Could Trump re-Ignite Constitutional Governance?

For a few decades old-time Democrats (actual liberals, not today’s anti-liberal “liberals” ) have noted that they didn’t leave the Democrat party – the Democrat party left THEM.

Guess what, GOP?

Americans support the Constitution, the Rule of Law… and America. The establishment GOP and the establishment Democrats… do not. It looks to many that Trump… does. This is the reason for his historic lead.

Trump has spent his life being looked down-on by the ruling elites. Just some brash & vulgar casino builder for the great unwashed. Now both parties hate him, he’s sticking it to them and even the Davos elite are afraid of him.

This is the red flag before a Trump bull charging right at them to ram their elitism up their ass.

It is about time someone does.

The country is learning that Americans who support the Constitution and Rule of Law – and this group does NOT include today’s Democrat OR Republican parties – are a far broader and deeper bunch than the elite’s caricature of conservative voters as gun-toting anti-gay Neanderthals.

We’re a far more diverse crowd than the media (and parts of the conservative base) will admit.

We are orders of magnitude more diverse than the Democrat Party.

Democrats discovered “Reagan Democrats” to their dismay. They’re back, to the dismay of the GOP, as well.

Will Trump be perfect? Nope. Will he burn down a GOP that badly needs torching? Yep. Will he move the GOP away from the Social Conservative anti-enumerated powers crowd of the Far Right? Yep. Will he broaden the party by doing so? Yep. Will he broaden it more with the inclusion of many Black voters, among whom he seems to be polling very well? Yep.

As Hillary picks up her deranged pandering “Black” “accent” will she drive MORE Blacks to Trump? Bet on it.

Can the totalitarian anti-Constitution Democrat party survive a Trump who takes even 20% of the Black vote? No.

Add the high probability that SCOTUS will hold against mandatory dues for public sector unions and it is difficult to see how the Democrat party even survives… Perhaps in 2016 BOTH Ruling Class parties are destroyed.

It may – and it may not – be reasonable to compare Trump (politically) to Sam Adams, the Revolutionary firebrand who agitated long and hard against the ruling elites of his day until he ignited the rebellion… but it’s worth a thought…

If Trump wins, will a bipartisan Ruling Class Congress who hates him begin again to enforce the Separation of Powers and their Constitutional role, to restrain the malignancy of the Imperial Executive they have allowed to metastasize ‘way past the Constitutional boundaries of the office?

Perhaps a Trump presidency will be the best thing that’s happened to America – and our Constitution – since we threw Nixon out of office for LESS THAN WHAT CONGRESS ALLOWS OBAMA TO GET AWAY WITH EVERY DAY.


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The Ramifications of Large muslim Immigration to America: Entirely Bad

Let’s take their “religion” out of the discussion and look at the effects and consequences of muslims coming here in large numbers.


Muslims are illiterate. Arab countries have the highest rates of illiteracy in the world, outside of sub-Saharan Africa. They cannot, and with their rejection of literacy never will be able to, compete in modern economies. They will be a drain on the productive workers in America. Forever.

Muslims are not competitive, literate, educated, freedom- and liberty-loving people, all common traits of Americans. They are NOT Americans in different clothes.

If you read the literacy rates across the globe you will find two things quickly: that muslims, particularly Arab muslims, are illiterate, and that literacy in many muslim countries is measured (by the nation and the UN) on the ability to read & quote the Koran. Not what any educated person would consider “literate;” not indicative of any ability to compete in the modern world or in our economy.

Across europe we also see generations of muslims rejecting assimilation and jobs in countries to which they have chosen to immigrate. Without assimilation and the willingness – and ability – to work, on coming here they will demand American welfare and aid, as they do now in europe. But it is aid only on THEIR terms. That is not how aid works. If you come to a country as its guests – and they are – then you accept, politely, that which is given you in aid, and, as quickly as possible, you get off the dole and begin contributing to your new country. If you reject that aid, you reject that country – and don’t belong there so must be rejected.

