If Our Culture is Worth Defending Why Are We Not Doing So?

When we are being invaded and our people killed and culture destroyed it matters only to intellectuals that those doing the destroying are not ‘armed forces of a nation state;’ they still need to be repulsed as the violent invaders of our culture, our nation, our streets and our neighborhoods that they are, using whatever force is necessary to do so.

Either our government accepts that the defense of our culture, our Liberty, our country, and our families is necessary – or it does not –  and the time has come to replace that government.

We need to recognize that we are losing a war our government does not recognize is being waged – or is on the other side…

When millions of people from another culture enter the West and convince us under threat of violence to alter how we dress, what we eat, what is served in our restaurants, where we walk, the pets we own, under what laws we live, we have been defeated every bit as much as if those changes were made following a military invasion. We are doing it to ourselves.

Even the French Army about whom Americans joke fought back against foreign invaders.

We are witnessing the largest mass movement of people in history that was not the result of a war between Great Powers – or the aftermath of same.

And it is OUR PRESIDENT who is enabling it.

They aren’t sending their military forces – which they haven’t got. And we aren’t fighting back with our own culture and willpower – – which it seems WE haven’t got: at least our ruling class doesn’t.

We are allowing them to defeat us without attacking us – and that is existentially insane. They are sending their people, by the millions – as we are acquiescing to altering our culture to accept them as “refugees” even as they beat our children, rape our women and girls, stab beachgoers, run over pedestrians by the hundreds in our streets, and alter the curriculum in our schools.

Turkey, a NATO ally, obviously is going to turn hard-islamist. They are today’s “soft underbelly of europe.” If the borders of neighboring countries are not closed – fast – europe is over. Completely over. Millions on millions of sharia savages will overrun – are overrunning – a europe that meets them with – WESTERN – succor, rather than with force, which is the ONLY thing that will save europe. It may be, in fact, too late for europe.

The damage to the global economy of an illiterate, sharia Europe no longer doing hundreds of billions of dollars in trade with other nations will be enormous.

Those Westerners who see refugees want to help them, to keep them from starving to death. There are few choices here: Let them starve, force them back to their own countries and the results of their culture (the starvation and violence they are escaping but bringing here) or let them destroy our nations, our liberties, our families.

Those are the ONLY choices.

They do not assimilate. They do violently attack our most precious resources – our women and children. They are illiterate and will never function in a modern economy, draining the welfare coffers – and budgets – of the entire West. Unless they are stopped.

It is not – yet – too late for America, but if we don’t put a complete stop to muslims entering the nation, if we don’t put a complete stop to sharia within what is SUPPOSED TO BE a nation of laws under our Constitution and NOT a theocracy, if we don’t start rejecting muslims demands that WE assimilate to THEM, and if we don’t get that bastard and his truly insane wannabe successor OUT of the White House, then WE Americans will have two and only two choices: Accept submission to islam, ending 1200 years of individual liberty – or kill them ourselves, taking the war for our liberty and our future to the streets that our government not only is not defending, but instead purposefully is importing those who are destroying those streets and everything and everyone on them – and destroying a millennium of progress.

And the future of liberty across the entire earth.

If the government and the police can’t stop murder in the streets of Americans by muslims – then we in the streets will do so. It won’t be long before a muslim beheads an American in an open carry state and gets shot down like the rabid vermin he is.

No one will put that genie back in the bottle – but that seems to be what Obama wants.

Devolving into anarchy won’t be far behind, but that seems to be the goal of the Left, the enablers in the GOPe and the idiots in the Chamber of Commerce and the Upper East side who think they will be able to trade stock & bonds in a sharia-run nation, that their children somehow will be immune from attack by barbarians; who think that a modern economy can survive with illiterate savages roaming the streets, preventing education, attacking the productive members of that economy.

That our colleges and universities, the store of Western knowledge and culture, the educators of those who would sustain our culture, are now enemies OF our culture is insane – as insane as our allowing it to happen, mostly with our tax dollars.

Obama and Erdogan are pals. Obama enabled the Muslim Brotherhood to take power in Egypt. Obama overthrew a tyrannical Ghaddafi who kept islamists in check, turning Libya (and Mali) over to ISIS. If he’s as smart as the Left keeps telling us (and he is), none of that was unforeseen.  Obama is not attacking ISIS other than for show. He is doing nothing to alter the equation subsuming Europe. He essentially gave Iran the bomb. Now a NATO nation is the enemy. With the blessing of the bastard in the White House.

Obama TOLD us he was going to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” We sat back and scoffed at the idea of turning us socialist, offered that he was “inept,” “mistaken,” a “fool” or a “failure.” All along his transformation was aimed at getting us to submit to islam. Socialism was a red herring. All along Obama has been succeeding.

