Rand, the Filibuster and the Future of America

Rand again is filibustering again, again in defense of things no one who has taken the oath of office should find the opportunity, let alone the need, to filibuster – our Rights as American citizens as enumerated in the Bill of Rights – the Supreme Law of the Land.

That’s fine and dandy, and I completely support his doing so.

But he’s missing the point.

The Establishment pols in both the Progressive Democrat wing and the Progressive Republican wing of the Ruling Class demand that we spy on all Americans because we are at war and their primary job is to keep American citizens safe. Playing to the bedwetters who think that the government can do anything it wants, unconstrained by the Rule of Law, as long as they tell us we are in danger, these pols feel perfectly free to ignore our Constitution in the pretense of a executing a war they refuse to try to win.

We have been formally “at war” with pre-modern islamofascists in the Middle East and South Asia since 2001, in Iraq since 2003. Taking just Iraq, that’s 12 years, or 3 times longer to reach what is at best a stalemate and realistically a loss with a bunch of rag-head, illiterate, barbaric, unorganized ground troops with only light weapons… as it took us to defeat simultaneously the two most modern militaries in the world, across the entire world, over a half-century ago.

And we’ve spent about the same amount of money. In 2009 dollars, WW2 cost $4T.

(Do you see why I have an entire blog against Baby Boomers? Their “leadership” is destroying Western Civilization, and America along with it.)

What is more immoral than sending our kids out to kill and to die in a “war” that the people we vote into office don’t even want to try to win?


What is dumber than an entire political party that constantly demands we go to war – but refuses to win those wars?


What is dumber than an entire political party that insists consequences can never be accepted for bad behavior… like getting your country killed for attacking America?


A trifecta, a hat trick: NOTHING is dumber than our Ruling Class.

Pop Quiz (answers below):

  1. Did we win WW2 by
    1. spying on Americans, or
    2. annihilating our enemies?
  2. Did we win WW2 by
    1. refusing to bomb and mortar targets that might have civilians within the blast radius of our munitions, or
    2. accepting that protecting Americans and freedom, and freeing from tyranny tens of millions of human beings, meant that collateral damage would occur, even though we tried our best to limit it, and we would accept it as the price of freedom from barbarism and tyranny?
  3. During WW2 did we accept that our national goals, and the defense of Americans, meant
    1. that the centers of funding, ideology and government of our opponents had to be destroyed – including their ability to feed, clothe, house, and provide medical aid to themselves, and to organize, train and equip forces to fight us – along with the military forces they deployed, or
    2. that we only needed to destroy their military forces?
  4. Did we accept that going to war meant
    1. that our objectives in so doing overrode collateral damage – even though we tried to limit such damage where and when we reasonably could, or
    2. that our objectives (freeing tens of millions from brutal tyranny) – and the lives of our warriors – were lower in priority than collateral damage to civilian populations?
  5. Did we, in the midst of war,
    1. try to raise up armies of Germans and Japanese in liberated territories, and pretend they’d be decent fighters against their countrymen, or
    2. kill their armies, disarm their populations, and imprison those we captured for the duration of hostilities?
  6. Did we, as we shot their men and bombed their cities
    1. provide food and medical aid to our enemies, or
    2. torpedo their shipping, burn their crops, bomb their water and electric works into oblivion to make their lives hell on earth to get them to surrender and stop the killing?
  7. And, at the end of that war, were the citizens of Germany and Japan
    1. Enslaved to brutal, barbaric tyranny, or
    2. Freer, better-educated, wealthier than they had ever been in the entire history of those countries?

1. B
2. B
3. A
4. A
5. B
6. B
7. B

Our government is out of control. The West is marching into oblivion under our abysmal “leadership.” The government we elect is rejecting our rights as Americans, ignoring the Rule of Law, sending our future generations out to kill and die in a war they don’t want to win, and abolishing centuries of what it means to be an American.

And we are letting them and voting for more of the same.

Our government needs to be stopped.

No one from either Progressive wing of the Ruling Class can be elected again if we want to return America to Americans, liberty, freedom and the Rule of Law under the Constitution.

Rand is the only one in Congress making a long-term, principled stand for our Constitution, our nation, ourselves. He may be the only one standing between oligarchic fascism under a Clinton or a Bush, a Rubio or an O’Malley…. and your future liberty and freedom as an American.

But regardless of who wins – America loses unless we take it back to the Rule of Law: The Constitution.

With that document, Americans created the freest, wealthiest nation in history. As we ignore it, we are declining and imperiling our future – and the futures of people everywhere who look out their windows only to see the barbarians at their walls… holding in bloody hands the heads of their children.

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Reasonable Immigration Policies in our Immigrant-Built Nation

Just as a change from today’s (everyday’s?) punditry, how about a realistic discussion of immigration policy?

First off, our immigration system isn’t “broken.” It’s not enforced. The difference is substantial.

For those unaware of our current – bipartisan, passed by a Democrat Congress and signed by Reagan – immigration laws, here’s the deal. We allow legal immigration under defined circumstances from defined countries. We limit it to our benefit, which all nations do. We require that any immigrant be able to show a job or relatives committed to their support, and prohibit immigrants from becoming a drain on the public treasury.

