The Lethality of Blue Governance

Venezuela running out of other people’s money. Europe , Japan and  Blue States are running out of other people’s kids to pay their welfare and for their sloth (which is why they need so many immigrants…). These are the fruits of socialism.

Where are there money AND kids (ie a future)? American Red States. That’s it in the entire West.

Secession. NOW.

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@davidshulman Another Ivory Tower “Republican” for Hillary

Another column, this time an OpEd by an “Economist” at UCLA who should know better. He’s going on and on that he’s a Republican voting for Hillary. He teaches at UCLA… how much of a “Republican” can he really be?

First clue the guy’s lying: He is an establishment Republican who can’t stand the idea of change. He supports Wilsonian foreign policy – which is the root of the bloodiest century in history – and he probably not only doesn’t get that, he thinks Wilsonianism is a good way forward. He says Trump doesn’t get why we must honor our NATO commitments. He somehow thinks he knows more about war than Ike, who had forgotten more about war than anyone since has known by the time he was president – and spent his entire 8 years in office fighting against conventional warfare and measured response.

His is establishmentarianism writ large. It is almost too stupid to argue with, but here goes:

  1. A treaty requires two (at least) sides. Why should we honor our side if the others haven’t been doing so for decades? Yet he argues we must as though it’s some kind of holy writ. But doesn’t tell us why. Probably he’s such a doofus he has never stopped to think about the WHY of NATO.
  2. The purpose of NATO was to keep the Russians out the Americans in and the Germans down. Well, it’s culturally frowned-upon for German men to pee standing up, Merkel has caused thousands of German women to be raped and her men are doing nothing about it. They have NO children and eschew nationalism of their own country because they let some paper hanging sonofabitch go too far 80 years ago. Can’t get more “down” than the Germans have made themselves. We are “in” for reasons to me unknown at this point: If Germans don’t care enough about their future to populate it (they now have the lowest fertility on the planet ), what is the point of our spending our labor defending them? For what? ALL of the EU fertility average is 1.6 (2.1 is flat or zero population growth). What is the point of defending them? They are graying faster than any nation or region in history. They aren’t paying the 2% of GDP for defense that the treaty requires them to pay. So why should I lower MY living standard to pay the defense needs of a nation with no kids – and no future? That is objectively insane. But- But – But – it’s the only way to keep the peace!! Says who? A bunch of folks living large off the Military Industrial Complex Ike warned us against? A bunch of folks who have, for 71 years been starting wars we didn’t need to fight, sending our kids to die and not even BOTHERING to TRY to win?!? And “keep the peace” from whom? Is Russia going to invade Germany? France? Poland? Russia has a fertility rate of 1.3. They are ALL going out of business, so why would I give a damn about it? It’s THEIR CHOICE! But I don’t have to pay for it. So what if Russia owns Crimea? They’ve ALWAYS owned Ukraine – it’s been the breadbasket of Russia and the USSR forever. NATO expansionism caused the nonsense on the Crimean Peninsula and Ukraine. Besides – had Ukraine NOT given up her nukes, Russia wouldn’t have invaded. Why is Ukraine not responsible for her own choices? Why am I? Darwin works at the nation-state level, too, and our getting in the way of Darwin has gotten hundreds of millions killed. If Ukraine can’t make it on their own – tough. The Third World is – and will remain – an ongoing catastrophe because NONE of those countries were capable of self-government when the West decided they were. Same now – some countries cannot defend their place in the ecosphere and are not doing anything but insulting us and expecting us to defend it for them. There’s a word for this: Bullshit.
  3. Clinton is a foreign policy realist?!?!? She singlehandedly caused the downfall of a national leader who had JUST DONE EXACTLY WHAT WE’D ASKED, throwing tens of millions into chaos under ISIS, destroying Libya as a nation and doing the same to Mali via the blowback. A “realist”? This guy is crazy – he is nothing but a hack who can’t get past the Cold War.

