Ideologues Never Help

Ideologues don’t advance liberty, they retard it.

Those reading this blog know I support Trump at this time in the race. I don’t support him for particular policy positions (though I agree with many), but because he is non-ideological and may actually get us away from the Left/Right ideologues reducing our liberty and prosperity for the past 20 years, and focus on moving us forward.

In the event you haven’t noticed, the wage stagnation, loss of individual liberty, Kelo, the increase of socialism, the rise of anti-civilizational “multiculturalism,” wars abroad that we demand to wage yet refuse to win (but on which we have spent more in constant dollars than we spent to win WW2 – and lost thousands of irreplaceable lives), Obamacare, massive increases in illegal aliens, quadrupling of our National Debt, the rise of (evolutionarily nonsensical) demands about LGBT, gays, marriage, bathrooms (none of which are the business of government and all of which can – and should – be dealt with not by enforcing ideologies, but by the free market: notice how far Target’s stock has fallen in a week?),  all – all – are within this 20-yr period of ideologues, left and right, dominating our national conversation.

We Baby Boomers, who have consolidated our hold on all levels of government in this same 20-year span, and on both sides of the aisle, are destroying America with our insistence on ideological purity rather than practicality and progress.

Ideologues turned Russia into the USSR, China into the PRC, N Korea into the DPRK, Germany into the Third Reich, and Islam from the advanced civilization it was to the barbaric savagery it has become.

When – and who –  was our last non-ideological president? 20 years ago… Bill Clinton.

Like Bill Clinton or not, he came from the Democrat Leadership Council, a group started to pull the Left back toward the Center, back away from where the anti-establishment, anti-war hippie Baby Boomers of the summer of ‘68 had taken it, to pull the party away from ideology and back toward practical governing. The way it was before Baby Boomers.

Bill Clinton did not get us into foreign wars, did work with a GOP Congress to balance the budget and reform welfare, took on racists Black and White (notice how he hammered BLM the other day? Hammering similar folks helped get him elected), and ran a fairly centrist government – and we prospered. The internet boom was a big part of that material prosperity, but you didn’t see him talk about taking it over or giving it away, as the ideologue Obama has, did you? Don’t paint Bill with Hillary’s brush. Bill couldn’t get nominated by the Left today, and he was a better president than most on the Right yet understand.

We on the Right often wonder how we got from the peaceful liberty of the 1950s and early 1960s to here. Ike was a centrist who got real serious on big issues (“Massive Retaliation” keeping the peace for his entire term; Brown v Topeka Board of Education & the Little Rock Crisis; the Interstate Highway System – serious infrastructure) and didn’t go all-in on ideology. Having no Baby Boomers in Congress, our legislative branch wasn’t full of ideologues and pretty much left us alone. And we prospered.

If we want a “normal” environment, we need to turn down the ideology – it isn’t helping. Electing a non-ideologue is a – required – big step forward, like it or not.

Cruz can’t get there, though many of his ideologues get irritated when this is pointed out. Not grasping that the GOP loathes Cruz, and that in a second ballot, he will be the first to go, these people spend many, many photons and electrons telling others they don’t know what they are talking about.

I’m always entertained by people who think those who disagree with them ‘don’t know what they are talking about’ when the issue often is they only disagree; that they draw different conclusions from the same set of facts. It’s been my experience that those who start with some variation of “you’re an idiot,” almost always are wrong, having confused passion and blinders for critical thinking and understanding.

Want to know why Congress can’t get anything done, no matter how much of our liberty they steal? Because we Baby Boomers have turned our Congress into us – a bunch of whining Baby Boomer ideologues, Left and Right, unwilling to negotiate, discuss, make trade-offs and move forward if they don’t get THEIR way.

America needs to be rescued from Left and Right ideologues. It is this, often unconscious, grasp of the need to return to practicality that is required. It also is what is driving support for Trump.

We need to quit beating each other up, take a hard, critical look at the facts, understand the history of ideologies – and cultures consumed by them – and move forward to defeat Hillary and save Liberty for our kids.

The Left doesn’t care about a free future; they have no kids. It is why they vote as they do. Demographics can be boring – not grasping them can be fatal.

My recommendation, FWIW, is to sit back, shake off the ideology, study the status of the race, stop throwing good electrons after bad, and let’s ALL start working to defeat the enemy: Bipartisan Progressivism.

For Trumpers – the enemy isn’t Cruz supporters. For Cruzers – the enemy isn’t Trumpers. The ENEMY is the Left.

Whaddya say we turn our efforts on THEM rather than ourselves? Circular firing squads never win wars.

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Guns, Killing and Liberals

When a bad guy pulls a gun on you, you can be pretty sure someone is going to die.

Thought experiment:

A Lib stands next to a table in a closed room. The only door is at the other end of the room. On the table is a loaded handgun, in battery, cocked & locked. Ten feet away and in front of the door is a bad guy holding a gun pointed at the Lib.

Bad Guy: “I am going to shoot you in ten seconds. Not nine, not eleven. Ten.”

Lib has two choices: Shoot the guy – or die.

Bad Guy: “10”

Lib: “I’m not a threat to you, I’m not even armed and I’m not going to shoot you.”


“But I don’t believe in killing and won’t shoot.”


“Can’t we talk this out?”