The damage Obama has done is enormous. And the idea that he is using Black Lives Matter to incite violence he will use martial law to put down is becoming less and less the construct of paranoids.

Obama is the most dangerous enemy America – the entire West – have ever faced.

And no one with the power and the duty to protect our Constitutional Republic from this domestic enemy has the balls to do anything about it.

Only one winner will emerge from this clash. It will be islam, sharia and the destruction of 2,000 years of progress, or it will be us.

It can only be us if we recognize the clash – and begin destroying Liberty’s enemies.

If liberty, if modernity, if science and progress and literacy, if human rights are to survive, sooner or later islam itself must be stopped and prevented from recurring. It is already too late to be sooner.

Soon it will be too late to be later.

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European parents have 1-2 kids. Why are parents of kids mutilated at Bataclan not killing every muslim they can find? Entire life wasted…

What could Gov do? Take away your kid by jailing you? Take away your freedom, freedom you used to make a better life for your children? Your society?

Muslims just took away everything you built your life for. Why you went to work. Why you sacrificed for their schooling. Your future. Your happiness — forever.

You’re not going to fight THAT!?

What kind of people have you become not to defend your own children? Not to respond to disemboweling of your sons & daughters? Cutting off your son’s balls & stuffing them in his mouth? Repeatedly stabbing your daughter in her vagina? Cutting and stabbing YOUR KIDS?!? Gouging out their eyes? Slicing off their heads?


I would bet more than a few of these kids were screaming for their mom and dad, “HELP ME!!!” as muslim savages sliced them open and pulled out their guts before their own eyes.

You could not have helped them there. But have you just abandoned them now?

Your kids are being raped, mutilated, beheaded, beaten and murdered, mowed down like rats across your countries. BY MUSLIMS ALONE. WE KNOW WHO THE ENENY IS!! KILL THEM!!!




These subhuman savage barbarians are not going to stand down. They are not going give up. Check your history. In war ideology defeats cost-benefit every time. It’s why we defeated the British & why the Vietnamese defeated us.

These are subhuman ideologues. They are not going to be reasoned with. THEY MUST BE KILLED AND DRIVEN OUT OF THE WEST.


Society needs to know YOU give a Damn.

Europeans invented everything in the modern world. Everything. Why? Because technology advances most quickly in wartime & until 1945 you always were at war.

Well NOW is the time to suck it up and GO TO WAR.


The time for legislation and laws, for cops and judges has past. It will come again. BUT ONLY IF YOU FIGHT FOR IT NOW AS HARD AS DID YOUR ANCESTORS.


Shakespeare was right:


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Reflections on the Passing Scene

Are there really still people who refuse to admit Obama is muslim?

When Blacks are blocked on the highway, do they complain? “Moderate” Blacks hanging w/ “moderate” muslims?

If I drive through a BLM highway block, do I claim incompetence & have a Hillary sticker?

Thousands of Blacks block roads, shoot each other, beat up whites. Blacks over represented in prison. Hmmm…


If entire civilized world, instead of trying not to offend muslims, ridiculed them & their pedophile “prophet” we’d be done with them sooner.

Guess we’re gonna have violent conventions again. 1968, 2016 book-ending rise & fall of BabyBoom communists. Trump in a landslide.

If Cleveland cops really told to stand down, maybe GOP needs to start having conventions in, oh… I don’t know… REPUBLICAN CITIES?!?

Nonviolent ISIS solution: 1) Infect all goats, sheep in region w/ virulent gonorrhea. 2) Wait.

21st Century USA is less racist, yet Blacks are more violent, than ever. Blacks entered Middle Class @ higher rate before 1964 Civil Rights Act, Welfare & Affirmative Action. Was segregation better for all? Hmm…

Liberalism destroyed what not even slavery could: Black families.

Now Turkey will go full-Islamist. Bad news for Europe. Good news for Obama.

Does anyone still care what the bastard in the White House says? Why?

Erdogan: “coup attempt an act of treason.” Not much gets past this guy, huh?

Fox News: Please explain how we don’t know “Why” muslim trucker murdered 84 people. I’ll wait.

Did Americans stop to ask – or care – “Why?” on December 7, 1941? Boomer idiocy

Hillary & Kerry would’ve been against Attaturk. Boomer idiocy.

How many $B tourist money will Europe lose this summer because of multiculturalism? Many. Oops.

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Brexit and a Red Blue Future

This is an interesting column on Brexit, Trump, and the similarity in voter cohort for each. But the columnist – and the pollsters – are missing the point. So focused are they on the trees, they fail to see the forest.

