Really. Call them back if we need to declare war. Real war. Otherwise who needs ‘em?

I am not interested in making the Executive into a sovereign, as both parties unconstitutionally enabled obama to become, the Dems because they are all anti-Western totalitarians, and the Repubs because they want the same power when they hold the presidency, and willingly will stick their tongue to an icy pole in their ever-more-immature quest for acceptance by their enemies.

Which is why we elected someone really of neither party. The parties are American enemies (Dems) and idiots (Repubs).

We HAVE laws. We even have a bipartisan immigration law written by the hugely racist Ted “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy, that every president has refused to enforce. And, no, it’s not “broken;” it’s just not enforced.

The president must – and must be allowed to – enforce the law. Without interference from a bunch of wannabe napoleons in black robes, or absolute idiots who think islands can tip over, one gets to choose one’s sex, or that we need to spend hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of lives interfering in everyone else’s country.

Once a car is built no one needs hundreds of engineers to fuss with it. An engineer or three may be needed occasionally to adjust or fix or improve something. America is built. But congress keeps screwing with it, justices keep pouring sugar in the gas tank, & governors keep letting them.

We have plenty of laws, don’t need any more Eastern Pacific Island Natives Left-handed Transsexual Appreciation Days, & all the hard stuff they just – unconstitutionally – toss to the Executive Branch, anyway, for some unaccountable schmuck to make into an unaccountable regulation to unaccountably & irregularly steal our labor.

What is Congress today but hugely expensive theater? A helluvan expensive joke? A monument to the stupidity of a too-big, grossly irresponsible and appallingly uneducated franchise?

Congress can’t pass legislation, does not represent any part of mainstream America, refuses even to act as though there IS an America in their quest for totalitarian power (Dems) or cheap labor (Repubs).

America was not designed for an overweening national government. Yet that’s what we’ve created. America is SUPPOSED to be sovereign States in agreement to toss certain responsibilities to the feds, & be mature enough to handle everything else on their own.

And if some voters demand their State become Venezuela? Kick them out and LET THEM. IT’S THEIR STATE.

But don’t come to me or my kids to subsidize them or bail them out from their idiocy. And if we aren’t “defending” every Tom, Dick & Taiwan (does anyone really think we’d engage in nuclear war with PRC over Taiwan?), no – we DON’T need this huge & forward-deployed Navy. CA can HAVE their naval bases & turn em into mass housing for illegal immigrants. They’ll need the fences to keep em all in, anyway, when they no longer can afford to feed them once they’ve chased all the jobs out of the State and completed the destruction of what a decade ago was the most fertile farmland on the planet to save a 3” baitfish.

Congressdopes are nothing but self-important losers intent on the destruction of our communities, our laws, the education of our kids, and the safety of our families in their quest for power & self-aggrandizement.

They are destroying the prosperous future of our nation. Intentionally.

Yet we COUNT on them to govern our lives & the lives & futures of republican children (Dems don’t have kids).

Umm… why?

America is burning & 535 Neros are fiddling with themselves and deluding themselves into thinking they are important.


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Then What?

I hope I’m wrong, but it sure looks as though criminality so completely pervades DoJ, IRS, DoS, Clinton Foundation, DNC, FBI, all obama appointments, Dems in Congress, that a truly honest & comprehensive IG report would, if released publicly, bring down the entire government.

Which means it won’t be complete, won’t be honest, won’t be released, or will be so highly redacted as to be worthless.

Then what?

Then we’ll KNOW beyond a reasonable doubt that the government must be taken apart – or they’d have publicly released a thorough report.

Then what?

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Musical Instrument Museum. Amazing.

When you’ve spent an hour in the special exhibit room and not even begun to tour the rest of the museum, you know you’ve found an amazing place.

In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by scrub desert on the far outskirts of Phoenix sits a large modern building housing an incredible collection of musical instruments. Arranged in sweeping rooms by continent and region, 10,000 instruments are exhibited in unprepossessing but thoughtful arrangements, complete with large flat-screen TVs strategically placed (not interfering with the exhibits) looping content about the close-by instruments: people making them, playing them, experts discussing the historic period in which they were created, etc.

It’s the Musical Instrument Museum, MIM. And it’s incredible.

Wearing wifi-connected headsets to roam through this incredible collection, you walk at your pace through the various regional rooms. Pausing before a TV automatically links your headset to that content – even though another TV with different content may be only 10-15 feet away. The directional and proximity capabilities of the system and antennae are amazing in and of themselves.

A pan flute from early China carved from stone. Wow. Just- wow. 5-thousand-year-old bone flutes. Who was the first guy who looked at a dead guy’s femur and said, “I can make a flute out of that,” and then did? (Same guy who first looked at an artichoke and said, “let’s eat that?”)