The most surprising thing for me is that people seem to just believe what these folks write without applying critical thinking. And we’re supposed to dismiss this journalistic – it can’t be called “sloppiness” as it’s been going on for decades… intentional malfeasance? What else can it be called with any honesty? And now a partisan hack is telling us that the guy who wants to enforce Ted Kennedy’s immigration law is racist?

This kind of commentary is nothing but lies and other crap written with dishonesty to take down the Rule of Law that rejects the totalitarianism of the Left. And not believing the MSM does not mean adulation of the Right or adherence to everything the nutters on the Right say. But if you don’t recognize that today’s Democrats ARE THE ENEMY OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION you are not paying attention. If you don’t get that the #NeverTrump gang are enabling Hillary – you’re asleep or comatose.


Democrats once agreed with adults that America was a good place – worth defending, worthy of respect, the best nation on earth. Now they spend their time and energy convincing everyone of the opposite – the world’s problems are our fault, Western Civ sucks, head-hackers are worthy of anything but annihilation, “common sense” (as envisioned by Democrats) must supersede the Constitution and Rule of Law.


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@JoeKlein: A Trifecta: Wrong on Hillary, Benghazi & the GOP

Below is a column by Joe Klein in TIME mag. I have [commented in-line] with his absurd commentary, which too many believe is accurate just because it’s in what once was a reputable (to some) newsweekly. (Others have referred to TIME as a magazine for “people who can’t think,” and its (extinct) sister publication, LIFE, being for “people who can’t think or read.”)

To begin, Klein’s a Lefty. When he writes something near the Center it is an exception. So let’s take his points.


The Republican Convention opened with a distraught mother, tears in her eyes, saying something palpably outrageous: “I blame Hillary Clinton. I blame Hillary Clinton personally for the death of my son–personally.” The woman was Patricia Smith, the mother of the American hero [he was an IT guy who got killed. How does that make him a “hero”? Klein is both cheapening the word and laying a foundation that she is extra-distraught so it’s even meaner for the GOP to let her speak. Infantile editorial nonsense.] Sean Smith, who was killed during the attack on the temporary U.S. consulate (and CIA station) in Benghazi. Grief can do terrible things to the mind and soul. I can’t imagine [if lack of requested security had gotten my son killed I wouldn’t be whining about it; I’d be getting rid of the problem – but this guy “can’t imagine”? THAT is the most “unspeakable” comment in this entire piece] why Smith has fixed on Clinton, who was an extremely peripheral figure in the failure to secure the Benghazi station [Wrong. The safety of State personnel at any embassy is the FIRST priority of SecState. She was sent multiple communications from both State security and the Ambassador asking for more security. Just because she didn’t read them does not excuse her lack of attention to them. See – this is what the Left does – they tell you x is not her problem and then go from there and people believe that. It’s call spinning the news. The security buck stops at the desk of SecState, regardless of how the story is spun] matters of consular security never reach her level of seniority [… which is like saying matters of security of a military base never reach CINC – that does not alter the fact that CINC is THE top of the line and ultimately responsible. In this case SecState is the top of the line and ultimately responsible. If she chose not to read something, she’s still responsible; if she told her staff she didn’t need to see security stuff, so stopping the buck at a lower level, she’s still responsible, if she set a tone that caused others not to tell her more security was required – she is STILL responsible. The Left cannot talk its way out of this one to anyone who understands that authority can be delegated, but responsibility cannot – She, and she alone, was responsible for security at that embassy.] –and, more to the point, the significant operation in Benghazi was run by the CIA, which should have been responsible for the security. [CIA is not responsible for the security of the Ambassador and it was he who more than once asked for more security. The security of a State Dept facility, regardless of what it is being used for, is a responsibility of the State Department. More to the point, anyone who believes a control freak like Hillary would have allowed CIA to do something at a State facility without her having signed-off on it is naïve.] David Petraeus was director of Central Intelligence at that point, and no one blames him for the ambush, [which was it? An “ambush” – which is planned, or a spontaneous video-induced uprising?] nor should they. But Clinton has Republicans frothing, despite a raft of investigations that showed no culpability on her part. [These “investigations” were State investigating State. Surely you aren’t buying that it would have been OK for Nixon to investigate Watergate…] And yet the Republican Party, to its everlasting shame, decided to exploit a slander promulgated by a distraught mother as one of the opening salvos in its convention. [Hillary intentionally and on multiple occasions denied additional security requested by her Ambassador. The result of these denials was the death of four Americans in Benghazi. Period. Blaming a “distraught mother” is an amazingly sexist remark for a Lefty, but they are blind to their own violations of their own speech codes.]

