Just because you are dying to get here doesn’t give you the right to be here

We are seeing the horrific results of Islam. From chaining men upside down to be burned alive, to toddlers drowning trying to escape.

This is a problem of the West rejecting its responsibility to destroy pure evil, exacerbated by those most affected by it refusing to destroy it themselves – the West being the safety valve of the non-West

Only two acceptable solutions to the uncontrolled – and deadly – immigration to Europe exist:

1. These people stay home & rescue their countries from their religion by taking responsibility.

2. Another round of colonialism.

But to expect the West to lower our living standards, essentially for centuries until these people catch-up (which will itself be hampered by non-Westerners), costing our families the futures for which OUR nations have fought for millennia is absurd.

Are these people in dire straits? Yes. Why? Because of a religion that we refuse to eradicate, and that they have chosen to regress for centuries.

Then they want to come HERE – and bring with them what made them want to leave THERE.

Not something for which OUR children should pay.

Life’s hard. Making it worse for others isn’t the answer.


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No Reason On Earth

no reason on earth

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Does a solution to illegal immigration even exist?

Can the West protect its future from the non-Western past? Will it choose to do so?

With the Information Age in full-swing in the Developed World (the West), and the devices and communications we have invented broadcasting our culture and capabilities globally, it is sheer folly to think that people from the Developing World (the Rest) will not come here in search of a better life.

With America and the West existing as Rule of Law nations, and illegal immigration being, well, illegal, it is absurd to think that we will accept these tens of millions of illegal, predominantly uneducated immigrants at all, let alone with open arms. They are breaking the law. They are making our cities less-safe. They are reducing our standard of living through the welfare we give them.

Contrary to the Left’s ignorant demand, this is about the Rule of Law, not race. Because the Left is so uneducated as to only recognize race as the driving component behind every argument, they just must be ignored.

(Please don’t tell me the left is educated; you are confusing a degree with an education. An educated person wants to improve his community’s standard of living – which is the entire purpose of education, of literacy, of written language; the policies and practices of the Left reduce a community’s standard of living – every time and in every geography. There are no educated leftists.)

As our economies become more and more fragile due to the massive load we voluntarily place on them of supporting those who refuse to work, but who will vote for those giving away the fruits of the labor of others taken involuntarily through the force of the State, adding tens of millions who cannot be productive at anything above the lowest form of manual labor will be catastrophic to our future.

Does a solution – can a solution – to this problem even exist?

In America we can build a wall across the border with Mexico, arguably reducing the inflow by 90%+. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Britain are islands and so can do whatever they want at their limited Ports of Entry. Europe? Europe is screwed.

Sure – they can limit the inflow via serious border and PoE enforcement. But with thousands of miles of unsecured, and arguably unsecure-able borders between Western Europe and their south and southeast, enforcement will be limited by physical reality.

Europe can make it illegal to hire these people, to rent them apartments, to get a telephone or any utilities, to access the internet or cable/satellite television – all of which are steps they must take. This may only create 3rd world ghettos within Western Europe. They already have those, and Europeans have chosen not only to accept them, but to accept a situation in which not even armed police can enter those areas, let alone local citizens, which is an absurdity. To reduce or eliminate the problem, however, will require that Europe abandon its welfare policies for non-citizens.

It isn’t as though the living standards of Western citizens will not continue to be reduced by this inflow, nor the danger to the local population from rape and other violent crime reduced – if they can’t find jobs, these likely will increase.

It isn’t as though they will stop coming. Their own home cultures show no sign of progress, of increased literacy, of the Rule of Law. The West will continue to improve; the Rest will continue to be left behind – at an accelerating rate.

In America we can make e-Verify a requirement. But unless the teeth to that law are beyond serious, unless all companies and police departments enforce it without exception, it won’t work.


The only way to ameliorate this massive inflow is to require assimilation within a specific – short – time period: Banning all foreign education systems, banning foreign languages in government communications and publications, refusing driver licenses to those lacking the ability to read and understand road signs – or the cop that tickets them, requiring a specific level of education, without which licenses, utilities, jobs, phones, television cable/satellite, internet access, car purchases or train/bus passes, etc., cannot be gained – and ensuring that OUR education promulgates OUR history, language, culture and laws – and the respect for the Rule of Law… and pride in the civilization and culture we – alone – have accomplished.

Assimilation must include behavioral assimilation. Just because they get noisy and violent when a cop tickets them because they never get tickets at home, or can scream their way out of them, doesn’t mean we let them off in the culture they have chosen to come to. On the contrary, if they don’t obey our laws for the first few generations, they need to have the book thrown at them – until they learn and begin passing the Rule of Law down through their families and communities.

