The Dangerous World Obama is Intentionally Creating

I hope that everyone understands that Obama – intentionally – is creating a nuclear nightmare in the Middle East and South Asia, and that the only way out will be a nuclear attack on at least one nation and its people.

Once Iran is close enough to a nuke to reach breakout, Israel will nuke the Iranian underground facilities, which are too deep for any conventional bunker-buster to destroy. Obama will have left them no choice but to do so.

And Saudi Arabia and Egypt – and every other Sunni state in the region – will be cheering Israel on. The Saudis long-ago gave Israel overflight rights for a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

And if Israel acts in their national self-defense – completely legal under international lawObama is preparing the way for America to strike Israel… and you’re kidding yourself if you think he won’t.

America’s leader now is acting more thuggishly than did Brezhnev or Khrushchev in manipulating foreign elections and now tampering with the forming of a new government by a freely-elected leader.

Turning his back on the strongest American ally and an American friendship of over 60 years, Obama is “reassessing” OUR – not HIS, OUR – relationship with Israel.

Not only has Obama turned American’s back on Israel, he now has taken – again, unilaterally – the unprecedented step of declassifying America’s secrets regarding Israel’s nuclear weapons program.

What other goal could he have than to enable a tit-for-tat UNSC acceptance of an Iranian nuclear weapons program? I would guess this is illegal, as well; that our relationship with Israel has a Legislative Branch portion, laws passed by Congress and signed by previous presidents that cannot legally be overturned by the president.

But lack of authority or legality has not even slowed the tyrant in the White House, nor sparked even a modicum of responsibility from the Legislative Branch or our military.

Any lack of serious sanctions – or a verifiable arms control treaty – will result in the nuclear powder keg that every Sunni leader and every Western Leader – other than Obama, Hillary, Rice, Powers and Kerry, evidently – has tried to avoid for decades.

And if you think neither Russia nor China would take advantage of the chaos that would follow a nuclear strike anywhere in the world, but particularly one that involved an American ally, you’re in deep denial. In other words, you should expect a nuclear Japan as soon as they can get there, shortly followed by a nuclear South Korea.

A serious American action or treaty is not on the table. Obama WANTS a nuclear strike that destroys Israel and positions Shia Iran as regional hegemon.

Obama doesn’t care how many die in his effort any more than Stalin cared about the 30,000,000 Soviets he killed, than did Mao about the 80,000,000 Chinese he killed, nor than did Pol Pot about the 2,000,000 Cambodians he killed, as each grasped totalitarian power while ridding himself of a contentious Middle Class.

(Do you still think the economic policies he pursues knowing their catastrophic effect on the Middle Class are accidental, or mistakes? Really?)

Once a nuke is detonated, the muslim world will be aflame – you should expect India to act accordingly vis-à-vis Pakistan, as well.

Obama is not playing small ball. And in Londonistan? Dearbornistan? Well, at least American citizens have guns with which to defend themselves; the Brits voted out guns long ago, a decision they soon – very soon – likely will regret.

An administration that refuses even to acknowledge that the “I” in “ISIS” stands for “Islamic” sure as hell isn’t going to demand any serious, verifiable commitment to ending their weapons program – for what would Obama do in the event (i.e. when) they violate their agreement?

Would that be a ‘Red Line’?… and, “So what?” would be the mullah’s – logical – response.

Will America get a realistic agreement with Iran? No. They aren’t even working on one. They are working on a “nonbinding arrangement.” Per the State Department, it may not even be a written document – it may just be a verbal & a handshake – nothing that actually gets signed

It seems that not only are we not going to get a verifiable treaty, all we are going to get is a handshake with a government which funds more global terrorism than any other, which caused the majority of American deaths in Iraq via their IED EFP shaped charge munitions, which murders their own kids in the street, to precisely zero comment from an Obama who is more than ready to charge blindly in to Trayvon, Ferguson, Princeton… than to defend America and our allies.

A verbal agreement. Go ahead – LYAO, the Iranians are.

The West has worried about an Islamic Bomb. Well, Sunni Pakistan has had one for some time now and hasn’t attacked anyone. Sunni Saudi Arabia evidently financed the Pakistan Bomb and may have a deal to obtain one or a few when needed in exchange for that financing. Against whom will Sunni Saudi Arabia use a nuclear weapons? Shia Iran, against whom they can make the same case for pre-emption that can Israel.

Maybe we’ve been too ignorant of islam to grasp that Sunnis have no end-days 12th Imam pre-modern nonsense built-in… but Shiites… do.