The campaign to remain won over two-thirds of non-whites, about three-fifths of college graduates, and big majorities among younger and urban voters…. All of this replicates American patterns. Democrats now rely on an urbanized coalition of Millennials, minorities, and socially liberal college-educated and single whites (especially women). Republicans thrive among older, non-college educated and religiously devout whites, especially outside of major cities.

“Demographic change” is the culprit for Brexit and Trump. But it is not the demographic change pundits and politicians on the Left are pursuing in their never-ending quest to label those of us who appreciate the rule of law (which has nothing to do with race) as “racist” or “sexist,” or any other antiquated “-ist” leftover from the Baby Boomer culture wars of the 1960s.

Both in Brexit and in Trump voters, the columnist and pollsters note that the cohort voting “Leave” and Trump, are the same: Older, whiter, less-urbanized, less-educated.

True. But that is not the fault line. That is only an artifact of the fault line.

Placing the fault line on race or education or location is blaming artifacts for the result. These artifacts are as noted: younger, more urban, single women, etc. But these only are a reflection of a shared worldview by these groups, and that worldview is far larger – and of far greater import – than these categories.

Nothing expresses one’s worldview more strongly than the desire to have children, to populate our future, to keep progress progressing, and to pass on cultural mores.

Below is a graph of the State-level Red v Blue results from the 2012 election, sorted by the TFR (Total Fertility Rate) of each state.

American TFR by State, 2012 Election

American TFR by State, 2012 Election

As you can see, fertility is weighted heavily toward Red states – those states with the cohort voting, in America for Trump, and in Britain for Brexit.

In TFR ranking, the top nine States are Red; the bottom 12 States are Blue. In the lowest 25 States in TFR, 5 are Red. In the highest 25 States in TFR, 6 are Blue.

Those who believe in the future enough to populate it, whose worldview includes propagating our cultural values of liberty and independence through the ages, are voting for liberty through Brexit and Trump.

These are people who want to ensure that our cultural values, gleaned from millennia of struggle against tyrants in many shapes and forms, persist into a future holding their offspring. They are voting for accountable, representative government rather than government by special interest, by remote ruling class, by unaccountable legislative bodies: the EU Parliament – or what has become a one-party Congress. They are voting against spending today the earnings of those who will populate that future tomorrow. They are voting for the Rule of Law. In America this cohort is voting Trump. In Britain it voted Brexit.

Those who refuse populating that future are voting for less liberty, for ever-more regulation, for a more-encroaching state, and for taking money to spend today from a future they refuse to populate, leaving their bill to the children of those who share none of their values.

This cohort of voters vote Democrat in America, and in Britain for “Remain.” These voters are voting for the Rule of Man, as evidenced by the support for far-reaching Executive Orders by Obama, by the never-ending campaign to remove the 2nd Amendment – without even bothering with the Constitutional solution of amending that document, with the constant overturning and rewriting of laws by executive fiat regardless of the will of the citizens whom that executive and government ostensibly represent.

These voters does not believe that the values of America, of Western Civilization, are worth propagating, are worth what they see as a sacrifice – and the Trump and Brexit voters see as a blessing – of having children to retain and ensure those values across the ages.

Yes, demographics explain the Red/Blue divide in America, and the Leave/Remain vote in Britain. But the issue is far more broad than race or gender or creed or color.

Liberals are correct: race and gender do not matter and must be ignored. Viewing voting statistics by singling out people by race and gender results in a false conclusion as to why the vote is split.

The split is demographic – but it is along fertility lines. The split is in the worldview of each cohort regarding the future.

The graph also is why I continually post that Red State secession is the best, most peaceful, most economically sound answer to the culture wars in America.

  • Blue States want to live off the earnings and labor of others as taken and redistributed by an ever-larger government, rather than their own effort; Red States want the opposite.
  • Blue States want to take money from the future; Red States do not.
  • Blue States do not want people to be able to defend themselves from criminals. Red States want to defend themselves – and their families.
  • Blue States want an encroaching government as Nanny and Parent. Red States want what the Founders wanted – a small government, and to be left alone in liberty under law.

We no longer have the same worldview. We no longer have the same goals. Only inertia is holding us together. And that is not enough.

We can continue to wage cultural war, to succumb to the tyranny and lack of law of the Left. To spend the labor of future Red State citizens on Blue priorities that will always fail, as they have throughout history and are – right now – in Brazil and Venezuela, and argue. We can continue overturning the will of the Founders and the America we all grew up in…

Or we can leave. Which is the only sensible alternative.

We are not going to succumb to the totalitarian Left. They are not going to suddenly desire liberty.

It is time for Red States and Blue States, as with Britain and Europe, to go our separate ways.


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GOPe New Heights of Idiocy


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