Cultural practices that are not native to the receiving nations – FGM, arranged marriages, burkhas, honor murders, primogeniture, gender inequality, child labor, and more – must be wiped out.  The penalties for these must be so serious, and so comprehensively and consistently applied as to root-out these practices from the West in their entirety. If they want these pre-modern practices, they must stay home.

Politicians must understand that it is the culture of their homelands that has caused them to emigrate; bringing along their disastrous cultures only can reduce the West to the filth, illiteracy, poverty and corruption of the places these people – voluntarily – left.

Ironically, allowing immigrants to bring their cultures with them will not achieve the goal of the immigrants: success for themselves and their children as defined – globally – by the West. Being allowed to continue practicing the culture they left will only ensure their dislocation is the more painful – and their immigration the less successful.

If they want their culture, they must stay home; if they come here and demand their culture, they must be removed and returned home, forcibly if necessary.

Still there will be hundreds of millions in what we would call abject poverty, living in squalor, illiterate and powerless; tens of millions who still will demand entry to a first world that has no room and less desire to be turned into Pakistan or Egypt or Somalia.

Too bad: Our politicians must put OUR lives and futures first.

At the end of the day, we in the West have earned what we have. Those in the Third World have earned what they have. People must accept this as foundational.

If, in the developing world they want what the West has, they’ll need to enforce Western culture, and Western standards of behavior and education within their countries.

Not to take responsibility for the results of their own culture is childish.

To expect the results of Western culture in pre-modern non-Western cultures is infantile.

The only way to live in a successful culture is to establish that culture.


The Developing World dislocation is serious – and will get worse before it gets better.

The West must accept this for the simple and obvious reason that it is a fact and unchangeable. But we must NOT accept political and cultural devolution to “be nice,” or as “an act of love.”

And, no, we don’t owe these people anything, just nothing at all.

We all started at the same place. We earned & learned our way here – they didn’t. Period.

The gap in progress between Western and non-Western cultures is gigantic. It will not be solved overnight. It may never be solved.

But those wanting into the First World must accept our rules, our behavior, our culture, our laws, our education.

They must come at a rate at which we can sustain their assimilation. If they refuse to assimilate – they are rejecting the only reason to come here (a more successful culture) and must be thrown back. Not in a generation. Not in a decade. In six months or less.

We have the future to prepare for; we can’t spend our time and treasure on their unsuccessful past – nor can they be allowed to once they arrive in our world.

To a large portion of essentially uneducated Westerners, “assimilation” is a four-letter word. For the most part, however, this cohort of Westerners does not have children, does not care about the future, and so must be ignored.

We can accept immigrants. Our fertility rates are such that we must accept immigrants.

But it must be on OUR terms, in numbers WE decide, at a rate WE can accept. After all – they are coming to OUR countries. It must be for the goal of sustaining and advancing OUR culture.

And the tens of millions who cannot get here, or who refuse to assimilate – will just have to be left behind. They can adopt our culture in their home nations, and find those leaders willing to enforce the Rule of Law rather than corruption, ancient belief systems, and barbaric practices. Or not.

Copying much, if not most or all, of the dominant culture is the only way to achieve the successes of that dominant culture – whether by emigrating to the West, or copying the West at home.

But refusal to accept our ways, after immigration or at home, will – and must – lead to being left further and further behind as the West accelerates into an education- and information-driven future.

It cannot be otherwise. The uneducated will never be the equal of the educated. They can never be the equal, or we are saying that education itself is unnecessary.

Those immigrating must be limited to what WE can assimilate without harming OUR countries.

And if the only people arguing against this assimilation and rate of entry are those who don’t believe in the future enough to populate it – the Left, globally – then they must be ignored and chased from power.

They have no business destroying our children’s futures for their short-term gain when they choose not to participate in that future by choosing below-replacement fertility themselves. (This, by the way, is the best argument for Red State secession, and it is time to realize this.)


Europe will have to figure out how to protect themselves – if they can.

It may well be that the only solution for Europe to the incoming, mostly Islamic, hordes will be the same solution required twice before: War to stop their nations from being overrun by islam.

Contrary to popular belief that “war never solves anything,” only war ever has solved seemingly intractable problems: Slavery, totalitarian overthrow of democratic nations, genocide, etc.

And contrary to post-War doctrine, the constantly-decreasing fertility of Europe will require rejecting conventional war – they lack the men to sustain conventional combat.

This time the Gates of Vienna will be nuclear – or they will not be closed, and Europe will be lost.

Europe will have to fight for their borders and nations. Those of us with oceans or controllable borders must use and secure them.

Or there is no way to protect our future from their past.

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The Fallacy of Peace in the Middle East

For what seem only to be reasons of self-aggrandizement and history books, for decades American leaders have convinced themselves that peace is attainable in the Middle East.