What happens when a pre-modern cult that believes in literal readings of mythology that only human-caused chaos can cause the return of their highest prophet, and mix that with nuclear weapons and an existential hatred of both the other branch of their cult AND another State and people?

We may well be about to find out – thanks to the American dictator Obama.

The mass murder Obama is enabling will be in the tens of thousands – at least. And America’s media and American Democrats seem all for it, as is the somnolent GOP leadership and the epic failure of the Joint Chiefs to take action on their oath.

Here’s a repeat of a graphic I ran in an earlier post:

shia sunni

Here’s Daniel Pipes’ blog on Obama’s shia background. Here’s more info on Obama’s pro-shia actions.

Who will pay the price for Obama, his MSM bootlickers, his ignorant voters, and his GOP enablers?

Those killed in a nuclear strike or nuclear exchange in the Middle East and South Asia. Those killed in any aftermath, including pro- and anti-muslim rioting across the world.

Make no mistake – thousands are going to be killed in an Iranian nuclear attack and thousands more in its aftermath.

And you legitimately can blame the GOP.

Wait – what?

Obama has acted lawlessly, extra- and unconstitutionally since he arrived at the Oval Office. From DOMA to DREAM to ACA delays/rewrites to overturning Congressional sanctions on Iran unilaterally, something the Executive lacks the authority to do, Obama has gotten away with every lawless action he has tried. Even when reined-in by Federal Courts (BP, Immigration), he has ignored or lied to the Court and gone his merry way.

And no one has stopped him.

Congress has lacked the balls to impeach him and the military has lacked the guts to adhere to their oath by removing a man so obviously our enemy that it boggles the mind.

Obama has broken any law he has desired and no one has stopped him. He has – unconstitutionally – pushed against little laws – to no resistance. He has – in violation of Article I and Article II pushed against bigger laws – no resistance. He unilaterally stripped allies of defenses – no resistance. He has not lived up to defense agreements – no resistance. He has ignored the Courts – no resistance.

Obama has, according to the Congressional Law Library, usurped powers not even King George III had at the time of the American Revolution. The last time a King of England attempted this level of tyranny he fomented the Glorious Revolution.

And Obama has gotten away with every move.

Obama’s tyranny – there is no other word for it – currently surpasses any in the entire English speaking World since the Magna Carta. Do you think that getting away with his lawlessness so far will cause him to restrain himself for the next two years, or to accelerate his destruction of the Rule of Law, our laws, our freedoms, our liberties and our allies’ and theirs?

To ask is to answer.

And now he is enabling what American leaders have since 1945 proclaimed regarding both a Jewish Holocaust and another Hiroshima: Never Again.

And you can bet that, should this strike or exchange occur around, oh… say… October, 2016, Obama will decided – unilaterally, as he decides everything – that a global emergency is reason enough not to allow Americans to congregate at polls… for our safety.

And the MSM and Democrats in Congress – along with the non-opposing opposition GOP leadership – will go along with him…

nuclear iran

As the Roman Republic devolved into the Roman Empire, so are Obama, his sycophants Hillary and Kerry, Powers, Rice, Pelosi and Reid, and the Democrat voters, devolving into Rule-of-Man-totalitarianism, and taking a passive America right along with them.

We are snubbing a military alliance- NATO – in which we provide 90% of the military power. We are drawing-down our military capabilities. Obama has been ridding himself of senior military officers for years – and no end seems in sight.

We are degrading our own nuclear deterrent, increasing the likelihood our allies will develop their own. Add this to the obvious pro-nuclear proliferation advertisement that is Ukraine and you have a world far more dangerous than at any time during the Cold War.

During the Cold War the USSR and USA were run by adults. Across the West today only one adult is ruling – and he is our ENEMY.

America no longer will be the “Leader” of the Free World… we will be its enemy.

The Democrats are cheering.

The MSM is cheering.

America’s enemies are cheering.


The world wondered why no one took Hitler seriously, or stopped him before he precipitated the deaths of 50,000,000.

You are seeing – living through – the answer.

And someone had better stop him.

We KNOW what happens next.


If you really think America – and the West – can survive the accelerating anti-American, anti-Israel attitude and actions of our Dictator for two more years, you’re kidding yourself.

It is way past time for people to grasp that Obama is not “incompetent,” he is not “in over his head,” and he is not “failing.”

He has achieved every goal he has tried to accomplish.

Danger of Obama


It is time to DO something about it.

He MUST be stopped.

Before it’s too late.

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The Locust Generation

America deserved more from its first minority president than an anti-American man who will tell any lie to advance an anti-American, anti-worker, anti-freedom agenda.