This is common sense. Why would the citizens of America, who ostensibly are self-governing in our Republic, provide a legal way for others to come to our shore and demand a handout? No intelligent person dedicated to the Rule of Law or self-preservation would do so. Which is why Progressives support it; Progs on BOTH sides of the aisle…

Democrats demand illegal immigration for reasons of political power. Once immigrants start to vote, they vote Democrat – for a time. But – conservatives have a HUGE majority in Congress and a larger majority among the States. As the Left likes to point out, we are a nation of immigrants. And, since the nation is voting in a big way lately for Republicans, obviously the longer immigrants are here, the more conservative they become. They, too, decide they don’t want to be robbed by newcomers demanding a handout.

But back to the whole “nation of immigrants” meme. This is true, so let’s look at it in detail.

With very few exceptions, illegal immigrants to the US come from countries with some form of self-government – republics, democracies. The health of those nations and their democracies is not the point; that’s the problem of those living in them (and if they really believed in governing themselves in healthy democracies, they’d stay at home and fix their own).

Because these illegals come from nations of self-rule (not dictatorships), they have a say in the laws under which they are/were governed. Whether they like those laws is immaterial; I don’t like some laws in the US, but the implicit contract of citizenship means I obey them anyway.

These nations all have laws regarding illegal aliens. Because they are democracies or republics, it is legitimate to claim that our illegal aliens are among those responsible for their nation’s immigration laws. It is logically correct to say that illegal immigrants from Mexico for example, support Mexico’s laws regarding illegal immigration: they voted in the elections through which the government of Mexico was elected, and which passed and implemented those laws.

Americans need to accept that we are all immigrants; that we – almost – all came from a nation with some level of self-determination, that, by coming here, we wanted more self-determination, accepting the idea that we are responsible for our laws – as were these illegals when they were at home.

Therefore, the logical solution to our illegal immigration problem is twofold:

  1. Identify the home country of the illegal alien
  2. Apply that nation’s laws regarding illegal immigration to him or her.

Under this objective, reasonable policy for illegal aliens, we protect our borders, provide for immigrants, accept the fact that America is a land of immigrants, act in a multinational manner and keep illegals from overwhelming our welfare and electoral systems.

If the illegal is from Mexico, for example, take him or her back to the border and throw them out. No court intervention. No ability to buy property, get a phone, obtain access to utilities, education, welfare, hospital care, etc.

If the way Mexico treats illegal aliens is good enough for Mexicans, why should America treating them exactly the same way be unacceptable?

A reasonable way forward – how can anyone argue against it? By telling the government of Mexico their laws & policies for illegal immigrants suck?

Wouldn’t that be monocultural, imperialistic, unilateral… and mean?

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The Holocaust was Not Just About Scale

Suppose for a moment that you live in a small neighborhood of five families. Each family has four members – Mom, Dad, a teenage daughter and a son under the age of five.

Suppose further that one family on your block decides to kill the girl next door – and does. And the next day they kill the five-year-old in the house on the other side of them.

What do you do?

Do you complain to the authorities, only to have them tsk tsk and say nothing they can do because of the belief system of the killer family?

The next day they kill the mom up the street.

Farfetched? Not really. It’s what’s happening with islam globally.

Next week they are going to kill everyone in the house at the end of the block.

A death cult currently comprising one-fifth of the global population – and growing – when it achieves a critical mass within a neighborhood begins killing all outside the family.

And the authorities are doing nothing.

Hitler wasn’t evil incarnate because of the scale of his atrocities. He murdered men, women and children for what they believed. That’s is not acceptable in civilized society – and that’s the entire point.

Would we have accepted his actions had he murdered only 3 million human beings rather than 12M? 2M? 1M?

What’s the number at which our humanity kicks-in?



When do people put a stop to evil, inhuman barbarism?

What another thinks is their business alone. What they believe is less your business than what they think. If you can’t handle what another person says, then it’s time to grow up or become a hermit – no one is here on this planet to please you other than yourself. If you don’t like it, then ignore it or move or just kill yourself.

But the idea you can dictate what another says or thinks or believes went out with the Inquisition, the Enlightenment and the rise of Western Civilization.

You have no business whatsoever intruding on another’s speech. Period.

The only thing that matters is what someone does. And when his speech becomes a kitchen knife sawing away at your son’s throat – if you don’t kill him you have become the same monster as he. Worse – he isn’t killing his own son.

The West is watching as islam is killing our sons.

And when they begin killing others for a belief or a thought or a speech, then only one solutions exits: kill them before they kill you.

One does not “talk one out of” a religious fixation on killing. Religion itself is irrational – it cannot be proved and lies only in the eye of each believer. The absurdity of the idea that one can use rational thought to change an irrational belief is laughable among adults, of which we seem to have far fewer among the “leaders” of Western Civilization than at any time since 1938.

It’s nice – childish but nice – to think that the world subscribes to what laughingly are called “Universal” human rights by the same uneducated idiots (no other English word exists for them) who pretend to worship multiculturalism. But the world doesn’t.

Each culture has its own set of values, its own set of mores, its own history. It’s called “multi” cultural for a reason, and it is the differences in culture – like murdering your daughter, beating your wife, raping a stranger or killing a 2-yr-old for apostasy – that set cultures apart.

No one professing “multiculturalism” can logically and simultaneously support human rights as practiced – ONLY – in the West. Those who think they can deserve only ridicule. Excusing this idiocy and making friends of these ignorant bigots & buffoons only encourages them – and doesn’t lift them to the ridicule that once would have caused them at least to hide – as did the KKK, among whom they find similar intelligent traits.

Just because some pre-modern barbaric tribe that cannot live with neighbors, kills others in its own family because of a difference in interpretation of something that happened over 1,000 years ago, now has reached critical mass in many countries – more every day it metastasizes – and demands the right to kill you does not mean the Enlightenment is over.