This is nothing new. It has been going on since Clinton first appeared on the scene, caricatured as the personification of 1960s radical feminism, a pretentious First Lady who thought she was empowered to reform America’s health care system. [There is nothing “caricature-like” in that view of her. As you recall, several people at the time asked if she had any authority to do that, asked if she had any authority to keep her meetings private (they were on tax dollars), etc., including, as I recall, the NY Times. He is just spinning history for those who didn’t live through it.] Her very existence drove a certain brand of Republican crazy–and 25 years later, the way we view Clinton, even those who try to view her rationally, has been tainted by the unprecedented onslaught. [Here he is saying it is “crazy” for those of us who actually believe in the Constitution and Separation of Powers to have a problem with her. This stems from a Left who ignores the Constitution whenever it conflicts with their “common sense,” most of which is antithetical to the actual Constitution and its purpose of limiting government.]

You can’t blame Donald Trump for this. In fact, the Caesar of solipsism tramped on the Patricia Smith spectacle by calling in to the risible Bill O’Reilly–who was busy trying to gin up a race war by blaming Black Lives Matter for the police shootings–while Smith was speaking [Klein taking a shot to say Black Lies Matter has nothing to do with cop shooting – which, if you are looking for anything truly disgraceful in Klein’s nonsense, is pay dirt]. Indeed, back in the days when Trump was inviting the Clintons to his wedding [which has NOTHING to do with his column and is just gratuitous], Republican sympathizers were spreading similar trash, like the rumor that “the Clintons” had murdered Vince Foster, a close friend who committed suicide. [I’m not going to go into the Foster suicide because I’m not that much of a conspiracy theorist. But even the Parks Dept who investigated it thought it odd that there was zero blood at the location the body was found, when the wound inflicted resulted in the loss of pints of the stuff… where did it go? And Brown – who died in a plane crash in Serbia days before he was to be deposed… and had a .45-cal hole in his skull… and the recent UN guy who died “in a weightlifting accident” a day before HE was to be deposed…. There are far too many bodies behind the Clintons to view that all of the conspiracy is tin-foil -hat stuff… the first ten bodies maybe have an explanation.. the next 30? Too convenient by half. One needs to have lived in a phone booth with no outside line for the past 30 years to think so much can be fabricated against one couple without ANY basis in fact. Smoke: Meet Fire… And – this week? One of the Romanian hackers of Hillary’s email found dead in a jail cell???  Remember the Red Army terrorist in a Swiss jail who was “found dead” in the 60s….they offed the guy. Why is this different?] There were other unspeakable [nothing is “unspeakable” for Klein – go read his stuff – this is just handwringing to make his enemies sound worse – when they are NEVER half as bad as a Left that has destroyed education and the Rule of Law in America]  rumors, a steady flow, a crushing burden over the years, that have had an undeniable impact on Clinton–creating a wariness bordering on paranoia, resulting in a stilted public slipperiness on matters like her email server. [It’s OUR fault she set up her server illegally and theb lied about it? For a year? And she STILL is lying about what the FBI Dir said??? According to this apparatchik it is…. All Klein is doing is encapsulating all of the sordid crap behind the most corrupt public couple in American history to sweep it under the rug in one go. This only works if one is not paying attention, refuses to believe anything outside the MSM or just can’t process that low life corrupt trash can make its way into high office. Nixon didn’t do 10% of what Hillary has been accused of – yet not one mainstream media organization is even bothering to investigate any of this. The rumors alone would have sent everyone into years of serious investigative journalism had Clinton been a male republican. Instead, the MSM is spending all that time telling you why it can’t be true – rather than in serious investigation of: F&F, Lerner, Benghazi, Uranium sales, Whitewater, cattle futures, Syria, Libya, Mali, ISIS, Rose billing records, the Clinton Foundation, etc. And, rather than looking at the Lefty reporting with the same jaundiced eye reserved for ANYONE who grasps the – enormous and well-documented – leftist bias in the media, most voters fall for their nonsense as if it were engraved on one of Moses’ stone tablets. It’s good to express at least a bit of skepticism when reading the Lefty reporting on the most corrupt public person on the planet … ]

