Why Dems Need Illegal Immigration & Sanctuary Cities – and How to Change That

Why do Dem mayors & governors demand sanctuary cities & illegal immigrants?

Political power. Nothing more or less. They are capitalizing on voter ignorance of how House representation & Electoral College votes are apportioned.

fixing this, which is completely within our power now, can overturn some of the most significant damage done by the 17th Amendment, among the worst excesses of the Progressuve amendments.

Look at the electoral map. House Seats & Electoral College votes are zero-sum, based on TOTAL population – NOT on voting population.

Immigrants move to cities. The more immigrants, the more House seats/EC votes Dems get in metros – at the cost to the GOP of fewer House seats/EC votes in non-metros & rural areas

Illegal immigration is not about human welfare, as Dems insist; that’s just another Dem lie for low-info voters.

SCOTUS recently held against REQUIRING apportionment by voting population, as was the goal of the suit (Evenwell).

In doing so, SCOTUS agreed that States COULD apportion either way.

The GOP now owns more State legislatures and governorships than we have in a century. Trump will get Justices oriented to the Constitution.  Governors & legislatures need to legislate VOTER apportionment. SCOTUS has said BOTH are ok.

Doing so easily could be the longest-lasting benefit to America the GOP could provide.

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Why Democrats Lose

As Democrats ponder why they lost, hoping to arrive at the solution to not convincing enough voters to support them, they have a serious – and unrecognized – problem. No amount of Democrat navel gazing, focus-grouping or think-tanking will enable them to arrive at the only solution.

What do these ten items have in common?

  1. Socialism improves the living standards of a nation
  2. Unionized public services improve the delivery and productivity (price/performance) of those services
  3. Redistribution helps everyone
  4. Man is causing climate change
  5. Progressive economics helps reduce income inequality
  6. Increasing the power and reach of central government improves life for citizens
  7. Whites are the cause of current-day maladies of non-whites
  8. Islam is intent on peaceful assimilation
  9. Cops are racist murderers
  10. Multiculturalism is the same as accepting assimilating immigrants

Easy – none of them are true.

But – and this is the problem Democrats have – these ten ideas also are the foundation of today’s American Left.

All ten listed items are lies easily refuted now that the internet is opening (and it’s not done) access to information to Joe Bag O’Donuts. Fifty years ago the NYT took to SCOTUS their ability to publish stolen government documents in The Pentagon Papers. Seeing what our government did and said behind closed doors was vanishingly rare. Now everyone has access to this level of information – it is expected, it has become foundational. And it is only the beginning of the changes we will see in governance due to the increased transparency this information brings to us about what our government “servants” are doing with – and to – us.

People are tired of being lied to. This is what drove Trump’s victory, animated Brexit, and is fomenting a general dissatisfaction with governments across the West (le Pen, Wilders, Farange….).

If your government lies to you, it really isn’t your government – it’s theirs.

If your government lies to you, your liberty is a lie as well.

Sure, we all know politicians lie to get elected. But we aren’t talking about promises to build a new road or a new factory in your town. We’re talking about importing terrorists, destroying your schools, reducing your standard of living to raise that of a gangbanger. With the increased access to information, and the increased willingness of people and groups (Assange, Anonymous, new media – fringe or otherwise) to publish that information, everyone not intentionally ignorant knows what is going on.

And Democrat voters are intentionally ignorant. Their leadership counts on it.

One cannot live in today’s world with the information available to anyone with a smartphone or a laptop or set top box with a browser, and not be aware everything on the above list is a lie… unless it is one’s intent to be ignorant.

Voting for a Democrat means either one believes their lies out of a desire to do so, or one is too uninformed to grasp that they are lies – which, again, is a choice. Either way, it is a self-limiting cohort. As access to information continues to grow, that cohort will continue to shrink. (And one would not be overly cynical in asking, “Is an ignorant citizenry the goal of those who unionized public schools?”)

Then when Democrat voters are dumb enough to nominate a presidential candidate who has been described by Left and Right for, literally, decades as a congenital liar, and who is unable even to fake sincerity, integrity or character, you see a blowout like the recent presidential election, and a net loss of hundreds of seats in statehouses and governorships across the nation, which is what the Democrat Party has delivered to their voters over the past eight years.

But… fixing this would require honesty. It would require accepting facts over feelings in discussion and argument. It would require telling the truth about those ten items – and more.

If Democrats did that they’d be overturning their entire governing philosophy.