It simply means their own Inquisition has begun.

And ignoring their Inquisition while they murder your children is existential absurdity. Frankly, their Inquisition ought to be encouraged – it’ll either reduce their population below the critical mass it has achieved, or leave fewer of them for us to have to kill.

Ending the hold their religion has on them is not a Western idea, by the way. Ataturk, the “Father of modern Turkey” saw islam as THE reason his nation was not progressing into the 20th Century following the end of the Ottoman Empire in the ashes of WW1. He removed islam from its role in governing his nation – and his nation prospered. The return of the barbarian Khomeini, with the aid of the buffoon Carter, reversed what Ataturk knew must be done – and the entire world is suffering from it.

Encouraging their Inquisition is a major reason why Iran ought to be allowed to achieve the Bomb. And if you want to know what they’ll do with it – look at Yemen. NO one hates Arab Sunni more than Persian Shia, and vice-versa: Teheran’s first target will be Saudi Arabia. Those assuming it’ll be the US are living in an ignorant fantasy in which the US is as important to muslims as it is to Americans (it isn’t), and in which the Shia-Sunni war, the Iran-Iraq war, or even the IRA v. the British never existed (they did; all internecine wars). The Saudis know this – why do you think they bankrolled (Sunni) Pakistan’s bomb?

Islam is a wholly different and non-Western culture. Ascribing to it the Western notions of “coexistence” and “we all want peace” is to act paternalistically and imperialistically, two beliefs those who pretend to multiculturalism (pretend to) abhor.

The sheer idea of “can’t we all get along” has no presence in the arc of human history until the rise of Christianity (that the Left hates), Western Civilization (that the Left hates), and an America willing to defend free democracies (that the Left hates so much we no longer do so.)

And in that arc of human history is an islam that kills all not willing to convert to it. It really doesn’t matter if you believe this any more than it matter if you believe in gravity or the moon landings. The fact is that it is a fact: Left alone islam WILL KILL YOU.


Islam will kill you when it can. It is doing so now – globally – exactly where it can.

And the leaders of what in the not-too-distant past were called the Great Powers for the simple reason that they have the power to alter the course of nations – are doing nothing about it.

Idiots pretend islam is a religion of “peace.” These idiots project rather than observe, they fantasize rather than study. They wish rather than experience.

Islam has always expanded by the sword. It is doing so again now. In the past it always was stopped by a Western culture who knew they were better. We still are. About one book per year is translated into Arabic. 75% of the men and 85% of the women in the largest Arab country – Egypt – are illiterate. Muslim nations lie at the very bottom of international scales of freedom, literacy, womens’ rights, education, wealth. They are squalid in every sense of the term, in every way a society can be measured – morally, philosophically, educationally.

Liberalism – which used to mean the rights of the citizen rather than of feudal rulers dictating to them as do Democrats in America and Europe today – rose in the West for a reason. Nearly 1,000 years after the Magna Carta, it – still – has not risen in muslim lands.

Wishing in ignorance otherwise does not make it so, rather it exposes your own civilization, country, neighborhood – and family – to murderous barbarians who have no place among human beings.

France, the UK, Germany, Russia, China and, of course, America, watch as pre-modern barbarians cut the heads off of human beings for not believing in the same irrational, absurd, nonexistent prophet or “god.”

And do nothing.

If it doesn’t make you angry to know that the “leaders” of the Great Powers have the ability to stop the atrociousness of people having their heads hacked off, but choose to do nothing other than wring their hands, you are not paying attention – or you don’t have any children, or you are locked in the utterly absurd belief that it doesn’t matter if it’s only happening “over there.”

It’s happening to human beings.

That, alone, should rile you to the point of war – real war, honest-to-God-unconditional-surrender-make-them-completely-reliant-on-us-to-eat-drink-and-breathe-war. Destroying-the-culture-that-believes-everyone-who-can-think-must-be-killed war.

Is this killing the village to save it? Did we destroy Imperial Japan? NAZI Germany? You bet. And Germans and Japanese are better-educated, freer and wealthier than at any time in their history.

And if you cannot process the difference between killing to stop killers, and killing free people living their own lives because they don’t ascribe to your own set of barbarism, you don’t belong in any adult conversation.

Are those saying islam must/can/need not be destroyed saying that it’s OK to leave muslims in their intellectual and moral squalor when the (easy and fast and inexpensive) annihilation of their leadership, funding and belief system can free them just as it freed tens of millions in 1945?

Are Arab and Persian human beings of so little worth to you?

If knowing – let alone watching as – other human beings are beheaded doesn’t bother you to the point of going to war to annihilate the death cult of islam, then you may be many things, but among them are not Western or Liberal or Democratic – nor any form of adulthood.

People say islam is 1/5th of the global population.


Do you want to wait until it is 1/4th, and they’ve murdered your daughter, hacked the head off of your son, to do something about it? Or are you willing to wait until they are ½ – and nothing can be done?

At what point does your humanity rise to the surface and say enough is enough?

People say a culture cannot be killed. Heard of any Anasazi lately? Incas? How about Whigs? Zorastrians? How about the culture of Imperial Japan or the Thousand Year Reich? Poof. Gone in an historical instant.

The idea that a culture cannot be destroyed can only be believed by those with no concept of world history.

What history absolutely teaches is that the longer civilized people kick the can down the road, the bloodier and more expensive becomes the annihilation of the can. Hitler could have been stopped with a bullet in 1938. By 1939 it took 50M lives.

It is past time to kill the killers, to destroy the societies that raise, feed, house, and inculcate into them their cult of death.