This is neither racism nor xenophobia. It is Western culture; the culture to which they are voluntarily coming. Accept, politely, that which is given in friendship or mercy, and begin to repay it as quickly as you are able. This is the opposite of their behavior. Again, they don’t belong here.



“Multiculturalism” is a two-way street. We need to accept that they do some things differently – kill their daughters, stone their women, rape their boys, etc. That is THEIR culture. And THEY need to accept OUR culture, becoming “multicultural,” as well: We execute people, or lock them up for decades, for all of those things. If they cannot be multicultural and accept our culture, they must be rejected. If we cannot accept their culture – murdering their daughters, for instance – we must reject them. To invite them here, and then be shocked at their behavior, is just ignorant. We KNOW their behavior: It’s on display across the entire planet right now. And it is NOT Western, modern or civilized.

Muslims, once here, will increase massively, as they have the highest fertility on the planet. If America wanted to be a high-fertility nation, we’d BE a high-fertility nation. But we are not; we don’t value huge families of uneducated children. We value the Rule of Law. They do not. We value education. They do not. We value self-sufficiency. They do not. We value the rights of women, children, gays, different faiths, free speech, etc. They do not.

These are among the reasons why Obama was completely wrong at the UN: The future CAN ONLY belong to those who reject the “prophet of islam.”

Muslim immigrant rejection of assimilation into our culture, and the lack of respect for our laws and traditions will, as it is in europe, place American women and girls at the same level of risk as those being raped in enormous numbers across europe now. Muslim men are taught that females, of any age, are chattel to be done with as any muslim male desires at any instant. (THIS is true “multiculturalism,” understanding that “multi” means many different, and THIS is what they believe.)

Adolescent American boys have a joke about horny teenage boys who are always in pursuit of sex, and not at all picky about it: “Six to Sixty, blind, crippled or crazy.” Muslims turn this into reality: here here here here.

Assimilation is cultural – immigrants MUST respect our laws, culture and traditions – or they have no business being here to begin with.  Our culture respects women; their culture despises women and respects only men and their instant desires (which is what “honor” murder is about, as well). Demanding increased immigration from this cohort is a demand to reduce our women and girls to targets and chattel, to increase the violence upon our most vulnerable citizens – women & girls, and to reject a thousand years of progress for women and men both. This is why Churchill noted – correctly – that islam was the “most retrograde force on the planet.”

Western women – and men – have fought, lobbied, protested, been jailed, and worked for centuries to gain equality with men. Accepting this cohort will regress those centuries, and that fight, to their status as chattel in the 7th Century, as though the intervening 13 centuries of – Western – progress had never occurred.  The biggest immediate losers will be the women and girls raped and murdered. But the longest-term harm will be to men who allow this to occur, by voting to enable it, and the loss of value our society will perceive of women in general.

To allow society to reduce the value of women is to reduce the value of all humanity. To expect that not to have a negative effect on all of us is naïve. To NOT expect this from muslims is to reject all we know of THEIR culture.

The difficult part to comprehend is that Western women are voting for the politicians that are demanding what has proven in europe to be a mass immigration not of eager new citizens, not of literate people valuing education, not of workers, not of participants in their new communities and cultures, not of cultured and polite people…. but of violent rapists bent on degrading these same women voters – and their daughters, no matter how young.



Once these “refugees” begin voting in America, they will vote for the party, Democrat, that steals the most from the Middle Class to give to them in exchange for their votes. This is what Black voters do today, and why they are captive to the Democrat party. Any idea of limited government, of a Constitutional Republic under the Rule of Law will die with the acceptance of this cohort within our shores.

Immigrants from big-gov countries (all muslim countries, and a problem also with Hispanic immigrants) will vote for policies, laws, rules supporting ever-bigger government, something completely at odds with our founding and with our Constitution. If you think the Debt is bad now, wait until we have tens of millions of people who refuse to participate in our economy, but who demand aid from the – shrinking – cohort willing and able to succeed in a modern information economy. And rape our women at the same time.

