Let’s Play ‘If I Were President’

If I were president, I would:

Contract with CATO, Heritage, Hoover and some major ConLaw schools (NOT Ivies; real schools) to review the Federal Code and report in an order of priority based on the damage to the Constitution (as defined jointly by those contractors), all Federal laws and regulations having no basis in the Enumerated Powers. All Federal regulations not so based would be prioritized to be EO’d out of existence. All laws not so based immediately would be litigated by my Solicitor General to SCOTUS as unconstitutional, and not enforced until & unless SCOTUS ruled in their favor.[…]

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Norks, Nukes and the MSM

So the NORKS are threatening a nuke strike on the White House.

This isn’t to be taken seriously – it’s just more nonsensical rhetoric for their unaware masses.

(And I’m not saying it’s a bad idea. A bit of million-degree housecleaning in DC, and the thermonuclear response the military would effect would cleanse quite a few idiots and civilizational enemies right off the planet in in PyongYang AND in DC.)

But – what’s the reaction of the media here in America? That the Norks have yet to master the necessary miniaturization or rocket technology, so this cannot be taken […]

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Why Do Liberals Support Obama?

Liberals say they support the Middle Class. Yet under Obama the average net worth of Americans has declined by 1/3.

Liberals say they want good jobs in America. Yet Obama for years has refused the Keystone pipeline – and its 20,000+ jobs – for no reason other than campaign donations from the hard left.

Liberals say they support a strong economy. Yet under Obama they have refused even to discuss lowering the Industrialized Worlds’ highest corporate tax, squandering new jobs & investment, and causing hundreds of billions of dollars not to be repatriated.

Liberals say they want to put Americans […]

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Hating Your Own

People rarely acknowledge that they don’t know what they don’t know. But people like that should never be in positions of authority or power.

The post-war conceit of the West that history has ended and all want what we want has created entire generations lacking the fundamental understanding that cultures differ, attitudes differ, actions differ for a single reason: people from different backgrounds think in different ways.

This is why linguistics is so powerful. Those who define the words used to express thoughts – DEFINE cultures. Those who define words define HOW people think.

If you think words don’t matter, […]

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Our Failed Constitution

The entire domestic authority of the President of the United States consists of ten words within Article 2 of the Constitution: “He shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”

That’s it.

Capacity to act when Congress doesn’t? Nope.

Responsibility to act to correct what he sees as a “flaw”? None.

Authority to violate any law he wants in order to further his domestic agenda? Nonexistent.


The president has no authority for a domestic agenda. He is an executive; he executes the law as passed by Congress. That is ALL he is allowed to do.

What about legislation […]

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Tunnels and the Laws of War

This column by Ms. Caroline Glick is an important one. I suggest reading it.

Hamas has dug tunnels beneath Israeli kindergarten rooms, and filled those tunnels with explosives. They have readied handcuffs and tranquilizers for use in the kidnapping of whomever is around when they breach these tunnels into residential neighborhoods, kidnappings certain to result in the torture and death of Jewish civilians for the crime of being Jewish.

Israel is hard at work destroying these tunnels. And Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE all are trying to delay any US-forced ceasefire to give the Israelis time to finish the […]

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Killing Arab Children

Israel, again attacked, is again defending herself. Only those who never have experienced incoming artillery on their cities and families are complaining, and they are using a tack that any observant Westerner would find, at best, disingenuous:

Palestinian Children Killed in Israeli Strikes
Revealed: The Palestinian children killed by Israeli Forces
UN: 1 child killed in Gaza every hour

Why are Arabs crying that their children are being killed?

The conventional wisdom is that kids should never be killed in war. This is obtuse. The muslims started this war by launching over a thousand rockets at civilian areas of Israel, […]

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Killing Christianity

Muslims are killing Christians in Iraq (… and Mali, Somalia, Kenya, Afghanistan, Thailand, Philippines…), taking over monasteries, and forcing Christians to “convert, pay tax or die.” This is exactly how Christians were treated under the Ottoman Empire / Caliphate under the policy of “Jizya.”

Christianity used to complain about being attacked by muslims, even going so far as forward defense (Crusades) from an aggressive islam that would have snuffed out Western civilization (Vienna) – and ALL Progress in human rights since the Middle Ages. For unknown reasons, we no longer are complaining or […]

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America is Undermining Nonproliferation

Think for a moment about the logic behind nuclear nonproliferation.

America tells its allies and the nations it informally defends that they do not need nuclear weapons because of the American nuclear umbrella, that our nukes will deter any enemy with bad intentions, and that no threat exists to independent nations requiring the development of their own nuclear arsenal due to America’s deterrence regime.

This trust in America has worked since the late 1940s.

But where does the world find itself today?

Ukraine voluntarily gave up nuclear weapons it possessed on the promise by America to defend it from enemies. […]

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How Bad is Citibank? This bad

Citibank rant.

If you use Citi I hope you have a better experience than I. Once upon a time they seemed to be a good bank. They had serious online capability long before others of which I am aware. But if you ever have a problem – they suck.

Big time.

Yesterday they called about fraudulent use of my card. I’m in LA but bought lunch in the UK yesterday, evidently. They are pretty good at catching fraud. They cancelled my card and then the phone connection was dropped. They didn’t call back. So I had to go through the […]

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