It is time to free the world – every non-muslim human being – from the absurdity of the existential threat from what are illiterate pre-adolescents with bombs, guns and cell phones.

Destroy Mecca and Medina and islam will die in a generation. It has neither scholarship nor humanity to sustain it.

It is time to end it.

Not doing so makes today’s leader accomplices of the head-hackers, co-conspirators in brutal, devastating crimes against humanity.

And willing participants in the imprisonment and enslavement of 1/5th of the global population in the most brutal culture in written history.

Hitler wasn’t wrong because of scale. And FDR, Churchill, Stalin and Truman weren’t wrong to annihilate him because of his actions.

The entire world is better off.

The same will be true of islam once it is gone.


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Minimum Wage Absurdity

The absurdity of these people always astounds me. It’s like they never outgrew their bible.

Here’s the deal. It’s complex, but not that complex. Anyone in 9th grade oughta be able to grasp it – which is why the bedwetters don’t/won’t/ can’t.

  1. A corporation is a THING, an inanimate object. It has no “duties,” moral, ethical or otherwise, any more than does your car or your carpet.
  2. The people who run public corporations have two duties. A legal duty to maximize shareholder earnings (really to ensure best use of company money/earnings/investment, which is the same thing) by making the most profit they can, and to obey applicable laws.
  3. Corporations stay in business in two ways: They minimize expenses, including salaries, and maximize profits by charging what the market will bear. Minimizing expenses doesn’t mean paying crap wages, but it does mean not paying more than one has to. For example, when I go look for a job I won’t take less than what I want, and firms won’t pay more than they must to get my skills. We reach a balance and I earn a living and they stay in business. If companies could get top-flight managers and executives for $50K, don’t you think they would do so?

That’s pretty easy. But there’s more. The bedwetters are picking on Wal-Mart today.

Wal-Mart serves a need – fairly good products at a price affordable by the bottom half of the Middle Class and below. If they raised their wages, they’d have to raise their prices. Then either they go out of business because everyone goes to Target – violating the trust (moral obligation) of their shareholders and investors and employees, or they layoff a bunch of people to bring expenses back in line with earnings. If they raised prices, who would be left without those goods? The lower classes. That’s moral? Then where do the go, the Thrift Shop? Suppose they laid off a substantial number of employees to be able to pay the remaining ones $15? Cool. But what about those now unemployed… What are the ethics there? What’s the morality of putting in the unemployment line 250,000 to pay 1,000,000 a buck an hour more – that the market didn’t force?

But – wait – if everyone paid more, then they could afford higher prices, right? Then you’re just reaching market equilibrium at a higher level and have accomplished nothing in reality. If a gallon of milk costs 10 min of my wages – 1/6th of an hour – then you give me a raise so that I can afford it in only 8 min of my hour, but then raise the price (to pay my new wage) back to 10 min of wages – what have you accomplished in the real world? Nothing insofar as that consumer is concerned. They may THINK / FEEL they’re getting paid more, but it’s a charade for the dumb. For those on fixed incomes – retired people, mostly – you’ve taken money out of their pocket, money that can’t be replaced, because THEIR treasury is fixed – they have no wages of which the price is a part. THAT is a moral disservice.

But – why not lower profits instead of raising prices? Won’t an equilibrium be reached in that way? Surely those investors can make less, right? No, they won’t. They’ll invest elsewhere and Wal-Mart will go out of business, unemploying 1.2M. The morality in that is…? And what about your IRA or a retired person’s pension that’s invested in Wal-Mart? They reduce prices, their value drops, those retired people are screwed.

If the Left wants to talk about obligations, moral, ethical and otherwise, then the education system has an obligation to educate people both to understand the above, and to be well-enough educated not to remain in low-wage/min wage jobs. And the education system is run by the Left – and it sucks. If it were doing its job, we wouldn’t be having min wage discussions. For two reasons. 1. people would grasp that minwages are dumb and that jobs with them – as long as we have minwage – are for kids and people entering the job market – not for raising a family. Want to raise a family? Take responsibility to educate yourself to get a better job. But it is NOT the responsibility of the State to get you a job or ensure you’re paid $X. There’s a word for that: “Communism,” and it ALWAYS provides worse results than does capitalism.

McDonald’s is probably going to be forced into raising wages. They’re bleeding profits globally right now as their market changes. What will they do? Labor costs will have passed the point of automation. In europe already – here, soon – they’ll install ordering kiosks, putting OUT of work all the kids at the counter. Next, they’ll put in automated burger-making machines that right now make 360 burgers an hour – better & more consistent burgers than the kids working there now. Do I support this? No. But I don’t support minwage. The government is making McDonalds (and others) make a choice they normally wouldn’t make. So – who, really – is putting those kids out of a job? Democrats. But – wait – the Democrats say they’re the party of the working class… so how can they be blamed for hurting the working class?

See above, under “education.” The Democrats ALWAYS harm the poor the most. Always have. Always will. Worst schools, property values, economic opportunities, crime, employment… all are in working class neighborhoods that have been voting for Democrats since 1932. And they’re still poor.

But the Left doesn’t get this. They are IDEOLOGICALLY committed to the absurd idea that just because you exist, you are worthy of a Middle Class lifestyle, earned or not. It’s like when Bill Clinton came into office. In the Army, Rangers wore black berets. They busted their asses to get through Ranger school to earn them. Bill thought that wasn’t fair, so he ordered EVERYONE to wear black berets. He thought it was fair that those who just showed up got the same honor as those who worked for it; what the Left does. What they Left hates: Personal responsibility.