The fervor of this assault has always amazed me. [It only can “amaze” one who sees no value in the Rule of Law, and whose worldview is that anything that is an obstacle to the legal enshrinement of their morality – instead of what CREATED Western Civilization: The Rule of Law, representative government and a centuries-long lack of serious corruption – is a nut. Now we have people shooting each other over voter disagreement. There goes 240 years of peaceful turnover of government, something for which America has rightly been recognized. Why? Because of the same MSM most accept as a sound presenter of events.]  It poisoned the grassroots of the Republican Party [the only thing that “poisoned” the GOP was its capitulation to Progressives and its utter lack of willingness to do what it was elected to do: Stop Progressivism. It’s nice for a Lefty to blame the GOP for being nuts just because we want the Constitution enforced, but it’s annoyingly stupid for adults to believe that crap], made possible the disgraceful birther campaign against Barack Obama [Obama “made possible the … birther campaign” by sealing his records (if he had nothing to hide, what was the point?) by sealing his transcripts (a portion of which show he gained a scholarship at Occidental available ONLY to foreign students), by having his earlier book jackets and author media state he was “Kenyan-born.” The GOP didn’t make him do any of that. He did that. All on his own. Klein is just re-writing history], made possible Trump’s candidacy [Obama had nothing to do with Trump’s candidacy – it is lunacy to think so. We elected a GOP majority in 2010 to stop Obama – they encouraged him. We elected a LARGER GOP majority in 2012 – they paid for all his stuff and didn’t even both with the Separation of Powers argument Congress – successfully – used against Nixon. We gave them an even larger majority in 2014 – and ONE WEEK later they passed the budget for all of Obama’s stuff they had just campaigned – and gotten elected – to stop – illegal aliens, Obamacare, etc. The GOP built Trump – not Obama. Klein is just trying to make the party of Civil Rights (that’s the Republican Party from Lincoln to the founders of he NAACP (two Black Republicans) to the Voting Rights and Civil Rights Acts (both passed by larger majorities of Republicans than Democrats) to MLK, Jr, a Republican) sound like we want Trump because we can’t stand the Black guy. This only should work on illiterates and game show devotees]. It has transformed Republicans into the party of hate, rather than of conservatism [it is, frankly, laughable for the Left – haters of free speech, merit, diversity of thought, biology, uncorrupted temperature data… to call the GOP “the party of hate.” The only people of whom I am aware who “hate” in the political sphere are Democrats. It is they who are disinviting speakers, it is they who require “trigger warnings” and then attack those in disagreement. It is they who hate a difference – any difference – of opinion. The Right just wants the Constitution enforced. The Left has decided that means we “hate.” Childish nonsense. Here’s what I hate: ANYONE who rejects the Constitution, the Rule of Law. THAT is the foundation of America specifically, and the West generally; and the Left hates it.] It has caused politicians like Rudy Giuliani, an excellent former mayor of New York City, to seem deranged in public, as he did on the first night of the Republican Convention when, eyes bulging, he said Clinton’s “dereliction of duty and failure to keep her people safe played a major role in the horrific Islamic terrorist murders … in Benghazi … including her lying directly to the families of those who were killed.” [This is all factual stuff – and Hillary is on tape telling the mothers that some nonsensical videotape was the cause of their son’s death. This is amazing spin – 100% provably wrong – yet some people will believe it. You may or may not be aware of it, but Curt Schilling, former BoSox pitcher, who pitched a World Series win with a hole in his foot that was bleeding as he pitched, something that was focused on by the cameraman and the booth crew as it was occurring, and has been in countless videos since, spoke out against sharia recently. He got dumped by ESPN – and the footage of his bloody foot disappeared from the ESPN World Series game. This is USSR-level disappearing of the historical record. It is what Klein is doing here.] This is arrant nonsense: Clinton may [may? – I guess even Klein can’t get past that the left has been unable to disappear all of the footage…] have told some of the families–others say she didn’t–that the Benghazi attack was part of the massive riots across the region that night in response to an anti-Islamic video. At the very least, the video obscured a planned attack on the CIA annex. [The video obscured nothing – it was unknown to the man-in-the-street in Benghazi, the attack was planned and included heavy weapons, it was not spur-of-the-moment.]