It’s not.

Coexistence is a Western concept. When cultures and civilizations have met throughout history, conflict has ensued. While it is nice to say we are past all that, the “we” is the West. Only in the West is coexistence valued. Outside the West, the weak survive only due to the intervention, threatened or real, of the West.

Coexistence has not always been prized in the West, either. Becoming the dominant culture required destroying or making subservient those cultures at-odds with our culture. Slavery, child labor, infant mortality, short life expectancies, and more were vanquished by a West destroying the cultures with those values.

Coexistence was won through conquest: Adopt our values or we will kill you. Some regions, countries, cultures changed – others were annihilated.

This is not all back in the Dark Ages; I refer not to just the Inquisition of the Middle Ages. Heard from NAZI Germany lately? Imperial Japan? Confederate slave-owners? The Souix? (Contrary to the adolescent nonsense that “war never solves anything,” only war solves major ideological conflicts.)

If one were to suppose it to be possible at the intersection of two civilizations for peaceful coexistence to breakout, one would be ignorant of the history of the Balkans, of European experiences with Africa through the centuries, of the British experience in India and Afghanistan, the American experience with our indigenous peoples, the Mongols with the Indians, Persians, central europeans, the American Civil War, etc., etc., throughout history.

While it is nice to fantasize that europeans settling in North America, for example, could have gotten along with the locals, it is just not true, nor could it have been, for reasons explained here.

Where two civilizations intersect, with drastically differing views on human rights (no, they are not “universal,” just stating that they are makes the point that they are not), womens’ rights, childrens’ rights, gay rights, etc. (all Western concepts so not in any way “multicultural,” but rather imperialist), one side – by definition – holds different views.

The more advanced culture would – and should – ensure their views become integrated into the other culture, by force if necessary. If they refuse to do so, the advanced culture is saying that their people are deserving of these rights – but other people are not. This  is not “civilization,” but the acceptance of barbarism. It is the practice adopted by Obama in “degrading ISIS,” as though only Western human beings are worthy of freedom and liberty, of not being killed for peacefully following a different belief system.

In refusing to annihilate ISIS, we are accepting their depredations on other human beings; we are rejecting our own views on human rights.

Which brings us back to the fallacy of peace in the region.

Islam only has regressed over the past few centuries. You can read why in Bernard Lewis’ excellent “What Went Wrong?: The Clash Between Islam and Modernity.” The title is explanatory: The clash is modern v pre-modern; it is not between equal and equally modern – or equally moral – cultures.

Islam has traveled back in time in art, science, math, rights, liberties, freedom, morality, literacy. Those demanding sharia have chosen to become “pre-modern” peoples with a pre-modern view of human rights and liberties. They have chosen barbarism over modernity. Ataturk tried to move them forward in the first half of the 20th Century. The Muslim Brotherhood, Khomeini and others rejected him – and modernity – and moved them backwards.

Make no mistake – muslims themselves have allowed this to happen. Retarding islam centuries did not happen in a vacuum.

Had the West not advanced so quickly as to require oil in the quantities necessary to sustain and advance our civilization, the Middle East (and South Asia) would have been left alone but for the odd trade embassy. But as modern communications, broader literacy and travel have shrunk the world, we would have met soon enough.

Had the West never inserted Western civilization, via the creation of Israel, into the maelstrom of violence that has characterized Islamic lands for centuries as their two warring sects have been killing one another, the violence and lack of modernity and rejection of Western human rights would have continued to exist below our event horizon; those aware wouldn’t have cared and those unaware – as were so many prior to 9/11 – couldn’t care because they didn’t bother to learn.

But we did need the oil, and we did create Israel and the West and Islam intersected.

Islam does not believe in coexistence. They do not believe in multiculturalism. Asking – forcing – them to believe in coexistence, the demand of “peace negotiators,” is imperialism. Imperialism rarely has worked over time. Ask the British. Either you leave someone alone and they leave you alone – or you kill them or they kill you.

It can not be otherwise. If they reject coexistence they will fight by way of executing that rejection. If they don’t fight, they will have accepted your morality, making it dominant, and thereby surrendering their culture and civilization.

By demanding peace in the Middle East and South Asia we are demanding something that cannot happen: Islamic rejection of our way of life and their simultaneous refusal to demand their way of life.

It’s a binary world – only one choice can survive: We accept their barbarism without attacking it, thereby showing how little regard we really have for the human lives it is slaughtering – Or we destroy their civilization or they destroy ours.

“Getting along” isn’t in their belief system. Foundationally they cannot accept it.