Democrats, as I have posted before, hate the Middle Class – we want liberty and less government in our way. Democrats – as do all Leftists – hate personal liberty as it is an obstacle to their power. This is why Democrats clamor for the poor & powerless; not to help them, but to ensure they remain reliant on Big Gov Democrat programs. (If Democrats actually cared about the poor, they wouldn’t be enabling their poverty; if Democrats cared about the powerless, they’d not stand in the way of decent education.) In this way, Democrats guarantee, for generations, the votes of the poor; make them non-poor and those votes go away. As does their power.

It’s why Democrats increase the income and wage gaps through immigration of low-skill, low-education people. For Leftists, the more poor voters, the better.

Keeping muslims out of America has nothing to do with race. Islam is not a “race.” It has nothing to do with xenophobia. It has nothing to do with unknown behavior of foreigners. It has nothing to do with islam in any religious context, actually. It has to do with the completeness of the differences in our cultures. Look around. There is nothing both cultures value equally – not literacy, not work, not women or girls, not freedom or liberty, not speech or thought or exploration or discovery…. Nothing.

We have – NOTHING – in common with muslims.

Muslims recognize this by rejecting our admission into countries like Saudi Arabia. We must recognize this, as well, and reject them until and unless they are literate, able to compete economically, and recognize and respect and value our culture, traditions and women as much as we do.

A true multiculturalist, one valuing non-Western cultures above the West, would take the Saudi (non-Western) hint: NO, you CANNOT come here unless you are OF our culture and religion. Alas, “multiculturalists” are the stupidest of Western citizens, not realizing they are the most mono-cultural among us…

Until, in short, islam has its own Enlightenment and progresses to the Age of Reason, they must be treated – and contained – as the tribal pre-modern illiterate violent savages they are.

Until then, Trump is 100% correct – they DO NOT belong in the West.

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2016 Pundits: Failing to Grasp the Obvious

The splits in the electorate – on both sides of the aisle – this season seem so simple to grasp. Yet pundits and MSM reporters utterly fail to do so. They just can’t climb out of their ideological wells and templated storylines and look around.

It isn’t about their bubble. It’s about failing to identify that the dominant governing ideology no longer separates elected politicians.

But it sure still separates voters.

The GOP base doesn’t hate the Establishment GOP because we’re far right wing nutters. We hate the establishment because no matter how large a majority we give them to stop Progressivism, they continue to vote for it. The inexplicable is not why we’re angry at our party; the inexplicable is why those who campaign against Progressivism support the ideology they are – specifically – elected to oppose once they are elected.

And that anyone is surprised by that.

Since 1968 the Democrat Party has been at-war with itself. Multiple days of street riots that Chicago convention pitted the anti-war hippies against a party that had enmeshed the nation in Vietnam, not even tried to win, and wanted to continue to throw live kids into that jungle of death. The convention riots convinced the electorate not to vote Dem. Over the next generation – 24 YEARS – we elected only one Democrat, and that was due to the criminality of the GOP president, not the attractiveness of the Democrat party. We then ejected him ASAP and returned to the GOP for another three terms

Two plus generations after 1968, two more wars we haven’t even tried to win, yet for which Democrat pols have continued to vote, and the anti-war Dem base hates the establishment Dem candidate who both voted for those wars and destroyed Libya.

In both of these instances the party has left their base.

Republican voters have a demand that is both simple and reasonable: use the Constitution to govern. This is not the stuff of right wing whackoism. It is what made America great – and kept it great until the Baby Boomers.

Democrat voters have a demand that makes no sense in an America built on the rule of law and personal responsibility: infinitely enlarge the welfare state and open the borders to any & all who will vote them the power to do so.

Bill Clinton, the only successful Democrat president since Truman (who could never get elected today), navigated a center between these bases, helped (pushed) by a constitutionalist Speaker Gingrich. Bush 43 barely squeaked by Gore, aided by a Nader who played to the base that grew into Occupy Wall Street, elected Obama, and now advances Bernie Sanders.

