Protests, Riots & Law

We need to stop being so accepting of and lenient with violent protestors. Charging 217 in DC with felony rioting is a good start – but it’s generations overdue.

Talk, walk, march & speak. Blog & pamphlet. That’s part of our heritage & most will support doing so – or should. Or at least not complain. It’s our right as Americans under the Rule of Law.

But setting fires? Destroying cars? Breaking windows? Blocking highways? Nope. Occupy the office of a university president? Burn up a limo that is the livelihood of some blue collar worker? Go to prison.

Without consequences there can be no law.

Since the 60s, a few illiberals in every generation have decided some obscure, usually stupid thing suddenly is vital to protest. They’re nothing but wannabes on the Vietnam protestors who protested something that actually mattered.

And learned the wrong lesson.

Had the protestors of the 60s the courage of their convictions, they’d have stood up, not burned down and then run away to Europe or Canada.

Had the parents of the Baby Boomers refused to accept their nonsense & refused to let them run to Sweden, had the parents and the protestors supported the rule of law, they’d have protested and willingly gone to jail rather than to Vietnam. Because America would not have imprisoned 100,000-200,000 sons of the Middle Class, the protests would have accomplished something: the war would have stopped years earlier, a million Vietnamese and tens of thousands of American lives would not have been lost. Which is what the protestors said they were about.

Had we not accepted their violent lawbreaking, academia arguably would not have become the festering swamp it has.

But we treated those stupid kids with kid gloves and their parents refused to hold them accountable for BEING Americans under the rule of law. We have been reaping this seed since.

Protesting the System to get actual results is what Trump’s voters did peacefully, calmly, without trashing the Mall, and without rancor. Protesting the System is what Trumps’s inauguration speech was all about. He will be far more effective than stupid kids burning cars or breaking windows. Or stupid women acting out as though biology gives them different rights. Talk about sexist.

Democrats have been protesting via riot for years and now sit at their lowest level of representation in a century. To think these are unrelated is absurd.

Democrats & their media enablers rejoice over ten-year-old kids lighting street fires because “screw the president.” Society should be appalled at that kid’s parents.

And then throw them in jail for arson by their minor child for whom they are legally responsible. Instead I’m sure they and their illiberal friends will be bragging for decades about their idiot kid and how wonderfully he was raised

Breaking all the windows at BofA & Starbucks, both companies that gave significant money to Hillary, will accomplish only two things: help Trump get re-elected in 2020 and further reduce Dem representation in America. But they did it knowing they would get away with it as protestors in America have for 50 years.

America needs to deal harshly with rioters, and to learn to differentiate them from protestors. Protestors, if they believe in their cause, must be willing to stand up, be counted and take the consequences as did MLK, Cassius Clay, Ghandi.

But letting these idiot rioters off as we did in the 60s only encourages this nonsense and flies in the face of the Rule of Law – which is what America IS. Protestors continuing to lack courage of their convictions only hurts America. It doesn’t help – or change anything for the better.

Applying – or constitutionally protesting – the law is what America is about. It’s who we are. “The right peaceably to assemble.”

Apply the law. Accept – or change – the law. But accept its results until you are able to change it.

Or go to prison on a life-altering felony conviction.

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Islam: Shooting-in the New Year

Islam. Again. Shooting up a club. Strapping a bomb on a 10-yr-old child.

The West cannot coexist with barbarism. Either we believe in Western Civilization, human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, gay rights, science, moral progress, self government, individual liberty and the Rule of Law… OR… we allow in our midst believers in sharia and islamism who violently oppose those rights and who, with our implicit permission, treat the least among us barbarically. It’s a binary choice.

Islam is killing everyone it can reach in order to force a return to a – literal – Stone Age rule of the strong oppressing and enslaving the weak at their whim, including raping infants, beating wives, whipping and/or stoning female victims of rape, and murdering children.

All progress – material, philosophical and moral – since the Stone Age is rejected by sharia; by Islamic theology.

“Coexistence” is an immoral, facile philosophy in which we absolve others of crimes against the weak in order to feel good about ourselves; little is as immoral as this.