Too many ignorant voters are letting the media rewrite history; be careful about swallowing it.


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US Needs to Re-evaluate Foreign Policy

The 20th Century was “The American Century,” and most of us who came to adulthood in the latter half are accustomed to two constants: The Russians are the enemy, and we can throw-around our weight whenever and wherever we want.

Both of these need to be reconsidered; not from a lack of will, guts or engagement, but because they are, like the century in which they were born, past.

Whether the neocons like it or not, the Cold War is over and we won. Rather than continue to assume that Russia is and always will be our enemy, we need to step-back and re-evaluate our relationship. Russia could – and should – be a solid partner in the global war on terror. Islam is banging not only on their southern door, but within their gates in Chechnya. That Russia does not comport itself with the delicacy of Western PC and lack of defense of its own culture is a plus, not a minus, in what needs to become a real war in order for the West – and for Orthodox Russia – to defeat what is an existential threat to us both.

If we could ally ourselves with Stalin immediately after the Purges, and arm the USSR to defeat Hitler (a war in which Russia bore the brunt of the fighting, losing 20M Russians to America’s 400,000), we certainly can – and should – ally with them to defeat radical islam.

The Ukraine is a mess of our making. For our opinion makers to get their panties in a knot over it is childish. Ukraine always has been the “breadbasket” of Russia. That they were allowed to separate from the USSR and the Russian Federation without violence was remarkable from a historical perspective. That America and NATO demanded to continue pushing NATO east was inexplicable. The USSR was dead, Russia was not threatening advances into Europe, German reunification was bloodless, Poland was again free… so what, exactly, was the point of pushing Western forward defenses deeper into the buffer, and an economically vital region to Russia, against a non-threatening Great Power trying to recover from 70 years of communism, a recovery in our favor?

It was this NATO expansion that caused the problems in Ukraine. The same American presidential geniuses who destabilized the entire Middle East, South Asia and North Africa with wars of no purpose or national need, and who set the stage for tens of millions of refugees and the muslim invasion of Europe, could not wrap their heads around the idea that engaging her as a partner would be far more advantageous than tightening the decades-old vise to contain a non-threatening Russia. This was stupidity writ large.

And those wars were – and are – of no purpose: If they were, we’d fight them to win.

Kuwait? The largest, most modern and powerful military in history took most of a year to move forces to the region, then launched a 100-hr air battle and a two-week land invasion against a large but neither modern nor literate conscript army in order to… what? Make the world safe for islamism? To save a monarchy not threatening to become democratic any time soon? To ensure they could continue executing apostates from the same religion now threatening physical and economic catastrophe across the West? To die for territorial integrity that worked so well for us in Vietnam & Korea – and which has both been ignored (Georgia) or encouraged (Bangaladesh) on the world stage was just plain dumb.