The American Middle Class deserves more from its leaders than lies, obfuscations and policy failures designed to woo voters – but not to help them, policies that actively harm our nation’s workers, our nation’s standing in the world, and our allies.

Obama’s anti-American, anti-Western and anti-worker policies will take decades to undo. Hillary or Bush can only compound them, perhaps making it impossible to return to liberty, the Rule of Law, and freedom – at all.

The policies of the establishment GOP are the same as Hillary’s and Obama. If they are not, why did the GOP, after historically defeating the Democrats immediately advance all of Obama’s domestic and foreign policy goals? Nominating and electing a Bush, Christie, Rubio, etc., only will continue the failed policies of the past decades of stagnant growth, the retreat of liberty and the advance of Leviathan.

Democrats pretend that the solution to every domestic problem is a tax increase and more redistribution, and to every international problem is to opine that America sucks and all other cultures are better than the only culture that supports Liberty, Human Rights, Women’s Rights and the Rule of Law. And they willingly elect an enemy of America to advance their pretenses – even as he pays women less than men, after his policies set records for Black Youth unemployment, Black unemployment and women’s unemployment, and advances sharia islam – the most egregious and evil human rights abusers in modern history.

Republicans pretend that the solution to every domestic problem is a tax cut, and to every international problem is a war they demand to fight, but refuse to win.

All material and philosophical (think: human rights & liberties) progress since the invention of paper has come from Western Civilization. The entire modern world of medicine, communications, transportation, weapons, and computing was invented by Americans. And it doesn’t matter in the least if idiots want to claim that diversity is the way forward – but who reject any diversity other than completely irrelevant skin color and sexual behavior, while destroying the ONLY diversity that matters: Thought and merit.

Baby Boomers seem to hate progress – they sure are doing their best to end it through stifling regulation, government overreach, speech & thought codes, catastrophic economic policies and K-12 “education” predicated on the primacy of our lowest-SAT-score adults having a sinecure, rather than on providing the best education possible to our children.

America can do better than these failed politicians of a failed generation.

It is time to move on from the Baby Boomers who have destroyed everything they have touched, lost every war they have fought, invented nothing, and who, through policy, have actively harmed American students, American workers and America’s elderly, and lost the trust of our allies.

Freedom, liberty and prosperity can return to American only with the Rule of Law. Baby Boomers reject the concept entirely.

It is time to move past the Locust Generation.

In the 1960s, those who rose demanding Free Speech have become the totalitarian Left of Speech Codes and Thought Police. As does a stopped clock twice a day, they did get a few things right. They said “Never trust anyone over 30.”

I’d advance the age today to 45, but we have tried the Baby Boomer generation to our undying regret. They have left in their policy wake worthless, horrible, expensive “education,” stagnating wages, the rise of global terrorism, the loss of wars, the reduction of American jobs via globalism and redistribution, an income gap far higher than ever before in our history, and the end of Liberty here and abroad.

The parties of the Boomers – Democrat and Republican – are stagnant, idea-less, anti-liberty corporations intent on advancing a progressive agenda predicated on Americans being smart enough – barely – to elect them, but too stupid to be trusted with policy details or even honesty. We must be ruled by them rather than be allowed to govern ourselves through them.

Governing ourselves created the modern, free, wealthy world. Being ruled by Progressives – Left AND Right – has destroyed millions of lives here and abroad – and even more dreams.

Never trust anyone over 45… or vote for them.




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Why Is Obama Demanding Failed Policies?

In 1980 when the American voter began the generation-long rejection of the liberal wing of the Democrat Party as Reagan resoundingly defeated Carter, receiving the highest number of electoral votes ever won by a non-incumbent presidential candidate, it was in large part because of the failure of Carter and his Progressive ideologues at the UN to understand history and the way in which the real world works.

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) wrote this column then. It is summarized here today. The parallels with the Obama/Hillary foreign policy are striking.

But a point must be made that is more important than these parallels: Carter made these mistakes in ignorance. And that, as Frost noted, makes all the difference.

Obama has told us, as have his minions, that he is the most intelligent president ever to hold office. Obama and his team know what Carter did and its results. As Kissinger remarked at the time, “The Carter administration has managed the extraordinary feat of having, at one and the same time, the worst relations with our allies, the worst relations with our adversaries, and the most serious upheavals in the developing world since the end of the Second World War.”

Because Obama is intelligent, and because he has achieved intentionally the same (or worse) “extraordinary feat” Carter achieved accidentally, where does that leave the Democrat voter and Party?

Carter made his mistakes by accident… If Obama is as intelligent as he and his apologists insist, then the actions he has taken that have damaged America on the world stage, from Iraq to Cairo to Moscow to Beijing and beyond, are not mistakes; are not accidents.