“There’s no reason to get violent.”


“Whatever differences we have can be discussed-“


“-and a solution arrived at.”


“I refuse to be responsible for the death of a human being.”


“But I don’t support killing!”


“Surely you’re not going to-“





The Liberal WAS RESPONSIBLE for the death of a human being.

All the Lib decided was which human being.

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The Goal

For eight years the Right has complained, and rightly so, that our ever-enlarging GOP majority-government has not listened to the voice of We the People.

With his Carly action Cruz evidences the same rejection of that voice. He cannot accept that we have spoken and chosen another. Given that he is not listening as he auditions for the job, it is difficult to conclude he will listen should he get the job.

Would he listen to us as president any more than he is listening to us now? Any more than do the GOPe and Obama?

Cruz has been my 2nd choice for some time. He was an outsider who took on the bipartisan Senate Progressive cartel, and good for him. The GOP establishment loathes Cruz: If it gets a second ballot Cruz’ll be the first one gone. If the convention gets to a second ballot, Kasich will be our nominee.

The goal of the RNC is to continue the Progressive cartel. OUR job is to destroy it.

If the GOPe cared about the rule of law or liberty, about debt or the Constitution, they’d have used the majority we increasingly have given them over the past six years to stop Progressivism; instead, they have enlarged it.

The goal of We the People must be twofold: Beat Hillary and beat GOPe, as they are the same.

Kasich, the last man standing from the Progressive cartel, has the same border policies as Clinton, the same neocon philosophy as Clinton, the same Obamacare philosophy as Clinton, etc. If he were our nominee and defeated her, there’d be absolutely no difference.

It would be a rerun of the 2014 midterm, in which we gave the GOP a historic majority – and the next week they passed all of Obama’s funding requests for the spending they said they’d stop in 2010, the Obamacare they said they’d end in 2012, and the unlawful and unconstitutional illegal alien actions they said they’d stop in 2014.

You may not like Trump. But he has garnered more votes, enlarged the party more than anyone since Reagan. He has won evangelical voters, secular voters, women, men, blue collar, white collar… there are no groups he has not won. And it looks like he is bringing huge numbers of minorities into the party, as well, having won 47% of Hispanics in NV, and with large numbers of African Americans taking a look at him. Democrats have not won a national election since 1960 without at least 85% of the Black vote; if Trump peels off 20% – Clinton cannot win.

The idea he cannot beat Hillary is wrong – unless the GOP stays home and gives it away. Trump hasn’t even begun campaigning against her and they’re already tied at 38%. With a large portion of the GOP still actively working to defeat the guy for whom more GOP voters have voted than ever before – he is already tied with our enemy.

Hillary is busily beating herself – women hate her, millennials don’t like her much, men hate her. She’s a horrible candidate with zero success in her background. Camille Paglia, arguably the most honest intellectual on the Left today hates her .

It is time to unite behind the candidate chosen by our voters, to stop spending money, time, energy and electrons arming our enemy.

It is time to put the actual goal – saving our nation from Progressivism – ahead of internecine warfare and unite behind the person chosen by our voters.

He may not be perfect. You may think he should be closer to exactly what you want.

You may even have to sacrifice a principle because Hillary winning means losing it all. Hillary will destroy America as we know it with at least three SCOTUS picks.

We have complained since 2009 that Obama & Congress have rejected the will of the people on healthcare, on ISIS, on trade, on taxes… are we now saying we must continue to reject the will of the people in our own nominating campaign?

Cruz has not been chosen by our party’s voters. It is time to accept the verdict of our voters, to unite around and behind that verdict, and move forward.

You can either work to defeat her and help keep America a great country, or you can stand aside as she destroys it and pat yourself on the back saying, “I stood on my principles, and didn’t do whatever I could to stop her.”


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Trump = Ike 2.0

People need to take a step back from the edge and put some perspective on the election. Very little policy difference exists between the foreign, defense, immigration, race, infrastructure policies of Trump and Eisenhower. The Right keeps yammering for the 1950s… well? Guess what?

Are we going to tear ourselves apart by not nominating a litmus-test “Conservative” who demands government draw outside the lines of the enumerated powers, or get back to the Constitution? The demand of the far right for government involvement in abortion, marriage, bathrooms, sexual behavior… are just as far from the Enumerated Powers are the demand of the Left for government involvement in education, VoterID, “Climate Change,” etc. If the GOP respected the Enumerated Powers still, we’d be talking about “Repeal,” not “Repeal & Replace.”

Both parties have become Progressives demanding THEIR morality be enshrined as law, and disdainful of our Constitutional lawmaking process.

Baby Boomers have created a world of rants – we’re all screaming at each other and have little concept of history. Chill out a moment, stop the rant, read some recent history.

If you step back and look at policy, Trump is very close to the last president to keep us out of foreign wars his entire time in office, who sent back MM of illegals, built serious infrastructure (the Interstate Highway System), and left the nation better than when he arrived.

Stop running with the herd, think for yourselves and decide whether Ike’s America was one you can respect and prosper in, or if you want to continue the nonstop Baby Boomer whining, screaming and yelling when you don’t get EXACTLY what you want, EXACTLY when you want it.

In other words: Grow up!

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My Expectations for OUR New Employee January 21, 2017

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