Wisely, a cafeteria is on-site – no way exists to do this collection justice in a few hours; not even a full day. After much of the morning we decided the only way to see this place is to pick a room – Africa, Middle East, America, etc. – and spend a few hours in that or those couple of rooms, and then to come back again for more. We have the advantage of being local. For out-of-towners coming to see MIM, plan at least a solid weekend for it. Wear comfortable shoes.

The TV content is so interesting one finds oneself moving from TV to TV, ignoring the instruments. Recognizing this, one focuses instead on the instruments – and later recognizes the content has been missed. Active focus is needed to appreciate the display and consume the A/V content – and the experience of both is real, comfortable, organic – not at all artificial.

Slowly walking through the large exhibit of African instruments “where music began,” one says, “OK, close the patent office, everything that can be done with drum or string has been done.” Then you turn a corner. Time to re-open the patent office. It’s amazing.

Pictures and murals and accompanying art work only enhance the instrument displays. Carved stone art of players in an ancient garden playing the instruments you’re viewing.

Aside from the patent office, one thing stands out. And the SJWs will hate this.

How do we in America become aware of the musical technology of other cultures? How do we hear, see, watch these instruments, their makers and those playing them in action? How do we have the time and money to build these fascinating museums to teach us about other cultures and capabilities – and then spend hours or days viewing them?

Through technology invented by Western Civilization and Dead White European Males. What WE invented. Film, audio and video recording. Radio. Air Conditioning and humidity control. The capitalism that created the wealth allowing these places to be constructed and the leisure time capitalism provides for us to go and learn.

Without the Western Civilization Democrats decry, no one, Democrats included, would ever know of the cultures they demand we multi. This was a “duh” moment and an epiphany for me. Just hadn’t thought of it that way before.

Among the artwork are some incredible buildings, castles, monasteries built into cliffs and peaks in China. How? Slave labor. These places could not be built today. Are the multicultural SJWs going to tear-down these amazing places, as they tear down remnants and reminders of slavery here?

But enough of the politics and civilization that, uniquely, travels outside itself to educate citizens about others. This is a truly amazing museum.

Have you ever thought that sticking some reeds into a gourd and sealing the inserts with clay moistened by spit, then sticking a fat, hollowed-out stick over the end of the reed and drilling a few finger holes would create a musical instrument? And that adjusting the reed length would alter the notes? That with half a dozen of these you have a village band? Live & learn…

Want to play a Steinway in the hall? Sit down and play. Want to see a video of a Steinway being manufactured, with the builders telling you about their work as they cast, string, carve and assemble one? It’s in the America section. Want to see an “exploded” Steinway hanging on cables? Yup.

If you have even a tiny bit of curiosity about instruments from bone flutes to electric guitars, from stone chimes tuned to particular notes, to early-Chinese cast bronze bells that will play two different tones depending on where the bell is struck – visit this museum.

Oh – and don’t forget to see the earliest Veg-O-Matic. (It slices! Dices! Makes julienne fries!)

Bored pulverizing coffee beans by beating them in a can with a stick? Make it musical:

Come on out and experience it. You’ll be glad you did.

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OBOR for the Americas

With the 100% probability that OBOR will raise living standards across Eurasia, 10 suggestions:

  1. Build an “OBOR-Americas. Look at OBOR as a model for similar infrastructure from Alaska & Canada to Tierra del Fuego, enriching everyone along the way: road and rail links, seaports. Add airports where it makes sense. Add an electrical grid and Venezuela can start selling their oil again to benefit the region by burning it into electricity, increasing manufactures. Then they’ll all need cars to get to work so will buy gas. Will Venezuela play? They can get on-board or OBOR-A will avoid them. Know the names of towns across the US Great Plains who were bypassed by the railroads in the 19th Century? No one else does, either… Simple, brutal calculation. Which do you think the citizens will choose? If we must spend zillions of fake tax dollars, infrastructure that will be used and will create rising regional living standards is much better than weapons that will do neither – and never will be used to fight wars we actually want to win, anyway.
  2. Focus on the future rather than bandaids on the past. Material progress in the Americas is the best, perhaps only, way to combat both national corruption and the drug trade. It’s nice to pretend corruption must be fixed before a huge infrastructure project can be undertaken, but it’s fantasy to think it’ll go away, and it’s greater fantasy to think that it doesn’t exist in the OBOR environment; if they can deal with it, so can we. As with the poor, corruption will always be with us. Rising living standards will result in more job creation, giving people something to do besides grow, pack & ship cocaine. Build an OBOR-A and the illegals coming here will go build that, instead. Win-win.
  3. Provide an escape route for european factories. If we – governments across the Americas – did an OBOR-A, European factories would have somewhere to go when the only European workers are illiterate muz. This is going to be the case in about 20 years. Make Argentina the new manufacturing location for German cars – there are lots of Germans in Argentina. Then they’ll need decent roads. Give indigenous Europeans somewhere to go when muz occupy them completely. This also will raise education standards across the region.
  4. Create jobs. A huge – very huge – infrastructure project like this will create about a zillion jobs, plus or minus. Americans, North and South, having nothing to do now but sit around will be able to find work. Easily. We can begin closing the welfare spigot and quit printing so much fake money to “pay” for it. As with the Gingrich-Clinton policy of the late 1990s, reducing welfare gets people off their couches and into the workforce. That’s the only thing that’s going to end the intergenerational poverty the Democrats invented with the mis-named “Great Society,” which only created a poverty trap to ensure a permanent underclass voting for ever-bigger government. If American taxpayers must fund a bunch of this to kick it off or gain regional agreement, it’s a better use of our tax dollars than enriching defense stockholders and sending our kids to a depopulating Europe, or to get killed as the “trigger” to counterattack a North Korea that both South Korea and Japan have the financial wherewithal to oppose – but refuse to because we are dumb enough to do it for them.
  5. Quit sticking our nose in other people’s business. The Wilsonian ideal of sticking our nose in everyone’s business not only is not reciprocated in other regions by other regional powers, but created the bloodiest century in history. Let Darwin work – it applies at the nation-state level, too. Bush 41 & 43 just extended Wilsonianism to S Asia. How’s that working out for a billion people in Europe, and billion-plus across the Middle East & S Asia? Just Stop It.
  6. Terminate our participation in NATO. All it does is enrich the Military Industrial Complex with real dollars taken from taxpayers of today and tomorrow while pretending to be able to defend a demi-continent that doesn’t believe in its future enough to populate it; so who cares? Europe is done – their choice – and will be colonized either by islam or Russia. Russia is a better answer, but: Not our business.
  7. Engage, don’t blockade. The Wall fell via engagement with the USSR, not embargo/blockade. We don’t need to see Iran as a potential strategic partner to engage with them. We sure didn’t see the USSR as a partner. As with the USSR, Western engagement is more likely to overturn an un-free totalitarian government than an embargo which just keeps them joined against the “Great Satan” “enemy.” E. Europe: Engagement, Cuba: Embargo; which worked? 80,000,000 customers live in Iran… Why do you think China is building OBOR?
  8. Leave Iran to the region. If Iran is going to go nuclear, that’s a regional issue. Let those within range – Europe, Israel, Saudi Arabia, India – deal with it; we sell them plenty of weapons – we don’t need also to fight their wars. If Iran send an MRBM to Europe, too bad for Europe, but who do you think demanded all talk and no action? If Iran sends one to Israel – Israel will solve the problem. And if a Shia bomb gets close, odds are that a Sunni bomb will oppose it – Pakistan already has them, Saudi paid for them so probably has some, too. Their problem, not ours. India can play, too. Once OBOR is in play, China will have no interest in Iran using nukes, but also won’t have any interest in preventing her having them; it’s a dangerous neighborhood. And China isn’t Wilsonian. (Notice, also, that no one invaded Ukraine until they gave up their nukes; Iran reads the paper.)
  9. Quit blockading Cuba. Doing so is the exact OPPOSITE of what worked to bring down the Wall
  10. Throw islam outta here & breed Democrats out of the country. Two flies are stuck in this ointment, both having the same goal: Overturning the Western capitalism and liberty that have been raising global living standards since the late Middle Ages. These are the totalitarian left/communists inhabiting America as “Democrats,” and islamists. Islamism can be contained by outlawing the practice of islam, closing mosques and throwing out of the country those who complain. No other cohort causes the damage to society that they do – so throw ‘em out. The cost/benefit of their being here is all cost and no benefit. No increasing muslim population has done anything but reduce standards of living, education, literacy, human rights, women’s and children’s rights, personal safety – ever, in any nation. Time to grow up, admit this, and throw them out. Contain them to the geographies they have made crapholes and ignore them. No serious nation would still accept them in their midst. What does China do with radical islamists? Buries them. Democrats are another problem. They already forego breeding, but our K-12 keeps turning out new ones. They won’t be contained or eradicated until we A) enforce our laws, B)  take the “schools of education,” K-12 and the academy from them. Fantasizing that we can raise mature future citizens through an education system populated by communists is just that: fantasy. Raise the admittance bar for teachers so our teachers aren’t the dumbest college cohort (which is why the idiocy of communism appeals to them), pay them on merit – this isn’t a collective (which requires outlawing government-sector unions, which JFK created via EO 10988, so can be overturned by EO, as well) give education back to the cities (no, not even to the States), and let the parents fix it. And don’t let non-parents vote on school issues, bonds, boards, councils…

Not doing an OBOR, not moving money to infrastructure from the obsolescent defense needs of the (over) Cold War will continue to ignore more than a billion people who, if the infrastructure were available, could become productive workers and families.