What too many on the Right and in the pundit class on both sides see as Obama domestic and foreign policy “failures,” are anything but. They are Obama successes… just not American successes. The failure to see and understand this is inexplicable other than by believing our pundits refuse to accept the evidence of the possibility – probability? – that we may well have elected an enemy to office. Perhaps they feel this is too horrific to consider.

But that does not excuse them from the evidence and the only conclusion that can be reached.

Obama’s results come from knowing that the policies he pursues will fail to achieve the historic goals of all previous American presidencies… and pursuing them anywaynot in spite of their known failure but because of it.

How can he not? He isn’t stupid.

Rather, implementing and following these policies will intentionally achieve  – is achieving – un-American goals at the expense of America, Americans and America’s allies.

And if Obama follows them knowingly, one must ask: On whose side IS this man?

One cannot accuse Obama of being “mis-led” by his ideology, as was Carter. Obama is led by his ideology – and his ideology is not American. It is not an ideology supporting liberty, freedom, individual rights, women’s rights, or a growing economy and Middle Class.

He knows that his domestic economic policies always fail to advance the lives of the American worker; these policies failed when Carter tried them in the 1970s and ran both the “Misery Index” and the Prime Rate to 20% (today’s PR, 3/20/15, is 3.25%); they failed in 1937 when Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau said to FDR “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work [to create jobs or grow the economy or reduce unemployment].

He knows his foreign policy is achieving results even his own party rejects.

For him to pursue these policies accidentally would require him to be door-stop-stupid, and no one argues this to be the case.

Obama – the face of today’s Democrat Party – is actively pursuing policies that harm Americans at home and our allies abroad.

From apologizing for America being the freest, wealthiest, most charitable and most advanced nation on earth and Americans working to advance human rights and human liberty globally, to denigrating and riding roughshod over the Constitution that so enabled us to be, to implementing policy – with supporting legislation or not, and with lies or not – that has harmed the American economy severely and reduced opportunity for generations to come (especially in minority America), to unilaterally – and unconstitutionally – seeking to overturn Legislative sanctions via Executive Order on a terrorist nation actively building a West-threatening nuclear bomb, to actively working to overturn the democratically elected government of one of our most trusted allies…

Obama is not making mistakes.

If Obama is smart, and no one is saying he is not… then he can only be considered an enemy.

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What Is America Doing?

I’m a lifelong Republican. That’s been because I’ve supported the Constitution, the Rule of Law, Free Markets, and because I understand history. I know that socialism always fails, and always leaves any society it touches poorer than before in mind and body.

But the GOP has lost me – utterly. Today’s GOP supports none of those things. I knew Democrats found liberty anathema. After 2010 it began to dawn on me, and then after 2014 it glared down on me that the GOP hates Liberty, too.

In economics the GOP pretends that globalization helps us all. Nope. It helps the 1% and those in the Middle Class with enough invested in the stock market to offset their newfound unemployment, perhaps for the rest of their careers. Is globalization good for the American worker? Not a chance. Do I go to work every day to improve the standard of living of my kids and my community – or to improve the standard of living for a kid in Pakistan. See? It’s not even a question. Pakistan’s kids are Pakistan’s problem. Why I should burden my kids not only with a lower standard of living today, but with the cost of interest on the money we borrow from China for the rest of their lives to give to Pakistan to raise the standard of living of barbarians who, when not protesting against or killing Americans, are selling their sons to soccer ball manufacturers and their daughters to the highest bidder, or murdering their daughters for looking at another man’s son is beyond me.

But – globalization creates markets for our products.

What products?

Oh, for our financial services sector, of course.

You mean Wall Street?

Well, yes… but they create so many jobs here!

… For what? Baristas? Ferrari salesmen? Luxury real estate agents?

But those people are poor and we can help them!

So what? They are poor because of the choices they have made. We are rich because of the choices we used to make. And how does giving them money help them be anything but dependent?


Globalization is against the interest of America.

The entirety of our Foreign Aid ought to be copies of our Constitution, for that is what made us wealthy enough to provide aid to begin with, and what will make them wealthy enough not to need it.

In foreign policy, all the GOP “leadership” can think to do is to invade nations and start wars they refuse to win. After pushing on Ukraine hard to join NATO and further surround a country that historically hates being surrounded, the GOP will foment war there – and then go home. But, hey – it’s a free country. Evidently the GOP desires these policies, because no matter how many Republicans the American voter puts into office, none of the policies change. American voters DEMAND defeat, we DEMAND our sons be sent to foreign lands to be killed with no desire to stop what they THOUGHT they died to prevent.