Like the dominoes against which these same neocons warned to waste 60,000 American – and 2M Vietnamese – lives, the rest of the region went up in flames, country after country. To only negative result, America threw-around her weight and burned down Iraq, Syria, Libya, and by immolating Libya, Mali.

If we had actual statesmen in charge, we would not have launched the Gulf War. We would not have destabilized the region. We would not have destroyed multiple countries of no threat to America or Americans. We would not have spent more money in real terms than it cost to defeat the two most modern military forces in the world at the time, simultaneously, across the entire planet on the land, on and under the sea, and in the air in 3.5 years.

America indeed needs to reset its relations with Russia. Not as an adversary but as an ally. We have a war to fight against a real enemy who is murdering our citizens, raping our women and destroying our economies. No reason on earth other than neocon head-in-the-sand refusal to move forward prevents our addressing this real problem by joining with Russia to defeat it, rather than making-up a war with non-threatening, non-foe, Russia.

We need to stop throwing our weight around, or at least save doing so for when it matters – as it does in destroying islamism, which we refuse.

Manifest Destiny is over; it is not up to us to decide how far our sphere of influence expands unless we want to be dictator to the world. It is of no purpose to tell Russians how to live, nor play Darwin with nation states – states survive, or not, on their own choices. Spending our lives and our treasure in pretense that we know best, regardless of cost, is childish. If terrorist, or terrorist-harboring states raise, educate, feed, house, organize, train and equip men killing our citizens, then those choices need to be met with utter destruction, and the idiocy of “non-state-actors” must be seen for the nonsense it is.

The result of utterly defeating a nation can be seen in the peoples of Germany and Japan who are freer, wealthier and better-educated than they have ever been. That tens of millions who did not stop their leaders and ideology were killed to cause this to be so was the price of that. Why are we unwilling to pay that price now? Why are we unwilling to see muslims free, educated and wealthy? Well – that isn’t going to happen unless we unleash real war on their centers of government, ideology and economy as we did on Berlin, Cologne, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. War is about killing nations and ideologies, not about killing warriors – that’s only combat.

We should, instead, make common cause with Russia against radical islam and annihilate that threat to both of us. The retrograde force of radical islam must be removed.

Is throwing around our weight in Ukraine and starting a war with a Russia who can and would help remove it really what we want to do?

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If Our Culture is Worth Defending Why Are We Not Doing So?

When we are being invaded and our people killed and culture destroyed it matters only to intellectuals that those doing the destroying are not ‘armed forces of a nation state;’ they still need to be repulsed as the violent invaders of our culture, our nation, our streets and our neighborhoods that they are, using whatever force is necessary to do so.

Either our government accepts that the defense of our culture, our Liberty, our country, and our families is necessary – or it does not –  and the time has come to replace that government.

We need to recognize that we are losing a war our government does not recognize is being waged – or is on the other side…

When millions of people from another culture enter the West and convince us under threat of violence to alter how we dress, what we eat, what is served in our restaurants, where we walk, the pets we own, under what laws we live, we have been defeated every bit as much as if those changes were made following a military invasion. We are doing it to ourselves.

Even the French Army about whom Americans joke fought back against foreign invaders.

We are witnessing the largest mass movement of people in history that was not the result of a war between Great Powers – or the aftermath of same.

And it is OUR PRESIDENT who is enabling it.

They aren’t sending their military forces – which they haven’t got. And we aren’t fighting back with our own culture and willpower – – which it seems WE haven’t got: at least our ruling class doesn’t.

We are allowing them to defeat us without attacking us – and that is existentially insane. They are sending their people, by the millions – as we are acquiescing to altering our culture to accept them as “refugees” even as they beat our children, rape our women and girls, stab beachgoers, run over pedestrians by the hundreds in our streets, and alter the curriculum in our schools.