Nothing in the entire Islamic tradition – religious and secular – is informed by the single most important verse in our Bible, the one that gave rise to Western civilization, literacy, science, liberty, freedom, industry, education and wealth: Luke 20:25, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what it God’s.”

This is the foundation of our liberty. It is – uniquely – Western. It is the foundation of all modernity.

This one verse allowed us to set-aside religion – not to ignore it, but to set it aside – as we pursued science. It often is referred to as “the tension between Athens and Jerusalem,” between the foundation of science and liberty, and the foundation of belief – a tension that still exists, but which the West, alone among cultures, has accepted.

It cannot be overemphasized that this belief in separation does not exist in islam.

Nor can it be ignored that it is a belief.

Islam does NOT believe this.

The West DOES believe this.

By definition, beliefs are not subject to facts – they are beliefs, not proofs. No amount of talk will convince one who holds a belief very deeply and strongly that it is wrong. It never has and it never will. (Nor is this cultural: one can find many Americans with the belief that, “God said it. I believe it. That settles it,” an equally pre-modern worldview.)

Differences in beliefs spawn wars. And always will – until everyone accepts one system at the core of their culture.

And that acceptance is… Western and modern: You believe what you want and I will believe what I want. It is not in any way multicultural.

A modern islam may decide to believe that Mohammad rode his horse across the sky and wrote the Koran, and accept Western human rights and liberties – and the Western concept of coexistence. We got here via the Enlightenment; we didn’t always believe as we do today. Then we could find peace.

But as long as muslims demand FGM, slavery, amputation, whipping of rape victims, execution of gays and apostates (“multiculturalists”), the rejection of female equality, as long as they demand that their social and legal structure be informed by an unchanging and unchangeable ancient text, and act on that text as though the intervening centuries had not occurred, they are rejecting modernism and all modern concepts of human rights and liberties.

Until they accept our liberties at the core of their culture, not only can we only be enemies, we must be enemies.

Fundamentalist, pre-modern islam can not allow the West to survive – and be true to their beliefs.

The West can not allow fundamentalist, pre-modern islam to survive – and be true to our beliefs.

There can be no peaceful coexistence between adherents of these two divergent belief systems. Demanding islam accept western philosophical concepts of liberty and human rights, while simultaneously demanding that the West allow that islam be islam is a logical absurdity.

Either fundamentalist islam accepts Western cultural beliefs of liberty and equality and self-determination, we accept their belief in the lack of liberty and equality and self-determination, or we fight.

Islam attacking its opponents is exactly what the West did in order to become dominant. The difference is that we advanced our technology to defeat peoples, defeated them massively, and then modernized those willing to try a new way. (Rome did the same – and the parallels are striking.)

Islam does not do this, and for two reasons: First, it is not modern, nor does it want to be. In fact, it demands to be pre-modern. Second, it is too late – we already won; the West ascended due to its advances in agriculture, rights, literacy, liberties, capitalism and self-determination.

Modernity must not fall to the pre-modern. Allowing that fall – demanding it as do the apologists – is a rejection of modernity itself, as explained in the above-linked column. (Yes, we “won,” but unless we continue to fight our enemies, we will lose – history is not “over.”)

Fundamentalist islam cannot coexist peacefully with the West, no matter how many presidents, secretaries of state, EU heads, and pundits ignorantly (or cynically) pretend that it can.

The parts of Islamic culture that modern people find objectionable must be destroyed, period. Sharia must be reduced to ashes and history books. They must adopt the Western value of coexistence.

Or they must be annihilated.

There is no alternative: Either they accept our principles and beliefs and respect Western notions of human rights and coexistence, or they must perish.

Realize what the former entails: Their beliefs emerge from a competing holy text; we will be forcing them to accept that their religion is wrong – this is why coexistence cannot happen.

Or we are saying we really don’t believe in human rights and liberty, which means we really don’t believe in Western Civilization, which means we already have lost.

It is that simple.

Everyone telling you it is more complex than this either doesn’t understand the issue or is lying to you.


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Trump & Rand

I’ve been writing about Trump’s impact. But I’m still hoping Rand will get on the stick.

I am so tired of the GOP demand to police the world, to have the huge military industrial complex Ike warned about, constant wars we refuse to win and paying for the defense of nations able to pay their own way. Europe. Japan. Australia. Etc.

And the ridiculous idea that wars are won by spying on your own citizens instead of annihilating the enemy is childish.

But Rand chose argument with the Fat Man over ridicule & looked dumb.

The ONLY person in the GOP race who wants to get back to a sane defense policy isn’t articulating it.

But if we have to get a guy who demands more military spending – which we will if Rand continues not educating the electorate – I’m going with Trump. I want someone who will kick ass and the GOP has got to get over their abortion nonsense.

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