When every religion – moral philosophy – on the planet, but one, can peacefully coexist with one another, but that one kills all the others, the only way to peace and moral progress is to terminate that murderous philosophy.





If Muslims exist who can parse what we would call “religion” (a Western word with the foundational premise of “not State” that does not exist in Islam) from the political and totalitarian theology of the Koran, then a case can be made to allow Islam to continue to exist. Because this is doubtful, Islam must be treated as is any other destructive parasite – polio, smallpox, etc – and removed in its entirety from the body politic .

Those who complain that a belief system cannot be destroyed lack historical perspective. Imperial Japan and NAZI Germany both were belief systems. These people also offer no Plan B other than the continued acceptance of terror against us and our children – and savage barbarism against the weak under Muslim rule globally. This cannot be acceptable to any civilized person. (It is not surprising that those accepting terror as the “new normal” are, as a group, barren of children and so any care of the future.)

The continued acceptance of Islam within the planet’s philosophies is destructive to humans and to all progress moral and material.

Allowing sharia within the West is a moral failure ranking among the worst moral failures in history.

It must be annihilated. Even “containing” it as we did the USSR is an acceptance that other human beings do not deserve protection from this inhumane philosophy.

The longer we wait, the less value we put on human life, on moral progress, on peace.



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We Must Stop Supporting Progressivism

Half of America hates Americanism.


  • Want to maximize illegals. Why: Apportionment. Political power.
  • Want to maximize muslim immigration. Why: Making us less-safe will increase our willingness to sacrifice liberty for security (especially true for Republicans as only we have children to worry about). Political power.
  • Want to maximize welfare & food stamp recipients. Why: Maximizing the entitlement voter. Political power.
  • Want to lie to the voters. Why: Their policies cannot pass on the merits (else, why bother?). Political power.
  • Want to blame failures on others. Why: Accepting blame means acknowledging programs suck. Political power.
  • Want to stop any and all individual property rights. Why: Individual liberty & property are antithetical to Progressivism. Political power.
  • Want others to pay for their policy failures. Why: They don’t see them as failures as they are achieving the goals of Progressives: Political power.

None of this is going to change with Trump or his successors.

All of this is antithetical to what America is all about: Individual Liberty, Property Rights, The Rule of Law, the opportunity to pursue our happiness.

Progressivism is a political philosophy of totalitarianism. Democrats are not going to turn their backs on it; they have been running to it since 1968. Witness the re-election of Pelosi, the statement by multiple DNC leaders that they don’t need a new course, the consideration of Keith Ellison as DNC Chair.

The only way forward involving changing what we adults have to deal with in society (crime, bad schools), the economy (good jobs at good wages, sensible regulation & taxation), and not stealing from future generations only being populated by the GOP is to kick out the Blue States or have the Red States secede. (And let counties choose – CA has, for example, 58 counties, of which 50 are Red.)


  • Just decriminalized child hookers. How can you deal with people like that with any thought we both are interested in moral progress or the health and well-being of our youth? Or the impact on following generations?
  • Demand to be a Sanctuary State, ignoring all laws and rights they choose to ignore. How can you deal with people like that?
  • For all practical purposes has overturned the Bill of Rights. Why do we want to deal with the fallout of these programs and policies? And to pay for them – our kids paying for them, not theirs – forever?


  • CHI is the murder capital of the Western World, a revolving door of elected officials becoming prisoners, not lobbyists, adults with kids fleeing the city, jobs fleeing the State.
  • The same illegalization of the Bill of Rights and demand to ignore laws they dislike as CA, NYC, and other major metros while forcing on us at their whim regulations not passed through a legislative branch (totalitarianism).

It is past time to recognize that our ideologies are too different to any longer support this Union.

Let them go their way, or we must go our way. They will fail as socialism always does – but we and our kids won’t have to pay for it – in taxes or policy failures leading to Venezuela – or to “Escape from New York.”

It’s THEIR ideology; let THEM pay for it. Let THEM gray and fail without kids to support their entitlement programs, all of which require a continual input of more people, people the Left refuses to raise.

And we can sell them the food they won’t grow because they are “saving” a baitfish in SF Bay, the energy they won’t drill, and the manufactures they can’t make in their policy environment. And mark it up – alot.