Neither establishment party fits the templates of the media, but the media is too lazy (or too stupid; let’s not pretend future Nobel laureates go to J-School) to spend time & energy figuring it out. Those who do, like the fired Atkinson, get… fired. And you can’t pay the mortgage or attend the cocktail parties when you’ve been fired.

I’ve written many times on why the ideologies of Left and Right are split. The Right believes in law, order, good education and an increasing standard of living – all things rejected by Progressivism. We believe in these things because we have kids and want a fair, safe, better future for them.

The Left has no children (check Red/Blue demographics globally), so the future is not on their radar, only power today, which is ALL Progressivism is about.

The real question is not whether this split can be mended. No, the real question is whether it should.

Childless people are not suddenly going to support a better future if it costs them today’s desires. Parents are not going to stop agitating for a better future: we’re PARENTS.

This is why I so often post that secession is the only sane way forward. For parents to continue to live in & pay taxes to a government actively harming the future of their children is absurd.

The Left must be abandoned to the societal, moral and intellectual bankruptcy they demand.

And the Right must abandon them to ensure the better future we – must as parents – demand for our kids.

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Presidents and Showmen since 1960

JFK used TV to win an election. LBJ & Nixon didn’t recognize the power of the show and were brought down by it. Ford & Carter never felt at home before the camera and were cancelled. Reagan’s show was the most successful in decades and viewers have been clamoring for a rerun ever since. GHW Bush didn’t understand the show at all. Clinton used the show to increase his popularity as America’s Bad Boy, especially among the gender he raped as often as he could. W didn’t use the show to win so much as Gore used it to lose. Obama’s campaign was all show all the time.

Obama is not, never has been, and never will be anything but a show, an extraordinarily destructive show. He stands in Center Ring and burns the Big Top and the audience stands and cheers as it consumes us.

Since TV became the dominant campaign & policy medium – before and after elections – the presidency has become home to those who can exploit that medium. There’s a name for men like these: “Showman.”

To reject Trump because he is a showman is to reject half-a-century of presidential elections.

We haven’t had a serious president since Reagan (a showman and a statesman), since the Baby Boomer “Locust Generation” rose to dominance in the electorate. But we have had some that have done real damage. And all of these men since Reagan – first and foremost – were showmen; there hasn’t been a statesman among them.

Each of these presidents used the presidency as a show to advance their goals effectively. Their goals may not have been our goals, but those goals were – and are being – achieved.

GHW Bush took his show to war, putting on the daily screen the circus of smart bombs blowing up bridges, buildings and trucks – a showman’s show with high ratings. He spent lives and treasure not for a worthless medieval kingdom about which, literally, no one cared and fewer could find on a map, but as a demonstration of manhood to prove he was as good or better than his old boss, the one he had accused of “voodoo economics,” but whose economic policies created over 20M jobs in the next 20 years, tripled federal tax revenues while working with a Democrat Congress to lower tax rates, and destroyed the USSR, the world’s biggest threat to liberty and law – until Obama.

It is important to understand that 41’s short-run punitive expedition (no, it wasn’t a “war”) show planted the required seeds for the invasion of Europe and, more than likely, the Fall of the West.

But, hey, “Smart Bomb,” the show, sure entertained us, didn’t it?

Clinton turned the show into comedy, and himself into a joke. But he worked, mostly, within the limits of the Constitution, concluded bipartisan legislation with a GOP Congress run by a man who knew the Constitution and its importance, tried (unsuccessfully) to re-center (re-Americanize) the Democrat Party, and signed the last balanced budget America may ever have. Given the opportunity to have bin Laden killed, Clinton rejected it, but given the opportunity to invade, he instead sent a couple of cruise missiles for a few million bucks and blew up some sand, effecting no real change in the low-temperature jihadist status quo. He had a show. He entertained us. Sometimes on commercial breaks he goofed off. But he didn’t do any lasting damage. Bill Clinton may be seen as the last president of whom that can be said.