We keep voting for these bastards, they keep starting wars and refusing to win – what other conclusion can be reached?

What kind of person – what kind of PARENT – would EVER go to war and not do everything in their power to win, to win quickly, with the lowest possible cost in lives on both sides? A moron, that kind. An imbecile. One who did not value life in the least. McCain, Graham, and all those others who demand war but reject victory. They are has-beens and never-was-es, and they are NOT worthy of leading our nation.

If a foreign nation has a problem, the odds are we’ve already given them billions in military aid. Great. Let THEM use it to fight THEIR wars. If Europe has a problem with Russia, let THEM deal with it. They are adults. They’ve made their choices. Their “armies” are smaller than our police forces. Their ability to project power via regional or global transport is nonexistent. Why is that America’s problem? Our taxpayers have bought Europe’s guns since 1942 so they could buy butter. Screw that. They are adults. If they want butter and guns, let them pay for both.

It is absurd that we are having an argument in Congress over a defense budget big enough to defend every single nation in the West while they refuse to defend themselves. If we believe in freedom, if we don’t believe in imperialism, if we don’t believe in colonies, then we MUST let other nations make their own choices regarding their futures – and to live by the consequences of their choices.

Keeping Europe free should NOT be OUR choice to make: It MUST be Europe’s choice. We did not fight WW2 to infantilize Europe; we fought it to FREE them. If they don’t want to be free, that’s their choice – and their problem.

There is no point in suckling a 70-yr-old at the teat of the American taxpayer, and that is exactly what we are doing with Europe. And with Japan. The Defense budget is at least an order of magnitude (that’s 10X for the teachers and Democrats reading this) larger than is needed to defend America.

Why are we lowering the standard of living for our children to pay for the lattes of those who refuse even to have children, and, hence, a future in which even to be, let alone to be free?

The absurdity of our GOP-driven defense budgets overwhelms.

If sea lanes need to be kept open to buy goods from China because globalization sent them all our jobs, let China keep the sea lanes open. Let Europe. Do we need China’s goods? No. We can build our own. Always did until the Baby Boomers. Can Europeans keep their sea lanes open? For whom?

If China gets out of hand an adult military will know how to deal with it. The fact that we have lacked an adult military since 1945 means our voters really don’t care about dealing with existential enemies. It’s a free country. If Dems don’t want to prepare for war, they are demanding war occur – but are just too stupid to understand it. If Republicans demand to start wars they refuse to win, not one parent in this nation should EVER vote for them. And sending our kids to die when we have weapons productive enough to kill the enemy and win the war without any of our kids dying, not using those weapons is the most immoral decision in the history of man.

This is one of the major reasons I support Red State secession, but not the only one. If Blue States, like Blue nations, are fine with no defense, why are Red States paying for it? If Blue states, and Blue nations, are fine with socialist policies that always bring catastrophe, fine – but why should Red States pay for them or suffer their consequences? We know better; if they don’t, that needs to be their problem.

Is war about to come to Europe – again? Looks like it. Whose fault? A GOP stupidly enamored of expanding NATO right up to Russia’s edge, and thinking they could do so without consequences. How historically ignorant must one be to do that? As ignorant as Ukraine voluntarily giving up their nukes, enabling Russia’s invasion today.

But, seriously, who cares about Europe? Or about Russia? Why? Europeans and Russians don’t. Both Europe and Russia are in terminal fertility decline. What’s the point of a country with no population? What is a country with no population? Why should it be defended? For whom? If they don’t care about their future enough to populate it, why should American workers agree to be taxed (lowering our living standards) to send tax dollars to Europe, and agree to be taxed even more (further lowering our living standards) to borrow more money to send to a Europe with – by choice no future?

But to the GOP, the only tool they have is the hammer of our military, and every problem they see is a nail requiring a strike. But they wield only a tack hammer. They are blind to the fact that stopping some problems requires a sledge, a tack hammer won’t do the job. They demand funding hundreds of billions of tack hammers with which they will not try to, nor succeed in, defeating our enemies. WHY WOULD WE DO THIS? IT IS INSANE!

Newsflash to American politicians: Problems beyond our shores are not ours to solve. If others want to solve them, let them pay the freight in blood and treasure. But to pretend that we need to pay the blood and borrow the treasure… yet still refuse to achieve our goals… is stupendously stupid. I don’t want to pay for that. Why would any adult want to pay for that? And if the problem is ours to solve – then solve the damn thing. Nuke the bastards and go home.