Quite simply: Democrats can’t tell the truth and still be Democrats, and they can’t get elected if they keep lying. They can’t fool enough of the people enough of the time, and they can’t change that without rejecting who they are and what they stand for.

‘Tis a puzzlement.

(GOPe still is able to fool some of the people some of the time, but Trump proves plainly that they, too, are running out of voters living in self-imposed ignorance, willingly accepting their lies. The difference between the parties is that Democrats lie about the results of Progressivism; Republicans lie about rejecting Progressivism once they are elected.)

With the internet and the self-imposed loss of credibility of traditional media, neither any longer can fool enough even to win an election.


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The (new) Gathering Storm

Waves of change are washing against the hull of the Western-dominated global order that has existed since 1945 – and the ship’s officers are denying there’s a storm.

The Ruling Class elites of the West have become totalitarian – on “both” sides of the ship’s bridge. This is why Brexit and why Trump. It also will be why Italy shortly exits, and why the Dutch, the Czechs and others are preparing to cast off.

This kind of childish blather from the EU is aimed at low-info voters and those who have not been paying attention for 20+ years, who think the media still can be trusted and who disdain all new media.

It is meant for the yearning consumption of those who somnolently await the next swing of a regular pendulum even though the ship’s clock is falling over and the next swing will be disconnecting as the pendulum shatters the glass and lands… no one knows where.

These “leaders” see millions of poor coming to the West to not be poor – and they support it. They do not see that these people are coming not to become Middle Class in a Middle Class culture – but to destroy that culture and expand their own, devolving the West to a pre-Enlightenment culture of brutality, poverty, intellectual squalor, illiteracy and superstition. For that is what they bring – and what they demand.

The world of islam is Hobbesian, run by any local, usually illiterate, dictator requiring on pain of death complete submission to his personal interpretation of a long-dead barbaric sovereign who brutally raped and slaughtered his way across his world. In the West most no longer can comprehend this level of barbarity, even as we allow in a cohort intent on implementing exactly that and making our own lives nasty, brutish and short.

These globalists have no stake in the future (a defining character of the Left is their lack of fertility) and are Progressive to the core: The average person isn’t smart enough to govern themselves so the (self-appointed) experts will need to rule the rest of us (this idea is the core of Progressivism).

Too many people in the West lack the knowledge of HOW the West became the West, WHY we are different, THAT we are different from other cultures. The takeover of the Liberal Arts (why we are who we are and how we became that way) by the Left – allowed by a Right too lazy to fight back – is the root cause of this. Lacking the knowledge of who we are and how we came to be, they find nothing exceptional or worth defending.

The left doesn’t care at all about the future of Western ideals: With their policies and legislation they steal the living standard from a future they refuse to populate, why not steal its liberty, too?

The idea that those in other cultures want what we want is an ignorant projection of Western mores and culture onto non-Westerners: Human rights, children’s rights, women’s rights, the rule of law, self-government, individual liberty, etc. There is a name for this: Western Imperialism – and the Left are absolutely guilty of it. “Multiculturalism” is, at root, a projection of Western attitudes onto non-Western peoples who do not believe in what we believe; the Left loves them simply as they add to their ability to achieve totalitarianism, which is THE goal of all leftist political parties, including today’s Democrat (no, it is not “Democratic”) Party.

These people actually believe that everyone is essentially the same in desires, behavior, goals, etc.. The Left’s “multiculturalism” is nothing more than a belief in a Western monoculturalism in which some just eat and dress differently.

The Left believes, against all historic precedent, that if these invaders – which is what they are and all they are – are given the opportunity of coming TO the West, they will become OF the West – and their doing so will help alleviate their poverty and lack of education, and turn them into good citizens of Western Liberal Democracies, joiners of the PTA & Chamber of Commerce, payers of taxes, etc.

These rulers do not comprehend – nor can they, given their worldview – that these people come not to become Western, not to alleviate the poverty of their culture and societies, but to become parasites ON the West by taking its largess but not partaking of its values of Human Rights, education, self-reliance, individual liberty and freedom, and by destroying that West – and expanding the rule of islam, which is their reason for coming in the first place.

That these people are enemies intent on destroying a West not populating its own future is incomprehensible to these “leaders,” regardless that is it an absolute truth proved over the millennia of the existence and expansion of islam.