The Left also are Luddites and Malthusians – and they’re always wrong there, too.

And they HATE progress. Look at their agendas. They cannot get past the Industrial Age; everything invented since is evil. AND THEY ARE DUMB. You may or may not recall that Obama made a statement back in about 2009 to the effect that ATMs put bank tellers out of a job. He didn’t grasp that reducing friction in GETTING money increased the velocity of money in the market – and CREATED more jobs. The Left is too stupid to be able to think more than one layer at a time, more than one step ahead. Really. No hyperbole.

What happened when unions priced themselves out of many industries? Those industries automated. Detroit used to have human-manned assembly lines for cars. Now they’re all manned by robots. Why? People started charging more than they were worth. What happened to the people? Many got another or better job, the older ones got permanently unemployed. Why? They demanded more than their company could pay – and remain in business. Goose that laid the golden egg: Dead. And if the line couldn’t be automated – it went overseas. Unless America is gonna put a big wall around the country, companies are going to go where their costs are lowest. This is Globalism, and it’s a fact of life. I disagree with it, but that’s a legal issue setup by the government. I don’t go to work to raise the standard of living of some kid in Pakistan. That’s Pakistan’s business. We can build all we need, and have nearly all the raw materials we need. We just need to get back to duties & tariffs, etc., to fund our government – and minimize government to make it fundable thereby. And don’t get me started on welfare. I have NO obligation to some dumb ghetto guy’s kids he’s left all over town. They’re HIS problem. And, no, that’s not a lack of empathy, as the Left fantasizes. If I take responsibility for one kid, what about the rest? If I take 10, what about the eleventh? Once you start down the slope of it being ANYONE’s responsibility to raise my kid other than me, you know what you get? You get $18T in debt – which is just about exactly what we’ve spent on welfare since LBJ started it in 1964. And that costs over $160B a year in interest, lowering the standard of living of all of us.

But the Right and Left both love Wall Street, and Wall Street loves low prices – which is why the GOP is now on the wrong side in the immigration debate. Wall Street would be perfectly happy if all of us were just poor enough to buy some of their stuff but not too much. Lowering wages by using illegals willing to work for a buck a day works just fine for the 1%. It works just fine for the bottom feeders. But the Middle Class will disappear over time – but no one cares because all the decision makers will be dead by then. Their kids will be fine. The poor will be out a Middle Class to rob, and the Middle Class will be extinct. Past their time horizon. Oh – and Democrats don’t have kids to worry about, so they don’t care at all, which is why they vote as they do. (Three – and only three – Leftist/Democrat political units exist in Western Civilization that have above-replacement fertility: HI, NM, NV. Not ONE country outside of the US is at 2.1 or above – and the US ONLY because of Red States.)

And why do the rich support Wall Street? Why do they support both Progressive political (really just one now) political parties? Because in today’s Baby Boomer uneducated crony capitalism (State capitalism) world, the rich vote for whoever will leave them alone (and buy politicians to steer billions their way), the poor vote for whoever will steal the most from workers to give to them (the Middle Class), and neither group expects – or votes – for liberty or freedom. The rich don’t need it and the poor prefer to eat. No one in a socialist world wants a Middle Class. They are unruly and actually think they deserve to keep what they earn, depriving government of giving it to the poor for their votes, and demanding a job – which costs more than giving it some illegal, which will lower prices and increase earnings per share.

The fascinating thing is that ANYONE in the Middle Class votes for Democrats, or, increasingly, for Republicans. See above, under “Education.”

Until and unless we start demanding the smartest college grads be our teachers (right now our teachers have the lowest SATs of any cohort in colleges – they are the least and the dimmest), and paying those – smart – teachers what they are worth and rejecting government sector unions (which even FDR rejected), things can only get worse.

Min wage is just the tip of the iceberg, and the Progressive Democrat/GOP are just re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic.

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Obama’s Gathering Storm

A friend recently wrote to me that the world today reminds her of the “Gathering Storm,” referring to Churchill’s book of that name documenting the lead-up to WW2 in Europe (which, if you have not yet read it, is a must for understanding that war – and today’s rising tensions). I wrote back that the better analogy is the sovietization of Russia under Lenin and Stalin, and the susbequent destruction of law, domestic personal liberties, markets, opportunity, living standards, education and employment, all of which American Democrats – assisted by their GOP “opponents” – are doing in our ever-more-expensive-less-free-former-protector-of-the-Free-World America.

The future will be better – it always is over time. Obama has come and he will go. His totalitarian ideology will wither and die – it always does, destroying everything it touches, every society, every nation, every culture infected by it as it does so.

Those who desire improving education, liberty, living standards and opportunity will vote for candidates believing in the same. Those who do not – we hope the minority – will vote for the Democrat candidate or the establishment Republican, both representing the Progressive Big-Government ideals that have so stifled America and harmed our future.

The question is how much liberty, education and wealth we in the meantime are willing to squander to our Ruling Class and their ahistorical notions, policy and destruction. It took over 70 years for the Progressive Soviet Union to die. Are we going to wait that long? Why?

While it seems more true every day that we have only one political party, that the GOP is not the party of limited government they claim, the big unknown is Obama. Daily it is increasingly difficult to believe the damage he has done with his lawlessness, the inability/refusal of mainstream pundits to see him as the enemy of freedom he is, the refusal by Congress to impeach him for his lawbreaking, and rejection by the military of their oath of office – to the Constitution, NOT to the president – to defend that Constitution from this obvious domestic enemy.