The GOPs insists it is the party that understands and treasures our history, the history of Western Civilization. Here’s some history they need to grasp: In the Roman Republic two political parties existed. One thought the Greeks – the “Old World” – were the bee’s knees. One thought the Greeks and those who emulated them were decadent and useless. (Sound familiar?) The Greek city states kept warring with one another and the Roman Republic had to keep sailing over to bring peace to the region. (Sound familiar?) Finally the Greeks went too far, threw crap (“nightsoil”) on an ambassador and chased him and his entourage down the street – an embarrassing display of poor international relations. The Romans came over, gathered the townspeople of Corinth in the stadium, told them to leave town that night, crated up all their artwork and treasures… and razed the damned town of Corinth the next day.

And went home.

In today’s terminology – they nuked the bastards and went home. No more problems from Corinth. No more having to go keep a peace that didn’t exist. No more spending blood and treasure on useless foreign wars: FIX THE PROBLEM.

America’s problems – the world’s problems, given America’s role in it – stem from one thing and one thing only: Our appallingly bad K12 education system. Educated people know America is the greatest nation in history, there isn’t even a logical argument. Educated people know this is because we – were – the freest nation in history; only a fool can argue that, and because we have welcomed legal immigrants from every nation in the world. Why are we exceptional? Those two things and the third: we – were – a government of a free people, the common man. Democrats hate this. They hate freedom. They hate liberty. They hate the common man. The GOP has joined them in every policy.

(An “educated” person wants increasing living standards for himself, his family and his community. Democrat economic policies always decrease living standards – always. There are no “educated” Democrats. Don’t confuse a degree with an education. It’s how we got enemies such as Obama and Pelosi and Reid in office.)

We are no more a nation of free people under the Rule of Law.

We are an oligarchy with malign rulers, and under the Rule of Man. If you doubt this, explain Obama’s constant lawlessness.  We are voters who elect enemies of liberty, of the Rule of law, of America, and then defend them not through policy discourse, but by calling others “racist,” or “devoid of empathy.”

We “lack empathy” if we refuse to let our earnings be taxed to support the slothful, the poor choices of another, if we refuse to let adults be held to the ramifications of their choices.

We are so “racist” that we are allowing one man to destroy the work of centuries because of his race, which is the only reason he was elected and is the only reason he has not been impeached. Even his law school professor, a liberal Obama supporter, says Obama is the danger the Constitution was written to prevent, yet none are preventing him.

The GOP candidate against Obama in 2008 surrendered the day after the convention. After calling on us to “fight with me!” he never again uttered a fighting word. The GOP candidate in 2012 was Shocked! Shocked! that a Democrat Community Organizer would blatantly lie in a debate, and that the MSM would cover for him. How immature and naive was Romney? Democrats ALWAYS lie. Was he going to be shocked when Putin lied to him? Iran? When the MSM lied about his policies or their results? When the nations of the UN lied to him? What were the voters who voted for Romney – or McCain – thinking? Were they thinking? At all?

The point of our Constitution – utterly forgotten by the only party we thought still valued it, mistakenly thought, it turns out – is to limit the government and free the citizen. We now have the opposite. And we have no party to defend the citizen from the State.

Expecting the GOP to support the Rule of Law is to put aside all recent history. BOTH parties are Progressives and are arguing about who gets to collect the taxes for the Welfare State. That is the ONLY difference between them.

The Rule of Law.

The Constitution.

The Enumerated Powers.

Free to mind our own business – and demanding that others be free to mind theirs.

Free Markets, Free citizens, Free future.

This is what America was. This is what America can be again.

But the time in which we can return to that freedom is running out. By his lawless actions on immigration, Obama and the Democrats are expanding the voter pool by millions of people with no comprehension of limited government, self-sufficiency or the Rule of Law. These new voters will NEVER vote for liberty or limited government. Yet the GOP just funded their entry rather than impeaching the man who unconstitutionally enabled it.

You may be realizing that the GOP also wants big-gov voters… what other conclusion could you have? DO YOU GET IT YET?

The GOP is not fighting for America – they are fighting against America, and for themselves, for Big Government, poor education, huge defenses we refuse to use and so don’t need, and with which we protect other adults from their own decisions, infantilizing our allies.

A free, educated people with an interest in a free future for the children they raise cannot vote for Democrats or Republicans. Both are enemies of that future.

How many times must a Republican candidate lie to you about limited government before you stop believing him?

Shame on them in 2010. Shame on us in 2014… what about 2016? Are you going to believe them then? That they’ve changed their spots? On what evidence?

What we have been doing has resulted in the reduction of our freedoms as our advances in technology in communications, transportation, energy, manufacturing, medicine – in every facet of our lives – ought to have increased those freedoms.