GW Bush got us into two absurd wars and refused to win either, creating the conditions on the ground to ensure that the invasion seed planted by his father began to grow tall. He sent tens of thousands of men – thousands of whose lives were taken by savages he refused to defeat – and trillions of dollars of munitions, blew up millions of tons of sand and turned the jihadis into a global menace that, sooner or later, will require a nuclear response as they have grown too large to defeat any other way. Or we will lose – and civilization will regress over a thousand years, requiring a repeat of a millennium of carnage just to get back to where we are today. And, more than likely, it will be Russian or Chinese nukes, as America is far too unserious to understand what war – real war –  is all about, and what are the requirements for winning.

Or the results of losing.

Obama is a showman gleefully tearing apart the American fabric of liberty and law. And we – all of us – are letting him. He stands in Center Ring with a match announcing what he will do without regard for America and law, and we glue our eyeballs to the show instead of to the Constitution he and Congress are burning down.

Obama isn’t a policy maker or deep thinker. He isn’t a lawmaker. He isn’t a student of policy or science or intelligence or history or economics. He is a tyrant. He is a showman. If you doubt his show is radical islamist totalitarianism, regardless of its cost to humanity, you have not been paying attention not even to his own speeches.

Obama is taking his show on the road across Europe. Next season’s cast is boarding ships and planes for its coming engagements in America. You may have seen previews of coming attractions recently in San Bernardino.

Because we are going to elect yet another showman – that’s all we have done since 1960 – we at least can hope he is on our side.

A showman as president has become our de facto governing ruling model.

The surprise is that this surprises anyone.

Trump is a showman for the reason that a showman is what American voters have elected for decades and seem to want.

But he’s a showman who seems to put America first, perhaps the first pro-American showman since Reagan. As with Reagan, there may be a statesman inside him.

This is why the Progressives in the DNCGOP Party are so threatened by him. They know we’ve been electing unqualified showmen since the (spectacularly ignorant) Baby Boomers became dominant, showmen increasing the power of the Ruling Class to the benefit of themselves alone (ask “GOP” Speaker Ryan, the leading Fifth Columnist in the world today).

But they’ve been showmen the GOPDNC Party could control, or that The Party has been willing to disgrace and debase itself before to be controlled by, as is the case with showman Obama.

Trump is not a showman the Progressive Ruling Class can control. They are scared to-death of being controlled by him. The showman has lost the need for the Party supporting cast. The Imperium has been created and needs only the emperor. The Republic has become Empire (Rome, not the TV show).

The sole political party in America has supported the growth of the extra-Constitutional showman presidency because the farther America strays from its founding documents and philosophy of liberty, the more power that political party and Ruling Class gain. What other reason could they logically have?

To think that the DNCGOP will slow or stop the runaway train of totalitarianism that DC has become is naïve.

The GOPDNC does not hate the idea of a showman as president; they hate the idea of a showman they cannot control. The man behind the curtain has been their man for all of their lifetimes – and Trump is not. He has pulled down the curtain and exposed for all to see what the presidency has become.

And he seems willing, and able, to cancel their show.

The choices in 2016 are five:

  1. Elect Trump and hope he is OUR showman and will return America to the Rule of Law, return our liberty, put the government and presidency back in their places. The first two may happen. The third probably won’t. We have allowed an imperial presidency to metastasize; Trump is a strong guy. It may be naïve to think he will bend to the will of a Congress (if Congress still has a will) that has long since forgotten it is the body in charge. But as long as American voters are OK with a monarchy, which we seem to be, I’d rather have a monarchy of the Center-Right than of the Left.
  2. Elect Hillary and ensure the completion of the destruction of liberty & law, of America. Ensure millions more are enslaved by islamist terrorism globally, that America no longer is even fantasized as the beacon of freedom it was for centuries – until the Baby Boomers. That the Bill of Rights becomes nothing but a quaint historical artifact. That future generations are measurably poorer and less-educated. That violence wracks our cities and towns as America burns and the Ruling Class parties away the nation on her show.
  3. Elect Cruz, who may, in fact, be the only guy who can return America to law – but who also will be infected by the imperial presidency we voters have allowed to take hold – and hope he will force Congress to write law again, though one doubts his willingness to be subservient to that law and to those lawmakers. His show will be puritanical – and that isn’t very entertaining. But maybe we need our castor oil right about now. And – maybe – we realize it.
  4. Elect Rand for an actual return to the Constitution. Unfortunately, the likelihood that he would be steamrolled by Congress is high. If he can’t fight FOR the job, how is he going, once there, to fight WITHIN the job and AGAINST Congress and the enemy media and The Party?
  5. Secede. Yes, I raise this often, and, yes, I am serious. America is an idea, not a geography. That idea has no credence among more than half our population. It is of no value to students speaking freely against the ability to speak freely – and on whom that irony is lost. America is an idea rejected by the bipartisan Ruling Class, by the media and “education” system of America, and those running the Regulatory State. The American idea is defined & described in a document willfully ignored by those who not only take an oath to it, but who have their jobs defined and limited by it, but are allowed by us to ignore those duties and boundaries, and that oath.

The Right talks constantly about Obama being unwilling to name the enemy “radical islamist fundamentalism;” that without his willingness to do so, that enemy cannot be defeated.

America’s enemy is not radical islam, not yet. America’s enemy is the Ruling Class and its Progressive education system, media propagandists, and DNCGOP voters who willfully ignore our Constitution; who willfully ignore what it is to BE American.

Our inability to name our enemy results in the same inability to defeat it of which we accuse Obama.

And secession by those wanting freedom, liberty, the Rule of Law – America – for their kids, more than likely is the ONLY way to defeat our enemy – at least within geographies that share the American idea – and effect a return to our birthright of Freedom and Liberty.

But until we are smart enough to understand our enemy, perhaps we can have a showman who may attempt to begin its defeat.

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Responsibility for the Global Chaos Lies with the American Voter

Who is responsible for the rise of ISIS? The furthering of the goals of the MB? The muslim invasion of Europe?

Easy: The American voters so clueless as to other cultures and world history that they really don’t get that ISIS IS islam, that islam ALWAYS has spread via the sword, and that Obama is BOTH a muslim AND a radical fundamentalist Islamist intent on the overthrow of Western political, cultural and economic institutions.

Next question:

WHO is responsible for the return to the global stage of Russia?

Same voters. People actually (if you can believe this) so stupid as to think America is so dominant (as Obama retrenches our power, our elites reject our culture and our “Representatives” spend us into oblivion to buy a few more votes) that power vacuums will go un-filled and geostrategic opportunities unclaimed as the world follows such Baby Boomer childish idiocy as “Reset” buttons and the infantile “leadership” intent on such utter nonsense. And seem about to elect Hillary “Reset” Clinton to the presidency, and to do so no more for her brains, Americanism or experience than did the same voters elect the president presiding over the Fall of the West. With glee

Last question:

Who’d’a thunk that Russia would be the only Western power intent on destroying the anti-West of islam? (Russia is a European nation with a huge backyard, and far closer to the West than to a Sino or muslim culture.)

Obama is an enemy who must be removed. He also is only a symptom of the complete failure of government leaders at all levels, from school boards allowing the absurdity of the dumbest students being hired as teachers, leading to the abysmal “education” of our electorate, and the resultant policies now mutilating women, whipping girls, hanging gays in the streets & murdering 2-yr-olds for “apostasy.” It is American voters responsible for the decline of Liberty globally, the decline of freedom, the decline of wealth. And the enslavement of hundreds of millions to the Dark Ages death cult of islam. No mature nation with the power of America -EVER- would have allowed this to happen.

It is the fault of US voters and the ruling class we have created that is intent only on power – and in obvious rejection of Liberty, the Rule of Law, and the constitutional restrictions placed on – and ignored by – them.

It all comes back to the voters. For now.

But at some point Americans WILL fight for their liberty again.

Not Democrats. Americans.

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