No sensible joint way forward exists when the opposition can’t accept defeat in a free and fair election, can’t tell the truth in their media or their policy speeches, can’t educate kids honestly, and can’t admit – so as to fix – their policy failures. And when they refuse to have the children necessary to pay their bills.

It is time to split.


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The Humanities & the Future of Western Civilization

American culture began its precipitous decline when post-secondary education became disinterested in Western Civilization, which only can be learned and understood, and from which we only can understand who we are and how we got here – and why we chose the direction we chose, through the Humanities.

The adults allowed this because their Baby Boomer kiddies in 1968 rebelled at hard work of scholarship and occupied the administrative offices instead of studying in the libraries, and the “Greatest Generation” gave up on their get – who now are trashing the planet – witness Obama, Kerry, Democrat voters, the Far Right, etc.

I’m as capitalist as the next guy and more than most. Capitalism has brought more people out of poverty and misery than any other force in the history of the known universe. But to put degrees in Engineering and Business higher in priority than understanding the reason why they are important; what we are going to do with them and why…  is nuts.

To think that the Humanities leads only to a future as a barista is ignorance. My degree is in English/PoliSci – and I’ve had a successful 40-yr career in IT, and have made six figures since the mid-90s. In my group of hires at IBM in 1977 were multiple Humanities majors, along with Physics, Chemistry and a few – a minority – of Bus degrees and one MBA (out of 30 new hires in our office). Back then IBM was growing to $100B. it wasn’t until they decided that only IT majors and MBAs would be hired – and so lost the ability to communicate to everyday businesspeople and to understand their motivations – that IBM ground to a near-halt and, in the late 1980s began laying people off, something they once prided themselves on not doing even during the Depression.

For those who put capitalism (business degrees and only money) ahead of history and philosophy, to not even know where capitalism came from is crazy. And they will learn only from a study of the Humanities that it was created and promulgated as a way, a successful way it turns out, of stopping the constant religious wars in europe.

This takedown of a fairly accomplished professor doing significant damage to facts in our discourse  – damage unknown to those lacking a foundation in the Humanities, with unknown consequences of advancing false foundations to susceptible students – is excellent. That the takedown is published in a thoughtful mag like Atlantic (even though it is Left-of-Center) is outstanding. It ought to be required reading. Because, yes, the essay is important; more important than most know.

FTA [emphasis mine]:

John D’Agata has accomplished an impressive feat. In three thick volumes, over 13 years, he has published a series of anthologies—of the contemporary American essay, of the world essay, and now of the historical American essay—that misrepresents what the essay is and does, that falsifies its history, and that contains, among its numerous selections, very little one would reasonably classify within the genre. And all of this to wide attention and substantial acclaim (D’Agata is the director of the Nonfiction Writing Program at the University of Iowa, the most prestigious name in creative writing)—because effrontery, as everybody knows, will get you very far in American culture, and persistence in perverse opinion, further still.

D’Agata’s rationale for his “new history,” to the extent that one can piece it together from the headnotes that preface each selection, goes something like this. The conventional essay, nonfiction as it is, is nothing more than a delivery system for facts. The genre, as a consequence, has suffered from a chronic lack of critical esteem, and thus of popular attention. The true essay, however, deals not in knowing but in “unknowing”: in uncertainty, imagination, rumination; in wandering and wondering; in openness and inconclusion.

Every piece of this is false in one way or another.

America will not be great again until Americans again understand who we are, where we came from, how we got to be – and why all this happened….  And why our shared history did not lead in another direction.

The requirement for this knowledge it not a long-term, barely-important issue.

How can one with little, if any, post-secondary knowledge of world history conclude that islam is and always has been an existential threat to the West, and never interested in peace or coexistence… unless one understands European history? That if it is not stopped, it will defeat a somnolent West bent on accommodating it.. unless one grasps postwar European fertility (why islam has been accommodated and society bent to accommodate it). On what history is the anti-islam-expansion argument based? How does one reply to the coexist crowd with authority if one does not know with authority?