The American voter needs to face this fact.

We are voluntarily surrendering our birthright of liberty.


If we can’t force the GOP to return to the Rule of Law, limited government, free markets, and to putting the American worker first, who needs them? We already have a party that hates the Rule of Law, limited government, free markets, and putting the American worker first.

Why do we need two organized enemies of our Dream?

America voted in historic numbers for the Rule of Law, liberty and freedom in November of 2014. The GOP took it all away the very next week.

They are still taking it away.

Obama is America’s enemy. He is supported by a GOP we thought was, who said they were, different. We were lied to. Again. By everyone in power, Left and Right.

The ONLY way back to the liberty we had within my lifetime is throwing out all of our politicians and electing Libertarians who actually believe in liberty.

If you don’t vote FOR liberty, you aren’t going to GET liberty, nor will your children.

Adults knew the Democrats could not be trusted with liberty.

The GOP has proved the same, and we adults need to recognize it.

If we don’t elect people who believe in liberty, we won’t be governed by people who believe in liberty. Pretty simple.  America will crumble. And those of us who DO believe in liberty will pick up arms and fight for it. The government will be surprised how many of us there are.

So, you have a choice. Vote for Liberty and hope the Progressives – Left and Right – relinquish their power so that Liberty can flourish again. Or fight for it and hope we win. Or both if, as I suspect, or big government has so totally forgotten its place as our servant that they will not relinquish power and, like Britain, will have to have it taken from them.

Because the GOP joined the enemy, they have left Americans with no third alternative.

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Why Bother?

Why would anyone ever again care about a Congressional majority?

Columns already are being written and published re: the 2016 Congressional races and holding the GOP majority. As in the one linked above, the issue is: Who cares?

Rather than ingest the columnist’s view, read through the comments, for it is there that the voices of the voters – not the pundits – are heard. And the voters are saying, “Why bother?”

With no discernible policy difference with a GOP majority than had the Democrats won the mid-terms, It is more clear than ever that we have one party – the Ruling Party – governing ruling America.

From Obamacare to Amnesty to domestic spying to taxes and spending and Debt, the actions of the GOP are indistinguishable from the Democrats.

Many people are commenting in the linked column – and many others – that they’re done with the GOP, “holding my nose and voting for…” won’t be happening again. Many comment that for the first time in their lives they won’t be voting at all.

This is not the result of Democrat politicking, of Democrat policy superiority, or of the GOP being defeated on the field of battle. Not only are they not being defeated on the field of battle, they aren’t even showing up. And if the GOP nominates another Dole/W/McCain/Romney by putting Bush or Christie or Rubio on the ballot, they’ll be throwing-in the towel from the showers before even taking the field.

Ask yourself: When was the last time McCain said “fight”? Right – in his acceptance speech. Not one time on the campaign trail. And he reined-in the fighter he put on his ticket. Romney looked like a deer in the headlights when Obama began lying in debates. Did he think a Democrat was going to be honest? Did he think that, had he won, that a Putin would be honest? Talk about a minor leaguer…

The deepening distrust by the GOP voters for the GOP – bordering on hatred at this point – is the result of the GOP lying as much as Hilary Clinton when on the campaign trail, and being as untrustworthy as Barack Obama when in office.

I have hashed through all this before. The 2010 campaign promise to cut $100B from the budget (they cut $7B) that created the Tea Party “shellacking” of the Democrats, the 2014 promise to stop funding Obamacare and amnesty that didn’t last a full week past the election in which we actually believed them and so gave them the largest majority in 80 years.

The reality of the American political landscape is that we have one party that believes those of us who elect them are too stupid to govern ourselves and must be ruled by our “betters,” and that the Supreme Law of the Land matters not at all to how they do so.

Liberty-minded voters need to wake up. The government parties are NOT on your side.

Neither the Democrats nor the GOP are on the side of limited government, Constitutional government, the Rule of Law – or of the average American.

Neither the Democrats nor the GOP are on the side of improving the economy, decreasing unemployment, improving education, improving our future.

The Democrats and GOP are on the side of the same big-gov policies, of pushing-up the stock market to enrich the 1% at the cost of the rest of us and telling us the economy is improving. This is what amnesty is about for both sides, and why it will succeed sooner than later. In the vernacular, both parties are pissing on us and telling us it’s raining – and their in-the-tank complicit media is reporting the downpour.

What do public sector unions, amnesty, obamacare, climate change, net neutrality, the Ex-Im Bank, the Farm Bill and the defense budget all have in common?