Look at how Obama gets along with dictators v. how he gets along with democratically elected leaders. Look through the 20th Century – dictators ALWAYS got along with one another better than with elected leaders. Obama IS a dictator. He hates liberty (and when Progressive superhero Norm Chomsky is against him, it’s difficult to argue the backlash against Obama is a right wing conspiracy, vast or otherwise…). He is not “failing;” he is succeeding, but his goals are not America’s. Look at the multiple Court rulings against him. Have they stopped him? No. He refuses the limits on Constitutional self-government, as eloquently stated in testimony before Congress by liberal, Obama-voting law professor Jonathan Turley: “The danger is quite severe. The problem with what the president is doing is that he’s not simply posing a danger to the constitutional system. He’s becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid.”

Yet Congress refuses to do their job reining him in.

This is dangerous stuff.

Danger of Obama

Figure 1 Obama is NOT “Failing”

If it weren’t so expensive, and could perhaps become tragic, one could only laugh at the hilarity of his sending a Carrier Strike Group (USS Roosevelt) to interdict (shia) Iran’s resupply of the (shia) rebels in Yemen fighting against Yemen’s (sunni) government that Obama has done everything he can to have overthrown (as he did with (sunni) Egypt and (sunni) Libya) at the same time he is enabling (shia) Iran in nuclear “talks.” This is as laughable as anyone taking seriously the idea Obama is trying to stop an iranian nuke.

Western post-religious intellectuals and voters not grasping – refusing to grasp – that our opponents are at war with us for religious reasons, are missing the entire discussion. Just because Western intellectuals reject religion does not mean other cultures agree or will follow suit.

Contrary to the Left, the definitional part of the word “multicultural” is the prefix: “multi.” Non-Western islam does not believe in the prefix, nor in coexistence, a uniquely Western concept it would be imperialistic and monocultural to force onto those in other cultures. Their holy book tells them to kill all non-muslims, to lie to achieve their goal of global domination, to ensure women never experience sexual pleasure, to whip rape victims – often to death, to murder gays, to have sex with pre-pubescent females, to murder their own daughters at their whim, and to kill apostates and non-believers. THAT is the “multi” of those supporting islam under the anti-civilizational guise of “multiculturalism.”

Western politicians, academics, secular voters and intellectuals, to paraphrase Trotsky, may not be interested in religious war, but religious war is interested in them. Not accepting the role of religion in the Islamic upheaval is monocultural – and blind, at that.

Barack Hussein Obama is a shia (“Hussein” was the name of the founder of shia islam) doing everything he can to advance a new shia/Persian empire – which is why (sunni/Arab) Saudi Arabia and (sunni/Arab) Egyptian voters are so irritated with him. But the average American just doesn’t get it. Has Obama EVER attacked a shia country or government? (No.) Has Obama ever supported a Sunni country or government? (Yes, but only once: In Cairo, supporting the sunni Muslim Brotherhood against free & fair elections and the (Western) individual liberty of Egypt’s citizens. Sound familiar?)

shia sunni
Figure 2 Obama has Chosen America’s Side in a Sectarian War

Obama has put America squarely in the middle of a thousand-year-old sectarian war between shia and sunni… and we have let him. He is getting AMERICANS killed in history’s longest, most pointless, most never-ending war. If you thought the Inquisition was bad in comparison, you have no concept of history.

And if your concern is a tit-for-tat re: the Crusades, as Obama has claimed (ignorantly or deceitfully – you decide), you should be aware of this:

crusades battlessubsequenextinction Figure 3 Religious Warfare: The West and Islam

And this internecine war cannot be won without – will not end until – the defeat of either Sunni or Shia. (Remember Kissinger in the Iran-Iraq War? “It’s too bad that both sides can’t lose”?) WHY DO YOU THINK IRAN WANTS THE BOMB, AND SAUDI HAS A DEAL WITH PAKISTAN FOR A FEW OF THEIRS… THAT SAUDI FUNDED TO BEGIN WITH? If you think America will be Teheran’s first target you lack an understanding of islam and its history.

(And if you think Obama, Europe, Russia – any of the Great Powers and any of the nuclear powers – supports nonproliferation, explain the global advertisement FOR proliferation of nuclear weapons that is Ukraine…)

If islam wants to have an existential war within islam, they need to have at it. AND WE NEED TO LET THEM… AND TO STAY OUT OF IT. Talk about something NONE of our business… Talk about something that will be good for the entire civilized world…

Obama is “negotiating” with Iran over nukes for ONE reason: PR, public consumption by his “useful idiots” of his pretense to stop them. Look at his “negotiator.” If a more stupid, unaware, self-absorbed idiot than Kerry has ever been secretary of state, he didn’t make it into the history books.

If you actually believe Obama has – ever – believed that an Iranian nuke is “unacceptable,” Sesame Street is calling and it’s past time for your nap.

But Obama isn’t just gathering a storm that will break overseas.

