring generations of racial strife and violence.

Democrats also are ensuring generations of welfare paid by higher-skilled workers, predominantly Whites and Asians, as generations of low-skill workers accept – demand – that others pay for a living standard they now refuse to, and soon will be unable to, achieve on their own.

And this strife – as in Chicago with its annual low-skill-on-low-skill murder toll – will result in low-skill people killing low-skill people in ever-larger numbers.

And, yes, we should care about that.

Reading about the Flynn Effect, you will grasp that cultures (non-European) not progressing through the Industrial Revolution and the abstract thinking it created (which resulted in a fundamental re-wiring of Western brains and led to Western morals and Human Rights recognition and codification – all based on the abstraction of being able to put oneself in another’s “shoes,” an abstract reversal of self) not only will have ever-greater difficulty in dealing with an Information Age world, they may never be able to adapt at all.

At the least it will be an effort of many generations.

This Flynn Effect likely is why all of the Information Age – abstract thinking to its core – has been invented by Europeans in Europe or America. And why that will continue, enlarging the separation between Whites and non-Whites, and of the income gap, globally.

Yes, fundamental traits can – and do seem to – matter, like it or not. But they are of the brain, not skin color, gender, religion, creed or nationality. Simply – did your DNA progress through the Industrial Revolution in Europe? And if it did not you will have to work and educate yourself that much harder and better.

The bottom line of all of this is twofold:

  1. Democrats are importing racial strife for the purpose of gaining additional political power, which they use increasingly to act as tyrants ruling by fiat rather than governing by law; and this immigration is setting the stage for generations of increased welfare paid by non-Democrat voters. Democrats are doing this to secure electoral advantage – they are breaking the law and the American social compact to act as despots. And they are raising the expectations of immigrants unable to compete that they can compete and survive, when they cannot. Unmet expectations lead to anger and violence every time.
  2. The ONLY way out of this is Red State secession (and of Red counties from Blue States), and the securing of our – new – borders from those unable to compete and unwilling to try. There simply is no other way to accomplish a return to the Rule of Law, Liberty and Freedom. There is no other way to save Western Civilization than to remove it from those unable to grasp its core values, morals and work ethic. Altering the Constitution via the “Liberty Amendments,” or even an Article 5 convention cannot make the changes to the population or franchise required to ensure liberty.
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Just a Minute on Immigration

Speaker Ryan.

53% of the American public – more than voted for the president in 2012 –  and 30 state governors of both parties are rejecting Syrian immigration of military age men. There are no “widows and orphans” in this cohort, and you – and we – know it.

The power over immigration is a federal power.

But immigration is a power granted to the Legislative Branch – Congress, as an enumerated power under Article One, Section 8, and not to the Executive Branch – the president.

In the following list are the powers granted the president under Article 2 having to do with immigration:

  1. zip
  2. zilch
  3. nada
  4. zero

Perhaps you decided to take your oath to support the Constitution prior to reading it to find out what was in it?

The Constitution – the Supreme Law of the Land – grants to the president exactly zero authority on immigration policy.

Your job is to listen to the States, and to the people, to represent our views as we are a representative republic. You exist ONLY to represent… us. And WE don’t want it.

So do your damned job and represent US.

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Why the Left is Wrong About muslim Immigrants and the Statue of Liberty

We all have to listen to and read the absurdity of the anti-liberty left (all of it) admonishing Americans that no exception exists on the Statue of Liberty for muslim savages.

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” She isn’t asking for the poor. She is asking for those who want freedom: “yearning to breathe free” is the subject of the sentence.

Lady Liberty is not interested in only the poor, but only in those poor who want to be free… The quote is about the freedom. An accurate re-statement would be ‘don’t give me those not yearning for freedom.’

Do muslims want to “breathe free?” What do they say?

freedom go to hell

no democracy just islamAccording to a poll done this summer by the Center for Security Policy, 51% of US muslims want sharia, and 25% of US muslims are OK with violence against Americans. Sharia and freedom are incompatible. Violence against Americans just for BEING Americans is the opposite of freedom and liberty.




Rejecting freedom, liberty and democracy means the Lady Liberty quote just does not apply.

As they have no desire for freedom, they have no place here.

As usual when discussing liberty and freedom, the left is wrong.

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Obama will be Directly Responsible for Terror Attacks on Americans

Americans are going to have to grasp something that seems blindingly obvious to anyone who has thought about it.

When there is a terrorist attack on – and the murder/slaughter of – Americans, it will be the responsibility of Obama in particular and of Democrat voters in general.

The immediate dive that the stock market will take, and the long-term damage to our economy as a result of pre-modern savages striking America, also will be the responsibility of Obama, Democrat voters and the mainstream media. The loss of hundreds of billions in savings, college funds, mortgages, will fall on all of us – but it will be the responsibility of Democrats.

Whether the savages walk across the Rio Grande, or are flown in on your tax dollars, they will have been imported under the demands of Obama, with no concurrence from the legislative branch of government, that portion of the government charged under the Constitution with immigration responsibility. (No, the president has no authority for immigration; it’s an enumerated power of the legislative branch: Article One, Section 8.)

If the slaughter occurs in a state in which the governor has put politics above his or her citizenry by accepting these pre-modern barbarians, s/he, too, will have to be removed.

Because the primary job, above all else, of the head of the national or State executive branch is the protection of our people and country or State, and because s/he WILL have responsibility for their murder, Obama, and any offending governor – immediately – will be constitutionally unfit for office.

The military and Congress right away can and must remove Obama. The Secret Service takes the same oath, and so must act in the same way: Obama’s immediate removal.

At that point in time it will be past obvious that Blue voters cannot be trusted with security, law, order – or our nation’s future. Red states immediately must secede, close their borders to Blue voters & illegal immigrants, and do what is right for the safety, freedom, liberty and future of their citizens.

If Democrats are going to get us killed for the sake of their infantile ideology, no reason on earth exists to co-reside with them in a nation under law.

If one is protecting oneself, one’s family, one’s nation and one’s future, Democrats will have proved they have no role.

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