They all are bipartisan redistribution of hundreds of billions of tax dollars to favored constituencies and crony capitalists and captive voter pools. None are in the best interests of the average American – or of Constitutional government under the Rule of Law. (Obamacre became bipartisan when the largest GOP majority in 80 years funded it without blinking an eye.)

Education has declined every year since teacher unions were made legal by Democrats (JFK).

Amnesty is bringing in huge numbers of uneducated, welfare-seeking, Democrat-supporting voters with no culture of Rule of law and a complete, foundational acceptance of huge government. They will never vote for limited government; culturally they don’t even know what it means. And, as Michener pointed out in Centennial decades ago based on cultural practices consistent for centuries, Hispanics for the most part neither value education nor desire to better themselves. If they did, Mexico wouldn’t be the near-failed State that it is, saved only by the enormous transfer of money – 15% of their GDP – by illegals living and stealing your job or your kid’s job here in America.

Obamacare never was about medical cost inflation (hasn’t decreased), additional coverage (hasn’t happened), or improving healthcare technology (hampered by device taxation) or delivery (many hospitals closing, many doctors retiring or quitting the profession because of it). Obamacare is about control – and that is all.

Climate change is a farce designed solely to redistribute wealth, nothing more. The temps are based on lies, the supporting “scientists” bent on grant money, not science. The political support is by the same low-info voters who think socializing our economy will lead to rising standards of living, education, and the environment, when in fact, socialism does the opposite. A former Nobel Laureate and President of the American Physical Society, the professional organization of physicists, quit over it, and another has called the climate change argument, “the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist,” and the head of climate science at MIT noted, “the [global warming] argument makes arguments in support of Intelligent Design sound rigorous by comparison.” The UN executives tasked with climate change have stated flat-out that it’s about redistributing wealth.

Net neutrality is about abolishing the free market – and all of its innovations – from the most productive invention in history – the internet.

The Ex-Im Bank is a toy made by the rich to redistribute Middle Class tax dollars to a F30 company, Boeing, for building stuff that – obviously – the market doesn’t want at the price Boeing wants to charge. Why else would they need help?

The Farm Bill? Billions of Middle Class tax dollars to Monsanto? Archer Daniels Midland? There are – vanishingly few “family farms” remaining in America. Nearly all of the “aid” is redistributing Middle Class tax dollars from highway workers and waitresses and cops and teachers and information workers… to multi-billion-dollar companies. Democrats vote for this redistribution so that they can pass tens of billions in food stamps (because they import millions of Mexicans so Democrat voters don’t have to go to work in order not to starve), that the GOP is willing to vote for to get the tax dollars funneled to Monsanto. And the Red state farmers, co-ops and farming corporations vote for it because it keeps their prices high.

It is past obvious that we spend tens of billions to develop one combat aircraft – for the purpose of defeating an enemy – yet we have refused to fight for victory, refused to actually defeat an enemy, since 1945. We spend hundreds of billions to organize, train and equip forces we won’t let fight. So we’re just building massively expensive toys, driving massive profits, massively enriching the Military Industrial Complex – but refusing to use any of it. Why spend trillions on toys we refuse to use?

I could go on, but, like voting for the GOP, what’s the point?

Nothing the Left actively supports – and the Right tacitly supports – is pro-liberty, pro-freedom, pro-Rule of law, pro-Constitutional government. Everything they both support is the opposite.

Under the economic policies voted by both parties the income gap is increasing, and the National Debt skyrocketing – and doing so at an accelerating rate. If either party actually cared about American workers or the nation’s – free – future, neither would not be the case.

Continuing to vote for the GOP or for Democrats is to continue to support the anti-American, anti-Freedom, anti-Liberty coalition of Left and Right that is depriving you of a job, depriving your kids of an education, and depriving America of a prosperous future.

Either those interested in freedom vote for a party that is not the GOP/Democrat fusion, or secede, or rebel – and I am not talking about ‘rebelling’ at the voting booth, we’ve proved again and again that’s useless; or we accept that America – the idea, the last best hope of man – is over, and get ready for generations of socialism, lowered living standards, increased cronyism, decreased education.

And a Ruling Class that doesn’t give a damn about you, your family, or your country and its future.

But it is past time to accept that the GOP is just as much an enemy of liberty as are the Democrats.

Basically, either you vote Libertarian or you vote for America’s destruction.

Liberty will require overhauling ALL of Congress and inserting representatives and Senators interested in Liberty, Law and America.

Or Declaring our Independence, again, for essentially the same reasons as before:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government …”

Obama. Pelosi. Reid. Boehner. Hillary. McConnell and more. All have become destructive of the ends of Liberty.

It is time to abolish it. We have proved that voting will not alter it.

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