Turkey, a NATO ally, obviously is going to turn hard-islamist. They are today’s “soft underbelly of europe.” If the borders of neighboring countries are not closed – fast – europe is over. Completely over. Millions on millions of sharia savages will overrun – are overrunning – a europe that meets them with – WESTERN – succor, rather than with force, which is the ONLY thing that will save europe. It may be, in fact, too late for europe.

The damage to the global economy of an illiterate, sharia Europe no longer doing hundreds of billions of dollars in trade with other nations will be enormous.

Those Westerners who see refugees want to help them, to keep them from starving to death. There are few choices here: Let them starve, force them back to their own countries and the results of their culture (the starvation and violence they are escaping but bringing here) or let them destroy our nations, our liberties, our families.

Those are the ONLY choices.

They do not assimilate. They do violently attack our most precious resources – our women and children. They are illiterate and will never function in a modern economy, draining the welfare coffers – and budgets – of the entire West. Unless they are stopped.

It is not – yet – too late for America, but if we don’t put a complete stop to muslims entering the nation, if we don’t put a complete stop to sharia within what is SUPPOSED TO BE a nation of laws under our Constitution and NOT a theocracy, if we don’t start rejecting muslims demands that WE assimilate to THEM, and if we don’t get that bastard and his truly insane wannabe successor OUT of the White House, then WE Americans will have two and only two choices: Accept submission to islam, ending 1200 years of individual liberty – or kill them ourselves, taking the war for our liberty and our future to the streets that our government not only is not defending, but instead purposefully is importing those who are destroying those streets and everything and everyone on them – and destroying a millennium of progress.

And the future of liberty across the entire earth.

If the government and the police can’t stop murder in the streets of Americans by muslims – then we in the streets will do so. It won’t be long before a muslim beheads an American in an open carry state and gets shot down like the rabid vermin he is.

No one will put that genie back in the bottle – but that seems to be what Obama wants.

Devolving into anarchy won’t be far behind, but that seems to be the goal of the Left, the enablers in the GOPe and the idiots in the Chamber of Commerce and the Upper East side who think they will be able to trade stock & bonds in a sharia-run nation, that their children somehow will be immune from attack by barbarians; who think that a modern economy can survive with illiterate savages roaming the streets, preventing education, attacking the productive members of that economy.

That our colleges and universities, the store of Western knowledge and culture, the educators of those who would sustain our culture, are now enemies OF our culture is insane – as insane as our allowing it to happen, mostly with our tax dollars.

Obama and Erdogan are pals. Obama enabled the Muslim Brotherhood to take power in Egypt. Obama overthrew a tyrannical Ghaddafi who kept islamists in check, turning Libya (and Mali) over to ISIS. If he’s as smart as the Left keeps telling us (and he is), none of that was unforeseen.  Obama is not attacking ISIS other than for show. He is doing nothing to alter the equation subsuming Europe. He essentially gave Iran the bomb. Now a NATO nation is the enemy. With the blessing of the bastard in the White House.

Obama TOLD us he was going to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” We sat back and scoffed at the idea of turning us socialist, offered that he was “inept,” “mistaken,” a “fool” or a “failure.” All along his transformation was aimed at getting us to submit to islam. Socialism was a red herring. All along Obama has been succeeding.

The damage Obama has done is enormous. And the idea that he is using Black Lives Matter to incite violence he will use martial law to put down is becoming less and less the construct of paranoids.

Obama is the most dangerous enemy America – the entire West – have ever faced.

And no one with the power and the duty to protect our Constitutional Republic from this domestic enemy has the balls to do anything about it.

Only one winner will emerge from this clash. It will be islam, sharia and the destruction of 2,000 years of progress, or it will be us.

It can only be us if we recognize the clash – and begin destroying Liberty’s enemies.

If liberty, if modernity, if science and progress and literacy, if human rights are to survive, sooner or later islam itself must be stopped and prevented from recurring. It is already too late to be sooner.

Soon it will be too late to be later.

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