BLM and Why We Can’t Focus on Bad Cops

Problems in policing really do exist, regardless of the noise (irrationality, violence, absurdity, illogic…) of Black Lies Matter.

What is annoying me more than anything else with the Charlotte and other BLM crap is that we can’t focus on this and this and similar events. Because of the over-the-top reaction, we can’t discuss the problem.

These events are real.

How do we fix the underlying problems when the President and his goons in the DOJ fan the flames causing us to ignore that problem: Bad cops exist. A tiny number, to be sure. But if it’s YOUR kid – so what if that cop’s the only bad apple in a barrel of thousands?

I have to believe, because I believe in the Rule of Law and self-government, that, once this all settles down – it may be a year or more – this will be focused on with a new president (unless it’s #deadhillary) and we can move forward – all of us.

Once Trump wins, successful businessmen & women will come out of the woodwork to follow his lead and get RID of these establishment pols across-the-board: Governors, Mayors, City Councils… Police Chiefs & DAs.

The good thing is that these bad-cop events are coming to light. People won’t forget. Local voters won’t forget.

Part of the problem driving BLM and their idiot guilt-ridden communist fellow travelers is the racism Obama has inspired – our most racist president since Wilson – the LAST Democrat academic Americans foolishly elected.

Part of it is the same endemic corruption that has driven the Trump candidacy and nomination.

Part of it is the most spoiled generation – Baby Boomers – whose conservatives, as an outgrowth of 1968, will do ANYTHING to protect cops especially as part of the noise of an election year. (A ‘Law and Order’ party can be – but does not have to become – Brown Shirts; we are FAR from that… but closer than we have been in my lifetime.)

Part of it is the Baby Boomer Left – essentially uneducated communists who, against all history, believe the State can run everything better. These people are FUNDAMENTALLY anti-American, as America is ABOUT self-government, small government and Constitutionally-limited government.

The rising tide of violence and (idiotic) socialism, and the force behind both Hillary and Bernie, are the Baby Boomer lefties of 1968. Driving many TO that Left are the uber-sanctimonious Baby Boomer Far Right.

I blog about the Baby Boomers as the worst generation in American history, and am part of that generation. But that generation has two parts, split in 1954, the last birth year to be drafted to Vietnam. (I was born in 1954.) Demographers have labelled this post-1954 cohort “Generation Jones.” There’s a significant – and logical – difference in worldview between those raised on Bonanza and Wyatt Earp and Rawhide and Combat, who were drafted to fight that stupid war no one wanted to win in Vietnam and whose dads fought WW2, and those raised on “Eight is Enough” and “The Brady Bunch,” who were not exposed to the Draft, and whose parents avoided Korea and were too old for Vietnam.

America is a fairly centrist country. Most of the nation lives in a Center pretty much outlined by Trump. This is why he destroyed experienced opposition in the primaries and will handily defeat Hillary.

I know it’ll take time to get back to the Center where Americans live, work and raise families. But… we not only are closer than we’ve been in my lifetime to Brownshirts, we are closer than we have been since Ike to actual representative government and Constitutional Liberty.

Establishment pols Left AND Right will get in Trump’s way as those pols have the most to lose. The MSM will help them as they try (and fail) to regain trust and an audience.

But… things WILL get better. Things ALWAYS gets better over time.

We just need to educate our peers, neighbors, voters on America and Liberty, and ignore the True Believer idiots like Hillary & Bernie on the Left, and complete morons like Erick Erickson on the Right.

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Trump and America’s Enemies

Anything to keep the NWO going & the useless wars disrupting the peasants so they’ll clamor for more government and more safety and less liberty.

What better way to undermine Liberty and create a Police State than to get the citizens so scared that they demand to give up Liberty and the Rule of Law on their own? What do you think the Patriot Act was all about?

Did we spy on ourselves to defeat Germany and Japan? No. We went to war and beat the crap out of them with Rules Of Engagement that – wait for it – “Put America First.”

And both countries have been freer, safer, better-educated and wealthier than ever before in their entire history because of the utter defeat of the death-cult ideology they had voluntarily chosen to follow, and against which their subjects (not citizens – there are no “citizens” in a dictatorship) had chosen not to overthrow.

What do you think the rejection of the 2nd Amendment is about? If we can’t protect ourselves we’ll have to demand more government to do it for us… And if the government imports more savages, they’ll be giving us all the more reason to demand yet more protection – and demand less liberty – from that government.