How can one understand the ongoing damage to society of the Frankfurt School? (Some of the best and most-accessible writing on the Frankfurt school and its lasting damage to the West is by Michael Walsh in his book The Devil’s Pleasure Palace.) What is referred to as the “creeping cultural Marxism” destroying Western institutions is the outgrowth of this school. How does one combat it without understanding it and its goals? If one does not combat it, how does – can? – one stop it? Why is stopping it important?

The world was not invented during the lifetime of the Baby Boomer and the computer. It is good to know and accept this, for only then can one act in the interest of further progress in Liberty, Human Rights, Living Standards, and society. Only in the West are these Rights and Liberties recognized and codified. Why? Espousing “multiculturalism” is a direct attack on those Liberties and Rights. Why? Absent a solid grounding in Liberal Arts, one cannot answer these questions.

If one is unaware of the true impact of the Industrial Revolution – and he fear it generated for generations – how can one confidently discuss the impact of automation on society and workers? Rent The Man in the White Suit for a glimpse into the fear workers have of industrialization – and of automation today – before you dismiss this fear by citing “Progress!”

I am not advocating stasis or regression. I advocate progress all the time and everywhere – but don’t you think it would be good to understand the impact of some progress so that we can tame these furies with common sense?

Putting in our homes Amazon’s Echo, for instance, is pretty cool. But when technology outstrips society’s ability to deal with its consequences, we might want to consider those consequences in advance. You will not be taught about society’s responses and growth in an Accounting class or a Physics symposium, nor will you understand the background of the existence of the Fourth Amendment.

Sure – we have Trump now, and he will begin to move America toward a pragmatic Center, and good for him.

But if we don’t understand the importance of the Humanities, and, doing so, take back K-12 and post-secondary education, he will be a historical blip in our march toward leftist totalitarianism. It’s hard work – but it must be done.

It begins with recognizing the supreme value of the Humanities.

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“Ties”, Half Measures and History

Half measures rarely result in the success of the goals they are implemented to achieve. The West, including Israel, needs to accept this.

Accepting the half-measure of Wilson’s Fourteen Points and not defeating or occupying Germany in 1918 led directly to WW2 and its tens of millions of dead.

The full-measure defeat of Germany and Japan in 1945 led to their becoming freer, wealthier, better-educated than ever in their history, and political, economic and military allies since.

Throughout history, victors have taken some or all of the lands of those they have vanquished. The Apache took the land of the indigenous people they conquered (and annihilated – heard of the Anasazi lately?). America took the land of the indigenous peoples we conquered, and of the Spanish in 1898. The USSR took the land of those it conquered, as did the Persians, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, the Zulus, the Aztecs, the Czars…. It’s called “the way the world works.”

In 1967, Israel was attacked by, and defeated, neighboring forces. Israel then accepted the half-measure of “occupying” those lands rather than the full measure of accepting their role as conquerors and forcing the vanquished to adjust to the victors. Being “nice” to enemies never has a good outcome; that it has not in Israel can surprise only those without any knowledge of history. Israeli citizens have been paying ever since for their leadership not taking the full measure of accepting their responsibility as victors; a responsibility to both the victor and to the vanquished.

Israel never asked for war. They have asked only for peace. Muslims and, increasingly, Western “Leaders” have acted for war rather than for peace in the guise of increasingly imbalanced demands and a non-functional “Peace Process” which is exactly a half-measure.

For Israel to continue to pretend that half-measures can work, that a “Two State Solution” will achieve their goal of peaceful coexistence (demonstrably not the goal of their opponents in Arab or Persian lands, or in Western Capitals), is to misread history. It may have made sense for a time to try to be nice in a modernizing world but it is past clear that their opponent is not modernizing and, with Obama’s perfidy at the UN on 23 December 2016, the coexistence fantasy must be seen as the chimera it is.

Israel needs to act to end the half-measures, defeat their opponents, and accept their role as conquerors of the lands of those who attacked them, and who continue to do so. Doing so with the finality required will be, as it has been from Alexander to Nagasaki, the only way to create any sort of lasting peace between cultures unable to coexist.

And the West needs to quit the obviously failing half-measures against these same opponents attacking our citizens and societies globally, for the same reason:

There can be no peace between cultures with such drastic differences in expectations and behaviors without first one defeating the other.

In history, there are no “ties.”

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