Ferguson and America’s Elites

So much ink has been spilt and so many electrons spun over Ferguson that additional comment seemed heretofore unnecessary. Given the place our society accords attorneys, however, I cannot but respond to childishness masquerading as thoughtfulness by a Yale student who sees his future in law.

While his is an interesting column, it represents fundamentally sloppy thinking, and so is surprising from a law school student who is being trained – one hopes – in critical thinking above all else.

First: Yes, the cops are overmilitarized and often out of control. Publications from National Review to the Nation have […]

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Voting for America

America is not just a geography. It’s not just a country. It’s an idea. It’s the Enlightenment, the Renaissance and the Industrial Age. It’s the Space Age & the Information Age. It’s modern computing & communications, transportation & manufacturing, medicine and agriculture. It is Individual Liberty and Personal Freedom.

Above all else, America is the Rule of Law. For only law can provide the benefits that created America.

America began as the only nation in which Law superseded family, connections, birth, tradition or caste. America became the powerhouse it is because of the Rule of Law. Not because of race […]

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What To Do About Assad

Assad may again be gassing the locals. What to do about it?

The US overthrowing local strongmen (a bipartisan effort that made everything worse: Saddam, Ghaddafi, Mubarak, and one more) in the naïve Western belief / projection that these autocracies would become liberal democracies is the root of nearly all global fighting. The tap root of global islamist terror comes from the same seed: Carter (D) enabling the overthrow of the Shah – and the return of Khomeini and sharia to the world. Why? Carter looked into his eyes and saw a “Man of God.” Carter just failed to ask, […]

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Why are we feeding ISIS?

Daily it becomes more difficult to believe any working brain cells exist in DC. Or over in VA at the Pentagon.

America has this cohort of incredibly naive and ignorant people called “Democrats.” These people actually believe that providing food and medical aid to an enemy killing our people, fighting AGAINST the military aid and weaponry we provide to THEIR enemy, is a good idea.

You know that old saw, “That which doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”?

We are strengthening our enemies. We are making THEM stronger.

YOUR tax dollars are providing food and medical aid to ISIS. […]

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2016 and the GOP

Is GOP leadership beginning to awaken from the White slumber in which they have somnambulated since the Depression, when they lost the minority vote? Be nice to think so. This ad in Colorado is a great start – but it’s only a start.

I wrote this blog post a few years back, noting that if the GOP were intelligent on immigration they could capture both the Hispanic and the Black vote, probably for generations. But the GOP is so fundamentally, enormously, appallingly, stupendously, hugeaciously stupid, that the odds are….?

The party of Old White Guys & Dolls who still believe […]

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Root Causes: Education and America’s Loss of Liberty.

Libs love to talk about root causes. Normally it absolves them from accepting personal responsibility for the problems caused by their policies – they just change the subject and blame some larger, undefinable, amorphous group. The root cause of American decline sits in every American community: the teachers at your local school. Liberals have owned all major metro school districts since FDR, and all are worse. Newsflash: It isn’t the buildings.

Start with Critical Thinking – you know, what’s required to vote intelligently. Life is not multiple choice. It’s an essay. As long as K-12 teachers only test multiple choice […]

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Uber…. cop?

Uber, Lyft, AirBNB all are changing how services are delivered by reducing costs, increasing access and dumping absurd Industrial Age methods & procedures… and costs

So – an idea.

Policing is a service, right?

UberCop. Really.

Cops are outta control. From the shoot-your-dog variety to the beat-you-up variety, to the ones who ask you how much cash in your car and then confiscate it to buy new toys (really – watch it to the end) to the ones who shoot your son dead because, “we don’t have time for this,” they’re totally off the reservation.

Cop […]

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The Brutal Truth of War

Western Civilization and its liberties, rights and freedoms rose millennia ago through a new way of war: Total War rather than one-on-one fights (VDH “Western Way of War”). It was the totality of destruction of an enemy that allowed the West to rise as a new form of civilization rather than continuing the millennia-old “limited warfare” that consumed too much time, money and lives to allow the creation of the West and our liberties and freedoms, and the science and wealth from which the entire world has gained.

As we have rejected total war since 1945, our civilization increasingly has […]

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Nuclear Proliferation and the 2nd Amendment

(Author’s note: This is NOT a call for personal nukes.)

The secondary purpose of the 2nd Amendment, the purpose most widely in-use today, is self-defense and defense of others. In States that elect politicians who choose to follow the Rule of Law, attacks on persons are much lower than in States whose voters elect politicians who reject the concept of self-defense, and who disdain the Rule of Law to follow the Rule of Man.

So let’s take a look at this philosophy of self-defense at the nation-state level.

What nations have not recently been attacked by other nations? Those with […]

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Nukes, Morality & Treason

I woke this morning to the following message on FB:“ALEXANDER Scipio, you are a morally despicable advocate of treason and mass murder.”

Since this represents the kind of ignorant, fuzzy “thinking” of the Left, and a fairly widespread belief not only among the Left but among those on the Right in positions of authority, I have chosen to respond to it publicly.

Let’s parse the three accusations and address them in reverse order: Mass murder, treason and morality.

1. I advocate “mass murder.” Doubtless this is predicated on my frequent observation that the only way to stop the murderous death […]

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