Unless we are happy with the way things are, it’s time to begin doing things differently. An OBOR for the Americas is a great place to start.


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Peak Disruption

The post-war Old Order crashes around us. The Information Age reaches the maturation necessary to displace the Industrial Age.

Peak disruption may be at hand in the transition, but peak influence never will arrive. The influence of information will – can – never cease expanding, for such is the nature of information.

The post-post-war order rises. The disruptions accelerate and enlarge as one Age gives way to the next. Fukuyama was wrong.

The media that provided the compass and the landscape for millennia is the troll under the bridge wooing us from reality and telling us of a path to a fantasy prosperity just over the horizon. We look from their horizon and see only moral and intellectual squalor, poverty, the loss of history… and death. The Industrial information behemoth has become the enemy of the progress that has increased prosperity since the first man raised his eyes, looked around himself and noticed a world. And told another of what he saw.

The industrial, post-war dominoes are falling.

Bookstores are replaced by coffee houses in which the passionately illiterate argue with the passionately uneducated over the best way to overthrow a civilization they refuse to understand, a civilization that moved the world from hunter-gatherers to coffee houses.

Sears, the iconic retailer of the Industrial Age is dead.

Amazon, the iconic vendor of the Information Age, extends across the planet, across industries, across homes, its information the horn from which our cornucopia of goods & services tumbles unfettered by the taxes necessary to sweep our streets, provide safety in our lives & sustain our cities.

Britain quits a 70-yr effort of conglomeration with her former enemies and various continental detritus of millennia of tribal wars, withdrawing to her own tribe, the most successful in history. But that tribe is fracturing under an alien invasion unopposed, even encouraged, by the final gasp of an Old Order determined to sustain an Industrial Age that has run its course, regardless of the loss of life and prosperity entailed in propping-up senescence.

The USSR falls, disintermediating the last contiguous empire. The Old Order doesn’t notice, still spending countless trillions of fantasy dollars to defend a depopulating West from a dismembered, depopulating threat.

The Wall falls, uniting a Europe cleaved for nearly a century, only to see the suddenly-free nations and nascent empires fall apart.

Information rises – and the Old way of organizing peoples falls. Yugoslavia. Brexit. Catalonia. It won’t stop.

It shouldn’t. Stasis is not civilization; inertia does not engender freedom.

Disintermediation will not be confined to Europe: Quebec has been itching to leave Canada for decades. California insists on a totalitarianism unsustainable under the Constitution. Kurdistan. Kurd-Shia-Sunni splits in Afghanistan, in what once was Iraq, in Iran. Will Iran’s threatening empire expand to the Mediterranean? Or collapse as the Kurds secede?

The arms merchants of the Old Order will prosper as S Asia devolves, ensuring more loss of life than necessary, and costs no human being can fathom.

My dad remembered horse-drawn fire engines in upstate New York and watched men walk on the moon.

We Boomers were born within the span of the invention of transistor (1947), stored programming languages (1948), the laser that revolutionized communications (1960) the microchip (1958) that put these technologies in our hands, and the technology (ARPANet – 1960s), that birthed the internet connecting them all and putting the world’s information into the hands of the relatively least-educated people in hundreds of generations.

Millennials know little of history and nothing of a world without cell phones and more computing power in their hands than used to put men on the Moon or fight the most destructive wars in history. But they will see more change than we dreamed of.

Whether that change will be good or ill, greater liberty & prosperity, or the fundamental loss of the greatest civilization ever known, is the question they must answer. We are setting the foundations of that answer today. It’s not looking good.

It is the question dividing parents from non-parents, Progs & Conservatism, Inc., from Trumpsters, Leave from Remain, Catalonia from Spain, Red from Blue.

It’s what divides a free future from Leviathan.

The post-war Order is dead. The Industrial Age on which it was built is ending.

How we choose to use the Information Age is up to us; it has brought us not just smart phones, but the NSA. Will we use information  to expand liberty or expand its destruction?

Prosperity & Liberty for future generations are in the hands of those who believe in that future enough to populate it and of Millennials tired of the Old Order and the band-aids it chose rather than cures.

The battle must be joined for the liberty which was our birthright, and should be the birthright of all Americans.

The Doomsday Clock must be repurposed to show time remaining before the choice of action must be made.

It is only a few minutes to midnight.

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