Obama’s usurpation of any police role by the federal government is more than problematic, let alone his use of the IRS against the citizens with neither rejection by nor regard for the Rule of Law by his Party, his constituencies nor the Lawmakers themselves. When the States that created the federal government by ratifying the Constitution, the superior creating State governments delegated to their inferior Federal creation, specific, enumerated powers, those States did NOT delegate any general police powers. For the feds to usurp any general police powers is flatly unconstitutional. I’m concerned about the militarization of cops – but the Right is still living in the 1960s thinking that cops are good and they only harm bad guys and hippies. Really? One must be stupendously ignorant to believe that today. In my – basically conservative, middle-class Los Angeles suburb – hometown they break traffic laws whenever they want. Like Sisyphus, I continue to go to the PD and say, ‘Look – you are teaching my kids to NOT respect you, then one day when they MUST and don’t – BECAUSE you have taught them you are not worthy of respect – they are going to get shot by you BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU HAVE TAUGHT THEM.’ They tell me they’ll look into it. I watch the County sheriffs speed down the freeway day after day, weaving in and out of traffic and carpool lanes at 90-100mph- no lights, no siren. I call their PIOs and get told, no, there’s nothing going on there and they shouldn’t be speeding. Did you get his [2″ high] number [as he passed you doing over 100 mph]?’ No? Sorry…. In North Carolina, parents called cops because their 18-year-old son was out of control and they needed help. What did the cops do? Two big, hefty, trained men restrained one skinny kid – and a third big hefty trained cop shot the kid dead. “I don’t have time for this,” said the policeman-judge-jury-executioner as he pulled the trigger on a skinny helpless kid held down on the floor. They choke-hold a fat guy for selling cigarettes and, when he dies, blame him. If you think cops are on your side, you’re not living in the real world. Cops are on THEIR side, period. Does your PD need tanks to combat the declining crime in your city? No? Do they have them? My city – of under 50,000 – has TWO. Which is two more than we had in Yemen as we disarmed out warriors and left town.

And I am sick & tired of the McCains and Grahams of the world always demanding we go to war and always demanding we DON’T win… what’s the point of that? Rand is absolutely correct on non-intervention, if for no other reason than we never take intervention seriously, so only kill a million of our opponents, 50K of us, and lose. And the Defense budget? We are broke. If europe and Japan and Australia want to be defended, THEY can pay for it. But the Middle Class doesn’t even know what’s going on… Ukraine? The US UNWISELY pushed NATO east – what did they THINK was going to happen? Are they so stupendously ignorant of european – especially Russian – history that they didn’t know Russia would react? Yes, they are. Amazing, isn’t it?

And I know it’s boring, but for anyone who grasps even the most basic issues of national demographics… why are we defending a continent (europe) and nations (Japan, Australia, etc – the ENTIRE West) for a future their citizens don’t believe in enough to populate? Talk about a ridiculous waste of lives and money… So Russia (below-replacement fertility) takes over Ukraine (below replacement fertility) and threatens (below-replacement fertility) western europe? So what? There won’t be anyone there in three generations anyway…

I am sick & tired of the GOP NEVER pointing out the pathological damage of Democrat policies. The poor have been voting for Democrats since 1932 – and they are STILL POOR. Minorities have been voting Democrat since 1932 – and they are still in poverty. The WORST schools, the WORST jobs, the WORST economic conditions… are in DEMOCRAT precincts… but does the GOP point this OUT? Only Rand Paul, and only now, 80+ YEARS after this nonsense began:

“Some say, but oh, Democrats care more about poor people. If that’s true, why is black unemployment still twice white unemployment? Why has minority household income declined by $3,500 over the past six years? Liberal policies have failed our inner cities. Liberal policies have failed to alleviate poverty. Our schools are not equal and the poverty gap continues to widen. You want to know where the income gap is greatest? Cities run by Democrats, states run by Democrats, and countries run by Democrats.”

… BUT … Who hates Rand more than the GOP Establishment? No one.

We NEED a new party, the GOP/Democrat/Progressive Party of Hillary/Jeb/Christie/Rubio/Obama/McCain is a festering disaster. The GOP even lets the Democrats set the table on the entire income gap discussion, when the income gap ALWAYS gets worse under Democrat policies.

How stupid is the GOP? Unfathomably so. How wide is the separation between their leaders and Progressive Democrats? Infinitesimal.

And the FBI press conference/Fox News reports yesterday on the “capture” of those Americans, in the words of Martha MacCallum, “trying to get out” of America to join ISIS?!!? WHEN did America become a country citizens are not allowed to leave based on ideology? What’s next? Those who want to move to Switzerland for more liberty prevented from doing so because our governing ideology today is anti-liberty statism? Are you sure? Really?

We will NEVER defeat enemies by spying on, frisking and interdicting the travel of Americans. Enemies are defeated BY KILLING THEM. PERIOD. We didn’t spy on everyone’s mail & phones in WW2 – we KILLED THE ENEMY. But if you’ve read my blog you know all this. Curtis Lemay was absolutely correct when he said that in order to win wars, “You’ve got to kill people, and when you’ve killed enough they stop fighting.” Absolutely true, like it or not. And it isn’t only enemy soldiers that must be killed – it’s enemy polities. It’s enemy ideologies. Soldiers are just policy tools – defeating an enemy means annihilating the political leaders down to mayor and below, the cities, power grids, food, transportation, water; an enemy is defeated when he is TOTALLY RELIANT on his conqueror, AND NOT BEFORE. THAT is what history teaches. We KNOW where this ideology is centered and funded, and it needs to be annihilated. That – necessary – annihilation is exactly why I wrote China Rising. (See page three of this link for a recent review, and pay particular attention to the reviewers comment: “The biggest compliment I can give this book is that it did not feel like a work of fiction.”) It needs to be done.