If this sounds like islam – correct. The utter defeat and writing-out the future of islam is every bit as necessary to Liberty and freedom as was the utter defeat and writing-out of the futures of NAZI Germany and Imperial Japan.

Why do we hate muslims to much that we refuse to free them from their pre-modern, illiterate death-cult ideology of savagery as we freed Germans and Japanese?

If we valued their lives and futures, if we believed in the Human Rights we in the West pat ourselves on the back over (no – they are NOT “universal” in implementation, culture or belief), if we believed that literacy and education were critical to freedom, liberty, progress and self-respect, if we cared about the global environment, if we gave a damn about ALL HUMAN BEINGS… we would annihilate this ideology destroying hundreds of millions of lives now and in generations to come.

Now? Now we don’t even bother to try to win our wars and have ROE that are suicidal for the soldiers and Marines we send into harm’s way, who believe they are fighting for America when in fact they are being spent as pawns on a battlefield no Commander In Chief since 1945 has even tried to conquer.

And this war – for our future, for our country, for our children – is one we are losing. Militaries win battles. Presidents and Prime Ministers win wars. And the West, created and freed by war – real war –  hasn’t tried to win a war in 70 years – more than three generations.

I am not talking about only the Middle East or the savages in South Asia. I am talking also about the hundreds of thousands of foreign, violently anti-Western savages unleashed by the Bush family to be imported by Obama, Ryan and Pelosi to undermine our liberty, destroy our Middle Class – and “fundamentally transform the United States of America” into a redistributive dictatorship of elites: A communist empire.

Have you seen the airbrushing of history by the MSM simply removing from photographs and history people and topics and opinions they dislike? The request by our own government for kids to spy on and report their own parents?

The USSR and KGB had nothing on Obama, Pelosi, Ryan and the NSA.

What has our leadership provided in the past four administrations of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama?

Absent Kuwait, no al Qaeda. Absent Iraq and Afghanistan un-won wars, no Syria, Libya, Mali, ISIS or invasion of Europe – and no hundreds of thousands of invading “refugees” in America. GHW Bush created the Clintons; GW Bush created Obama.


The elites on both sides of the aisle, and both sides of the Atlantic, hate the Middle Class. We want – we demand – Liberty and the Rule of Law. Totalitarians can’t abide that. And if you think the ruling class of statists is not totalitarian you have not been paying attention since Reagan was president. (And Reagan was only an interregnum between a future of Bushes, Clinton and Obama, and a past of Carter, the godfather of modern islamist terror (encouraged the overthrow of the Shah & enabled the return of Khomeini); Ford the buffoon; Nixon the criminal; LBJ the destroyer of minorities and metropolises; and JFK the man who gave us Vietnam, the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis and Public Sector unions – from which all taxpayers fund the campaigns of Democrat anti-Americans…. and Eisenhower – the last president before Reagan who … “Put America First”.)

Liberty was created by and can survive only with a healthy Middle Class. The working class can’t afford Liberty; the upper class doesn’t need it. And the DNC and GOPe are doing all within their power – legal and illegal, Constitutional and un-Constitutional – to destroy the Middle Class, the Rule of Law, and representative Constitutional government.

Want to know WHO THE ENEMY OF LIBERTY IS? The Bush Family is the root of the American Tree of Tryants, and the two trunks of that tree are the DNC and GOPe.

Trump is the ax.


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Trump, his Role, his Opponents

Too many electrons have been spilt attacking Trump from all sides. Here are three intellectually solid discussions of the subject. If you want to understand the issue – rather than just herd-yammer on one side or the other – I recommend reading these in this order.

They are from the Claremont Review of Books – a solid intellectual and conservative – real conservative not pop cons (VichyCons) as the GOP establishment has become – organization.

Donald Trump and the American Crisis

The Flight 93 Election

Restatement on Flight 93



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If You Like Your Vote You Can Keep Your Vote

This is completely unconstitutional.

Steal the Vote

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The Lethality of Blue Governance

Venezuela running out of other people’s money. Europe , Japan and  Blue States are running out of other people’s kids to pay their welfare and for their sloth (which is why they need so many immigrants…). These are the fruits of socialism.

Where are there money AND kids (ie a future)? American Red States. That’s it in the entire West.

Secession. NOW.

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