Contrary to the (uneducated) opinion of the Ruling Class, these people not only do not what we want, they demand that what we want be destroyed: Liberty, Human Rights, literacy, law, art, science, self-government…

As I have noted before, the influx of muslims (per the UN the most illiterate cohort on the planet) to a europe not populating its own future will cause the collapse of the european economy: When the only future workers are illiterate, a first-world economy cannot be sustained (and the subsequent hit to our economy will be huge due to the loss of millions of jobs created by trade with europe if we do not transition to Asia or bring home manufacturing quickly enough).

Once the economy of the West falters under illiterates unable to compete or hold jobs in a first world country and economy, the tax base collapses – and, with it, the welfare sustaining the illiterate population.

The only thing that can follow is continent-wide anarchy and vicious family-on-family fighting as those without sustenance fight to take it from those who have it.

Nasty. Brutish. Short.

The globalist elite don’t care. For the most part they are childless or have one “designer child” living in luxury and so protected from the results of their policies. (I give you Chelsea Clinton.)

For them, the results will occur after they have awarded themselves various Peace Prizes and other “honors” and died off.

People are beginning to grasp that the ruling class is destroying the West and must be stopped before they succeed. Brexit and Trump only are the embers of a smoldering anger against the ruling class. It is an anger that, if not damped soon by the return to the citizens of the West of the Western Civilization that is their birthright, of liberty and government of, by and for the People, will result in a conflagration of rage that the Ruling Class will not be able to contain and that will destroy them – and us.

And amid that confusion, the world may well go up in flames.

The West has created a society unwilling to protect itself by doing the hard things done by our parents and grandparents only a couple of generations ago: Killing our enemies in the masses required to prevent their killing us. Defending our freedoms from those who would destroy them. Ensuring to our posterity the liberty our ancestors left us.

Imperial Japan and NAZI Germany both were ideologies of murderous totalitarianism – and we annihilated them. Today all one hears is that we can’t annihilate the ideology of death that is islam – a far more repugnant, uncivilized, barbaric and murderous ideology than either we destroyed in WW2. (At less cost than we thus far have spent in Afghanistan and Iraq against illiterate, untrained, ill-equipped savages. Why? Ask our ruling class, for it is they who do not want to defeat our enemies. If we wanted to defeat them, we’d have done so over a decade ago.)

This is of course arrant nonsense. Of course we can defeat islam. But – so far, anyway – we are not tough enough to choose to do so, even in defense of all we have attained since Ancient Greece & Rome.

It is doubtful that Russia and China have lost the will to defend themselves. Russia is Westernizing. China is dependent on Western trade to modernize. Neither will sell-out their own citizens as the Western globalists have sold out theirs. Both need a prosperous West to prosper themselves – and they know this.

If we do not kill the ideology that is the enemy of all the West has built over millennia, if we do not stop the civilizational war against the West that islam is fighting (and that we are not) – and to which half our country wants to surrender  – Russia or China (or both) will annihilate islam, doing the hard work that must be done for their nations to continue to progress.

Our continued liberty and progress will be a collateral benefit – but it will be Russia and China who will have done the heavy lifting.

Some may abhor their actions in doing so, but the result – the utter annihilation of an ideology that actively is destroying everything it touches – is necessary for the world to move forward.

If destroying a barbaric, murderous, savage ideology attacking their future is required, the East may act. The West, unless something unforeseen changes, will not. The West doesn’t even believe in its own future enough to populate it, so why would its leaders defend that future from its existential enemies?

The Western Ruling Class is the existential enemy of the West’s own future…

Islam cannot be “contained’ as were the USSR and Communist China. It is too late for that. Islam is spread far more broadly across the globe than even the combined empires of Imperial Japan and NAZI Germany at their height. But it can and must be destroyed. We flattened Berlin. We burned-down Tokyo. Britain sent 1,000 bombers against Cologne in one night. We annihilated Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We know HOW to kill our enemies (destroy their centers of ideology and finance) – and can do so with enormous productivity, losing none of our own while destroying them utterly in a microsecond.

But – we lack the will. Soon we may see if the same can be said of China or Russia.

Given that the Left loves islam, that the Western Right is (not yet) ready to kill it, more than likely it will be Putin or Xi doing what needs to be done.

Americans who believe their birthright is to steer the course for the world as we essentially have been doing since 1945, likely will awaken after this storm to a new world order in which Russia and China have saved their own jobs and trade and futures still reliant on the West – and Western Civilization – by taking the helm.