Those who grasp history know that islam periodically has risen from its intellectually and morally squalid desert hellhole and gone a-conquering via the sword. It’s what is happening again now. Thinking they can be talked – or pinpricked – out of it is absurd, stupid, infantile – and is getting our guys killed and our liberties destroyed. If you think America is doing more than pinpricks, think again:

ISIS sorties
Figure 4 The Unseriousness of America’s ISIS Engagement

We can defeat ISIS utterly. And doing so will be neither difficult nor expensive. We just have to put OUR people, OUR liberties, the RULE OF LAW … FIRST, BEFORE the idiots who yammer about “women & children.” You know what those who were “children” in 9/11 are doing today? Killing Americans. You know what those who have been bearing children since 2001 are doing today? Teaching those kids to kill Americans, and strapping bombs onto them to do so. So not killing them… was compassionate..???

Twenty years after Hiroshima and Berlin, twenty years after the fall of the NAZIs and Imperial Japan through the utter annihilation of their polities and policies, and the total defeat of their people, both were great economic, military and political allies of the Allies who defeated them. Both were freer, better-educated and wealthier than they had EVER BEEN IN THEIR ENTIRE HISTORIES. Will that EVER be said of those America has REFUSED to defeat? Of those on whom America squandered the great responsibility that comes with her great power? Of course not. Could it be said of North Korea in 1973? No. Of Vietnam in 1995? No. Will it be said of Iraq in 2034? No. Afghanistan in 2035? No. America is wasting millions of lives and trillions of dollars on a global scale by refusing to grasp history – and so pointlessly killing enemies we refuse to defeat, pointlessly sending our own future – our kids – to die, pointlessly squandering trillions of dollars of hard-earned wealth… and never even trying to defeat the enemies we “fight.”

As with all modern wars, waiting to fight our enemies will make that fight MORE bloody, MORE expensive and MORE dangerous. Pretending we can avoid this war is childish… it’s already here and it’s already cost us tens of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. It is past time to get serious.

Figure 5 The Size of Islam’s Threat

For those who preach tolerance, here’s the actual logic of that view: If you want tolerance you cannot tolerate intolerance. Here is the logic of tolerance reality in a picture:


Figure 6 Maximizing Global Tolerance

The domestic fight over immigration is amazing primarily because very few understand what it is really about and what the consequences are. In short, non-American Westerners – nearly all of the illegal immigrants – all come from countries of large, bloated, expensive welfare state governments. Whether the Left gets its way and these illegals vote next year, or the Right gets their way and they vote in 10 years, they are going to vote for large, bloated welfare state government – it’s all they know. The Left plays the long game – and the Right doesn’t even know what’s going on. The immigration debate is about “fundamentally transforming America.” Stop me if you’ve heard that before. And it won’t be a transformation to MORE liberty, but less. Forever. We are a nation of laws. We HAVE an immigration law. It isn’t “Broken,” it just isn’t enforced. What is a nation of laws in which those laws are not enforced at the whim of government? A totalitarian state. Not a republic.

And now a former Bush43 appointee (Gonzales) has written a book, “A Conservative and Compassionate Approach to Immigration Reform,” which is exactly the kind of thing one would expect from a Progressive Republican, which the Bush family most certainly is. Government is not about “compassion.” “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” – George Washington.

American constitutional government does not exist for the sake of compassion. The federal government exists to set a level playing field, protect citizens from foreign dangers – and to get out of our way. If a State wants to be “compassionate,” States are free to so become. But the depredations of Blue States on their citizens, on jobs, on their futures, their economies are such that no reasonable person can judge that liberalism is in any way outside the fevered imaginations of the intelligentsia coffee house “compassionate;” it keeps the poor, poor. It keeps the uneducated, uneducated. It keeps the unemployed, unemployed. With apologies to Franklin, those voting for freedom and compassion deserve – and receive – neither.

The Baby Boomers of the Left AND the Right have destroyed American liberty, freedom and the rule of law. They have laid waste to our education system. They have increased our debt astronomically – with no positive result. They have stifled the business and entrepreneurial system that gave the world nearly every single invention since the Industrial Revolution.

And now they have given us Obama.

Years ago the Sierra Club published a book, The Diligent Destroyers, about the Army Corps of Engineers (or, as Obama would say, the “Corpse” of engineers). They didn’t like the Corps much and penned this epithet (my recollection may be fuzzy) regarding the Corps and waterways: “If a river runs fast, widen it, if it runs slow, deepen it, if it runs at all dam it, and if it doesn’t run build a canal.”

Obama – enabled by his Democrat voters – has treated our laws, our liberties, our freedom, our nation and our future with the same disregard with which the Sierra Club accused the Army in treating our waterways: he has utterly trashed each at his whim.

As I see it today, the only way back to liberty we had just 30 years ago is secession by Red States from the un-representative regulatory/welfare state created by the Locust Generation.

Big was good in the industrial age. Big is bad in the information age. We have a fast-growing, two-party leviathan we DON’T need, that is TAKING our liberties and DESTROYING our future… and now has decided we can’t leave the country if we disagree with our government – which some still laughably fantasize is “of, by and for the people.”

But in Red State secession, the Social Conservatives who missed the entire Enlightenment and Age of Reason will demand powers NEVER delegated to the federal government, all the while demanding Constitutional government. Who is the enemy of liberty, really? The Far Right, who allowed the Far Left to rise, but BOTH are Progressive – demanding THEIR morality over the Rule of Law. America is about the Rule of Law

Or it WAS…. Now neither the Left NOR the Right care about it.

And the most avoidable storm since 1914 continues to gather and destroy lives, liberty, property, freedom, and the only culture/civilization in history to support what we in the West smugly – and ignorantly – call “Universal Human Rights” withers away under Obama’s “Progressive,” “compassionate,” totalitarian government gathering storm.

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