Europeans, against all logic and history, still think they are relevant to the world order. They have started and lost the most destructive wars in history, rejected populating their civilizations or their own future, given the world communism, fascism, NAZIism, “democratic socialism” (the seed from which grows the kudzu of communism), and the Holocaust. They created (to stop european religious wars) the force which has pulled more people from poverty than any other: capitalism… and then abandoned it.  And yet still they think anyone cares what they think or that their ideas have merit. This is insane, but is the basis of the profound idiocy of the current head of the EU.

When those (Putin, Xi) who – rightly – put their own people and nations over the violent detritus of other nations and other civilizations and decide to act, Western Civilization will be changed in some minor and some major ways as a relevant presence in the world.

It will be different on the other side of the storm. How different no one knows. No one knows where the pendulum will land.

As we pretended to protect the world in our Western Liberal benevolence and gazed at our navels in our safe spaces not wanting to trigger anyone, even in defense of ourselves and our posterity, and someone else actually saved the world from this barbaric Stone Age ideology, we will be shocked, angry…. and irrelevant to the vast population of the world who saw others do what needed doing.

History has not ended. Darwin always wins. If we don’t fight to keep modernity in place someone else will, displacing us as we displaced the British Empire in the mid-20th Century.

The storm is coming.

The West had better take the helm – or be prepared to be a passenger in someone else’s ship.

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Trump + 38 States + SCOTUS (soon) = VoterID Time

Voter fraud is arguably the largest threat to our republic. Unless you want a federal voter registry – and I don’t, nor would the Founders – the only way to tackle the problem of illegal voting is to pass an amendment requiring State govt-issued VoterID in all elections.

The use of this can be indirectly mandated via threat of application of the 14th Amendment’s clause to limit representation (House seats, Electoral College votes) as a result of fraudulent voting if this ID is not used.

Amendment wording to require States to issue tamper-resistant photo IDs would prevent States from suing in SCOTUS over the Feds forcing them to spend money implementing this. Issuing these IDs every four years would help reduce voting by dead people, if the issuance is linked to the State death certificate database.

Because a vote is more powerful and dangerous than a gun, a check when issuing an ID against a current citizen database similar to a check against a national database when buying a gun would seem in order. How not to make this a national voter database is a problem to which I assume smarter people than I have a good answer

Formally rejecting Motor-Voter registration, the largest source of non-citizen voting, should be part of this amendment. Because it would be an amendment it can overrule that part of Article 1.

Any amendment dealing with voting also must mandate paper & ink voting. There is no way to prevent fraud in computer voting, no matter what you read. (My career has been in IT for 40 years.) Getting non-fraudulent results later is far better than fraudulent results immediately.

We will never get rid of the problem of “Who watches the Watcher,” but this would go a long way in reducing fraud.

Given the 2016 results, that Trump will be appointing at least 2-3 Justices, that amendments can take time, we need to get on this ASAP.

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Campaign over. Right Shifts to Attacking Milennials

So it looks like the end of the campaign is bringing a ridiculous war on millennials by those who oftentimes made the mess. I guess because we have nothing better to do?

This is stupid.

Baby Boomers whining about their offspring? Talk about a complete lack of responsibility…

Who sent these snowflakes off to school, paying huge sums for worthless degrees? Baby Boomers. Who let their kids take out (& who co-signs) enormous loans for dumb degrees? Boomers. Who let these kids become so entitled? Boomers. Who voted for the pols, supported the stupid policies and bought the subscriptions to the newspapers & magazines that celebrated these nutty choices? Boomers. Who let the liberal TV wasteland raise their kids? Boomers. Who started the “if it feels good do it,” “just do it,” and “explore your inner self/child” nonsense? Boomers.

Who let K-12 & colleges become the home of failed communist ideology? Boomers…. and NOW you’re going to complain about your results?

Millennials are the core of our warriors in stupid wars started by Boomers. They are killing & dying for Boomer stupidity under Boomer ROE sacrificing their lives & limbs for nothing. They are coming into a job market & economy destroyed by… Boomers.

… and the Boomers are the ones complaining?!?! Give me a friggin BREAK.

My kids are millennials. They’re not even close to the small number of snowflake losers that the – Baby Boomer – media presents us daily. Most millennials are out there sucking it up & getting it done

Blaming an entire generation for the snowflakes the MSM worries about is dumb.

Millennials are the ones who are going to have to clean up the historic mess we Boomers have made of the world.

They’re also going to pay Boomer Social Security & Medicare. No – it’s not “your” money. Yes – it IS an entitlement. If you don’t get that you don’t even understand the foundation of the programs.

Quit catering to them. Make them grow up. But recognize this: WE RAISED THEM.

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